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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh84 - Perfect Plan


translator: xiin
editor: kara

In the third match, in order to balance out the level of difficulty, Victor turned on the perspective + self-aiming plug-in. PvNQd3

This time, the muzzle of the sniper rifle would automatically aim at the master assassin and simulate the world’s top level sniper’s hand to follow the target. (Following the target refers to the ability to align the muzzle of the gun with the target and follow it continuously.)

Tyron was shot at twice, but he was left unscathed both times.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His random movements couldn’t be perfectly predicted even via computer simulation, and the data given by the system could only reach a 60% hit rate. This was already very low. After all, the computing power that was being used to deal with him alone was already at the trillion-hertz level.

If it had been a human sniper, perhaps only one or two out of ten shots would hit. 5JKFlt

Of course, this was a conclusion drawn from the simplest map and the most direct way of fighting––a real sniper would have many more tricks.

Professional players had many tricks up their sleeves, many of which were kept hidden, making it difficult to predict anything before the start of the match.

And, Victor, as an amateur guest, had no tricks to speak of. At most, he only had the ‘beauty’ trick. Dgkwhj

At the end of the third match, Lieutenant Victor’s army boots were taken off, and he stepped barefoot on the dark, cold weaponry. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he said, “Changing ways to bully people all day long…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Not only that…

When the fourth match came around, the master assassin had somehow worked his magic to steal his baton and left three or four red welts on his chest…

They weren’t only tingling, numb, and itchy. The marks that were left made Victor himself feel really turned on when he looked at them. URCbht

He blushed all over and said, “You, you…”

Tyron swung the baton back and forth and was quite satisfied with its flexibility. He asked, “Can this thing be made in reality?”

Victor finally cried out, “No! You cannot! It’s illegal!”

Tyron sighed, then inserted it into Victor’s collar, patted it lightly, and disappeared again. bewOXI

This time, the Lieutenant had been bullied too fiercely. At the start of the next match, he gave himself the world’s biggest flag and said, “My male god said! That after he finishes this match! He’ll go back to his home town to watch the ocean! Get married! Get a high retirement fee and remove himself from the industry!”

A few seconds later, Victor really encountered a stroke of luck!

A bullet just managed to take advantage of all the right conditions and hit the master assassin in the chest despite a 1% chance! pcqFnB

A bright red flower bloomed on his chest, and his health bar directly dropped down to a critical level at a speed visible to the naked eye. It seemed that he would be done for if he was even touched by another bullet!

Victor raised the sniper rifle and shot again, but was unable to land another hit.

Tyron was obviously weakened when he appeared from the shadows this time. He said faintly, “Not bad, little Lieutenant…”

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Victor pointed his handgun at the shadows and said, “Come out. It’ll be bad if my hand slips and I shoot you by accident.” PR3Nw7

Ktf wjrafg jrrjrrlc mjwf bea bo atf rtjvbkr. Lf’v ajxfc boo tlr mbja, jcv tlr yijmx abq kjr mbnfgfv lc vjgx gfv yibbv. Llr ilqr kfgf qjif jcv qgfrrfv alutais abufatfg, tlr yfjealoei fsfr j ilaaif vlw.

Nlmabg kjr revvfcis qjclmxfv jcv oliifv klat tfjgajmtf. Lf rjlv, “Ct…. kfii, vbfr la tega?”

Tyron didn’t answer and only narrowed his eyes. Because of his frailty, he looked unusually pale and cold. When the fangs were factored in, he was very much like the legendary handsome and evil Vampire Duke.

Amidst the silence, he stretched out his hand to reveal his chest, the skin and blood forming a strikingly beautiful contrast. VQI8or

Victor sucked in a breath of cold air, and the handgun dipped down unconsciously.

And then, Tyron bullied him…

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All of a sudden!

His dagger flashed out and touched Victor’s artery. He spoke leisurely, “Little Lieutenant, it’s easy for you to be hurt if you’re so addicted to beauty.” Obwjs5

Victor: “……”

The Lieutenant was filled with indignation!

He was going to go offline first!

And then cut off the internet! XCoquQ

And push him down on the bed!

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And then, the Lieutenant and the assassin achieved the big HE of life!

At the end, Victor entered a deep state of meditation as he laid there on the bed. “At first, weren’t we trying out the sniper rifle?” DoNpER

Tyron replied, “I’ve basically figured out a way to deal with snipers.”

Victor reached out and weakly punched a pillow. He spoke with frustration, “How come I didn’t gain even a little bit of sniper rifle experience? Now that I think about it, after playing five matches, all I remember is the uniform roleplay…”

Tyron: “Uniform roleplay? That term is pretty good. Then, if the baton can’t be made, what about a whip?”

Victor grabbed the pillow and pressed it on his face. He was aggrieved and said, “I can’t beat you! Don’t hit me!” Us8d9Z

Tyron’s voice was muffled as he spoke from beneath the pillow, “The positions can be reversed.”

“……” Victor imagined a scene where his male god’s naked chest was covered in red marks…

Victor immediately covered his nose and said, “I can try shopping online.”

It was now the master assassin’s turn to be silent as he thought over it carefully: When exactly did his Vic start becoming this…? It0Gx1

However, he couldn’t figure out what adjectives to use to finish the sentence.

Victor slept for another half a day before finally getting up for dinner.

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Tyron had gradually begun to accumulate experience in the interstellar kitchen. He used his rare leisure time to make two egg tarts. WHyUpt

As he watched Victor curl up on the sofa, sucking in two breaths of cold air for every bite he took, his toes curled up from pleasure––

Tyron suddenly came up with an idea.

This idea came out of the blue and would never have appeared in his dictionary in the past, but it seemed to be all-pervasive once it appeared and had rooted itself deeply in his mind in a moment of carelessness. 

……  kG3lfI

The next morning, Victor woke up in a daze and asked, “Why are you going out to do morning exercises so early today…?”

“I woke up rather early,” Tyron said, “Go back to sleep.”

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Victor obediently went back to sleep and fell asleep immediately.

Tyron went out, found a breakfast shop, then opened up his terminal, and thought for a moment before inputting into the search bar: How to propose marriage. h4jq0L

A few minutes later, after looking at a certain trending topic, he narrowed down his search: A-League, marriage proposal.

Dissatisfied with the results, he continued to modify the search terms: A-League Provincial competition, marriage proposal.

He was still dissatisfied and continued to revise the terms: A-League, Champion, marriage proposal. iIRXHe

––7,410,083 search results.

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Over the past 100 provincial competitions across the six star provinces of the A-League! A total of 8 provincial competition champions proposed to their girlfriend/boyfriend on the spot during the excitement!

Out of these 8 people, all of their proposals were a success! Other than two couples who had already passed away, the remaining six were still very loving and affectionate. One pair had formed only three years ago and also planned to participate in the A-League this year!

The probability of success for these provincial competition champions was indeed quite high. CN7A4O

So much so that the netizens had created long forum threats that blessed the new couples while joking that the A-League was the cradle of model couples. It was even said that the newcomers who had been kissed while holding the championship trophy would obtain a special blessing… A wonderful sex life? Fertility? Double transmigration? Their future generations would become first in the A-League?

What kind of nonsense was this? It felt like those religious organizations with no moral integrity that were always trying to attract believers.

Tyron: “……”

The master assassin’s mouth twitched. He quickly scanned through the contents of the netizens’ strange thoughts, then continued reading on. JfRBUq

When he reached a piece of news about a provincial competition champion who knelt down in public to propose, he felt nothing at all.

But, the video continued on to show the other party’s girlfriend who came on stage. She was so moved that she cried, rubbing furiously at her tears and unable to catch her breath––

Tyron suddenly became interested.

It seemed that it would be quite amazing and exciting if Victor cried so hard. Te9CDv

On second thought, Victor was becoming more and more experienced. There weren’t many opportunities to make him cry like a little silly fool anymore––so, this was a great chance! A great opportunity!!!

For the sake of this exciting future, the master assassin was starting to look forward to the provincial competition championship.

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He even calculated it. After winning this round against the sniper, they would arrive at the provincial semi-finals. 24 people would qualify to enter the semi-finals, and after two rounds, it would be the top six. The two with insufficient points would be eliminated, and then, the top four would enter the finals––if he was lucky, from there, he would become the champion after another two games. PIXOze

1+2+2. A total of five games.

By the time they reached the finals, there would be at least 30,000 people in the actual arena, and the virtual world was expected to have a full 320 million spectators this year. There would be even more people watching the live broadcast, and there was simply no way to calculate all the viewers.

The Second Star Province was an old province with a large population. According to the statistics, it had 452 billion people. 81% indicated clearly that they would watch the National Championships, and 56% would definitely watch the provincial competition.

In other words, the birth of a champion in the provincial competition would be seen by over 200 billion people. 13f0nP

After thinking about it for a while, Tyron felt that he would be losing out a bit if so many people saw Little Vic crying––so, he quickly decided to bring a coat and wrap Little Vic up completely, then hide him in his arms and bring him away so that nobody else could see.

Perfect plan.

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Except that he hadn’t taken Victor’s schedule into account. KMVTgJ

––Victor had to return to the Third Star Province.

The bill put forward by Ms. June had been formally passed and would soon be piloted among several Star Regions in the Third Star Province. An Association of Creators would be brought together, and the association would sponsor the creation, commentary, editing, appreciation, maintenance, and so on of original works such as literature, music, and painting. It also had an important responsibility to protect the rights and interests of creators, and there was great hope that it would improve the overall spiritual level of the Third Star Province. It was said to be one of the most important actions taken in recent years.

The prototype for this association followed Vicker Company’s model. Vicker had just won hundreds of small-scale lawsuits by virtue of the previous legal precedent and had brought an entirely new energy to the Earth District.

As the founder of Vicker Company, Victor had been formally invited to participate in the founding process of the Association of Creators and had also been named Honorary Vice President. Kz2fF5

This title was an incredibly big deal. After all, governmental organizations were more reliable than any commercial company. The scale of this move was so large that it even covered half of the front page of official media in the Second Star Province.

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Vicker’s share price rose directly as a response, and even its reputation instantly spread out across the provinces due to the Second Star Province’s official media. Because of his personal family reasons, Victor wasn’t mentioned much in the media, but they still carefully described him with many rare, promising words.

However, he was the only unhappy one in this entire thing.

Because… there was nothing in the world more cruel than ‘separating a little fan from his boyfriend’s side’! yOlKCj

Two days before he had to leave, Victor still hadn’t packed.

Tyron looked at him helplessly.

Victor was wearing a western suit, looking handsome and capable–– SdUjrC

––As he clutched at the bedpost and said powerlessly, “Have Mommy move the association to the Second Star Province, alright? Or, I can pack up and bring the A-League competition to the Third Star Province…” Don’t make us separate! QAQ


Translator's Note

HE – happy ending… in this case, awesome bout of sex~

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