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The Villain’s Face-Slapping CounterattackChapter 46


Face-Slapping the School Heartthrob and Student Council President (1)

Editor: ghost iem2vy


In the vast space, Zhou Xu once again saw a shadow flit by. This time he noticed that the person’s appearance was a bit familiar, or at least it gave him the feeling that they were intimate.

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Meanwhile, in the Noah Star’s highest ranked admiral’s ward, the admiral could finally move. He lifted his hand and rubbed his temples. He was used to doing this to relieve his stress.

Only, after rubbing a few times, his consciousness went hazy again. 983cu4

When he opened his eyes, Zhou Xu realised he was in a student dormitory.

His pinky finger tingled and he received this world’s information.

This was not a BL world. It was just that the protagonists were homosexual.

Zhou Xu was a student with agoraphobia and depression. Although he was very good looking, due to his bangs always covering half of his face, rarely anyone had seen his appearance.


Zhou Xu’s agoraphobia and depression were both rather severe. The original host thought about suicide everyday and was extremely afraid of social interaction. Not only was he gay, he was also a transvestite.

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All this was the reason for his condition. Moreover, his family situation was rather terrible; his parents were usually absent from home and he grew up with his grandfather. By the time his parents discovered his mental illnesses, he had already entered university.

In university, Zhou Xu knew a person called You Luoqi. The moment You Luoqi entered university, he was chosen as the year’s heartthrob.

At first You Luoqi treated Zhou Xu very well, making Zhou Xu secretly like such a warm roommate. PJfvnh

However, one day, Zhou Xu’s long bangs were blown by the wind. The scene of him squinting his eyes due to the sunlight was coincidentally seen by the Student Council President. The president had never seen such a beautiful man and he said it was love at first sight.

Zhou Xu had never thought that You Luoqi would unexpectedly like the Student Council President. This resulted in a love triangle.

Zhou Xu did not dare say anything, but You Luoqi was different; he began to chase the Student Council President Chang Shaojun.

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This continued until one day, You Luoqi found Zhou Xu crossdressing. You Luoqi told this matter to Chang Shaojun. In the end, You Luoqi passed the photo around his classmates as a joke.

Those who did not like Zhou Xu took advantage of this and uploaded the photo to the internet. Thus under people’s pointing and whispering, Zhou Xu’s depression took a turn for the worse.

After Chang Shaojun saw Zhou Xu’s photo, he went to the extent of saying that having liked Zhou Xu was his life’s humiliation. The depressed Zhou Xu took his life that night, jumping from the eleventh floor; he could no longer bear the rumours and slanders. 2UxwO

At present, Zhou Xu stared at the ceiling before hearing a magnetic voice. This voice made people very comfortable and it was easy to guess that the owner of such a voice was a warm person.

“Zhou Xu, come down. There are lessons in the first two periods this morning.”

Getting up, Zhou Xu looked at the person by his bedside. Handsome, bright, warm; it was as if every praise could be showered upon him.

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This was precisely this world’s male protagonist You Luoqi, X University’s heartthrob with a countless number of fans. He was also the one that despised him the most in the end, spreading the matter of Zhou Xu’s transvestism all over. Of course, at the same time, he was the person he secretly liked. UKVW08

Zhou Xu lowered his head. His long bangs covered his eyes and the corner of his cold smile.

“Thank you. I will get up immediately.”

Following the original host’s memory, Zhou Xu washed up and took his textbooks to leave the dormitory.

“Zhou Xu, wait a moment. Weren’t we going to go together? Why didn’t you wait for me?” You Luoqi caught up with him and asked in a somewhat blaming tone. aSs2qJ

Zhou Xu raised his head to look at him. He was a handsome man as expected. It was just a pity that his goodwill was too superficial. There was only the original host Zhou Xu’s stupidity to blame; he unexpectedly could not tell who was genuine towards him and who was not.

“When did I say I wanted to go together?” Zhou Xu raised his head, moving his bangs to one side.

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You Luoqi was obviously stunned and his good-looking face had some awkwardness. He had assumed that Zhou Xu would always be obedient, never losing his temper or speaking so loudly. However, now that he looked at Zhou Xu, he unexpectedly had some peculiar loftiness. In addition, Zhou Xu’s face was too good looking; how did he never notice it before?

You Luoqi even felt that he was being suppressed by Zhou Xu’s momentum. How was this possible? wMBhYk

He doubtfully looked at Zhou Xu and asked, “Zhou Xu, what happened to you?”

Zhou Xu said, “Nothing much, I’m just suddenly not used to walking with another person.”

Zhou Xu turned and left.

You Luoqi looked at Zhou Xu’s back and felt that this was inconceivable. Was this still the blindly subservient and utterly obedient Zhou Xu? Why was it that even his back was different from the original Zhou Xu? sRMmG1

Shaking his head, You Luoqi stopped thinking about it. He thought, forget it, he should first go for class.

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In the past, during class, Zhou Xu always used to find the cornermost seat. Because he was withdrawn, he was used to sitting at the back. This was a manifestation of a sense of lacking security. However, when You Luoqi entered the classroom today, he found Zhou Xu sitting in a seat in the centre of the room, clearly exuding a kind of approachable aura.

You Luoqi usually sat next to Zhou Xu. This time he did not, opting to sit two rows away, diagonally behind Zhou Xu. This angle was just right to see all of Zhou Xu’s expressions.

They majored in graphic design. They were freshmen in the first semester of university, hence they were learning some fundamentals of composition and colour matching. djvk2u

This lesson’s content was related to colours. The teacher lectured on warm colours and their effects on a person’s state of mind, as well as the various uses of cool colours.

After a lesson period, You Luoqi realised that Zhou Xu had not moved an inch. The only thing that moved was his hands; he had rapidly looked through two books on the course before turning into a statue.

You Luoqi’s eyebrows scrunched up. The past Zhou Xu seemed to be unused to raising his head, why was he always raising his head now?

“That’s all, class dismissed. Today, go back and draw a design of a crystal glass cup, this will be due in the next lesson.” THG9 d

Once the lesson was over, Zhou Xu stood up and left. You Luoqi came to a belated realisation that he unexpectedly spent a whole period looking at Zhou Xu.

Walking quickly to catch up, You Luoqi patted Zhou Xu’s shoulder and said, “Zhou Xu, let’s go to the Third Dining Hall and eat together.”

Zhou Xu stopped, turned his head and stiffly said, “Sorry, I’m not used to being with people.”

This time You Luoqi was truly embarrassed. He felt that Zhou Xu seemed to have become a different person. Didn’t Zhou Xu like him? Why did he suddenly change now? xA59vs

Indeed, You Luoqi knew that Zhou Xu liked him; he knew from the start. However, though he did not like Zhou Xu, he liked the feeling of being Zhou Xu’s whole world. This kind of dependence gave You Luoqi a sense of achievement. But now what happened? Zhou Xu suddenly stopped liking him?

It was a bit baffling. You Luoqi turned and walked off.

Since he was the university’s heartthrob, the men and women chasing him could form a long line. Since Zhou Xu did not give him any face, he definitely would not be polite either.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In contrast, Zhou Xu did not even pay any attention to You Luoqi. The more mature the person, the more they did not take to heart about something like face. Fh9T2I

Zhou Xu ate something in the dining hall before returning to the dormitory. In his locked closet, Zhou Xu found two sets of sexy women’s clothing, two wigs and some makeup products.

Right, Zhou Xu faintly smiled, the original owner was a transvestite. Because of this, he was mocked and ridiculed by You Luoqi and Chang Shaojun. It also lead to his suicide in his best years.

Holding a black and white patterned miniskirt, Zhou Xu smiled lightly. He wanted the original Zhou Xu’s transvestism to be accepted by the whole school. No one would ridicule him anymore. He wanted to find the original Zhou Xu many genuine friends and let him stand at the pinnacle of the graphic design industry, making You Luoqi unable to grasp even his tail and teach Chang Shaojun the meaning of having eyes but remaining blind.

For one week, Zhou Xu quietly did his own thing. He ignored You Luoqi and You Luoqi seemed to also be ignoring him, but on the contrary, Zhou Xu liked the peace and quiet. sdpRv5

The dorm room still had two others, but these two were gamers and essentially slept in the day while gaming at night. When they had some rare free time, they would rush to copy their homework to hand in. In addition, they were not in the same department as Zhou Xu, so their lesson times were different. Naturally the time that they would see each other would be short.

Actually, Zhou Xu quite liked a roommate called Zhao Huan. He always noisily played games, but was also a bit silly and foolish. Zhao Huan did not have any bad intentions and would treat others with the most goodwill. The only times he would be angry was mostly due to the game he was playing.

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When Zhou Xu handed in his work the next week during class, the teacher was stunned as he looked at Zhou Xu’s design. He asked, “Who helped you with your work?”

“I did it myself. Would you like me to submit a new one to you?” Pxrg5A

The teacher paused then laughed, “Kid, what are you so haughty for? Let us hear about your concept and why you chose to use the colours this way.

Zhou Xu stood up and walked to the podium. He fished out a hairpin from his pocket and pinned up his long bangs before faintly smiling and addressing the class of students, “The pale orange colour is used as the web page’s background because it gives people a comfortable and warm feeling. Over here, I utilized the crystal cup’s transparency to do some layering. As such, the pale orange background has another layer of light. However, brightening this part would let people feel the reality of the cup….”

After he explained everything, all the students in the room raised their heads. Some people found him stunningly attractive while others were in shock. Zhou Xu simply smiled and said before stepping down from the podium, “Hello everyone, let me introduce myself again. I am Zhou Xu.”

Author’s Note: The male lead unexpectedly did not appear in this new world’s first chapter. I will pull him out in the next. 91WxFI

edit: Zhou Xu does not have autism! the chinese term can mean either autism or just being a shut-in and after reading, it should be agoraphobia (fear of social interaction) i changed it previously but missed out a word, sorry for the confusion!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


Translator's Note

i.e. unable to recognise someone/something’s true value

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    People with severe autism can’t take care of themselves. With mild, they may be able to. I suspect the translation here probably meant that character was withdrawn, which can be a symptom of depression, rather than having a form of autism. The fear of people is more likely to be social phobia, an anxiety disorder.

    Also, transvestites like to masturbate while wearing clothing of the opposite sex. It’s just a sexual fetish. But, if he’s attracted to men and wearing men’s clothing and is a cisgender male, then… isn’t that just normal masturbation? If he likes to masturbate while wearing women’s clothing, then wouldn’t he at least be bisexual rather than homosexual? …..According to the chapter, it looks like the character is bigender and identifies as a man at times and a woman at other times rather than a transvestite. Gender identity is complete different from fetishes.

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