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After Transmigrating into an Omega, I was Marked by the EnemyCh13 - So you also like Ji Xinglan


Translator: Hali

Editor: Neirith B1uZyA

Yan Qiu was expressionless, yet his heart was pounding. He gulped quietly and wondered if Bai Yuanyuan had figured something out.


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It wasn’t like Ji Xinglan’s pheromones were abundant and not everyone had smelt it before. Nevertheless, Bai Yuanyuan seemed to continue guessing. 


“No, I’ve smelled this somewhere before. Let’s see.”


The biggest fear that Yan Qiu had at the moment was that someone would discover his secret agreement with Ji Xinglan. He noticed that this girl was extremely sensitive. If she discovered the truth, that he and Ji Xinglan were married and living together, and that he was pregnant, Yan Qiu didn’t want to live anymore.



Before she could make any wild guesses, Yan Qiu quickly interjected, “It’s my new pheromone perfume. Does it smell good?”

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Hearing this, Bai Yuanyuan eyed him suspiciously before suddenly unveiling an enlightened expression. “Oh, right, right!”


She quickly turned to take out a small bottle of pink perfume from her desk drawer and waived it in her hand. “Did you buy this too? The school idol’s pheromones! A few of our little sisters from the experimental pharmacology class downstairs made this blend in their lab. It was limited to twenty bottles. I grabbed one and haven’t tried it yet!”


Since someone had already laid out an explanation for him, Yan Qiu was no longer scared and nodded, “Yes, yes, yes.”


Bai Yuanyuan smiled shyly, “Sure enough, QiuQiu, you also have a crush on the school idol.”


Yan Qiu froze for a moment, “…Who’s the school idol?”


Wasn’t the school Idol Yan Qiu.


 “Stop messing around!” Bai Yuanyuan smiled, “Who else could it be but Ji Xinglan?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“Idol… But Ji Xinglan isn’t from our school.” Yan Qiu corrected her seriously. 


Bai Yuanyuan clasped her hands together, “But the military school’s campus popularity has expanded and all of our school’s omegas have fallen, ahahahahah!”




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Yan Qiu pursed his lips and hesitantly took the perfume bottle. As soon as he lifted the lid, a faint cool fragrance wafted out from inside. 


It was really similar to Ji Xinglan’s pheromones. 


Yan Qiu looked darkly at Bai Yuanyuan with a complicated face. Ji Xinglan was so abnormal, yet they had actually developed these kinds of fantasies towards him. 


“QiuQiu darling, you also like Ji Xinglan. I thought you weren’t interested.” Bai Yuanyuan said excitedly.

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Yan Qiu looked at her and gave a noncommittal smile. Without his knowledge, he had admitted to secretly loving Ji Xinglan. Yan Qiu’s heart was full of grief.


Bai Yuanyuan held a small mirror in one of her hands and touched her face with the other. As she did this, she said to Yan Qiu thoughtfully, “Since that’s the case, there’s a game between our school and the military academy this afternoon. Ji Xinglan will be there. Should I wear my 405 or 302 lipstick…”


Baffled, Yan Qiu said, “I’m not going.”


It wasn’t easy to escape from Ji Xinglan’s sights and now he was expected to see his football game. Was he insane?


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Yan Qiu stood at the doorway and looked at the doors labeled omega and alpha respectively and hesitated.


His stubborn heart made him unwilling to enter the omegas’ toilet. Nevertheless, his current body made it inconvenient for him to enter the alpha’s bathroom. 


After struggling internally, Yan Qiu looked around to make sure he didn’t see anyone. He grit his teeth and dashed into the alpha’s bathroom. After quickly resolving his problem, he pulled up his pants and fastened his belt with unprecedented speed before slipping out of the bathroom like a thief. 


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Just as he exited, he happened to bump into an alpha. 


Yan Qiu brushed past them and heard two startled voices coming from the bathroom behind him.


“What’s that smell?”


“Why does the bathroom smell of omega pheromones?!”

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The thin-skinned Yan Qiu blushed and ran away. 


There were still 30 seconds before class started and he walked silently along the hallway towards his classroom.


Their school building was adjacent to the drill fields and football field and when he looked down from the fourth floor, he could see a lot of people gathered around the football field. Indeed, it seemed there was a game going on.


Yan Qiu used to like playing football, but now that he was pregnant, it wasn’t suitable for him to play sports so he wasn’t very interested. 


He went back to the classroom and endured two more classes.


Math class was taught by a thin and amiable little old mal who wore black glasses. He would keep a thermos full of wolfberry water in his hand all year round and he was more approachable than Ms. Sun. 


Yan Qiu simply laid on his desk for two classes. 

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When the bell rang, he woke from the sounds of everyone rushing to the cafeteria for lunch. The corridor rang with the sound of all the King’s horses and all the King’s men. The noise sent shivers down his spine and he secretly wished to run with them. 


The foot at the institution was good and Yan Qiu thought of what he wanted to eat as he prepared to go to lunch. 


Xie Yu stopped him, “Let’s not go to the cafeteria, I called Da Long. They’ll come around in a bit and I ordered take out. Let’s eat with them first.”


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“Doesn’t the guard at the gate no longer allow take out?” Yan Qiu asked.


Xie Yu said mysteriously, “It’s okay, I wrote down the headmaster’s name.”


Yan Qiu, “…?”


Half an hour later, the two split a box of fried chicken with a large bottle of Coke and rested contently in their chairs. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The food at Ji Xinglan’s home was good, but he was always given light food in lieu of his pregnancy. He wasn’t allowed to eat heavy foods, but Yan Qiu liked eating fried chicken. 


Xie Yu threw the eaten box of fried chicken into the large trash can at the back of the classroom and looked around to ensure nobody else was around. 


Suddenly, Zhong Er burst out in front of Yan Qiu and said aloud, “Boss, the little brothers have been waiting for you for a long time.”


After a moment of silence, Yan Qiu took a pair of sunglasses out of his desk drawer and put them on. He spat out some half-chewed chicken bones and said, “Go.”


One hundred meters away, the school headmaster, Chen Bin who had a slightly reddish face and a beer belly, strolled to the guard house for his delivery. 


As soon as the guard saw him, he squeezed out a smile and politely waved saying, “Headmaster, your take out was taken by two students.”


Headmaster, “…?”

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At the top floor of the student center, Yan Qiu pinched his nose as he frowned at the six or seven dirty mops that were still dripping by the sink. 

  8 EWlZ

“Holy shit, why are we meeting here? Have some taste. Why didn’t you go to the roof?”


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Yan Qiu, who was stunned by the swamp gas, held his nose as he spoke and his voice changed.

  wFmM D

Xie Yu stood in front of him with a drooping head and a sad face like a stupid poor husky. 


“Reporting to Yan Ge, since you left, we have been bullied without a leader. Chen Gou took advantage of this opportunity to rise to power and plot against use. He’s already taken your position as school bully and owner of the roof.”


Yan Qiu was shocked. He’d only left for a short time and his former soldiers had been defeated. Now he not only lost his position as school bully, but their meeting place had been changed and his younger brothers bullied.

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Thinking of Chen Gou’s detestable expression, he grit his teeth in disgust. He really didn’t want to hold a meeting in such a smelly place.


A few minutes later, Da Long finally gathered the little monkeys in from the basketball court as Yan Qiu was suffocating. As soon as they entered the room and saw Yan Qiu, they began to cry. 


“Boss, we missed you so much.” Da Long, who was three times as tall as Yan Qiu, came up and hugged him.


Yan Qiu shook and stood still. Da Long immediately stood aside with an apologetic look on his face. He totally forgot that his boss was a lovely little omega now.


Looking at the four big men standing in front of him, Yan Qiu felt a little touched but still slapped these big idiots.


“Why are you all crying? Have I not returned?”



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Auntie Bao Jie woke up and walked out of the lounge with a yawn. She was preparing to go to the mop closet to get a mop, only to find that there was no room to get in. Five students were sneaking around in the dimly light and gloomy mop closet.


“What are you guys sneaking around for? Get out.” Auntie Bao Jie grabbed a mop and chased them out of the smelly closet at the top of her voice.




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For the entire afternoon, Bai Yuanyuan neglected to listen to her lectures and had been preparing to go to the afternoon football game.


When the bell rang, she turned her delicately made up head and saw the people in the back running away, leaving behind only their shadows.


Yan Qiu went downstairs to find the little monkeys. His terminal had been taken by Xie Yu and Xie Yu had asked the fastest little monkey to return to their dormitory and bring his terminal.


Yan Qiu retrieved his terminal and tried to turn it on. He pressed the power button twice but nothing happened. It probably ran out of battery. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


He put the terminal back in his pocket and was about to go downstairs when he was caught by Bai Yuanyuan who had turned the corner.


“QiuQiu darling, don’t forget we’re going to watch the game!”


Bai Yuanyuan was a beautiful omega and Yan Qiu’s straight heart didn’t want to let her down. After Bai Yuanyuan pestered him for a while, Yan Qiu surrendered and let her take him to the football field to watch Ji Xinglan plan.


When they arrived, the last match had already ended and the players were either standing around or resting. The crowd watching the game was ready to disperse. Bai Yuanyuan was disappointed, but when she saw Ji Xinglan standing beside the goal post, she became excited.


The stadium was jam-packed with spectators. Some boys came to watch the game while some girls came to watch the handsome boys. They held hands and chatted with each other on the sidelines.


Yan Qiu didn’t get any closer and mixed in with the crowd outside. At first glance, he saw Ji Xinglan standing in the middle of the field. 


It was late autumn and he wore a back and white jersey with leggings around his extremely long legs. His handsome face was expressionless as if he didn’t hear the noise around him. He grabbed the front of his shirt and wiped the sweat from his face. As he did that, a large portion of his waist and his well defined abs were exposed.

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Deafening screams resounded from the sidelines and several omegas’ faces turned red with excitement as if they were about to faint. 

  WLA4 x

Yan Qiu stood in the middle of the crowd with a dumbfounded expression and covered his ears. After a few moments, Ji Xinglan released his shirt and walked over to the bench to pick up his jacket. 


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Bai Yuanyuan, who was about to take a photo with her terminal, sighed regretfully. Nevertheless, her face was still flushed with happiness.


Although I came a bit late, I saw the abs of the school idol so it wasn’t a loss!


Yan Qiu had a feeling that Ji Xinglan was looking in their direction, so he immediately bowed his head. This morning Ji Xinglan had asked him to come watch the game and he had flatly refused. If he appeared at the edge of the stadium now, he would seem like a hypocritical goblin.


Yan Qiu deliberately blended in with the crowd, trying to hide. He didn’t know if Ji Xinglan had noticed him.

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A moment later, amidst the screaming girls and envious gazes, he saw something black appear in his sight. 


Ji Xinglan hooked up the corner of his mouth and threw his clothing directly at Yan Qiu. Without the chance to reach out and grab it, Ji Xinglan’s clothes fell on his face!


 Yan Qiu deliberately crowded himself in the crowd, to hide, but he did not know whether Ji Xinglan had noticed him.



Author’s Note:

Yan Qiu the fierce dragon roared: Ji Xinglan, I will kill you! 

Translator: Hali vwtNSQ


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