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After Transmigrating into an Omega, I was Marked by the EnemyCh14 - Why Is There Another Alpha’s Smell On You?


Translator: Mogumoguchan

Editor: Neirith GWM Xl


Yan Qiu was momentarily stunned as Ji Xinglan’s jacket remained over his head. While a plethora of squeals rose around him, his ears gradually reddened.  He was in a dilemma as he held Ji Xinglan’s jacket, which was full of his scent. It wasn’t appropriate for him to toss it away, but he couldn’t keep holding it either. 

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Stupid Ji Xinglan, did he think he was throwing an embroidered ball to choose a bride?

The other students in the field were incredibly curious. Half of them were filled with admiration, and the other half with jealousy. All of them craned their necks, wanting to see who managed to catch their school idol’s jacket.  0dRNwD

It had to be known that Ji Xinglan would never toss his jacket randomly to someone else. No matter how they looked at it, the student who caught his jacket was in a relationship with him. 

Even with the jacket over his head, Yan Qiu could feel the burning, inquisitive gazes from the other students, as they were practically piercing through him. Yan Qiu stopped moving his hands. There was no way he would have the courage to remove the jacket to let the others see that it was him. 

He heard someone discuss softly by his side. “He’s an omega, right? I smelled his scent. It’s pretty nice…”

“Huh? Impossible! I’ve never heard about Ji Xinglan having a lover before…”


Ji Xinglan’s lover™, Yan Qiu felt himself breaking into a cold sweat. He knew that at the moment, he was too embarrassed to see anyone, so with the jacket covering his jacket, he suddenly turned tail and ran. He couldn’t even be bothered by Bai Yuanyuan, who became separated from him due to the shoving of the crowd.

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What he did not know was that in other people’s eyes, he looked like a pervert who decided to run away in excitement after he caught Ji Xinglan’s jacket. 

As he listened to the continuous wave of screams behind him, Yan Qiu’s face turned completely red under the jacket. He didn’t have the nerve to turn his head around to see Ji Xinglan’s reaction. He just ran out of the football stadium. 

Ji Xinglan showed no reaction even as he watched Yan Qiu flee. He picked up the mineral water bottle he placed on the bench, opened it, and took one huge gulp from it before he grabbed his bag and left.  rZcUAE

Everyone felt that there was nothing else to see, so they left on their own way. 

Once Yan Qiu was completely out of the vicinity of the football stadium, he found that the screams about his ears had gradually faded into the distance, he stopped running. 

He yanked the jacket off his head and breathed in a breath of fresh air. 

Having his face covered while doing aerobic exercises had nearly suffocated him.  SljFm8

He knew it. Nothing good ever came out of running into Ji Xinglan. He just embarrassed himself again. 

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While such thoughts ran through Yan Qiu’s mind, the terminal on his wrist suddenly lit up, showing that he received a new message. 

[Ji Xinglan: Keep my jacket and don’t throw it away. We’re going back together in a bit.]

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Tjc Hle ibbxfv eq. Ca rbwf qblca lc alwf, tf tjv jigfjvs jgglnfv ja atf rmtbbi’r yjmxujaf. 

Ktf yjmxujaf kjr ibmjafv gluta cfza ab tliir mbnfgfv lc atlraifr jcv atbgcr. Mbg atf rjofas bo atf raevfcar, la kjr cba erejiis bqfc. 

The school’s sports arena was built near the school’s backgate. School was over by now, and the sports arena had been closed. The front gate was also locked by a huge lock, and the caretakers of the sports arena had clocked out of work as well. The dressing room by the side was quiet and no one was inside. Only the occasional sounds of birds chirping could be heard.

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The sparrows in the school were incredibly bold and were not afraid of strangers at all. They just hopped around fearlessly by Yan Qiu’s fee while they pecked at the ground.  S5PfRB

Yan Qiu sat down on the bench by the entrance of the dressing room and swung around Ji Xinglan’s jacket to chase away the birds that hopped near him. 

Even though Bai Yuanyuan was still waiting for him, he was too embarrassed to go back to the football stadium right now, so he decided to just sit on the bench and wait for Ji Xinglan. In his boredom, he held Ji Xinglan’s shirt and stared at the side of the sports arena. Half of that area was now covered in green, and there were also newly planted saplings in it. 

Yan Qiu sent a message to Bai Yuanyuan with his terminal to tell her that he had left, and while he was at it, he sent Ji Xinglan his location. 

Ji Xinglan’s jacket soon turned warm in his embrace. Yan Qiu lowered his head slightly and he could smell the faint fragrance from the jacket in his hand. That fragrance slowly traveled into his nostrils and the faint wisps teased his nerves, causing Yan Qiu to unwittingly remember some of the embarrassing situations where Ji Xinglan had drawn close to him.  FjZpv

Yan Qiu gulped with much difficulty. For some reason, he remembered Bai Yuanyuan mentioning something about the perfume resembling the school idol’s pheromones, and he could not help but dip his head down further to sniff the shirt in his hands. 

He had never paid attention to how Ji Xinglan’s pheromones smelled, but after being exposed to it for an extended period of time, he found that, to his surprise, it was very pleasant. It was similar to the refreshing fragrance released by high-grade sandalwood. 

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Perhaps it was because an alpha’s pheromones were naturally attractive to him, because it led to Yan Qiu being overcome by the impulse of burying his face into the jacket. He took a deep breath, a little addicted to the scent. He found himself feeling refreshed after he sniffed it. 

A scent that was made synthetically could never hope to compare to this natural scent.  eX49Kc

Yan Qiu buried his face further into Ji Xinglan’s jacket and took another breath in an intoxicated manner. When he looked up, he found that someone had already been standing in front of him for some point of time. 

Yan Qiu was terrified. 

The first thing he saw was a pair of clean boots and slender calves covered tightly in tactical pants. Above those pants was a pheromone-covered belt buckle and a military uniform. Yan Qiu looked up and found himself looking at Ji Xinglan, who was staring at him with his hands in his pockets. 

Yan Qiu was surprised. He didn’t expect that Ji Xinglan would come over so quickly and even stand quietly in front of him. U2cnj8

As if he wasn’t just sniffing Ji Xinglan’s jacket, Yan Qiu lowered the jacket in his hands and rubbed his nose in an attempt to hide how embarrassed he felt. 

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“You’re here early. I thought I’d have to wait a little longer.”

He had been about to stand up, but Ji Xinglan’s gaze was stuck on him like glue, making him feel heat pool in his cheeks. As soon as Yan Qiu stood up slightly from the bench, Ji Xinglan suddenly shot forward, grabbed Yan Qiu’s shoulder, and pushed him back on the bench. 

Yan Qiu could only watch as Ji Xinglan’s face drew infinitesimally close to his. He immediately wanted to avoid him, but Ji Xinglan had his hands positioned beside his shoulders on the back of the bench, managing to box Yan Qiu in between himself and the bench.  3wTJFc

The blond teenager smiled in a teasing manner, making Yan Qiu’s skin crawl. 

“Did it smell nice?” He looked down at Yan Qiu and asked. 

“What?” Yan Qiu was curled up on the bench. He tilted his fair face and stared at Ji Xinglan innocently. 

‘Well, I should just play possum at times like these.’ 3wRlcA

“I said, does my jacket smell nice?” Ji Xinglan did not intend to let him go without answering his question so he repeated it. 

Yan Qiu knew that Ji Xinglan had seen his actions just now, and it would be strange if Ji Xinglan’s mind didn’t run wild because of it. Right now, he was filled with regret. He wasn’t a pervert who lusted after Ji Xinglan’s scent, so why did he act stupidly and try to figure out whether the jacket smelled nice?!

Although his heart was filled with regret, Yan Qiu still remained stubborn and refused to admit to the truth. “I-It smells horrid.”

Ji Xingland stared at him for a few seconds before he suddenly snickered.  0lr9xw

He seemed to find Yan Qiu’s reaction incredibly interesting, which was why he leaned down and used his hand to tap at his cheek gently.

In a very frivolous manner. 

“I’m already yours. Is there a need for you to sniff my jacket in secret?”

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“……” ZPXGVg

Yan Qiu suddenly felt his heart tense up and it became a little difficult for him to breathe, so he let loose an uneasy cough to get rid of the awkwardness in him. “What do you mean, I’m yours?”

He had his head bowed, not daring to look at Ji Xinglan. He had always thought he was an alpha, belonging to the group that Ji Xinglan would never be interested in, and he never knew that Ji Xinglan would still be able to act so flippantly with him. Even if Yan Qiu was a self-proclaimed straight alpha, his face still turned red because of a few words from Ji Xinglan. In his embarrassment, he grabbed Ji Xinglan’s wrist and tried to break free. 

However, no matter how he tried, Ji Xinglan’s hand remained firmly planted on the back of the bench, keeping him trapped there as he refused to let him go. His arms might not be thick, but they were sturdier than the steel bars in metal cages. 

Ji Xinglan pressed his face a little closer and looked at the trembling, pitiful thing he caught in his arms. Suddenly, he asked with a dark tone, “What’s that scent?” cW62lf

Before Yan Qiu could react, Ji Xinglan scowled in displeasure and he hooked Yan Qiu’s collar to take a sniff at it. 

‘There’s the very thick scent of another alpha on him.’ Ji Xinglan’s expression turned even colder. 

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Yan Qiu grit his teeth and turned his head to the side. He could feel that the tip of Ji Xinglan’s nose brushing against his neck and the part where Ji Xinglan’s warm breath touched it was a little itchy. 

“Why do you have another alpha’s scent on you?” Ji Xinglan didn’t sound too pleased at the moment. 2j1dxn

Yan Qiu was stunned and he quickly brought his collar to his nose to take a sniff before immediately understanding what had happened. Ji Xinglan must have smelled Xie Yu’s scent, which was left behind when he hugged Yan Qiu with all his tears and snot. 

Ji Xinglan wanted to continue sniffing at his collar with a scowl on his brow. Alarmed, Yan Qiu tugged at his disheveled collar, and in the process, slapped his hand away. “What are you thinking? He’s a friend.”

“Your friend?” Ji Xinglan’s scowl morphed into a puzzled frown. Yan Qiu could practically see the immense confusion in those profound, beautiful eyes. “His scent is very strong. Just what were you doing with your friend?”

“We were…” Yan Qiu licked his dry lips uneasily. “It’s nothing. He’s really just a friend of mine.” CcK6bZ

Xie Yu and he were childhood friends since they were practically babies. They were so close to each other that they were almost the same person. What could he possibly have to do with Xie Yu?

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Nevertheless, even Yan Qiu himself thought that his explanation wasn’t convincing at all, especially when he was now an omega covered in another alpha’s scent. This was practically the same as a wife staying at her neighbor’s house overnight and going home to tell her husband that she had just been playing mahjong for an entire night with the man next door. 

But what else was he supposed to say? Was he to tell Ji Xinglan that he was actually a straight alpha and that Xie Yu was his childhood friend?

Yan Qiu kept quiet. He couldn’t tell Ji Xinglan about his relationship with Xie Yu, but Yan Qiu was also worried that with the way Ji Xinglan was currently acting, he would go and cause trouble for his friend.  q0OJlc

“You cheated on me,” Ji Xinglan stated, refusing to let this matter slide. 

Yan Qiu stared at him, completely baffled. “No, I didn’t.”

This was done between two straight guys! How could it be considered cheating?!

Besides, he only had a marriage agreement with Ji Xinglan, Ji Xinglan wasn’t really his husband.  Z2cHag

Yan Qiu thought things over in his heart. Alphas were usually very territorial, and they were very possessive of their omegas as well. Ji Xinglan might not be indifferent, but perhaps he wasn’t as aloof as he appeared to be. Even though they weren’t truly lovers, Ji Xinglan still unintentionally showed his stance through his words and actions. He seemed to be truly treating Yan Qiu as his, and he’d rather keep him in his arms so that no one could touch him. 

Ji Xinglan moved his hands away from the back of the bench and pressed down on Yan Qiu’s shoulders. His deep voice carried a dangerous tone. “You sure have the guts… Did he hold you?”

Yan Qiu cast him a glance and he shuddered at Ji Xinglan’s gaze. 

‘Am I mistaken?’ Yan Qiu thought. ‘Or is he seriously jealous right now?’ Z95Kdo

Mogumoguchan: Hi, I’ll be taking over this novel as the translator from now on. I’ll be releasing one chapter per week on every Sunday.

Translator's Note

Throwing an embroidered ball to choose a bride: An ancient custom in China that’s now gone, though it’s actually the girl who throws the ball to the boy of her choice. So Yan Qiu is hinting that Ji Xinglan is the girl in the relationship. Ha! He wishes.

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