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Who Touched My Tail!Ch1 - Today… It seemed like something was different


1.1 – Today… It seemed like something was different

translator: xiin
editor: mims sYfi7e

Xue Ling’s head ached horribly, and his entire body was sore. It felt really terrible, like he had been run over by a car.

He groaned and whimpered in bed, unable to find the strength to move. Finally managing to save up some energy, he opened his eyes.

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Everything seemed to be black and white, dim and unclear, showing just how bad the state of his body was.

A pair of small black round beads showed up in his line of sight, and a large-palmed snow-white fox familiarly slapped his cheeks: “Hello, host.” The voice was soft and gentle, and not like a fox at all. r4wFVg

Xue Ling had a mild desire to roll his eyes, but really didn’t have the strength. Fortunately his soul was strong, and he was able to straightforwardly communicate directly with the little fox. “Help me improve my physique.”

“The aftereffects of host crossing space and time hasn’t gone away yet – your physique will improve immediately after it passes.” The little fox stepped onto the bed beside Xue Ling’s head, “Host, close your eyes and recuperate a bit.”

Xue Ling agreed, reflecting in his heart that it was no wonder the man from before told him to be careful before he came in. The aftereffects of crossing space and time were so serious that he was now mentally unstable and extremely depressed. In addition, his body was not in a good state at all. Soon after he closed his eyes, he fell asleep in a daze.

His dreams were also not restful, the man’s words seemed to be have all turned into written text that lingered. Although he could not remember exactly who the man was, and his figure became particularly blurred, the words he said seemed to be engraved in his mind.


“Your spirit is unstable, and it will be rather difficult to go against the fate of the world. I will first send you to the lowest level world for you to adapt. You have to try to grab some more luck. Other than the portion that is required by the Ten Directions World, you can use everything else to strengthen your spirit.”

“What about my tails?”

“As long as you complete the tasks, the luck gathered by the Ten Directions World will be enough to support you, and it will help you get your tails back.”

“You aren’t tricking me? I don’t want to be working for nothing. “ rzy2vb

“Our contract has been established. Why would I trick you?”

Xue Ling was a snow fox that cultivated for thousands of years. He had only needed one more step, and he would become a celestial fox.

It was just that, that had already become a distant memory. sPiU1b

Unfortunately, fate had its ups and downs. Thousands of years of cultivation were destroyed in a moment, and even his nine tails were all scattered in chaotic time and space.

In order to find his own tails, Xue Ling spent a very active period of time in search of the Boundary Master, and finally he found the man… Only, the memory of what happened after that had all disappeared from his mind. The only thing he could remember were the man’s words…

It was impossible to rely on Xue Ling’s own current strength to achieve his goals. Only by collecting luck through the completion of the tasks could he re-accumulate the strength of his soul and retrieve his tails.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Although Xue Ling did not know exactly why he remembered this so clearly, these were the conditions that the man gave him that he must abide by. 2hUgcf

Obviously, he was not born the type to obey rules.

He didn’t know how long he slept for, but when Xue Ling woke up again, and everything in front of him was a little clearer. Judging by the light coming in from outside, it was already nighttime.

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At last, Xue Ling had more control over his body. He reached out and grabbed the little fox and said, “System, improve my body, and pass me all the information.”

The little fox was asleep, and woke up suddenly when caught by Xue Ling. It was completely muddleheaded, and it took a while before he slowly moved over and put his little head against Xue Ling’s forehead. y6pjLi

Faint light flashed inside the house, and Xue Ling’s mind slowly cleared up.

His mind was crammed with a large part of the plot which needed to be processed, and he once again nestled into the quilt.

“Squeak.” The wooden door was pushed open, and a little apprentice child carrying medicine quietly walked in. He carefully placed his things on a side table, and then squatted down and whispered in Xue Ling’s ear, “Young master, young master, it’s time for dinner. After eating, you should eat your medicine.”

When Xue Ling faintly opened his eyes, they seemed to flash with a fierce light. The little apprentice that was watching him could not help but be stunned silly, hands and feet unable to move. wgmILN

Their young master had always been good-looking, but usually he had a sick complexion, his eyes carried a feeling of illness, and his body seemed completely powerless, with even his eyes staying at half mast most of the time. Today…

Something seemed different.

The little apprentice’s heart somewhat inexplicably began to beat a little faster.

Xue Ling quickly veiled his eyes, and began to use his own hands to sit up, his movements a little slow and frail. His voice was weak, and he looked very ill. “Well, bring over the porridge.” W FYNj

When the apprentice saw that he could sit up by himself, he was so touched that his eyes turned red and the little crybaby burst into tears. “Can you sit up, young master? Excellent! I was saying that heavens must be protecting you!!! The little master is such a good person! You must be all right! “

Xue Ling lowered his eyes and did not answer him. He swallowed the porridge and drank the medicine slowly with the apprentice’s help, and then waved him out.

The little book boy hesitated: “Does the young master really not need me to wait on him?”

Xue Ling shook his head and said, “Go heat up some water, I want to bathe.” uRzhoC

The boy also shook his head quickly. “Young master, you’ve been ill for many days and are just getting better. How can you bathe?”

Xue Ling reached out and patted him on the head, “Your young master knows his own body, it’ll be fine. Go and boil the water.”

When the door squeaked shut, Xue Ling slapped this body in disgust as he said, “It is also rare to find a body as weak as this in the world.”

He stuck out his tongue, face looking a little black. He really didn’t want to describe the taste of the medicine he had just drunk. He had lived for thousands of years and probably never drank anything so bitter before. QNYRbz

Thinking about how he was stuck with the medicine for the following period of time, Xue Ling frowned and tugged at the snow white fox’s fur beside him.

The little fox flew onto the bed and looked at Xue Ling in alarm.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

According to the little fox, or rather, the information transmitted to Xue Ling by the system, the worlds in which he needed to complete tasks were fictional or virtual worlds, worlds with an owner. That was to say, worlds under the governance of the Ten Directions World, but not only constrained by them. The protagonists of the stories were the lucky sons of these worlds, and Xue Ling’s task was to collect these people’s luck.

Because of their own innate strength, the small worlds would subconsciously gather most of its luck around them, leading to the whole world basically revolving around them. This was not conducive to the operation of the world. If something happened to the protagonist, the whole world would collapse immediately, which would severely weaken the Ten Directions World. It would also affect other people’s lives. Those poor cannon fodders were some of the ones that would be affected. 52xOaM

So the Ten Directions World had Xue Ling come and destroy their luck, and then he was responsible for recovering it.

This luck was originally scattered by the Ten Directions World. Taking it back would allow the Ten Directions World that had become fragile due to the collapse of one world after another to recover. Only when it recovered could it help Xue Ling find his tails.

This was like a biological chain, where the Ten Directions World was at the top of the food chain, and the protagonists were on the bottom. In a sense, Xue Ling’s job was to seize the main characters’ luck.

It was very difficult to snatch luck from the children of fate. Fortunately, Xue Ling was on the Ten Directions World’s side. Although the Ten Directions World was weak, after all was said and done, it was still the main world and compared with the subsidiary worlds, it was still much stronger. So, although that tasks were destructive, there was a bonus, as long as the original plotlines were destroyed and the fate of the protagonists were changed, the Ten Directions World would automatically extract the luck. v5TSEO

While he was improving his physique, Xue Ling roughly skimmed the plot of this current story. It was a very simple and ancient text. No wonder that man would say he needed to start from a low level world – breaking this kind of plot was not that easy.

Because he did not have enough strength,  even after his body was improved, he was still a medicine-guzzling pot that had to continue drinking medicine. Even this would only allow him to live like a normal person, still sick, but not serious enough that he would be stuck in bed coughing up blood all day long and unable to do anything else.

The original owner of this body was born into a literary family, but was very weak, having been in poor health from an early age. Having lived to sixteen years old was already a miracle. He had originally been a young master who only wanted to write for scholars, but because his parents were wrongly accused and died, the family’s circumstances declined, and he had to embark on the road to the capital to participate in the imperial examination, hoping to be the first in order to rectify the family grievance in one fell swoop.

Unfortunately, he was a bottomless pot of medicine, and the road to the capital was far and the roads not so easy to cross. His journey was stop and go the whole way as he was seriously ill, doubling the time of the journey. He could do nothing but watch as the imperial examination time got closer and closer while his own state had not improved. Finally, the young master sighed, and ultimately decided to hand over the family seal to his study partner, asking him to go to the capital to find a man that his family previously saved, a current general of the troops. He hoped that the general could help him once in light of the past. r 1ORa

Regrettably, he trusted the wrong person.

That study partner was a time traveller. He was extremely selfish, and had been immature ever since he was a child and never grown out of it. He always felt that he should be the protagonist of the world, and that the young master was the golden finger that existed to help him. This was only the beginning of his life and young master would not survive anyway, so he took the seal and found the general using the identity of the young master.

From there it was a smooth journey. Thanks to the memories brought from time travelling, as well from his time around the young master reading a lot of the young master’s articles, he wrote well during the imperial exam and in one move, became the top examinee.

The general looked after him as the son of a benefactor, and because he had become the champion in one go, he was very impressed with him. Through the study partner’s intentional or unintentional arrangements and intent, the two came together, and since then they swept through everything in their path. From there they prospered in the capital, and even if they were both men, they still became a wonderful legend. 8zZulB

The young master was sick the entire journey, drinking medicine like water, but it was precisely because he was sick all the way, money was quickly used up. The boy who followed him was kicked to death getting medicine for his young master. Although the young master’s illness never let up, he dragged himself along and inquired about the general’s office. Only then did he learn the story regarding his study partner and the general.

He couldn’t believe it. After all, they grew up together, and the young master regarded his study partner as a brother. Now he didn’t want to believe the news. So he inquired about the places where they were often seen, took out their family’s ancestral jade to exchange for money, and spent it hiring people to deliver a letter to his study partner. He hoped that they could get together to talk.

The study partner panicked and became very anxious, but he couldn’t reveal the situation. He could only arrange for the two to have a secret meeting. The young master hoped that he could use his identity to plead for his parents’ justice. The companion agreed, but on one condition: the young master would no longer be a young master, but a study companion.

For the sake of parents’ grievances, the young master agreed. n1IMjc

The study partner saw that the young master agreed so readily, and was very uneasy. Afraid the young master would expose him in front of the general, he made a plan to have the young master go to the general’s mansion to find him, but told the general’s mansion’s people that if someone looking like the young master came by, to beat him to death and bury him in a mass grave.

The young master died without understanding why, and his parents’ grievance was never rectified. And his study companion, with his jade seal, became the real “young master”.

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He went to the general and wept about the viciousness of his study companion, claiming that not only did he hurt him on the way, he also found him at the capital and threatened him with his ancestral jade seal. Because of this, he asked the general’s subordinates to beat him up, but who knew they would directly kill the man? He felt really guilty.

He acted like a perfect white lotus, pitifully distressed, and the general soothed him, disgusted by the ‘fake’ young master, and didn’t even bother to look into the matter. s3CaSl

This was the original plot of the story. Xue Ling looked through it all without expression, and then read the actual novel, clicking his tongue in praise at the author’s version of black and white.

The original novel’s storyline started from the moment when the study partner entered the capital city, and was narrated from the study partner’s perspective. He had been using the identity of a young master ever since he entered the city and all the way until finding the general’s palace in order to attract the general’s attention. For the imperial examination, he then used his time traveller’s brain to come up with ideas, acting remarkably like a crafty and interesting shou. The reviews section for the novel should be filled with a pile of people shouting that the shou was cute. The writing was fluid and extraordinary, and the general gong was extremely aloof and arrogant, exactly like a perfect gong.

The original owner was an existence that barely counted as cannon fodder. Even though the text mentioned that he really was a young master, from the point of view of the white lotus, he himself was brilliant since childhood and did everything better than this weak young master. It was the old lady of the house who was jealous of his talent, taking his article and giving it to the young master as well as forcing him to sit in on the examination in the young master’s stead. It was simply shameless.

This kind of dreary and desolate recollection was very painful to readers and caused them to develop all kinds of dislike towards the original owner. Even if he did not try to get his identity as the young master back, others would still say he was a shameless white lotus. V21Adk

Xue Ling felt all kinds of unhappy, and looked towards the little fox next to him, “Why did I get transported into this body?”

“The Ten Directions World feels that these unfortunate cannon fodders that died in vain or were wronged are more resentful, so they are more suitable for you. After all, you are foreign, and you must have a reason to exist in this world. So when you break the plot, remember to avenge him, and it can also be considered compensation for using their bodies.” The little fox yawned and swept his tail across Xue Ling’s hand. “This young man was also a fool, schemed to death and yet does not hate others. Only, his persistence in pleading for his parents’ grievances was too strong, so the Ten Directions World picked him.”

“Speaking of which,” Xue Ling squinted his eyes, and that pair of narrowed fox’s eyes seemed even more breathtaking, “Why do you appear in such a form, system?”

The little fox shivered all over, feeling the discontent within Xue Ling’s eyes. The fox’s fur stuck out in all directions, and it suddenly became fluffy. “It matches the host’s preferences… So…” M1FbCW

The system was a creature that the Ten Directions World had placed by Xue Ling’s side to provide him with the plot and some external help. The two people only formally met while crossing space and time, but at that time the system did not have a body, and Xue Ling’s entire soul was wrapped up completely, with no time to care about the other.

So the moment he opened his eyes was when he saw the system for the first time, and his disgust was barely concealed.

Xue Ling lifted up the system and spoke with disdain, “This is simply throwing away the face of all foxes.”


The system is indignant: It was just a shape! It wasn’t a real fox! Host, stop looking as though you want to peel off my face, it’s too scary! QAQQAQ!!! ()

十方 – effectively means “all directions”, so 十方世界 could also be translated as “all encompassing world” or “all directions world”… unsure about which one to go with, might change it later.

also, hi! xiin here – i’m really new at this so please be gentle .-. any suggestions or tips appreciated~ i’ll try to remember to check the comments. the *plan* is to release regularly, but until i’ve done more chapters i’m not actually sure about the actual frequency. thanks for reading!

i6 D3k

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