Who Touched My Tail!

Who Touched My Tail! 谁动了我的尾巴!

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Author: 筱玄 Xiao Xuan
Total Chapters: 211
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Completed, Quick Transmigration
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Translators: xiin. Editors: alamerysl, BlueBug


Xue Ling is a nine-tailed fox who has been cultivating for thousands of years but lost all his tails in a moment of capriciousness.

Tails are easy to self-destruct, but not easy to recover. In order to restore his human figure, he must struggle to destroy the plot, forcibly change the protagonist’s fate, and be the cannon fodder in the first line of attack.

But why are these plots more and more irrational? The setup is getting more and more weird, and what is with this person that is showing up in every single world?

It seems that before going through all these worlds, he has forgotten some very important affairs?

Su Xuanyan: Yes, you’ve forgotten me.

Xue Ling: Get lost! (▼皿▼#) Clearly every time you are the one that doesn’t remember anything!

Su Xuanyan: Oh, this is purely an accident.



1. Fast transmigration, shou is a nine-tailed fox, has been around for many years, has done almost everything, don’t be surprised by what he can do.

2. Author is crazy about beauty, so everyone is beautiful, don’t blame me for breaking the sky. Even though the characters may change, it really is just a tsundere fox shou & gentle, taciturn, □□ controlling maniac demon gong.

3. 1v1, silly & sweet, one hundred years of stupid cuteness. No matter now many worlds they go through, it’s the same gong!


1 - Entrusting the wrong person

2 - Marrying the wrong person

3 - The entertainment circle's little white moonlight

4 - The abandoned princess

5 - Wrongly married royal princess

6 - Data in love

7 - Criss-crossed fish life

8 - The most wronged male protagonist

9 - Filling in for a cultivation story

10 - Grief-filled audio drama circle

11 - The ger on the Emperor's throne

12 - The wolf cub favored by God

13 - Ore gambling nurturer

14 - Counterattacking the entertainment circle


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  1. Hi, Xiin-sama~
    I found this novel after read FOD and finished WTMT in one go! This novel and your translation are superb~ I have to kneel down and shout gratitude to all translator for their good work, including you. I got a request, may I re-translate this novel into Indonesian?
    If not, don’t bother then~
    Keep the good work, Xiin-sama! Fighting o(〃^▽^〃)o

    • you can, someone has already asked before but nothing came out of it. let me know the link of the TL when you get started.

      • Thank you~
        Previously I also you at your former site, the username was nurukaraito so thanks so much for the reply >///<
        But if you please tell me who asked you before me so that I can reach them to collaborate or arranged something?

  2. Thought will read when last arc is finished. But curiosity kills the cat and same happened with me.

  3. can I ask a question? where do you get the free raw?

  4. Hello xinn~~ May I re-translate this to Burmese language from your english translation??? I hope you can allow……

  5. Recomendation pls~~ what else novel that have completed in this website?…

  6. Hola, quería saber si puedo traducir esta novela al español y publicarla en mi perfil de wattpad.

    Traduje la mayoría de sus capítulos en privado, pero me gustaría su permiso para publicar también con los créditos de Chrysanthemum Garden.🤞🏽

    • ( Sorry, comment in Spanish first haha )

      Hi, I wanted to know if I can translate this novel into Spanish and publish it on my wattpad profile.

      I translated most of his chapters privately but I would like to have his permission to publish also with the credits of Chrysanthemum Garden.

  7. ☆I will always read QT novels until the end of the world!☆


    I love your translation, It’s an amazing work \(^w^)/

    I loved FOD and I’m reaaaally enjoying this story.


    It’s so sad that I’m going to finish this novel soon… (>n<)

  8. Hello xiin,

    Do you have any contact of this author? I can’t find 筱玄’s weibo.

    If you ever contacted her, could you tell me please?

    I want to translate this story too but I have to get permission first.

    Please ~ ~ ~ ~ ;A;

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