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Class Teacher SystemCh19 - Save the psychopathic killer (19)


Three more bonus chapters left to be released. These chapters are getting longer (눈_눈)

When Ren Zhu heard the news and rushed over, he saw that Lu Ban Ban was crazily beating up all the people around him. He was like a small wounded animal who had yet to grow up, roaring with sorrow. vct3ed

“How could you fail to save my grandma?! Her body is usually very good! Every morning she would go with grandpa to buy groceries, and at noon she would make my favourite dishes for me to eat! At night, she would also go to the public square to dance. I’ve gone to see my grandma dance before, all the other grandmas can’t dance as well as her! Since her body was so good, how is it possible that she would die? Did you all deliberately not save her?! My family has money! My family has a lot of money!! I’ll give it all to you, so quickly go back and save my grandma as well as my grandpa. They must both be well! Do you know that my father is a director?! If you don’t listen to me, I’ll ask my father to find people to teach you all a lesson!! I’ll ask father to teach you all a lesson!!”

Ren Zhu looked at this scene from afar and instantly felt very bitter. Although the doctors who were pounded by Lu Ban Ban did not like this trouble-making child, in the end not a single person had the heart to say more cruel words to him.

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“Lu Ban Ban.”

Seeing Lu Ban Ban’s actions become bigger and his words becoming more and more incoherent, Ren Zhu sighed deeply and shouted his name. UDviVw

At that moment, Lu Ban Ban’s originally wild actions instantly stopped and his body stiffened. He slowly turned back his head and saw his class teacher standing in a relaxed manner. His face was severe and solemn as he said: “Have I taught you to behave this unreasonably before?”

Lu Ban Ban’s eyes widened, suddenly feeling very wronged. He clenched his teeth, wanting to say that it was none of his business, but before he could say anything, Ren Zhu already started to talk.

“First come with me to take your grandma to where she should go. She wouldn’t wanted to see your current rude behaviour. Afterwards, we’ll come back and wait for your grandpa. Now in your family, there is no time for you to cry and act recklessly. Hold your money well in your hands, go wash your face, and then come with me.”

His words were neither soft nor gentle. pBDL U

His words clearly weren’t light, but under the gazes of the many doctors and nurses, Lu Ban Ban firmly choked back his sobs and used his sleeve to wipe away the snot and tears on his face. Step by step he heavily walked towards the young man who suddenly appeared, and then followed him to push grandma Lu’s body towards the hospital morgue.

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He unexpectedly accepted the fact that his grandmother had passed away. Undoubtedly just a moment ago this little fatty was still a madman refusing to accept.

In this manner, Ren Zhu and Lu Ban Ban silently pushed grandma Lu. After a long while, Ren Zhu heard Lu Ban Ban’s hoarse voice:

“Teacher.” 3cGPVq


“Teacher…… My father was arrested.”

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“Kfjmtfg, vlv ws ugjcvwj qjrr nfgs qjlcoeiis?” 4xsHA6

“Rb. Tbeg ugjcvwj tjv j tfjga jaajmx, la kjr j revvfc vfjat ecvfg ralweijalbc. Vtf vlvc’a offi wemt qjlc.”

“Yt…… Dea rtf wera tjnf yffc nfgs vlragfrrfv. Coafg jii, ws ojatfg kjr jggfrafv.”

“Ktfc sbe mjc cbk ajxf atf alwf ab rjs j ofk kbgvr ab sbeg ugjcvwj. Kfii tfg atf atlcur sbe kjca ab vb lc atf oeaegf. Ktlr kjs, rtf mjc yf ja fjrf jcv kbc’a yf jr rjv.”

Lu Ban Ban again sobbed and nodded his head. Then, in the quiet morgue, Ren Zhu stood by Lu Ban Ban’s side as he listened to this little fatty peacefully say amongst the other dead people, the words he wanted to say to his grandma. fVRS0F

“Grandma. You can go. Don’t worry about me. I am now already twelve years old. After the Chinese New Year I will be thirteen. Our teacher once said that in olden times, one can support a family at the age of thirteen. Although I currently don’t know how to cook or wash clothes, I can still learn. Zhou Lai is living by himself and he still has a good life. I can also do it. So, you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Father and mother were arrested…… Although a lot of my classmates have said some bad things about father, I believe that father is a good person. At least, he is very good to our family. Even if…… he really did something wrong, teacher said that a person who can recognise and correct their mistakes is the best. So father will also be fine. Mother won’t have any problems at all. At most, at most we just have to wait a little longer for them.”

“Grandpa, grandpa is still being saved. But…… but…… wu……”

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Speaking up till now, Lu Ban Ban was already crying, unable to form a sentence. Ren Zhu eventually extended his hand to pat this little fatty on the head, saying on his behalf: “You might want to wait a little longer. Grandpa Lu would definitely be worried about his big grandson, so he will surely wake up. Wait until he has nothing to worry about, and then he’ll go and accompany you.” 8xNMTR

“Wuaaaaahhhhh!” Lu Ban Ban threw himself into Ren Zhu’s arms and bawled. Ren Zhu let him cry for a long time, and then finally dragged him outside.

When he and Lu Ban Ban came out, Ning Xun was already leaning outside the door of the morgue waiting for them. At this moment, Lu Ban Ban had already calmed down. It was just that there seemed to be something more within his eyes, similar to Zhou Lai.

“How is it?” Ren Zhu directly asked.

Ning Xun first glanced at Ren Zhu and found that his chest was wet. He then looked at Lu Ban Ban who was pulled by Ren Zhu, his eyes a little deep. 53L1J0

“…… Just say it. No matter what the final outcome is, this is something he should know. He is not a small child anymore. The people who spoiled and pampered him are all gone. He ought to become strong.”

Lu Ban Ban grabbed Ren Zhu’s hand and held it tightly. Afterwards, he clenched his teeth and looked at Ning Xun like he was watching a big wicked person.

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Ning Xun showed some disapproval as he glanced at Ren Zhu, but in the end he couldn’t hold his silence and said: “There are some Jinrui school teachers who reported Director Lu for leaking exam questions and accepting bribes. The Public Security Bureau is now already involved. According to my inside information, this time he will probably fall.”

Lu Ban Ban’s eyes instantly became red again. “My father did not leak exam questions!” He shouted in rage. naSjT8

“Before, before my father only let the teacher give me a small piece of paper to tell me the answers! He, he said that leaking the exam questions was too dangerous. I, I previously wanted to take the exam questions to show off to my little brothers. But, but my father did not agree! I didn’t cheat this year! I didn’t even have a little slip of paper!”

These words sounded a little ridiculous, but Lu Ban Ban was very serious. He was trying his best to prove that his father did not commit that many wrongdoings. However, when most people heard these words, they would completely think that there was no use.

It’s just that, Ren Zhu and Ning Xun were not within those majority of people.

Ren Zhu glanced at the little fatty next to him and then said: “We’ll first wait for your grandpa. Then, slowly tell me what happened in your family these past two days.” br0gmD

Very distinctly, these words gave Lu Ban Ban some hope. He earnestly nodded, impatiently pulling Ren Zhu and wanting to run.

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When they arrived outside the operating theatre, Lu Ban Ban sat in a chair and little by little told his class teacher what he knew. Although what he knew was very little and some information was even irrelevant and insignificant, he spoke very seriously, and Ren Zhu also listened very attentively. Ning Xun originally wasn’t concerned, but looking at Ren Zhu’s appearance, he suddenly also wanted to earnestly listen to this child striving to defend his father.

“You said your father previously received a call from the principal? Then, he said there was no problem?” Ren Zhu heard a crucial point.

Lu Ban Ban quickly nodded: “Yes! My father said that it was nothing. And at that time, my mother was still a little worried and asked some questions. Father patted me and said ‘my son is very awesome this year, I am not worried at all!'” gHlcEC

Ren Zhu frowned and looked at Ning Xun: “Are you certain that there is evidence proving that Director Lu leaked exam questions?” In fact, compared to the common issue of accepting bribes, the blame of leaking exam questions was much more significant. Ren Zhu completely didn’t ask Lu Ban Ban whether his father had accepted bribes because this was already something one could tell just by looking.

At this moment, Ning Xun was also aware of a few odd things. He narrowed his eyes and once again took out his phone from his pocket to make a call. After a short period of time, Ning Xun obtained an answer. He gave Ren Zhu a subtle look: “There is clear evidence that proves that this year’s exam questions were leaked, and the person who leaked them was Director Lu.”

“That is impossible!” Lu Ban Ban again erupted: “My father would not lie to me! He said he didn’t so he definitely didn’t!!”

This roar immediately drew glowering looks from the others in the corridor. Lu Ban Ban was extremely angry and wanted to glare back, but he was pulled down by Ren Zhu. “Shut up. Wait for your grandpa.” jzLPSH

Lu Ban Ban held back his anger, his chest rising and falling. However, he soon didn’t have the time to be angry because the operating room light switched off and some doctors pushed a person out.

Lu Ban Ban immediately stood up and his entire body was stiff. He wanted to take a step but it seemed like he couldn’t control his feet, until he heard a weak voice calling him.

“Ban Ban ah……”

Lu Ban Ban’s nose became sour and he threw himself over: “Grandpa!” Great! Grandpa is fine! bILSFm

At this moment, it looked like Grandpa Lu’s situation was okay. Although he was a little pale and weak, evidently the most dangerous period had already passed. The next step was to be hospitalised and continue treatment. This kind of result was already enough for Lu Ban Ban to thank the heavens. He firmly kept watch by his grandpa’s side, vigilant of everything around him.

“Are you the patient’s relatives? Please go and handle the hospitalisation procedures. The patient still needs to have a second operation. However, the dangerous period has already passed. If the operation is successful, the patient shouldn’t have any serious problems.”

The doctor took off his mask and spoke to Ren Zhu and Ning Xun. At one glance, it was clear that Lu Ban Ban was a child, and the only adults were Ren Zhu and Ning Xun.

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Lu Ban Ban heard this and abruptly looked up. He opened his mouth wanting to say something, but then saw his teacher nod and naturally say: “Alright. We’ll go right away. Can you first take this child and the old man to go to the ward?” 3Xyq1t

The doctor didn’t think that anything was wrong. He let the nurse take Lu Ban Ban and his grandfather away.

When Grandpa Lu saw Ren Zhu and Ning Xun’s tall figures, he had originally thought that his eldest son had come, but he quickly became aware that that was impossible. He then also saw those two completely unfamiliar yet memorable faces. He reached out and held his grandson’s hand: “Ban Ban ah…… Later on you must go and give thanks to your teacher……”

Lu Ban Ban sniffled and firmly nodded. When the doctors and nurses heard these words, they all incredulously looked at Ren Zhu’s and Ning Xun’s face.

These two people were not the patient’s sons?! They’re actually the teachers of that child?! As a teacher, doing things to this degree, weren’t these two a little too good?! Pdjo8z

However, Ren Zhu and Ning Xun ignored them, turning around to go handle the hospitalisation procedures.

“There’s a problem with this matter. Lu Xu shouldn’t be that stupid.” Ren Zhu said, catching a corrupt official should be done. However, even though he was corrupt, he shouldn’t become the scapegoat of other wicked people.

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Ning Xun first nodded and then reached out his hand to put it on Ren Zhu’s shoulder, shaking his head: “I have never mixed in this kind of muddy water, but this time for you I’ll make an exception.” Meaning, how are you going to reward me?

However, Teacher Ren merely turned his head and raised his eyebrows: “Once upon a time, your hand was twisted and fractured by me.” UAi4rK

Consequently, Professor Ning laughed, his mood extremely good.

At this moment, there was also two people in the private room of a restaurant, laughing with delight.


“Cheers, to Director Lu.” RPIA5O

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Translator's Note

‘Because of Director Lu’ is the more correct translation but it doesn’t flow nicely in this sentence

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