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  • [Rest assured, we know where his house is. He can’t run from us.] – Xiao Li

    Why does this sounds so domineering? Hahaha Xiao Li sounds like a gangster lol. Very cute 😂

  • Lol I am looking forward to Xiao Li making the other five players to be baffled and surprised. Hahahaha, also I am looking forward to the appearance of the new ghost friends and old ones as well. If there’s the sea, does that mean Xiao Li can summon the ghost ship and its Captain? 😂😂

  • Ehem, who’s with me with shipping Lu Ban Ban and Zhou Lai? They are so cute together!! I really ship their future high school selves🤣🤣

    That aside… Teacher Ren, why do I have the feeling that you’ll be giving out your version of “education” to someone soon?🤔

  • Xiao RanRan, it’s not a ridiculous spell! It’s a spell that will bind you and your husband’s soul together for a lifetime~ think of it more as a soul marriage la!

  • HAHAHAHA ohmygod 🤣🤣

    Lucky Emperor Xiao Li: No, I have a collection habit.

    Empress Yellow Book: ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ I won’t accept it!!!

    Concubines Tian Li and little boy: *looks away and tries to minimize their presence*

    Future ghost concubines/lightbulbs: The big boss is angry! But we really want to cling to the wife’s thighs ah!