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Who Touched My Tail!Ch8 - The end of one world, the launch of another


1.8 – The end of one world, the launch of another

translator: xiin osj1wW

By the time Cong Hui entered the tent, the smell of blood had almost dissipated, but after so many years of fighting on the battlefield, he could naturally smell it. His face became ugly in an instant, let alone when he saw the blood stained cloth at the head of the bed.

Xue Ling greeted him, “I thought about several more options last night. Come and help me see which one is more suitable.”

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Cong Hui’s face was blank, “Imperial Doctor Lin told me that you stayed up late again last night.”

Xue Ling laughed, “Hehe, did he go to complain? Wasn’t it just coughing up some blood this morning? He should be used to it by now.” 5IrAan

“Strategies and what not are not critical, what matters is your body.” Cong Hui emphasized.

He remembered what this person looked like when he first saw him. His face had been rosy, his pair of fox’s eyes were alluring, matching with the red robes he liked to wear. When he laughed, he was brilliant and enticing. During his time on the battlefield, he had lost weight at a speed visible to the naked eye. Now, only traces of his previous beauty and that pair of glamorous eyes could be seen from his previous beautiful face. His lips were always pale, and when he stood up, he seemed to be an empty rack. One could see his bones even through his clothing, and it made people afraid that if a sudden gust of wind came, he would be blown away.

“In any case, it’s just death. Being able to help you out more before it happens is a good thing.” Xue Ling waved his hand indifferently, “Come and see. I don’t have much time left, so I think it’s better for us to set up a plan.”

Something indecipherable flashed through Cong Hui’s eyes. He stood there for a long time, and finally could only sigh helplessly, “Yes…”


Right now, the only thing he could do was speed up the battle and strive to obtain victory before his body became completely worn down.

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Xue Ling also wanted do resolve everything quickly. After all, the system had told him that his current body would be done for in two days, and he would automatically be ejected from the world. Xue Ling still hadn’t thought of a way to make the general die without marrying and having children, so he no longer worried over it.

He had already obtained the luck of one person anyway; it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t take the rest, right?

The system was shocked by his passive attitude and expressed, was this even really his host?! hHO1AQ

Xue Ling rolled his eyes. He truly couldn’t bring himself to make a move and force someone with whom he had no grievances to experience an unsatisfactory life for no reason based on his own three views. He could only hope that his current efforts had been useful, and the general had really developed some feelings towards him.

Xue Ling’s strategy was to lure the enemy in deep, and then carry out wholesale annihilation, which was difficult to implement. After finalizing the plan, the troops were immediately mobilized with orders from Cong Hui. After that, everything was left in the hands of the general, and Xue Ling was relieved at last.

If their plan really succeeded, he should be able to witness their victory before he died.

The battlefield changed rapidly; Xue Ling’s plan accounted for almost all the risks, so the team led by Cong Hui swept all the way to the other side’s base camp and captured the opposing commander directly. CFs6c3

On the battlefield, there was endless cheering, but there was something wrong with Cong Hui.

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A fast horse came from behind them. The soldier was in a hurry, his face covered with tears.

He was a small soldier in charge of Xue Ling’s safety. In the past, he had always watched the military advisor assist the general win battles, and his worship of the military advisor was already imprinted in his bones. Now, with a face full of tears, he pulled on the reins, dropping himself down from the horse as he stumbled towards Cong Hui, “General! The military adviser! Has passed away!!!!”

His voice was not very loud amidst the surrounding cheers, but it was like a thunderstorm in Cong Hui’s ears. The joy of victory was pulled away from him at this time, and he turned his body to head for the base camp. 8eMOd

But no matter how fast he urged his horse, it still couldn’t catch up with the speed of a person’s life passing away. When Cong Hui arrived at Xue Ling’s camp, only Imperial Doctor Lin’s rueful face could be seen.

“Don’t grieve too much.” These were the only words the Imperial Doctor could say.

There were no other people inside. The news of victory from the frontlines of the battlefield did not seem to have infected the base camp in the rear. Due to the passing away of their military advisor, many people were silent, their heads drooping, their expressions sad.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The soldiers who had returned with the general were equally silent. This war would not have ended so soon without the military advisor. Now that the war had been won, the military advisor didn’t even have time to celebrate before passing away – no one could accept this outcome. CqBghQ

Although he knew there would be such a day, Cong Hui’s hand was still shaking when he approached him.

The man lay quietly in bed with a smile on his face. It seemed as if everything had been under his control. He was obviously in the back camp, but he knew all the details clearly. Those beautiful eyes were closed forever, and his face was pale, lips almost bloodless.

He was already thin to the point where others could see the cheekbones on his face clearly. Cong Hui knew that as long as he reached out to teach, he would find almost nothing inside the clothes, and there was truly nothing but skin and bones. Being able to endure till today before finally flickering out was also a kind of strength.

Never had Cong Hui seen a person like him. He was like the most dazzling of stars, suddenly shining in front of his eyes. The day of the palace examination was the most brilliant moment in his life, and following that, through their interactions, like a stream of flowing water, this man flowed slowly into his heart. While he was completely unaware, he managed to occupy his heart completely. He had decided after he discovered that he cared for him more and more that after this war, regardless of the results, he would say it clearly, but that man quietly let go of the world. Brfdkb

His heart seemed to be break into pieces, vanishing into coldness as it followed this person.

Cong Hui stretched out his hand and touched his face. There was still a slight temperature on his body, and Cong Hui’s eyes heated up. In all these years of life, the general had not shed a single tear, but at this moment he had no way to endure.

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He reached out and wrapped the person whose soul had already left in his arms. Tears fell, dampening his robes.

It was a long time later that people saw their general coming out of the camp. rfDgBm

He was still as calm as ever, without any expression on his face, but it seemed that there was something different.

“Strike the camp, we are returning in victory.” His voice was low and deep. If one listened attentively, they would find that it was a little hoarse.

Obviously, it was a victory, but the previous warm atmosphere in the barracks was strongly oppressed.

The Lord General Cong Hui made countless outstanding military achievements in his lifetime, dedicating his life to the country. He was unmarried his whole life, and it was said that it was due to the death of his lover on the battlefield. He spent the rest of his life in remembrance of the other party and defended the country, because the country was something for which his lover exchanged his life. LSdDx9

Xue Ling rolled his eyes, speechless, “Who gave him the guts to call me his lover. “

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The little fox wrapped itself around Xue Ling’s neck and yawned. “It was written by the historian.”

Xue Ling snorted. What a coward, he had waited for two months, but even until death, he hadn’t heard a hint of this from the other party. He even thought that the task he had left behind would be left incomplete. He hadn’t expect that Cong Hui would be repressed (闷骚) to such an extent. As a ** world protagonist gong, shouldn’t he have made a move right away if he liked someone?!

Although… he had been ready to reject him in a just and honest way even if Cong Hui confessed, so that he would think about him for life and never get married. XB2cgp

Well, it seemed that the task has been completed now.

“Host has done a good job this time, and the two protagonists’ luck has been accepted. Do you want to start the next world?”

“En, let’s get started.”

Xue Ling’s EQ wasn’t low, he could guess that Cong Hui had thoughts towards him, but he himself didn’t have any feelings at all. In fact, he had no heart and was indifferent and unfeeling. He had seen too much of life, and it was difficult to make his heart move. jIf9Xm

Especially if it was a repressed man like Cong Hui.

Xue Ling’s figure soon disappeared from this patch of space, and another figure strode forward.

His gaze was somewhat obscure and difficult to see through. A voice came from the darkness. “Do you still want to follow and go together?”

“Go ahead.” XnmTKE

“Weren’t you just a little bit worried?”

“I just want to take a vacation.”

“Oh. Do as you like.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“What is the next world that he’s going to?” nLrd D

“How would I know. Why, you want to pick a role?”

“It’s naturally unpleasant to always get targeted by you.”

“Why are you blaming me again? You can’t control yourself and you’re still blaming me, ha-ha.”

“Stop talking nonsense and send me over.” Rmvz1J


When Xue Ling opened his eyes again, it was to a screen of white. His body’s state was not as bad as last time, and he was only lying on a sofa. Standing up, he looked around. He should be a lounge or something similar.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He was wearing a tuxedo, which should be the the trappings for a performance. Xue Ling turned a full circle, then spoke to the little fox that was running all over the lounge, “Give me the plot.”

The little fox shook his tail and said, “Host should lie down first.” vTaO25

This was a modern world, and the story could be regarded as a ‘golden phoenix flying out of the mountain nest’ type story with a phoenix man rising up in the world. Xue Ling was a famous pianist named Wen Xiuyuan. His sister, Wen Xiuting, married the year before last and gave birth to a child. Her husband was the phoenix man, and also the hero of the story.

Wen Xiuyuan was currently participating in a music competition that will decide his fate. If he could stand out in this competition, he would be able to enter the world’s best Conservatory of Music and study under the music master he had always admired.

Music was his lifelong ideal, but because he loved music, he was not interested in the management of his family’s industry. In order to support his decision, his parents agreed to the have the male protagonist marry into the family, and gave the management of the company to the male protagonist. In a sense, Wen Xiuyuan was a pure artist, because in his world, other than music there was nothing else.

But his simple world would be broken apart today and he would never have the chance to step into the highest palace of music in his life. rdF1Ox

Before his performance began, he would receive a phone call from his sister about their parents who have just died in a car accident.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wen Xiuyuan lost his soul after receiving such news and made a lot of mistakes during his performance for the competition. After leaving the competition venue, he hurried back to his home country to deal with his family’s affairs. However, as soon as he left, he stepped into a world of darkness.

三观 sān guān – Three views
Refers to one’s outlook on人生观 life、世界观 the world、价值观 values. The outlook on life is why you live and what you want to do while you live; outlook on the world is your understanding of the world, identifying things and what they are; outlook on values is what you consider precious, worthwhile.

闷骚 mēn sāo – “extreme desire in the heart, but restrained on the surface”
this is a really fun one that can (and will be) translated n different ways in the story. I chose ‘repressed’ in this particular context, but other suggestions are ‘bottled up’, ‘tsundere’, ‘frosty on the outside but burning on the inside’… you get the idea.

**  – author put in stars, xiin will also put in stars~  have a star: *

new arc! MC gets to be a little more badass, less… ‘i’m frail and gonna die x_x’

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