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The Villain’s Face-Slapping CounterattackChapter 57.1


Face-Slapping the Interstellar General and His Ger (1)

Editor: ghost SZsUHd


Zhou Xu once again returned to the vast space. This time, Zhou Xu finally got a clear look of the person’s face. It was very familiar, very familiar; who was it?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Who on earth was it?

Right, was he not the interstellar general who awarded him his medal when he was promoted to military adviser? zwMudU

Why would he be in this space? Was he always the silhouette that flashed by every time?

Could it be? Could it be that he was his lover who chased him world after world?

Then was there a possibility that, when he was initially bound to the “will not die in peace” system and had no choice but to transmigrate, the general was in a similar situation?

Was the general bound to some other system? Was he playing some sort of role in every world? Or not? He definitely would not transmigrate to so many worlds of his own free will, right? How could that be?



Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Xu suddenly froze. What was the general’s name? How come he could not remember?

All along, Zhou Xu prided himself in his memory, but why couldn’t he remember the general’s name?

In the vast space, Zhou Xu was quiet as a monk. He had experienced more than a hundred worlds and he remembered every world very clearly. Why couldn’t he remember clearly his own original, real world? Jm2des

Zhou Xu realised that there were gaps in his memory. He had memories of when he was younger than five years old, memories of after he was promoted and memories of various learning experiences, but why did his memory lack the presence of any important people?

Like parents, siblings, or even good friends. He did not have any in his memories, especially in the time period when he was between ten and twenty. His memories  had many missing pieces.

His train of thought started to stray. Zhou Xu wanted to find a clue within his myriad of complicated memories, but no matter how he searched, he could not find anything.

He coldly laughed. Zhou Xu felt that it was truly entertaining this time. Since his memories had problems, it meant that someone had intentionally thrown him into the system. FAONYD

And hence, Zhou Xu believed he definitely could escape the system. However Zhou Xu needed to slowly search for a way to do so.

Zhou Xu was clear that since the general was here as well and his appearance had not changed, it meant that the current time in reality flowed at a different speed from all the worlds he had transmigrated to. For example, he had lived for a century in a world he had transmigrated to, but Zhou Xu guessed that possibly only one or two days had passed in the real world.

In addition, Zhou Xu realised that the silhouette was becoming clearer and the time it could stop for was becoming longer and longer. When he had first seen it, it had perhaps stopped for 0.01 seconds. This time, Zhou Xu could already see it for 0.1 seconds. It should continue improving.

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The general got up, but his back and waist lacked strength.

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His gaze was sinister and ruthless. For Zhou Xu, he must recover. Iys3v

Slowly, the general once again closed his eyes.


Zhou Xu opened his eyes. After a momentary daze, he saw quite a few people surrounding his bed. Their eyes were filled with helplessness and disappointment.

Zhou Xu was slightly stunned. He guessed that they should be his relatives, but in the recent worlds he had transmigrated to, his relatives were all very good people. Suddenly being met with this kind of disappointed gazed, Zhou Xu felt unused to such a sight for a split second. Jdf0NQ

The relatives did not say a word before leaving. Only a gentle and weak youth was left. He had a red mole near the corner of his mouth.

“Little Xu, are you okay?”

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Zhou Xu sat up and cleared his throat , “En.”

“Then that’s good. Don’t be disappointed; actually, being a Di-er isn’t that bad. Maybe you can find a lover.” tAfcKg

Zhou Xu froze. What was a “Di-er”?

His pinky finger tingled. This world’s information and memories of the original host were both transmitted to Zhou Xu’s brain.

It turns out that there were four kinds of people in this world: men, women, Ger and Di-er.

Men were this world’s rulers. They were tall and muscular, and made up about half of the population. HEk9nI

Next were Gers. Their position were higher than women’s because of their strong fertility. They made up about 20% of the population.

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Then there were women. They could give birth to children, but their capabilities were very low. They were another 20% of the population.

Lastly, there were Di-ers. Their bodies were about the same as Gers. They would not be too tall nor have a lot of strength. Although most Di-ers were very good-looking, it was no use—they did not have the fertility that Gers did.

The number of Di-ers were the lowest, making up about 5% of the population. QmJhyX

Di-er. Because they did not have any special qualities, they were often the target of bullying. They lacked the strength to join the army or the fertility to establish marriage contracts, hence in the end, they were mostly reduced to the lowest tier in society.

Gers and Di-ers both had a grey mole at birth. At around twelve years old, when puberty occurred, the mole would change colours. A Ger’s mole would become red while a Di-er’s mole would become blue.

When Zhou Xu had woken up, the family had just found out that his mole had turned blue.

Hence they were disappointed. However, didn’t family mean acceptance and support for who one was? gZj4By

Seems like the family in this world was not like that.

Zhou Xu coldly laughed. He raised his hand to touch the blue mole at the corner of his eye. He thought, so what if he was a Di-er? As usual, he would use this weak body to live a life of brilliance. Moreover, he did not need to bear children; it was the best.

“Little Xu, it’s great that you are fine. Don’t be sad, why don’t we go to my house to eat?” Zhou Xu heard a youthful voice and turned his head to its direction. After a moment of silence, Zhou Xu understood that this was the original world’s protagonist Ding Zhaolin.

Looking at the position of the red mole, it should be him. Since this was the case, Zhou Xu was not planning to be too friendly towards him. hVBHjI

“No need, thank you. You should go first; I want to rest for a bit.”

“Alright, you should have a good rest. I will take care of you regardless of you being a Di-er.”

Ding Zhaolin left. Zhou Xu got up from the bed and saw his parents in the compound disappointedly shaking their heads. He could also hear their conversation. Only now did Zhou Xu truly understand how low the position of Di-ers were in this world. It was beyond the imagination of people.

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“He’s a Di-er, ai, we’ve raised him for nothing all these years. How come he is a Di-er? Ai, really.” GjdqHy

“Ai, why don’t we directly sell him to the Di-er shelter? We can still recoup our losses.”

“We can only resort to this if all else fails.”

“Are we being too cruel? Otherwise, we can forget about it and raise him. Of all the children in the Di-er shelter, who can live past thirty?”

“But it’s useless to continue raising him.” KD XRl

Seems like this world’s Di-er were either raised or sold? This was  also an interstellar world? Ridiculous.

Zhou Xu thought of his original interstellar world and shook his head. Although there were problems with his memories, he was certain that the world he lived in did not have such problems.

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Taking a mirror, Zhou Xu looked at himself. The mirror reflected an extremely seductive face, fitting the world’s setting that Di-ers had such picturesque beauty.

Zhou Xu guessed that his height was only about 1.6m. However, it seemed that this world’s Gers and Di-ers stopped growing when they reached that height. sRcWP4

Forget it, he still had a few years ahead of him. Zhou Xu had time to train his body.

However at present, he needed to first protect himself. Since he heard that this “Di-er shelter” was not a good place, he had to stay in this cold house.

Quietly walking downstairs, Zhou Xu saw his shocked parents. He hid his expression and softly whispered, “Baba, father, I will listen to you in the future and help do the house chores. Please don’t sell me away. After I turn 18, I will find a job. At that time I hope that I can repay your kindness in raising me.”

Zhou Xu’s parents were stunned. They did not expect Zhou Xu to hear their conversation. They were embarrassed for a bit before smiling and saying, “Little Xu ah, how can we sell you off? Don’t worry, we definitely won’t.” 4DmZq

“Thank you, father.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Cough, Little Xu, don’t be too anxious. Even if you are a Di-er, we definitely wouldn’t abandon you.”

“Thank you, baba.”

“Ai, what are you thanking us for?” K5Ooak

“I was wrong.”

Zhou Xu’s fearful appearance made the two feel sad. Thinking back, Zhou Xu was born pretty and they doted on him; how could they just sell him off because he was a Di-er?

Looking at each other, the two people made a decision. Since they had the ability to continue raising Zhou Xu, they would follow what Zhou Xu suggested; they would discuss again when he was 18 years old.

“Then father, baba, can I still go to school?” sMfzZ0

“Of course you can, Little Xu.”

“Okay, thank you.” Zhou Xu returned to his room after he finished speaking. His father and baba once again looked at each other. They felt a particular heartache when hearing Zhou Xu say “thank you”.

Zhou Xu’s father held a post in the empire’s army and he was a man. His baba was a Ger. They had four children; Zhou Xu’s oldest and second brother were both men, named Zhou Yang and Zhou Bin respectively. He also had an older sister called Zhou Jing. Zhou Xu was the youngest of four children.

Currently, Zhou Yang and Zhou Bin were studying in the empire’s military academy.  Both were very outstanding and were already targeted by quite a few Gers. nvP56X

In this world, Gers were required to marry. This was for the empire’s later generations. Because males made up the majority of people, Ge-ers with good fertility were very popular and were mostly married off once they were of age. If they could not marry, at twenty years old, the imperial government would choose a man for the Ge-er to marry and have children as quickly as possible.

Zhou Xu’s sister Zhou Jing had a set partner. He was a member of the imperial army and his position was quite high. Zhou Jing extremely doted on Zhou Xu.

Slightly lifting the corner of his mouth, Zhou Xu decided that he needed to build good relations with his two older brothers; perhaps they could be of use in the future.

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Translator’s Note: any suggestions to change the name of “will not die in peace” system?;; I think the name came from the first translator who was mtl-ing so it sounds awkward…

Translator's Note

like how the “ge” in ger translates to older brother, the “di” in di-er translates to younger brother… I’m leaving it as is until someone has a better suggestion because “dir” or “dier” looks very weird

Translator's Note

basically his “mother” is a Ger and Zhou Xu addresses him as “baba” which translates to “dad” or just an informal way of calling father… it will be confusing with 2 fathers so I will leave it as baba unless anyone has a better suggestion

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