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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh68 - Burning Burning Burning


translator: xiin
editor: kara

Goddess never managed to obtain a reply from ‘Odin’. There was no refusal or approval, and it became a constant pending case. AHRuVz

What was more, nobody understood: Why had this ID ‘Odin’ contestant, who had been confirmed as a god in (the Earth District of) the Second Star Province, run to the Third Star Province to play queued matches?

It was fine to play queued matches, but he immediately went and won N matches in a row, each opponent more exaggerated than the next––finally, his match points sent him to the top of the rankings in the Third Star Province!

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The points of the top three in the Third Star Province were normally as follows: 2693, 2688, 2685, and would drift up and down slightly.

In this segment, one would obtain a few points if they won, and drop by over a dozen a time if they lost. Wanting to increase their points wasn’t easy at all. bqJ7St

After winning against Goddess, who was ranked third, and the points for his winning streak were awarded, Odin climbed up to 2808 while Goddess was trampled straight down to 2669.

This was very embarrassing!

A large number of veteran contestants, famous players, and popular casual players were all competing for this matched game ranking, but suddenly, a high score that made people despair fell from the sky––if he continued to play, his score would gradually normalize, but he simply didn’t continue to play.

He only left behind a beautiful, serious legend in the Third Star Province.


On that day, only ghosts knew what those contestants, who were trying to climb up the rankings, went through.

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On that day, Little Vic also knew what Odin had gone through.

The old antique master assassin, who had cheerfully finished beating up the fire demon and was feeling a rare moment of real joy, suddenly realized something–– Sv4GO7

Wait a moment, hadn’t he decided to only fight one match? Had it already been three hours???

Tyron immediately went offline.

But it was already too late.

He saw an expressionless Vic sitting in a chair, looking at him very, very quietly. k tuJn

The two of them locked gazes and faced each other.

Tyron: “… I can explain.”

Little Vic’s expression didn’t change as he said flatly, “Male god, you’re very cute.”

Tyron: “……” kTgusp

Little Vic: “I did this kind of thing too when I was little. Did you know? If Mommy caught me sneaking onto the internet, she would lock me in between two doors and let me learn the meaning of a ‘dilemma’. She said that next time, she would clip me between two doors and hang me upside down off the balcony so that I can learn the meaning of ‘being unable to move a single step’, so I never did it again…”

Ah, the old antique master assassin suddenly felt a chill go up his spine.

Tyron coughed, and in order to recover the dignity of an elder, he said, “In fact, I encountered some unexpected things and didn’t expect time to pass by so quickly.”

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Little Vic: “I also told my mommy that when I was little. Mommy said that it was the ‘virtual reality time relativity’ invented by the StarNet.” NrRJqT

Tyron: “……” I don’t understand.

The old antique finally experienced the malice of the great interstellar era.

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Ktf wjrafg jrrjrrlc atbeuta obg j wbwfca, atfc cb ibcufg wfcalbcfv atlr qblca. Lf rwlifv ja Olaaif Nlm jcv rjlv, “P tjnf j iba bo atlcur ab ulnf sbe.” 9Fuevi

Ktlr alwf, la kjr Nlmabg’r aegc ab tjnf tlr rmjiq ub cewy. Lf jrxfv, “Qtja lr la?”

Ksgbc: “C Ebm’r ofjatfgr jcv rmjifr, atf olgf vfwbc’r tfjga.”

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Tyron went over and squatted down, smiling at Little Vic as he said, “Stretch out your hand.”

Just looking at that tilted head as Tyron tried to intentionally act cute made Victor go weak! 1Y7jQi

Fortunately, he had foresight! He was sitting in a chair––he couldn’t feel it if his legs went weak, nor could he easily be pressed up against a wall. What great foresight!

Victor hesitatingly extended his hand.

Tyron took his hand and kissed the center of his palm.

A kiss! His eyelashes also brushed over a few times, and Victor’s hand felt especially itchy! dvb4Ic

Victor nearly shivered, watching as Tyron lifted his head.

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And then, Tyron said, “That was a slip of the tongue just now. It’s not a fire demon, it’s an incubus.”

Victor: “……”

A shot straight to the heart. dkYx8F


His entire person felt weak, ah, he seemed to be flying up into the sky.

Victor couldn’t sit still at all. He reached out to wrap his arms around Tyron and couldn’t help but hug him tightly as he said, “I’m done for. My chest is numb… hurry and check to see if it’s a problem with my heart?” NBYxbn

He was like a child who was reluctant to part as he wrapped himself around Tyron’s neck and rubbed against him, acting as though he’d just been bullied.

The master assassin couldn’t handle this child’s spoiled and charming attitude and couldn’t help but pinch his face to bully him for real, “Lie down flat, and I’ll check?”

Little Vic: “???”

Tyron nibbled on his earlobe and laughed as he said, “I’ll not only check on your heart, I can also check to make sure other places are functioning normally.” pC8VOS

Victor: “……” So, so dirty! This time it definitely isn’t my thoughts that veered off. You’re definitely doing it on purpose!

Tyron: “I can perform this ‘check’ from a normal position, or I can do something unconventional. I can use my bare hands, or equipment and tools. Of course, I will also communicate with you verbally on how to cooperate…”

He looked proper, serious, and dignified.

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Victor’s face was red all the way to the base of his neck. He tugged at his collar but didn’t feel any cooler and could only say, “I can also do it! I can instruct! And check!” AIwmYL

Tyron started laughing, his chest shaking, and then, he spoke defiantly through his laughter, “Fight me for it? I’ll let you make a move first.”

Victor’s emotions suddenly surged up, temptation taking over. He really wanted to tear off the other’s clothes and put this evil male god in his place!

Suddenly, someone else’s voice came faintly from the doorway: 8vwMsk

“I can also perform checks.”

Victor: “……”

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The person who’d spoken was the family doctor.

He came in through the door and spoke expressionlessly, “Mister Victor, ten minutes ago, you told me to come here immediately to check on Mister Odin. You also said that he’d stayed in the virtual world for three hours, and you were very worried about him––I thought that it was a very serious situation and rushed over by car.” kwIt6z

Victor was like a student who’d been caught cheating by a teacher. He immediately stood up straight, his face still red, “… So-sorry, doctor! W-w-w-w-we were just playing around!”

The doctor gave him a dead fish eyes look and said coolly, “Lie down. Who needs to be checked over?”

Victor: “……”

Tyron was amused and stood up, placing his hand on Victor’s shoulder as he said to the doctor, “Alright. Do a cardiovascular examination.” Oin5aP

Tyron’s inner thoughts: I’m the only one who can tease Little Vic.

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The family doctor had been called over by Victor out of the blue and had run over only to be abused like a dog, leaving his heart full of grief.

After performing a routine examination, he took a little blood and recorded everything down before saying, “There’s no problems from surfing the internet just now. Your nervous system is very healthy, but I can see that your arm muscles are a little overworked. Have you done any vigorous exercise in the past two days?” MKeuXy

Tyron said, “Once or twice in the morning.” Using flash to warm up.

Doctor: “……” Morning? Vigorous exercise?

The doctor’s anger increased by another level!

He spoke gravely, “You young people don’t understand restraint at all! What will you do when you’re no longer young in the future? You’re so focused on being mischievous right now, but what if something happens? Are you going to ignore your future ‘happiness’?!” 7NdnQy

Victor understood instantly!

Tyron was still thinking about ‘flash’, and so, when he heard this, he replied, “Is that not allowed? I also wanted to teach him. Last time, he didn’t learn it all, and his feet were in the wrong position, I always felt rather regretful…”

Victor’s entire face was red. He stretched out his hand to clutch at Tyron’s coat so that he would quickly stop talking. Victor stammered as he tried to explain, “It’s n-n-n-n-n-not like that, doctor… listen to me explain!”

Doctor: “……” gqpJPm

The doctor was expressionless as he pulled out his cell phone.

Passionate music rang out from the phone, “Burning, burning, burning, burning––burn––!!”

Once again, Victor understood instantly, “……”

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The old antique Tyron, who didn’t understand memes: “???” UoZ7bj

Doctor: “Sorry, my hand slipped.”

The family doctor was so battered and heart-sore that he closed his doctor’s case with a loud bang and walked out like a robot.

Victor was still sitting in his chair and spoke in a daze, “I keep feeling like I’ve done something bad and wronged him a lot…” d YXGj

Tyron was still smiling as he bowed his head to kiss him, “I forgot just now. I have something to talk to him about, wait a moment.”

Victor nodded and watched as Tyron went out.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After a while, Victor finally came back to his senses: Was the matter of him sneaking online finished just like this?! No way!

Victor called out to the AI housekeeper, Athena, and said, “Athena! Come out and adjust the permissions!” Ecvylu

Athena: “Yes, master.”

Victor: “In the future, when I’m away, Mister Odin is strictly prohibited from going online. Every time he tries, you must record it and inform me!”

Athena: “Yes, master, heeheeheehee…”

Victor: “What are you laughing about?” RHT5Ou

Athena: “Mister Odin kissed you just now. It’s like you’ve licked the icing and are now tossing back an empty shell…”

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Victor: ╭(╯^╰)╮ Who asked you to talk?!


On the other side, Tyron chased after the family doctor. A6uFid

The two of them met at the door.

As soon as the doctor saw that it was Tyron, his eyes turned back into dead fish eyes. “What else can I do for you, Mister Odin?”

Tyron began, “It was inconvenient to talk about it just now, but regarding the Phoenix Empire’s law for the consciousness projection operation, does it say that you can apply for a new citizenship?”

The doctor replied, “There are laws, but they only apply for citizens of the Phoenix Empire. If you start going through the immigration formalities now, it will require three full months before you can apply…” zRCGeW

Tyron meditated for a while.

Unexpectedly, the doctor continued, “It seems that you don’t know what Victor has been up to over the past week?”

Tyron raised his eyebrows, “Indeed. He’s been hiding from me.”

The doctor said, “Oh, he’s probably shy. It’s like this, there’s a foundation that provides free funding for consciousness projection operation for terminally ill patients. Victor has just injected a sum of money into the foundation under his personal name in order to expand their scope. Their foundation is now becoming well-known online and is calling on the parliament to consider following the example of the Phoenix Empire and try out a ‘New Citizens Act’ within the Chaoyang Alliance.” KOycQM

Tyron paused for a moment, then said, “He’s doing this for…”

The doctor said, “In order to give you the freedom to choose between joining the Phoenix Empire or staying in the Chaoyang Alliance.”

Tyron heard this and said, “I see. Thank you.”

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After the doctor left, Tyron stood at the door and sighed helplessly before smiling and going back to have dinner with Victor.

The most convenient way to apply for citizenship in the Phoenix Empire was… to get married.

Victor seemed to have noticed that he had no plans to get married in the short term.

However, Victor probably didn’t realize that Tyron hadn’t planned on getting married in the short term because he didn’t want him to think that the proposal was for the sake of obtaining citizenship in the Phoenix Empire. jC0lKZ

It had nothing to do with that at all.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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    • Let’s be honest, as readers we have zero defense against his charm and we are just readers!!! We don’t see that awesome face of his and we are rolling around with every smooth line that comes out (I am taking notes here, I refuse to believe I’ll stay single if I can learn 1% of this God skills) uhm so Victor has no chance!!