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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh69 - The Little Train Is Here…


translator: xiin
editor: kara

the majority of this chapter is NSFW (in the sexy way)~ :blob0w0: don’t say i didn’t warn you!

By the end of this month, the provincial level competitions for the Chaoyang Alliance A-League would begin.

Of course, Odin had also received an e-mail regarding the competition from the Second Star Province, so it was now time to finish his recuperation and vacation and return to the Second Star Province in order to participate in the provincial competition.

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The provincial and district competitions differed in one way, which was that for the provincial competition, it was required for the contestants to physically be at the official location in the real world. This was not because the provincial competition was putting on airs but rather because the contestants in the provincial competitions came from different star districts and the physical distances involved were very large, making it likely that network delay and instability would occur.

Conventional communication methods were unable to exceed the speed of light, so if the contestants from two opposing districts of a Star Province played against each other, the delay could be counted in years… Of course, it was impossible to compete under such conditions. L3cawi

Using ultra-light speed communication was expensive, and long-term stability couldn’t be guaranteed. The military also expropriated the civilian communication channels often, especially when the situation was urgent. Although many people had protested against this, it hadn’t had much effect.

Therefore, other than some special cases or certain pre-approved players, all other contestants were told to report to the Second Star Province’s A-League official competition planet.

The competition planet for the Second Star Province had originally had an official name, but as everyone only called it the ‘provincial competition star’, its name was gradually forgotten as time went by.

The provincial competition star wasn’t very big. Its diameter was about 60% smaller than Earth, and it had been artificially terraformed. 60% of the planet was ocean, and there were five artificial islands that were used for each sub-group of the provincial competition. QGpFfT

A platform in the sea dedicated to the finals was set up in the middle of the five islands.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Second Star Province was a large star province. It included a total of fifteen star districts including the Earth District. Each sub-group consisted of three districts and were split into A, B, C, D, E sub-groups. An elimination system was used to determine promotion within the sub-group.

In other words, there were five sub-groups in the provincial competition, each covering three districts. Every district had five spots in the competition, adding up to a total of 75 competitors within the entire provincial competition.

Elimination in the sub-group was based on the BO3 system, and the four remaining contestants from each sub-group would enter the semi-finals. Generally, there would be 24 contestants in the semi-finals (after counting the contestants from the losers revival bracket), and they would continue to use the BO3 system to determine the top eight. The top eight would enter the finals, which used a point system and would be explained in detail later on. eONdtM

The five participants for the provincial competition from the Earth District had already been announced. Other than Odin, two of the remaining four contestants were previous district champions, and the other two were contestants who had suffered defeat during the previous national competition and returned to compete in the provincials.

Other than these five participants, the A-League officials of the Earth District had also sent a team of staff to follow the players. This included: a coach, two competition advisors, a dietitian, a tour guide, a translator… and so on.

Of course, with the exception of Odin, each of the other four contestants also had a personal coach.

The coach who had been assigned by the officials had been rubbing his hands together in glee, thinking that he would have a chance to come into contact with the legendary War God Odin. t4YT7v

… However, it was fruitless. It had already been a month since he’d prepared dozens of autograph papers, but he hadn’t seen a trace of the person at all!

In fact, this was very normal. After all, the coach didn’t know that Tyron was recovering in the Third Star Province after undergoing surgery.

When the opening ceremony for the provincial competition was about to begin, the doctor finally informed the two of them that the observation was over. The new body was in very good condition, so the ban was officially lifted, and he could now try to exercise his muscles!

Tyron finally packed up and took off with Victor to return to the Second Star Province. DFaoeE

This trip was different from how they’d left. They returned on a private spaceship and didn’t rush by traveling at ultra-light speeds. They instead travelled like they were on their way to sightseeing in the Second Star Province.

Originally, the two of them had been very low-key and hadn’t had any requirements for the spaceship.

However, Victor was still the Second Star Province’s Deputy (provincial level) Governor’s son. He’d been caught on camera by the reporters as they left, and the news had entered the tabloids. After that, the owner of the spaceship they’d rented realized Victor’s identity and replaced their original transport with a super-luxury commercially-manned spaceship as an apology for ‘not doing a good job with confidentiality’.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The ship covered an area of seven square kilometers, equivalent to an entire West Lake. Additionally, artificial hot springs were also installed in the ship. LAqdE0

After seeing the brief introduction stating that mineral hot springs were good for the body, Victor agreed.

And then, they went to take a dip in the hot springs together.

Like most interstellar people, Victor had plenty of theoretical life experience but was lacking in actual combat experience.

The most fatal point was that he was shy, very shy. xldCZH

This led to Tyron particularly enjoying teasing him, mischievously slowing down the pace and kissing his collarbone while asking intentionally, “Can I continue touching?”

Victor: “……”

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Tyrone: “Can I kiss you wherever I like?”

Victor: What are you asking for!!! Why are you asking!!! You’re saying it like I can actually disagree!!! gStVuM

Tyron chuckled as he opened up the lubricant, placing some on his palm before stroking Victor’s naked chest and smoothing it out.

Then, he pinched one of Victor’s nipples, rubbing his lubricant-coated index finger around it in circles before quickly flicking back and forth with his fingernail.

It was a very novel feeling. Victor couldn’t resist calling out abruptly, his arms wrapping around Tyron’s neck. He couldn’t help but say, “Don’t tease, okay…”

He was about to burn up from shyness. PQA0h1

“You need to relax a bit.” Tyron spoke as he continued to slowly play with his inexperienced lover. His other hand stroked over the back of Victor’s shoulder, pressing him to lie face-to-face against his own shoulder.

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Victor felt Tyron’s hand caressing back and forth across his back like he was admiring something, unwilling to skip over any part of it.

He gritted his teeth and bowed his head, landing several chaotic kisses on Tyron’s neck.

Tyron was tickled by his kisses, finally turning over to press him down on the bed. He smiled as he said, “Stop messing around and lie there properly. Child, it’s your first time. I can teach you a little more.” v ilkA

As he spoke, his index finger that was still stained with lubricant slid gently from Victor’s chin to his Adam’s apple before sliding down his chest, finally making its way slowly across his abdomen and drawing small circles to tease ‘little Victor’.

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At that moment, Victor couldn’t control his trembling. His eyes were closed tight, his eyelashes quivering bashfully.

Ksgbc mjgfrrfv tlr vfrlgf ribkis, xlrrlcu tlr fsfijrtfr, jcv ktlrqfgfv, “Efijz, mbcmfcagjaf bc atf rfcrjalbcr, jcv vbc’a obmer bc yflcu afcrf.”

Ktfc, tf gfjmtfv bea jcv qjaafv Nlmabg bc atf yeaabmxr. 5C4d2v

Nlmabg’r yeaabmxr alutafcfv lwwfvljafis lc gfrqbcrf.

Ksgbc kjr ifoa tfiqifrr jcv mbeiv bcis ibkfg tlr tfjv ab xlrr Nlmabg bc atf ilqr.

That kind of kiss was different from all the other times in the past!

It was hot, unrestrained, and not gentle at all. It was as though Tyron wanted to take over everything in Victor’s mouth and suck out his soul! lvM9dX

Kissing alone suddenly made him feel pleasure that made his scalp tingle. A burst of excitement rose up in his chest, and he reached out to wrap himself around Tyron’s neck.

Even when he felt slightly suffocated, Tyron still refused to let him go.

Tyron kissed him until his entire body tingled and he could no longer move while Tyron’s hand became more vigorous, hot as it stroked and kneaded his sex, using just the right amount of lubrication to make his movements more flexible and effective.

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Victor only felt a burning pleasure coming from that place, sending every inch of his nerves trembling as sensation rushed to all four limbs; he couldn’t help but tense up his waist, instinctively wanting to twist it. C aVq8

He wanted to open his mouth to gasp, but he was still being kissed.

Amidst this near-suffocating experience, layer upon layer of pleasure numbed his nerves, and Victor suddenly struggled slightly.

Tyron’s hand gently removed itself from the front of his arousal, his thumb rubbing gently against the sensitive slit and making Victor groan a little uncontrollably; Tyron even purposely mixed the pre-cum that had seeped out with the lubricant, his strokes alternating between quick and slow. When Victor was so aroused that his body curved slightly in pleasure, Tyron would deliberately move his hand to the valley beneath and wait for him to cool down before beginning to toy with him once again.

This skill had already exceeded Victor’s expectations. He struggled slightly, unable to bear any more, and finally broke away from the kiss that set him on fire, gasping for breath. 19VZAq

By this time, he could already hear the sounds of stickiness along with his own incredibly erotic gasps.

Tyron bowed his head to lick his ear, laughing in a low voice as he said, “Bear with it.”

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Then, Tyron separated his legs, lifted two fingers, and used the lubricant on his hand to gently rub against his back hole, finally pushing his way in and exploring slowly.

“Wu…” YQ6TKu

Victor couldn’t help but moan quietly. His body writhed from the sensations, but his waist was already helplessly soft from Tyron’s previous caresses, and he couldn’t put up any decent semblance of resistance.

Tyron was both patient and skillful as he tried to stretch him, soon managing to relax him a little, allowing his two fingers to smoothly enter and withdraw from the warm passage.

Instead of rushing to continue stretching him, Tyron slowly penetrated and pulled back, letting him get accustomed to the dull pain and feeling of fullness inside him.

At the same time, Tyron’s fingertips twisted flexibly and soon found a spot that made Victor shudder. xCy5XS


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This time, Victor instinctively let out a whimper, his entire body shuddering suddenly. He clutched at Tyron’s powerful arm with one hand and cried out in a low voice, “Slow, slow down… I… I can’t stand it…”

Tyron lowered his head and kissed him, sucking his tongue and teasing him playfully for a moment.

But his hands refused to stop, a third finger probing in to see how well-stretched he was even as the finger that was already pressed against his prostate stroked gently. x1TubB

“Don’t… ah… don’t keep… mm…”

Victor began to wail, his legs trying to press together in vain, his belly tense, his hard member that was swollen from desire squeezing out a few drops of sticky liquid.

His hand reached down vaguely to clutch at Tyron’s mischievous hand as though wanting to stop him from continuing, but he couldn’t muster up the strength.

Tyron used his other hand to grab at his wrist, pressing it back down over Victor’s head, and said, “Relax.” uXQpG

Even as he spoke tenderly, Tyron pressed three fingers in deep, mimicking the rhythm of sex before stopping deliberately at that sensitive spot and cruelly curving his fingers.

“Aaahh!!! … Hah… ah!…”

Victor’s entire body jerked almost immediately, the strong pleasure making him want to come right away. He couldn’t hold back his moans, the muscles of his thighs spasming slightly, caught up in extreme pleasure and lust.

However, because he was lacking that tiny bit of stimulation from having his organ stroked, by the time Tyron’s fingers withdrew, he was still stuck in that powerful, full, and intense pleasure. Es8XGy

If he was given any additional stimulation at this time, even just a light touch on his arousal, he would definitely be able to shoot…

Tyron didn’t allow him to come like this and even pressed down on his wrists, letting him writhe impatiently until his entire body was filled with desire, endlessly and restlessly shifting.

Then, Tyron gently raised his hips and slowly inserted his own arousal.

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Victor whimpered quietly, his passage contracting from the sudden contact with Tyron’s burning manhood. 9gTdH4

He was too tense, making it difficult for Tyron to even enter.

Tyron rubbed back and forth against his entrance for a moment before finally squeezing in with the help of the lubricant. He wasn’t in a hurry, and it took him a long time to slowly insert himself completely.

In the process, Victor was already making slight gasping sounds, crying out intermittently, “No, no… ah… wait!”

“Yes.” g3c0 D

Tyron slowly inserted himself fully, and because he felt the passage timidly tightening around himself, he narrowed his eyes and bowed his head to bite Victor’s collarbone before moving down to gently nibble at the red beans on his chest, saying, “Relax, I don’t want to hurt you.” 

He reached for Victor’s manhood and discovered that his body actually seemed to enjoy a little pain, because ‘little Victor’ was still very excited and seeping a little liquid.

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As soon as Tyron reached out to stroke it, it instantly twitched excitedly against his hand, and its master also began to gasp impatiently. His warm back hole contracted as though wanting to swallow and suck.

Tyron grazed his little fangs against a nipple, turning it pitifully red before whispering quietly to Victor, “Bad boy.” ekg1as


Victor took a sharp breath, his body bowing slightly, but he was wrapped up in Tyron’s embrace––

Tyron started to pump his hips, pressing up against the deepest point.

Victor was still not used to the full feeling of being invaded. He felt as though a fiery object was pushing and pulling out of him; the cruel tool of torture seemed to squeeze into the deepest part of his body. Every time, it seemed to want to push against the resistance of his internal organs and even grinded against him twice in dissatisfaction before pulling away again. wOy5Rl

“Slow… ah! … Slower… I…” Victor trembled, his sentences were broken apart, and he soon fell completely into a state of confused lust, whimpering and losing his words.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron wasn’t anxious. He hugged Victor and lifted up one of his legs so that Victor changed positions from lying on his back to lying on his side and made it easier for Tyron to push himself in deeper.

This position made Victor feel even more. He whimpered as he gasped for breath, clutching the bed sheets tightly with one hand, his back arching slightly from tension.

Tyron licked at this hollow and bit down gently on Victor’s back. RAGE5K

––Like a wild beast holding onto his prey.

Then, all of a sudden, Tyron began to thrust fiercely.

Victor hadn’t yet recovered from his previous gentleness and thus immediately lost his mind from the powerful thrusts. A strong, terrible wave of pleasure suddenly rose up from his tailbone, almost drowning him in arousal.

Tyron pulled out completely, then pushed in fully, and the sound of liquid coming out of the passage was sticky and loud. 1VmuLF

He was also able to hit Victor’s most sensitive spot with great skill. This incredible stimulation felt totally different from that of fingers. It was fiercer and more violent, and it seemed to drive Victor to the peak every time…

“Ah… Ah…”

Victor gasped intermittently in time with Tyron’s movements. He arched instinctively, his manhood already so hard it couldn’t possibly be harder, a trickle of liquid coming out of the top and sticking to the sheets.

He struggled to move his hand to touch his sexual organ, all the thoughts in his mind focused on coming. He couldn’t focus on anything else, and if he couldn’t touch himself to let it out, he would soon explode… uHpIbe

However, Tyron pressed down on his wrists and deliberately ignored his front end’s desire to come.

The rapid and fierce pumping lasted for an unknown amount of time. Victor was already no longer able to hold back and was letting out sobbing gasps as he whispered, “I, can’t anymore… ah… wah! … let me come…”

Tyron hummed under his breath, the slight gasping turning his voice even more magnetic, but he then followed with, “Don’t be in such a hurry.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He continued to prevent Victor from touching his sex as he propped Victor up and arranged him to sit down on himself. eMLZXT

Victor’s eyes were unfocused as he leaned on Victor’s shoulder and gasped, “Ah! …Too, too deep… uh… mm….”

Tyron held his hands behind him, kissing him on the cheek in a comforting gesture before saying, “Move and give it a try.”

Victor’s thighs trembled as he slowly sat up bit by bit, but he soon sat back down again, exhausted, his voice choked as he pleaded quietly for mercy, “I really can’t…”

In order to please Tyron, he began to kiss him indiscriminately again. His arousal was sandwiched between their bodies, quivering as abundant liquid leaked out from it. MKmSPI

Tyron held him up by his waist and slowly inserted himself several times in this position that allowed him to enter the deepest place.

Every time he pushed in, he could see Victor’s sex follow suit and leak out a little liquid. Very soon, it became wet, messy, and extremely pitiful.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron reached a hand out and gently pinched the head.

Victor shivered and arched instinctively, his head resting on Tyron’s shoulder as he gasped for breath, “Ah… ha…” TUh 2A

Tyron was only thinking about it and didn’t let him taste any sweetness. He only said rather helplessly, “You’re too weak physically. What if you can’t bear it a second time? It’s better to endure for now.”

He reached out and flicked the little fellow, causing Victor to abruptly raise his head and suck in a large breath of air. “I… ah… make me… even messier… a bit… wu… you can… thrust until I come…”

Tyron laughed deeply and said, “We’ll try it.”

Victor’s eyes gradually filled with tears, but he didn’t feel it at all. All of his senses seemed to be focused on the place where he was connected with Tyron. zdfBXa

That kind of satisfaction, even if it was sour and full, made a person feel enough pleasure to go mad.

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“Hurry… hurry up…” He began to plead.

Tyron was like an experienced hunter. After teasing him to the limit, he refused to give him any relief, hanging him on the peak and hovering there until every inch of his nerves seemed to slowly learn how to feel this ultimate pleasure.

Such pleasure had already transcended all of Victor’s previous experiences and seemed to constantly squeeze the limits of his tolerance for pleasure, but it still wasn’t enough for him to learn how to reach a climax using his back hole for the first time. lBYWZx

This kind of feeling of being in the midst of an erotic hell, of being at the door but unable to enter, made Victor cry out dejectedly. Every time he grew overly excited, the inside of his body would tense up completely but after a brief period of getting lost in his senses, he would fall back to his previous helplessness.

After going back and forth several times, Victor’s mind was already in a mess. He groaned tearfully, “Ah… I can’t anymore.. I…”

Tyron knew what condition he was in and slowed down slightly, bringing him to the edge of the bed before sitting down again. Because he never pulled out during the whole process, Victor was stimulated several more times from the movements.

At this time, Victor was finally able to gasp for breath and feebly lean his head back onto Tyron’s shoulder. He cried out in a hoarse voice, “How can this feel so pleasurable…” WFb05g

Tyron picked up the nutrient solution from the table and fed Victor a little bit of it, mouth-to-mouth.

Victor’s tongue was a little swollen after having been sucked on so many times. When he swallowed, a little bit of the nutrient solution leaked out from the corner of his lips and slid down his sweaty neck to his abdomen.

“You’re too tight.” Tyron bit his earlobe and slowly rubbed his small fangs over it, then said, “Don’t keep tensing up, relax.”

He began to move again slowly, gently, leading Victor, who was sitting on top of him, to move up and down rhythmically. R6oSKU

“Mm… ah…” Victor began to gasp again, his stomach and buttocks taut with a desperate desire for more intense stimulation, his movements eager and chaotic.

Tyron reached out and slapped him twice on his rear, “You’re such a bad boy, eating so anxiously.”

He circled both hands to Victor’s front, one hand entering Victor’s mouth to occasionally pinch his tongue or play around in his mouth that was still panting for air; the other hand was on Victor’s chest, pinching his hardened nipples and carefully tugging on them.

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Then, Tyron’s tongue pressed against Victor’s right ear and messed up his hearing. 1y9jRx

Victor gasped uncontrollably, groping helplessly behind him as though wanting to break free from this terrible sense of invasion.

However, Tyron’s movements were precise and steady, and Victor’s body soon turned soft. He felt that every sensitive part of his body was under attack, the pleasure not only overwhelming every part of his body but also becoming more and more violent and intolerable with the fixed rhythm, making all of his senses yearn for and expect each and every stimulus.

Tyron said, “Yes, that’s right, good boy.”

Victor moaned unconsciously, his waist gradually swinging with the rhythm, his back passage clenching and twisting with each deep thrust, praying for the next wild wave of pleasure to arrive. 9GXrqD

He gradually learned to cooperate skillfully with Tyron’s movements, making Tyron’s pumping action smoother, allowing him to reach that sensitive place more accurately, and letting the pleasure take over his body and mind once again.

Tyron knew that Victor had figured it out and then began to concentrate on trying to achieve the goal.

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First, he opened up the closet door that faced them, allowing the mirror to reflect their two figures, then deliberately forced Victor to cry out loud.

Tyron picked him up to stand in front of the mirror, grabbing his hands and telling him to hold on carefully. LfSdi

Victor opened his eyes and saw that he was standing naked in front of the mirror, his body red all over and his arousal, which had been hard for a long time, still leaking that sticky liquid. The root of his thighs were red, and there were trails of liquid streaking down the inside of his legs all the way to his knees––that itchy sense of shame made his knees go soft, and he almost knelt down.

Tyron held him up, then picked up one of his legs and forced him to widen his stance, revealing what was happening to his backside in the mirror.

Victor shuddered and cried out in a whisper, “Don’t… ah! … Uwahh…”

Tyron’s movements were quick and fierce. He thrust in all the way, unapologetically bumping over his sensitive point and staying there almost cruelly before shifting angles, using the hardest part of himself to poke at the spot again. a1Bj0U

Victor’s muscles were tense; his neck tilted back instinctively; his hands clutched at the edges of the mirror as he cried, “No… wah… please… ah! Ha…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron’s hot breath sprayed over his neck, and he reached for Victor’s right hand, forcing him to feel the hole in his lower body.

Victor’s eyes were red. He bowed his head, looking down, and was able to experience, both visually and physically, that he was being penetrated deeply. Shame and pleasure made him feel hot all over, and his moans changed with the beginning of his collapse.

Victor gasped for breath, the powerful feeling of coming starting from the back of his body and causing his arousal at the front to twitch endlessly. Even though he didn’t often brush up against the mirror, he still managed to smear liquid all over the cold glass. GBxNmK

Even this kind of stimulation left him so sensitive that he trembled all over. He wailed, “I… please, begging you… ahh! … I want to come… I… ah….”

Tyron’s voice was deep and low, “Just a little more thrusting until you come, hm?”

He reached around Victor’s narrow waist and flipped him over so that the mirror was pressed up against his back.

Then, he practically picked Victor up completely. CmtTfI

Victor’s back was against the mirror, his legs unable to touch the ground, and his entire body weight was pressed down on that unbearably vulnerable part. He was almost forced to tears under the impact.

He wrapped himself around Tyron’s neck and felt himself being kissed again amidst the chaos. The kiss was beyond his imagination, sucking away all his oxygen, his thoughts, and his soul.

Victor let out a sticky groan and writhed instinctively in Tyron’s arms.

Tyron continued to thrust fiercely into him, holding onto his waist as the kiss continued. Qw0K1Z

The rapid and continuous fiery pleasure took full control of Victor’s mind in an instant.

“Mm… mm!! ….Mm!!”

Too much pleasure, too much lust. It seemed that he would be able to reach the peak right away every time he was entered…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Amidst this suffocation, Victor was wrecked and thought to himself, No more, I’m really going to come, I’m going to die… ahhhhhh! UkZjy7

Tyron once again pressed up against his sensitive point and viciously thrusted up.

In that instant, Victor flailed suddenly and then immediately lost all his strength.

His vision was white, the strong stimulation making his back hole tighten and spasm, and then, the pleasure of coming rode through him like a storm. His unfocused eyes shed tears continuously, and even his cries had turned soundless.

Tyron held him up by his hips and continued to thrust gently. JyOFnx

A streak of thick semen came out of Victor’s front end with every thrust, the bell-shaped head throbbing slightly, and he was immersed in his climax for a full several minutes.

Tyron slowly exhaled a hot mouthful of air, reaching his own climax and shooting inside Victor’s body on his last thrust.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Victor leaned back against the mirror, finally able to let out a choked, low cry. His abdomen heaved rapidly for a moment, and a trail of thin liquid slowly flowed down.

Tyron picked him up and went back to the bed. He kissed his flushed neck and asked, “Are you alright?” ZAXSie

Victor leaned against him, his thighs still spasming slightly, and whispered, haltingly, “I, I’m… dead… dead from pleasure.”

this was actually slotted in as two releases (weds jan 8 & sunday jan 12) but i couldn’t figure a good place to split the chapter and break the flow of the *cough* activities, so the entire chapter was put together into one release. this means that you probably won’t get another release this week, but i’m sure you’re all too busy wallowing in Tyron & Vic to notice, right? >///<

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