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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh67 - Daddy Gained A Fan?


translator: xiin
editor: kara

If the master assassin’s previous melee fight against the fire demon showed everyone the ultimate limits of human agility and dexterity, then the attacks he continuously landed on the fire demon afterwards as he chased after it showed everyone exactly what a combo was! SwjFgX

In the past, when these audiences were asked the question ‘what is a combo’, they would have offered many differing opinions. Perhaps they would have referenced the close-combat ‘windmill combo’, or the ‘magic chain’ and ‘multi-shot’ of ranged combat, or perhaps they would have used famous contestants from the Third Star Province to give examples…

But now?

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When this question was asked again, someone would probably speak up and say, “Fellow student, have you heard of Odin? Have you ever seen the assassin who chased after a fire demon and hit hit hit hit hit it the whole time? Goddamn, he only spent one minute chasing after and killing a fire demon! A Balrog fire demon!! ––The fire demon whose level of difficulty is the same as that of an adult dragon! .. What? How many people? You think that he did it with a group? No, he did it alone!!!”


To tell the truth, it was thanks to Goddess that the fire demon could be chased and killed.

Because when that fire demon discovered that it was unable to land a hit on the agile human with wings, it chose to vent its anger on the Emperor of Europe instead!

Goddess, who was being chased, used a card to run like crazy. However, due to the card’s characteristics (the closer one was to the enemy, the faster they move), the distance between him and the fire demon was sometimes close, sometimes far.

After pulling some distance away, Goddess would run slower and slower; when the fire demon came near, Goddess would suddenly pick up speed and shoot ahead, running even faster than a rabbit.


When the fire demon’s flame whip flicked forward to wrap itself around Goddess, he would jump up in place! Borrowing the power of inertia to continue moving forward, he would turn his head back 180 degrees––

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


Indeed, another golden 0.3 seconds of invincibility, which was just long enough to resist the attack.

This kind of hanging on with one’s last breath of life continued on forever, and Goddess wanted to cry but had no tears as he continued to live on. 9 hNtv

His survival allowed Odin, who was also behind him, to focus on nothing but dealing damage––and kill the fire demon before the Roc transformed and submerged into the sea.

… If they were even a few seconds late and the Roc entered the water, the magical flames on the fire demon wouldn’t be extinguished and would weaken instead. However, when that high temperature was submerged in water, it would create a huge steam explosion!!

Nobody knew what would happen to the Roc once the explosion happened, but the two players closest to the explosion would find it very difficult to survive.


The master assassin wouldn’t allow this terrible explosion to happen.

When he realized that the Roc was intending to enter the water, he didn’t hesitate in taking a risk and landing on the fire demon’s head, effectively seizing a fleeting opportunity.

He crossed his two blades, thrust them under the fire demon’s right horn, and flapped his wings––

He pulled out the fire demon’s horn! dCtynp

The demon’s blood continued to burn everything it touched, leaving Tyron with less than half of his health left, but he seemed to not feel it at all as he grabbed the fierce, curved horn and stabbed it into the fire demon’s empty eye-socket from mid-air.

The damage from this attack was much greater than the damage inflicted by the short sword and dagger.

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The fire demon’s roar was almost deafening. It turned back to launch a last, desperate attack!

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In that instant, both he and Odin were standing in a row, right within the fire demon’s attack range.

And then, the fire demon’s huge beheading sword swung towards them at the same time! yCjDUF

Goddess didn’t even have time to call out ‘daddy’ and instinctively used a ‘draw’!

The golden light flared up, and he actually managed to block the fire demon’s attack in the face of extreme danger.

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Goddess himself hadn’t even come back to his senses when he suddenly felt something heavy pressing his shoulder down!

It was Odin, who’d stepped onto his shoulder and used it as leverage to leap up. At the same time, his wings shook out, sending his entire body straight towards the fire demon’s face like a falling meteor–– Hf4utr

Once again, another fierce attack on the fire demon’s right eye!

The two cold blades were like a predator’s fangs as they stabbed ferociously into the fire demon’s eye socket and slashed––

Brutally taking away the fire demon’s remaining bit of health!


The fire demon let out a world-shattering roar before turning into a ball of flame that fell off the Roc’s back.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The huge steam explosion that burst out from the bottom of the sea sent Goddess, who had just been used as a stepping block, tumbling on the Roc’s back. He rolled twice and was still confused as he crawled back up.

Goddess: WTF happened just now?? The fire demon was dead?!!!

While he was still in the midst of confusion, he suddenly discovered that the wings behind Odin had disappeared, and he had landed lightly in front of him. Vbh9Bj

One of the players had just been chased while the other was attacking, and it had been incomparably tense. It seemed that they only just now remembered that this was a match between the two of them.

Tyron who had just gotten some satisfying action (entertainment) was in a relatively good mood as he held his dagger in a reverse grip and went up to Goddess.

And the Goddess’s expression changed instantly, going from ‘Heavens, I’ve just escaped a disaster’ to ‘No! Daddy, I’m about to die again QAQ’.

Then, Goddess, who still remembered the fear of being dominated by the fire demon and was now facing the master assassin who had just chased and killed that same fire demon, said, “Daddy, are you coming to kill me again? QAQ” kGZ6t9

Tyron: “……”

Tyron could be considered to have participated in quite a few matches, but this was really the first time he’d seen anyone call out ‘Daddy’.

He didn’t know that Goddess’s public screen was already filled with people who had laughed themselves silly:

“There it is! Goddess’s ‘daddy tactics’!” yASDs9

“Ever since Goddess hit the top twenty in the Star Province, he hasn’t called anyone ‘Daddy’ anymore! I feel like I’ve just revisited the ‘Daddy just hit me ten times again’ version of a domestic violence TV series!”

“Hahahaha, everyone who has been called ‘Daddy’ by Goddess will have half of their luck sucked away by him––the secret to Goddess becoming the Emperor of Europe is just that simple! Forward it to over ten groups, and then, check out your avatar!”

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The master assassin really hesitated for a moment: the opponent even called out ‘Daddy’! Was there a hidden rule in the interstellar arena that meant that he couldn’t act too harshly? tdEghi

Seeing that he’d hesitated, Goddess immediately took advantage. He climbed back up and tentatively stretched out a hand, “Hold hands and take a photo, Daddy?”

Tyron: “……”

The assassin had no words and refused to care for such a big ‘son’. His two blades moved, and he chopped Goddess to death.

Everyone: “Heeheeheee Daddy killed off his mentally retarded son! Good job!” 4tPkmR


The match ended, and Odin had won again.

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After the match, both men were sent straight out of the arena.

Goddess quickly sent Odin a friend request. As his friends list was already full, he had to specifically delete someone else before he could add him. n4y3pS

However, Odin didn’t accept the request.

At this time, his audience were still discussing amongst themselves:

“No way, does Goddess really want to play with him? How come I feel that Goddess directly knelt down and acknowledged him as his daddy after they finished off a fire demon…”

“Has anyone discovered this Odin’s real identity yet?!! Quickly, tell me who he is!! I’ve already become his fan within ten seconds of the start of the match!!” c3pnq6

“Nobody’s found out anything yet? This person isn’t from our province. He seems to be a contestant from the Second Star Province, who is about to participate in the provincials! Check out the Second Star Province’s A-League official website!!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Goddess was also intrigued and hurried off to the Second Star Province’s official website. He really did end up finding a mysterious assassin with the ID ‘Odin’ under the ‘Contestants from the Earth District’ individual competition list.

He clicked onto Odin’s official page and was met with densely packed information. biDeHj

The most important items were the double championships for the individual and team competitions as well as the glorious achievement: ‘Killing Ten With One’.

Goddess said, “Geez! This man was confirmed as a God in the Earth District!”

The audience said: “Goddess, don’t feel inferior, you are also a ‘Goddess’, heeheehee…”

Goddess simply began to live stream Odin’s official page as he glanced through Odin’s profile. zD3GmT

By now, the GNA’s evaluation of Odin had been officially updated to A-list level, and the evaluation of his PVP ability had been changed to: ‘Peak-level assassin with good situational awareness and strong operational ability. His fighting style is changeable and can switch freely between fast attacks and stealth ambushes: in direct attacks, the shadow dance technique is often used to allow him to easily achieve his goal; in ambushes, powerful and unexpected tactics are often used. After analysis, the contestant’s average and maximum attack frequency are ranked first in the Earth District. His movement speed is ranked in the top three, and if he uses the special technique ‘flash’, he may be the fastest assassin contestant in history.”

Goddess: “Wow! How amazing, Daddy! The official evaluation for Daddy is so high!”

The audience expressed: VCIbHg

“In fact, there aren’t that many people in the Earth District, and the value of the awards obtained there aren’t as high as those in other districts, but anyone who can be confirmed as a god is absolutely not easy to deal with…”

“Are you new here? After killing the fire demon just now, is there anyone that dares to say Odin is easy to deal with?”

“Word! My god! Such an amazing assassin has only participated in the district competitions! I don’t believe it, I don’t, I don’t! He’s definitely that type of outsider who has lived in seclusion for many years and only just thought of coming to participate in the competition, which is why he’s only just entered the provincial competition!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As the audience chatted, Goddess casually clicked on an animated image on Odin’s personal official page. rbx Ik

Then, the audience watched along with Goddess and saw that animated image of the War God taking off his mask.

Goddess: “……”

Audience: “……”

Two seconds later. p29Y u

Goddess: “… Oh!!!”

Everyone: “… Ah!!!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Goddess moaned and said, “Daddy! Daddy, do you fans?”

As he spoke, he didn’t hesitate to ‘follow’ Odin while he was still streaming, openly becoming one of Lord Four’s fans. G3Fx0M

Goddess even posted on Lord Four’s forum while streaming:

[ I met the War God today! I fought side by side with him, picking up the sword to cross mountains and seas of fire and going through numerous difficulties and dangers. Seven summoned creatures were called in, and seven were killed, and we finally fought together to kill the powerful fire demon lord! ]

Lord Four’s fans replied to him: “Original poster, wake up. Your saliva is dripping onto your Lord Four posters.” “Another person who dreamed of being on the same stage as Lord Four…” “Tsk tsk, our Lord Four really inspires people to sin!”

Lord Four’s fans didn’t know that he was one of the Third Star Province’s top professional players, Goddess, and took turns coming up to laugh at him for being crazy. IS4ARN

Goddess’s fans knew otherwise, but they had already collectively fallen silent: “……”

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Fans: Goddess, could you possibly be any more shameless? After being chased by the fire demon for most of the match, you were ultimately stepped on by Daddy Odin right at the end––was that what you meant with your ‘fight side by side’ and ‘work together’?!!!

happy new year everyone!


Translator's Note

kara: is this…does this mean what i think it means?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
xiin: yeeeep~

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