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The King's ReturnCh4 - Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave


translator: Oyen  editor: Ciel

After returning to the dormitory, Xiao Han logged into his QQ in search for a familiar name in his friends list—— Shepherd. 574 RF

This was Qin Mo’s net name, and also his registered ID for the Miracle professional league.

In the past, Xiao Han would often talk to him in his spare time, learning the usage of various Chinese words, or talk about his own experience. But ever since Qin Mo left the professional league three years ago, his avatar had never lit up again, and the online prompt notification tone specially set for him by Xiao Han had never since rung.

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Opening the dialogue window, Xiao Han sent a single message. “I will lead the team into the new game soon. Where are you? How have you been?”

The message was sent successfully, but there was no reply. WQu8F6

In recent years, the messages sent to Qin Mo had all sunk into the digital sea like this. Xiao Han was long since used to it; calmly closing the chat window, he sent a message in the Dragon Song training camp QQ group. “Those who want to sign up for the new game should come to my dormitory to get an ID card, the deadline is 7:00pm.” Then, he opened the door to wait.

A few moments later, the newcomers came to pick up their ID cards one after another, and by 6:50pm, seven people had signed up. Among the newcomers who had not yet officially entered the Dragon Song team, the number of volunteers was quite high, but Xiao Han did not close the dormitory door, instead choosing to wait.

It wasn’t until 6:59pm that two teenagers arrived in front of Xiao Han’s room, one after the other.

The teenager who walked in front was gentle-looking and wore a pair of black spectacles. He was about 1.7 metres tall, and had a pair of shallow dimples on his cheeks when he smiled. His eyes were curved, and he looked especially obedient and clever. This teenager was named Pei Yu, and had the fastest hand speed among all the newcomers. Although Xiao Han was not responsible for training the newcomers, as the captain, he was very clear about the situation of the club’s training camp.


Pei Yu was embarrassed, and could only smile shyly. “Captain, we’ve come to sign up… is it too late?”

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Xiao Han handed them two ID cards. “It’s exactly 7 PM, did you calculate the time to come over?”

The other teenager scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Well, Xiao Yu wanted to go to the new game, but I didn’t want to go. We talked about it for half a day, so we ended up getting delayed…”

This guy was really bold, directly telling the captain “I don’t want to go” B2f8tE

This bold teenager’s name was He Beiguang. Standing at over 1.85 metres tall, he was the tallest among the newcomers. Because of his large head, the others often called him ‘bighead’ in private. Unlike Pei Yu’s agility and speed, He Beiguang’s playing style was a simple and rough radical type. Xiao Han had observed his training before; He Beiguang had talent, but his temper was still far from perfect, needing further training and honing.

These two had come to the club together from the same hometown, and their relationship was naturally better than everyone else’s.

“Why don’t you want to go to a new game?” Xiao Han asked.

He Beiguang replied honestly, “I’ve played Miracle before, but I’ve never played ancient-style games, I’m afraid I won’t be able to adapt…” gmL fd

“I’ll give you some time to adjust before you decide,” Xiao Han reassured him, before turning around. “Come, follow me to the training room.”

The two teenagers immediately followed him.


The other newcomers who had signed up were already in the training room, gathered in groups of twos and threes. Xiao Han pushed the door open and walked in, causing everyone to hurriedly stand up and shout respectfully, “Captain!” qUnh i

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“En,” he acknowledged. “Let me tell you about the new game first.” Taking out a flashdisk, Xiao Han connected it to the projector and opened up the PPT that had already been made.

Cr atf mjqajlc, tf mbeivc’a ajxf cfkmbwfgr ab atf ujwf jcv gec jgbecv ilxf tfjvifrr oilfr. Dfobgf gfaegclcu ab Jtlcj, Ole Jtejc tjv jigfjvs cbalolfv tlw jybea atf cfk ujwf, ulnlcu tlw rbwf alwf ab qgfqjgf. Ktfrf ofk vjsr, Wljb Ljc tjv yffc mtfmxlcu bea atf lcobgwjalbc bc Uffgifrr Aljcute jcv mbwqlifv jii atf xfs qblcar lcab atlr nfgs UUK, ab yf vlrqijsfv lc ogbca bo fnfgsbcf. Coafg jii, atfs kfgf jii qgbofrrlbcji qijsfgr, jcv mbeiv ecvfgrajcv atf lcobgwjalbc ja j rlcuif uijcmf.

While showing certain scenes from the game, Xiao Han started his explanation. “The biggest difference between Peerless Jianghu and traditional online games lies in the VR perspective; special VR glasses will virtualize the surrounding environment into a 3D scene, just as if we were walking into the game world. In terms of operation, traditional online games are viewed through the computer screen, allowing the players to look down at the keyboard if they cannot find the keys. However, in VR games, we can only see the game screen, and have to rely on the blind typing of fingers to control the movement of the characters.”

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“Of course, as professional players, it’s not that difficult to play without looking at the keyboard.” Xiao Han then introduced the game’s sect system. “The sect system is similar to most online games. Among the eight sects, there are healers, auxiliary, long-ranged and melee, as well as the high defence tanks; you can choose your school according to your preferences.” Taking out a box of glasses, Xiao Han placed it on the table. “Everyone should find a computer to log into the game, enter the server and reach full level as fast as possible. Afterwards, I’ll give everyone a trial to decide whether you stay or not.” 6mYcMO

Since the captain had instructed it, everyone scrambled to find a computer and logged into the game.

VR games should be a part of future game development. Many people have heard of VR games before, but amazingly, the technology of Peerless Jianghu was very advanced. Besides the framed glasses, the VR glasses could also come in the form of contact lenses and clip-on spectacles, which greatly helped players who were . Moreover, once the glasses were worn, the player could focus on the game interface and the surrounding scenes would immediately become the immersive ancient game world. Naturally, withdrawing one’s attention from the scope of the computer screen would erase the images, causing the surroundings to revert back to the real world.

This visual transformation that was like ‘crossing the time and space’ excited the newcomers.

After getting the newcomers set up, Xiao Han also sat in front of a computer to log into the game. Selecting the assassin sect 'Yongye City', he casually took the name 'Thousand Miles Ice', before entering the novice village. waCliA

At this very moment, a message suddenly popped up in the announcement area overhead: The former head of the Hanhua Sword sect has left behind a mysterious martial arts skill in the [Kunlun Snow Mountain Cave], asking all chivalrous players above level 20 to explore!

Ignoring the event announcement, Xiao Han started to upgrade his character by attempting the first novice task.

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At the same time, Kunlun Snow Mountain Cave entrance. HNW Xz

Mirage: “Secret book BOSS, hit or not?”

Elegant Leaves: “With our current equipment, we can’t fight it.”

Hiding a Dagger Behind a Smile: “Do you want to give up directly?”

Little Medicine Fairy asked doubtfully, “What is a secret book BOSS?” 8mA42T

“The last BOSS of this dungeon has a 1% chance of dropping the secret book, and a 99% chance of dropping the secret book’s fragments,” Mirage explained. “Everyone calls him the secret book BOSS.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“What does the secret book do?” Little Medicine Fairy was genuinely curious.

“It lets you learn an extra skill. There is no restriction on sect or weapons; everyone can learn it.”

“What about the fragments?” N9eYFh

“If you manage to save fifty fragments, you can exchange it for a secret book. The secret books can be bought, sold, or even traded, but the fragments can’t.”

“Oh. But this way, it seems like rich people can buy many secret books directly, won’t they be much better than other players?”

“No, because there are restrictions on the skills from the secret books. Each person can only use one at a time.”

“Only one? But what if you learn the wrong skill?” JMDlqK

Helplessly, Mirage answered this younger sister’s questions in one go. “If you learn the wrong skill, you can choose to forget it. The forgotten skill won’t disappear, but will be kept as a book in a bookshelf. Your skill bar only has room for one secret skill, but you can keep many secret books on the bookshelf, and you can switch skills any time to cope with different lineups in the arena.”

“I see!” Little Medicine Fairy said excitedly, “So, you can keep a lot of secret books on the bookshelf for later use, and then choose which one to bring according to your opponent’s lineup, right?”

“That’s right, there are plenty of secret books in this game.”

“How much is a secret book ah? I also want to keep and learn more books.” CafVYB

“The cheapest secret book costs ten thousand gold coins.”

Little Medicine Fairy looked at the pitiful 100 gold coins in her possessions and suddenly stopped talking.

“Brother, I think we should give up on the last BOSS, and come back to eliminate it after reaching full level.” Hiding a Dagger Behind a Smile cautioned.

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At this moment, the silent Ink Mark suddenly spoke in the team channel. “How do we fight the secret book BOSS? Maybe we can try.” NkG1S9

Mirage was shocked. He hadn’t expected this newcomer to be interested in hitting the difficult BOSS, but since the other side asked in the team channel, he wouldn’t hide the information. “The Kunlun Snow Mountain Cave’s secret BOSS will summon sword spirits to attack the players. In the beginning, it will call out five spirits to follow people separately. After that, it will continue to summon five more spirits every twenty seconds, and the sword spirits can inflict the dizziness status every three seconds.”

Ink Mark: “In other words, the sword spirits must be eliminated within twenty seconds, otherwise their numbers will increase?”

Mirage: “That’s right. It’s very difficult for newbie teams with poor equipment to beat it.”

Ink Mark: “Can the sword spirits be controlled?” g5y2eI

Mirage: “It is possible in theory, but in general, most newbies will give up hitting the BOSS, and will come back to beat it once they have reached a high level and have good equipment.”

Ink Mark: “Let’s try it.”

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Mirage: “……”

In the voice channel, the calm Elegant Leaves was no longer quite so calm. “He really wants to hit this BOSS?” clKqjy

Hiding a Dagger Behind a Smile laughed. “If he wants to hit, then let him. Anyway, we’re below level 30 right now, he won’t lose experience even if he dies. He’ll be wiser after dying several times.”

Helplessly, Mirage could only reply. “Then, we’ll try it.”

The party of five entered the Kunlun Snow Mountain Cave dungeon.

Qin Mo used to pass by this cave on the novice tasks, but at that time, his level was too low to enter this area. Only today did he find out that this cave actually contained a dungeon. Icicles of various shapes hung from the top of the cave, like beautiful pendants made of crystal. Surrounded by countless night pearls, the icicles sparkled under the light, glittering and translucent, the realistic visual effects making people stop in awe. 765zfv

“It’s so beautiful!” Little Medicine Fairy said exitedly.

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Looking at the lifelike scene in the snow cave, Qin Mo couldn’t help but admire the technical level of the game. He believed that many people who didn’t play online games would soon be attracted by the beautiful scenery in Peerless Jianghu, buy ID cards, recharge some playing time, and then put on the VR glasses. If taken as a vacation through time, it could actually be quite cost-effective.

Mirage had already seen this spectacular view during the beta test, and as such, wasn’t as surprised. “Let’s kill the first two BOSSes.”

The four people followed him forward, occasionally meeting small monsters gathered in groups of twos and threes, which were easy to fight. Before long, they met a swordsman with a purple name above his head. MwaYs8

The purple name indicated that this swordsman was a BOSS. Mirage didn’t give much information, instead going to hit the BOSS directly—— in the end, this BOSS didn’t require too much effort to kill. As the first BOSS in the novice stage, the difficulty level was not even worth mentioning. Within three minutes, he had been killed and dropped a bunch of blue equipment for level 20 players.

Further ahead, a BOSS named Demonised Swordsman appeared. As he could use a group attack skill, he was a little more difficult to fight than the first BOSS, but as long as players could dodge well, killing him wasn’t a problem.

Generally, after fighting the two BOSSes, newbie teams would make their way out of the dungeon. But since Mirage had already promised to hit the third BOSS, he had to take everyone deeper into the cave.

The party walked to the deepest parts of the snow cave, eventually coming across a woman in white with the name of 'Frost Flower'. She was seated on a slab of thousand year old ice, muttering to herself; it seemed as though she wasn’t thinking clearly. i6eGT3

Mirage asked: “Hit?”

Ink Mark: “Try it.”

Hiding a Dagger Behind a Smile sent a row of smiley emojis. “Expert, how do you think we should fight it?”

The sarcasm was plain to see. Still, Qin Mo ignored it and directly instructed, “The three outputs stand close, healer stand some distance away. After the sword spirits refresh, ignore them, just focus your attacks on the BOSS.” KtH07u

Hiding a Dagger Behind a Smile couldn’t help but laugh aloud. “Brother, the five sword spirits deal a lot of damage, the healing cannot possibly catch up. We’re definitely going to die!”

Ink Mark: “I’ll pull them.

Hiding a Dagger Behind a Smile was shocked. “What sort of prank are you pulling? Five sword spirits? Can you actually handle it?!”

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Ink mark: “En, I’ll pull the sword spirits. The rest of you can hit the BOSS.” bwx U5

Hiding a Dagger Behind a Smile: “……………..”

The three veterans were simply embarrassed. All of them felt that Ink Mark’s ideas were impossible to achieve, yet Ink Mark didn’t seem to be joking said it. On the contrary, his tone was very calm, as if he had just said: I’ll eat rice, you’ll eat noodles.

There was an awkward silence in the team channel for a moment. In the end, Hiding a Dagger Behind a Smile sneered, “Alright then, you pull the sword spirits, we’ll hit the boss.”

Smiling, Mirage said nothing, but privately looked forward to a good show, and stepped forward to poke the BOSS. yRv7Tl

Only Elegant Leaves didn’t speak.

As a fellow player from Hanhua Sword sect, Elegant Leaves knew very well that if a swordsman’s operation was strong enough, it was possible to continuously knockout the group control effect of Heaven Sun combo. Still, didn’t Ink Mark just fall off a cliff and die? Not only that, but he didn’t know how to navigate, or even open up a resurrection point?! Clearly a newbie, yet arrogant enough to say that he could control five sword spirits at the same time?

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Where exactly did this person come from?

Touching his chin thoughtfully, Elegant Leaves focused on the screen in front of him. dJq5mN

Translator's Note

永夜城 Eternal Night City

Translator's Note

千里冰封 Qiānlǐ bīng fēng Thousand of Miles Ice, A vast expanse lock in ice, A hundred leagues locked in ice

Translator's Note

霜华 Shuāng huá

Translator's Note

This is called aggroing in game term, it is when someone take all the enmity of the monster to hit him/her

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