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The Villain’s Face-Slapping CounterattackChapter 57.2


Face-Slapping the Interstellar General and His Ger (1.2)

Editor: ghost i9UD8b


No matter how welcomed Zhou Xu and the other Di-er were in the past, looking at the current world’s situation, they would be relegated to the lowest caste of society after presenting as such. It did not matter to Zhou Xu whether they bullied other Di-er, but if they had the guts to try to bully him, they could only await Zhou Xu’s revenge.

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These twelve or thirteen year olds were were only capable of minor scuffles. Zhou Xu’s revenge would be nothing more than returning their fists in a fight.

Zhou Xu was stopped at a corner by three Gers and a man. They smirked and said, “Turns out you are a Di-er, hahaha. Seeing that you’re so good-looking, I thought that you would awaken to become a Ger, hahahaha! Who would’ve thought that you became a Di-er….” aXqVUF

“Exactly, you were always so arrogant.”

“Awakening to become a Di-er is your punishment, hahahaha.”

“You will be sold off in the future. Really, at that time, don’t come crying to us.”

Zhou Xu looked at them coldly. When their fists came flying towards him, Zhou Xu evaded them and took advantage of the opportunity to raise his leg, kicking the man’s lower body part. While the man wailed in pain, he turned his body, as if he was passing people in basketball. The Ger facing him had no time to react when Zhou Xu had already reached him and took a fist to his face.


The remaining two Ger saw that the situation was unfavourable to them. They made eye contact, agreeing to attack Zhou Xu together. In the end, they did not have time to act before Zhou Xu swept his leg under them, making them fall right to the ground.

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Dusting his hands, Zhou Xu looked down on them as he said, “You still haven’t learnt how to fight yet you can pick one. If you want to die next time, you can continue coming to me. I’ll guarantee that you can die an unsightly death.”

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Walking towards her, Zhou Xu shouted, “Jie*.”

Following that, Zhou Xu’s head was rubbed messy by her, “Did you miss me? I’ve missed you to death!”

Zhou Xu escaped from her grasp and tidied his hair before replying, “Somewhat.”

Zhou Xu’s head was again ruffled to a mess by his sister before the two got into the car and left. 3GstvL

A man wearing a military uniform was in the driver’s seat. Zhou Xu obediently called out, “Brother-in-law.”

The man was very satisfied and nodded his head. He let Zhou Xu sit properly in the car before starting the car.

“Let me look at your mole. Come come come, I heard you’ve awakened already. Hahahaha, aiyo, it’s really blue–that’s great! Darling, you don’t need to give birth to children in the future.”  Zhou Jing’s voice carried elation, as if she did not care whether Zhou Xu was a Ger or a Di-er.

Zhou Xu intentionally acted angry, but Zhou Jing was only more happy. She laughed for a very long time before she reached out with her index finger and tapped Zhou Xu’s forehead. She said, “I don’t care whether you are a Ger or a Di-er or a man. You are Zhou Xu. You are a person, not a thing! Go and live your own life, don’t care about all that nonsense, you hear me?” 9ge5sH

Zhou Xu slightly lowered his head to cover up the delight in his heart. He realised that this world was not so rotten after all; at least his sister was a smart person.

“I understand.” Zhou Xu replied.

Zhou Jing brought Zhou Xu home. That night, Zhou Jing repeated her words over the dinner table, making their parents visibly upset. However, Zhou Jing did not care; she wanted to protect her younger brother.

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Zhou Xu knew that in the original world, Zhou Jing was still very loving and doting towards Zhou Xu after he presented. However, because he was a Di-er, the original Zhou Xu was pushed aside and oppressed by many people. In the end, he became timid and weak. MVmZ9S

The only person he trusted was Ding Zhaolin. He thought that Ding Zhaolin would never betray him, hence when he was really thrown aside by Ding Zhaolin, he was full of bitter hatred for Ding Zhaolin’s hypocrisy.

In a rage, the original Zhou Xu had taken up a weapon for the first time and aimed it at Ding Zhaolin. However, in the end, he still died by the hands of Ding Zhaolin’s man.

The betrayal did not happen without reason. Ding Zhaolin was matched by the imperial government to a man named Wu Mingdi, but at the time he was madly in love with a woman called Sun Qingxia.

Sun Qingxia was taken in by Wu Mingdi’s family when she was a child and was raised by them. Outsiders thought that she was Wu Mingdi’s little sister, but Wu Mingdi indeed liked this little sister of his. HYWprv

What Wu Mingdi did not know was that in fact, Sun Qingxia knew at a young age that her father’s death had been caused by Wu Mingdi’s father. She stayed at the Wu house solely to get revenge.

After Wu Mingdi and Ding Zhaolin were forced to marry, Wu Mingdi returned to the army while Ding Zhaolin found out Sun Qingxia’s scheme.

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As a result, the flustered Sun Qingxia captured Ding Zhaolin’s best friend, Zhou Xu as a hostage to threaten Ding Zhaolin to remain silent on the matter.

However, without a bit of hesitation, Ding Zhaolin decided to abandon Zhou Xu and directly rushed to the army, telling Wu Mingdi about the whole story. hENUml

Sun Qingxia was exposed. In a fit of rage, she chopped six of Zhou Xu’s fingers off. At that time, Zhou Xu had become a piano teacher; although he was not brilliant, it was enough for him to make a living.

After Zhou Xu was rescued and left without six of his fingers, he found out the truth. He abhorred Sun Qingxia and Ding Zhaolin, but Ding Zhaolin simply said that he had no other way.

But how could he have no other way? Sun Qingxia never had the intention to harm Zhou Xu. If Ding Zhaolin did not say anything, she definitely would have let Zhou Xu go; she only wanted to retaliate against Wu Mingdi.

However, Ding Zhaolin did not even have one bit of hesitation. He directly chose Wu Mingdi because he could get rid of Sun Qingxia at the same time. He would not say that bit, but Zhou Xu was very clear on this. Who was not selfish? MCPV5N

If Sun Qingxia was still in the picture, Ding Zhaolin would definitely not have any standing. Sun Qingxia’s plot was exposed hence Wu Mingdi’s gaze could only fall onto Ding Zhaolin, the spouse given to him by the empire.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The original Zhou Xu had raised his gun and aimed it at Ding Zhaolin. However, the gun had only been lifted when Zhou Xu was shot to death by Ding Zhaolin’s husband, Wu Mingdi.

Smiling, Zhou Xu thought as he ate. How should he deal with Ding Zhaolin and Wu Mingdi? Right, seems like Ding Zhaolin would be coming over soon.

Just as Zhou Xu thought, Ding Zhaolin arrived. fJZCOW

“Uncles, Xiao Xu, Jing Jing-jie. Great, everyone is here.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing, it’s just that this afternoon, Xiao Xu was bullied by others. When I found people to go over, they had already finished fighting, so I came over to see if Xiao Xu is all right.”

Zhou Xu smiled. Ding Zhaolin was truly clever for his age–he avoided the key point of the situation. For example, how did Zhou Xu get surrounded? Ding Zhaolin had not explained this point. Xim6Pv


TN: a bit of a short chapter since i didn’t split up the chapter evenly;;

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