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Class Teacher SystemCh21 - Save the psychopathic killer (21)


Bonus chapter~ (finally)

It was not the first time that Ning Xun saw this kind of smile from Ren Zhu that harboured evil intentions. From what he remembered, whenever Ren Zhu revealed this kind of smile, the Grade 6 Class 8 bear children would suffer a devastating blow to their mentality and physicality. To sum it up in one sentence: this smile wasn’t good. xsKd5j

Ren Zhu looked up at the sky. The setting sun was releasing its final rays of light. Soon, moonlight would replace the sunshine and spread across the entire sky.

“The time is just right. Professor Ning, are you willing to treat me to dinner and accompany me to pay a visit to a certain high official?” Ren Zhu smiled at Ning Xun, the smile looked particularly attractive.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ning Xun simply raised his eyebrows: “Extremely willing. Then after paying a visit, are you willing to come to my place to spend a beautiful night with me? Just purely chatting under the blankets?”

Teacher Ren laughed: “Depends on my mood.” MZBvL5

Professor Ning decided that tonight, no matter what, he must let his Ren Zhu stay in a good mood.

Half an hour later, Ning Xun was somewhat helpless as he drove his Benz. He looked at Ren Zhu by his side who was eating a sliced meat sandwich with relish: “Your so-called ‘treating you to a meal’ is simply this?”

Ren Zhu listened to the hidden bitterness in Ning Xun’s voice and smiled. He picked up a fried dumpling with his fingers and stuffed it into Ning Xun’s mouth. A cold finger touched those soft lips, causing Ren Zhu and Ning Xun to both slightly shudder. “I am saving you money, isn’t that good?”

Ning Xun licked his lips and laughed deeply: “Begging you to waste it. I’m just afraid that you won’t spend my money.” zIMNTg

Teacher Ren rolled his eyes and fiercely took a bite out of a steamed bun. He scolded: “Don’t fuss, drive.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Consequently, Professor Ning’s smile grew even bigger. It could even break out into a bunch of flowers.

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Soon, they arrived outside Secretary Sun Fu Hai’s house. Secretary Sun’s home was in a high-end residential area. It was a two story building with a courtyard, clearly showing that he was also part of the rich social class. After all, according to Secretary Sun’s wages, he absolutely wouldn’t be able to afford this kind of two story villa, but the many generations of his wife’s family carried out successful business, so there was an excuse and reason to not be suspected by others. However, everyone was well aware of the facts.

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“Don’t look at me with that expression. This was gifted to me by a friend who does monitoring. He said to be prepared just in case. See? Aren’t we using it now?” Ning Xun’s expression was fairly innocent. In fact, these things could be regarded as normal. Some of his patients would also bring new types of machine guns to gift him as thanks. However, if he said this out loud, perhaps he would look even more strange and suspicious?

Ren Zhu looked at this case full of equipment for a long time before nodding: “En. Your friend is quite interesting.” This must be because their teacher did not teach then properly when they were young and hence they became bear adults. Sure enough, a teacher is a sacred profession. The world’s future is all in their hands.

Ning Xun was not concerned about Ren Zhu’s strange look thinking about who knows what. He picked up a pair of high magnification binoculars and looked over towards Secretary Sun’s house. It was now past 8 in the evening, but the curtains in Secretary Sun’s house were not drawn closed. This made it a lot easier for Ning Xun and Ren Zhu to survey the inside. After observing for a while, they discovered an even more favourable situation — Secretary Sun wasn’t home.

“At this time, it is impossible that he would go out to hug a prostitute. It’s more likely that he went out to meet some people or go drinking.” Ning Xun rubbed his chin and speculated: “As long as we can intercept him when he returns, everything else will be fairly simple.” 7AxGer

Ren Zhu nodded with approval beside him: “Are there any security cameras in this area? Can your high tech equipment shield them?”

Ning Xun smiled with ambition: “Naturally, it can. However, I still have one question. Even if we block the monitoring, Sun Fu Hai would still absolutely not take the initiative to confess to us. Even if we pressure him to admit today, in the end he can still withdraw his confession in court and say that we forced him. Under such circumstances, what method do you have to make him bring out the evidence, and even admit from his own mouth that he falsified evidence and framed Lu Xu?”

Hearing Ning Xun’s question, Ren Zhu didn’t directly answer and instead said: “I heard that people who study psychology are all very powerful. They can even hypnotise and give suggestions. So can’t you give him a hypnotic suggestion to make him admit to his crimes?”

Ning Xun immediately smiled: “How can there be such magic? Did you read too much fiction? Although psychological hypnosis and suggestion is sometimes useful, the effect will vary between different people. The most important factor is that the time under hypnosis is limited. Even if I can make him admit his crimes right now, when he appears in court, as long as his willpower is strong enough, the suggestion would become useless. So, what do you plan to do?” 2sXrmW

Ren Zhu glanced at Ning Xun. His intuition told him that this person definitely did not tell the truth. However, within a short period of time, a powerful hypnotic suggestion was estimated to also be impossible. This time, he could only let his system handle it.

[Ding ding ding ding ding! Rest assured host~ The class teacher system skills are very effective, very powerful oh! I am very depressed that host has not used any of the skills recently. It always makes me feel like I’ve been abandoned.]

A voice suddenly sounded inside Ren Zhu’s mind. His face darkened and he massaged his temples: “It’s fine. We’ll first ask him who he leaked the exam questions to, and then we’ll go find that person to get that leaked test paper.”

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At eleven o’clock in the evening, Secretary Sun drunkenly returned home. When he was swaying about while taking out his keys to open the door, he suddenly felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and instantly lost consciousness. When he was shocked awake by a bucket of cold water, he opened his eyes in alarm and realised that he couldn’t see anything! jdd2yJ

“Who? Who is it? What do you want to do? Where am I?!” Secretary Sun frantically struggled. However, he was tied up very tightly, all the struggle was futile. In this manner, he yelled several times but no one answered. Just when his alarm increased to the maximum, a rough voice finally sounded next to his ear.

“Why did you join forces with Song Cheng Shi to frame Lu Xu?”

This sentence was like a clap of thunder, shocking Secretary Sun directly on the spot. He then loudly shouted: “I didn’t! Did you catch the wrong person?! Why would I want to frame my boss? Every day, I’m constantly thinking about how I can help him. However, he leaked the exam questions, what can I do? I have already advised him that he shouldn’t do that kind of thing, but for his son, he did this over and over again. As a secretary, I am also very helpless!”

Ning Xun and Ren Zhu stood by the side and listened to this person’s shouts. They both inwardly sighed. This cunning old fox was truly worthy of mixing in bureaucracy. In the current situation, he could still react so fast and spit out a big lie. ix3C2R

Ren Zhu glanced at Ning Xun and the latter laughed. “I told you he’s an old fox.”

“Right. Since he doesn’t want to tell the truth, then he also can’t blame us for being ruthless.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

From the very beginning, Secretary Sun was carefully listening to Ren Zhu and Ning Xun’s conversation. Listening up till now, his face instantly paled. This wasn’t the same as what he had imagined ah! Shouldn’t it be that these two people would use every means possible to pry a few words from his mouth to use as evidence? What is going on?

“Ah!!” DqZBdS

Secretary Sun felt that his lips were pried open and then something was spread inside. He shouted in horror, afraid that it was poison. However, he soon realised that this wasn’t poison at all, but his nose was still runny and his tears still fell.

“Ze, I don’t like the particularly pungent smell of wasabi. Take it further away from me.” Ren Zhu turned his head to avoid it.

Ning Xun sighed: “But this is worth 500 dollars a tube. It is a genuine natural A grade wasabi.”

Teacher Ren laughed: “I am a country bumpkin who only eats Chinese goods.” cO2X3F

Professor Ning also laughed: “I like country bumpkins.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Secretary Sun: “……” Aren’t you guys being too much?! Laozi is tied up, you gay couple still want to show your public display of affection?!

At this moment, Secretary Sun suddenly heard a low gentle voice beside his ear: “It’s now already midnight. The lights in this area have all been switched off. Everyone has already entered into the sweet land of dreams. You’ve worked for an entire day, aren’t you tired? Extremely exhausted? Don’t you feel like you are very sleepy?”

When Secretary Sun heard this voice, he couldn’t help but yawn. He then felt that he was getting more and more drowsy, more and more tired. Right ah, it’s already midnight. He laboured for an entire day, shouldn’t he sleep? He should go to sleep…… but he was unable to sleep. I3hXru

By his ear, a voice was constantly asking him where was the test paper? Where was the test paper? He really wanted to sleep and couldn’t stand it. However, that voice was constantly inquiring beside his ear and preventing him from sleeping. Secretary Sun felt exceedingly sleepy. Extremely tired. He really wanted to sleep and simply said: “Didn’t I give the paper to Huang Xiao Na? This year, in the sixth grade city wide unified exam, her class came second place.”

After he said this, the voice that constantly disturbed his rest finally disappeared. Secretary Sun was exceptionally happy as he fell sound asleep, completely unconcerned that he was still tied up.

By the side, Ren Zhu watched the entire process of hypnosis, his eyes couldn’t suppress his admiration. Ning Xun rarely saw him so open and showing an expression of worship. His imaginary tail directly stood up: “How about it? Aren’t I awesome?”

Ren Zhu nodded and then shook his head: “In this country, shouldn’t you be reported? Otherwise, you’ll very likely become a great high IQ criminal ah!” UT1Erw

Ning – top quality psychology consultant reported in the country – Xun: “……” Sometimes, I really hate his words that seem to unintentionally hit the nail on the head.

With the clues, everything else became simple. Ren Zhu saw Ning Xun call a few phone numbers. Then, in the following afternoon, he received the surveillance footage of a private meeting between Huang Xiao Na and Sun Fu Hai. Furthermore, the police also found a copy of the test paper in Huang Xiao Na’s house. It was just that even though it was like this, if Huang Xiao Na asserted that the person who gave her the test paper was not Sun Fu Hai but Lu Xu, then with other people backing her up, this matter would still ultimately land on Lu Xu’s head.

Regarding this, Teacher Ren laughed: “It doesn’t matter. We have the evidence. I believe that when the time comes, whether it’s Huang Xiao Na or Secretary Sun, they will both become honest and earnestly admit to their crimes.”

When Teacher Ren said these words, his entire body seemed to emit a holy light. Professor Ning almost thought that this person was the disciple of some terrifying evil cult. Teacher Ren then firmly expressed: “Trust me.” awjZN8

The third day soon arrived. The incident of Director Lu leaking exam questions had begun its court session.

Today, Zhou Lai accompanied Lu Ban Ban to come and listen to the trial. Secretary Sun attended as a witness. This was originally what Secretary Sun and Song Cheng Shi had discussed together with some higher ups. However, the second Secretary Sun saw Huang Xiao Na being brought out, he broke out into a cold sweat.

Why is this woman here?! Could it be that what happened on that day wasn’t just a dream?!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


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