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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh83 - Lieutenant Victor


translator: xiin
editor: kara

At the end of the day, the master assassin was indeed very different from the secret agents of the interstellar era. Xi9CLP

One of the problems was that Tyron didn’t have a deep understanding of some of the weapons used in the interstellar era, and he didn’t have enough experience with his enemies who used them. For example––the anti-matter sniper rifle.

So, when he opened up his next opponent’s official website, he first pondered for a long time over the name of their weapon.

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Anti, matter, sniper, rifle.

He understood every word when they were split up, but the old antique could only ask the search engine for more information when they were all put together. zWOu7U

As could be seen…

Tyron’s next opponent’s ID was ‘Momo’, which was a rather cute ID, but his profession wasn’t cute at all.

He was a sniper, and not only that, he was a futuristic sniper. His best weapon was the anti-matter sniper rifle, and he would try to continue sniping even during mid-distance combat. Only when he was in close-combat would he take out his positron gun and plasma sword. LkuN2z

… Hm.

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Posi, tron, gun.

Plasma, sword.

Tyron, the old antique master assassin: “……” It’s time to call out my Vic. nt5A1S


When Victor was called in, he read over the nouns, then explained in one sentence each what antimatter, positron, and plasma were.

The old antique in front of him had an empty gaze as he memorized them and said, “I understand the theory, but what is a plasma sword?”

Victor pushed up his sleeves and sketched out a schematic of a super large plasma sword (also referred to as a ‘lightsaber’) from scratch. He drew out countless magnetic field lines with ease and explained in detail how concentrated beam weapons worked. sm0ud3

By the time he had finished speaking, the old antique was already sitting in his chair, his chin propped up on one hand and his beautiful eyes completely slack as they stared quietly at him.

Victor: “……” Was there actually something in this world that his male god couldn’t overcome?

Tyron: “……” Was there actually something more troublesome than the fire demon king in this world?

A large schematic diagram sat between the two of them as they both sat there meditatively. 07EiWj

After a while, Victor took the lead and expressed: Let’s forget about these things, and go straight to the virtual arena.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Ciatbeut Nlmabg kjrc’a nfgs ubbv klat rclqfg gloifr, tf tjv j mbwqifaf ecvfgrajcvlcu bo atf qglcmlqifr lcnbinfv. Lf kjr jirb ojwliljg klat atf ragemaegf bo uecr jcv tjv j ilaaif yla bo fzqfglfcmf. O3PKfu

Ksgbc kjr mbcoerfv jybea atlr. “Tbe’nf ifjgcfv atfrf atlcur yfobgf?”

Victor spoke in a small voice, “Boys all like guns when they’re young. I’ve touched all kinds of real guns, but it’s not easy to obtain a sniper rifle, so I’ve never tried it before. When I first learned about electromagnetism, I even tried to make a plasma cannon by hand…”

Tyron: “… And then?”

Victor: “I was spanked by Mommy until my bottom was red QAQ” 83MYwz

Tyron nodded once to express his strong agreement with Ms. June’s approach.

In order to deal with assassin cubs who would tiptoe in to steal Deep Silence and Song of Triumph, he would also turn both their buttocks red, then strip them naked and toss them into a hive.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The two of them entered the arena and opened a separate small server. qFhIri

They chose an open plain map that had nothing on it.

Victor created a starter character without changing anything and started switching out a set of equipment––

The Alliance’s officers and lieutenants often wore black as their main color, supplemented by silver trim. They looked serious and ascetic; their neckline, cuffs, and waist seams were perfectly tailored, perfectly reflecting the masculine charm of their wide shoulders and narrow waists. They had snow-white lining inside their coats, and their necktie, chest, and shoulder flaps were all covered in shining badges. A stately silver spike hung from their right shoulder to their elbow.

In addition to this standard uniform, their trousers and boots were all pure black. Their officer’s cap was trimmed in silver, with a shining Second Lieutenant’s medal hanging from it. cjrsqI

Victor wore a full set of gear and curiously pulled open his belt to pull out the small handgun that had been stuffed inside. He noticed a black folding baton (used for combat, commanding human beings, and AI subordinates), and said laughingly, “These settings are very complete, but I don’t know how to use it…”

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He looked up and saw Tyron narrowing his eyes slightly.

Victor was instantly silent: “……”

There was… a kind of feeling that he was being stared at by a fierce beast… not good. eEdHOJ

Fortunately, the master assassin who had entered working mode was very dedicated, and wouldn’t do something like sleeping with his accompanying trainer until they couldn’t get out of bed.

He instead used his sight to ‘invade’ the Second Lieutenant with his gaze from top to bottom, then gestured that he should start with shooting.

Because both sides needed to familiarize themselves with using a sniper rifle, they stood together and shot at several separate static and moving targets. eAlgyM

Victor adapted very quickly. Before long, he made an ‘OK’ gesture to indicate that they could give it a try.

In order to take care of his rookie little, the first match was still held on the endless open map. They only prepared a high-rise building with windows so that Victor could snipe down at the ground.

The two of them were five hundred meters apart, which was enough for him to fire several shots.

This distance had the highest damage and was within the most accurate range for sniper rifles. Of course, it was unlikely for them to be so far apart during a real match. It was more likely to be within 50 and 200 meters apart. urJ9n4

From five hundred meters away, Victor would use the auxiliary far-distance equipment on the sniper rifle for better aiming. However, for Tyron, who had elvish lineage, his vision was able to reach the same distance without assistance. He might lose a little precision, but he could still see the outline and could be considered a human telescope.

During the first shot at the start, Tyron stood there motionless and noticed that Victor was a bit anxious when he fired.

Sure enough, the bullet deviated by about 0.01 degrees. From a distance of 500 meters away, it added up to several meters away from Tyron. The whistling bullet ended up hitting a small sand bunker instead.

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Tyron shrugged his shoulders and began to move closer to Victor’s position. WGPeQN

At the master assassin’s speed, five hundred meters passed by in a flash. Victor only had time to fire four shots––and was still standing in place firing continuously.

Three of these shots had been accurate, but were dodged by the master assassin’s erratic movements––although Tyron was only dodging at random, it seemed that it was more than enough to deal with the inexperienced sniper.

Tyron then entered the shadow jump range and directly appeared in the shadows behind him. LKW0tb

Victor set down the sniper rifle, but he hadn’t had enough time to pull out his small handgun and continue fighting before Tyron’s dagger had already sent his tactical belt flying.

The dagger then raised his chin gently, forcing him to look up.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Victor: “……”

Tyron lifted Victor’s head just so that he could bow his own head and kiss him. He then took back his dagger and put it back in its scabbard with a flourish. lLtTeD

Victor burst out laughing and said, “I thought we were having an actual fight?”

“The Second Lieutenant has charm and good looks.” The master assassin was expressionless as he spoke, “I can’t bear to kill him and would rather take him back to be the wife of my stronghold.”

Victor picked up his baton that had been pinned to his back and slapped him on the chest, “How rude! Presumptuous!”

Tyron stretched out his finger towards the tip of the baton, laughed meaningfully, and gently pushed it back before taking a step back and disappearing into the shadows. PxdedG

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After going back to five hundred meters away, Tyron heard the Second Lieutenant broadcast loudly, “That rude man over there! You’ve been surrounded by me alone! Give up all resistance, or you’ll be shot through!”

There was nowhere to hide on this map, so Tyron stood there on the open ground and watched from far away as Victor prepared to aim––

Whiz! lY48Nc

The bullet missed because Tyron had gone invisible and dodged.

Victor’s movements were still unhurried; he switched to biological targeting––the sniper rifle had many auxiliary aiming abilities. It could be said that Victor was now the natural enemy of stealth-based assassins.

These professions actually mutually suppressed each other. In long-distance fights, a sniper could kill an assassin in two shots, but in close-combat, an assassin could easily take away the sniper’s life with only a series of combo hits.

Such characteristics meant that it was often possible to distinguish the winner and loser within the first skirmish during fights between assassins and snipers––either the sniper was able to see through the other’s invisibility and directly kill off the assassin from a distance, or the sniper would fail to seize the chance and end up allowing the assassin to get close and easily beat him to death. 650sYK

This was about sneak attacking and counter-sneak attacks or scheme and counter-scheme.

This time, the Second Lieutenant was caught once again.

There was a big difference in skill level between the two. Tyron had deliberately gone a lot slower, but Victor was still unable to see through his invisibility. e4VY3a

He reappeared in the shadows behind Victor again. This time, he controlled his arm without saying a word, turned his head around, and ‘forcefully’ kissed him once more.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Second Lieutenant pulled out his handgun in anger and pressed it against the assassin’s Adam’s apple.

Therefore, Tyron let go, took a step back, and raised both hands.

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Victor’s mouth cocked up in triumph, and the muzzle of his gun shifted slightly, aiming two shots at the buckle on his hood. 2EDMsv

The hood dropped.

The master assassin hadn’t worn a mask this time. His face was exposed, and he raised his eyebrows slightly as he looked at Victor.

The Second Lieutenant whistled, “There’s no point talking about being the wife of a stronghold. How about you consider being the wife to a Lieutenant instead?”

As soon as his voice fell, the master assassin suddenly made a move, tossing a dart at close range to shoot down his handgun. After that, he moved as quick as lightning to catch the gun in mid-air and press it back against Victor’s neck. nux4ei

Victor wasn’t satisfied, but he was already pressed against the windowsill once again.

The sniper rifle fell to the ground with a clatter.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Second Lieutenant tried to resist for a while, but it was unsuccessful and even left him gasping for breath. After that, he was flipped over, his hands tied together by his own tactical belt. rtdaBf

Tyron adjusted the muzzle of the gun, first pressing it against his left chest before sliding it up along the middle of his uniform, directly undoing the top two buttons.

The cold barrel of the gun came into direct contact with skin. Victor felt his chest go numb and couldn’t help but swallow nervously, his Adam’s apple convulsing.

Tyron suddenly chuckled and flipped the handgun, casually hanging it on the medals of his uniform. He said, “We’re even.”

Victor’s chest heaved; the handgun that was attached to it knew exactly how violent his heart was beating. vePFiw

He was suddenly unhappy with the master assassin’s dedication to work.

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Now, he was the one who wanted to toss the other man onto the bed!

What was the point in fighting? What exactly was the point?! He’d really never seen such a flirty assassin before…


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  1. Ktfs olcjiis vfmlvfv ab rajga klat jmaeji mbwyja ab ugjvejiis ojwliljglhf atfwrfinfr klat atfrf kfjqbcr.

    Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

    Ciatbeut Nlmabg kjrc’a nfgs ubbv klat rclqfg gloifr, tf tjv j mbwqifaf ecvfgrajcvlcu bo atf qglcmlqifr lcnbinfv. Lf kjr jirb ojwliljg klat atf ragemaegf bo uecr jcv tjv j ilaaif yla bo fzqfglfcmf.

    Ksgbc kjr mbcoerfv jybea atlr. “Tbe’nf ifjgcfv atfrf atlcur yfobgf?”


  2. Heh.. why do i feel that Tyron wants Vic to cosplay as Lieutenant and have a kinky roleplay.

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