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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh11 - Fourth watch.


Kang Shengzhe glanced at it before closing his eyes drowsily. However, his will to continue sleeping wavered and it did not allow him to sleep peacefully. Letting out a long sigh, Kang Shengzhe could only clamber out of his bed.

It was still early in the morning and his parents had finished eating breakfast. Usually, Kang Shengzhe did not have the habit of waking up early, so when his parents saw their son, they were a little surprised. vmQhFT

“You woke up so early today?”

“Was rudely awoken.”

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Kang Shengzhe’s mother smiled, “Are you eating breakfast?”

“Not eating, I’m going out to walk for a while.” 8DC2dc

The place that Kang Shengzhe wanted to go was not far, especially when A University was only two blocks away from his home. He was a native in the city, and since A University was only a stone’s throw away, he used to go to A University for a stroll. However, he had been busy for the past two years, and it had been a long time since he had been there.

After telling Wang Lu that he had to report to the university, Kang Shengzhe felt the random urge to go to A University for no apparent reason. When the reporting of the entrance examinations ended, he would be entering A University. With his comparatively lazy personality, he had never considered a university that was too far from his home and A University was a famous university. With the combination of the two factors, it was his first choice.

Kang Shengzhe knew the layout of A University like the back of his hand and he walked through the familiar teaching building and turned towards the entrance of the Liberal Arts College.

At nine o’ clock, the doors to the College of Liberal Arts was already open, and Kang Shengzhe stood at the entrance for a while. The security guard craned his neck out to scrutinise him before he retracted his head. c0qzNG

With no intention to stop him.

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However, the security guard could not be blamed for not being serious. It was just that Kang Shengzhe’s temperament was very different from high school students who had just finished their entrance examinations. He did not exude a lawful and almost ill at ease attitude that an average person would have, in fact, the feeling he gave was very similar to that of a Liberal Arts student.

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He even had a wisp of a literary scholar’s air.

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A muffled noise suddenly sounded.

As a result, Liao Su, who had been passing by, turned his head around and saw a figure squatting at the entrance of the Liberal Arts College who was holding his head in pain. A little surprised, Liao Su asked: “What’s the situation?”

You Liangxing had been standing next to him the entire time. After being shouted at by his loud voice, he slowly swept his gaze towards the entrance of the Liberal Arts College. He assessed the situation before saying indifferently: “He seems to have hit his head?” 21dPHR

A smile broke out on Liao Su’s face: “No way, the door to the Liberal Arts College is two metres tall. He probably hit the wall instead of hitting his head.”

You Liangxing gave a noncommittal response. Just as they were discussing it, the figure slowly stood up. When he raised to his full height, let alone Liao Su, even You Liangxing was surprised.

Even though he said it just now, You Liangxing hadn’t attached any seriousness to his words. But as they watched the figure stretch under their gazes, he was unconsciously taken aback for a moment.

So tall. B9fy Y

Rather, it should be too tall.

You Liangxing was a hundred and eighty-five centimetres tall, and Liao Su stood at one hundred and eighty. They were by no means short for a male, but once they saw the person stand up, they found it difficult to accept his height.

Liao Su was correct – the door to the Liberal Arts College was indeed two metres tall, but when the man stood upright, he was obviously as tall as the door. Observing from a distance, there was even the possibility that he was two- or three-centimetres taller than the entrance.

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Liao Su’s expression was full of disbelief. “Holy—our school has such a person? From the Physical Education Institute perhaps? It can’t be, the tallest person in the Institute is only 1.98 metres tall and the Liberal Arts College… I’ve never heard of such a tall person in the College of Liberal Arts.” QwcqUM

News within the university spreads very fast. Once there was someone with any obvious characteristics, it would be widely known by everyone in less than a day. You Liangxing himself was a testament to it.

After carefully studying the man’s back, it could be discerned that he had long hair and it was tied into a loose ponytail. While his hair was rather long, it was difficult to mistake him as a female because he was too tall, and he wore a coat that outlined his well-proportioned muscles. And despite his ridiculous height, he did not look thin and frail like some others.

Liao Su concluded with his own conjecture: “He’s either from another university or he’s a freshman coming in next year.”

You Liangxing agreed before saying: “Let’s go.” MZcw f

Liao Su took a few steps forward before he retreated a few steps back. He said to You Liangxing in a rush: “Wei, he’s two metres tall and he has long hair!”

You Liangxing: “…..” So?

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Liao Su expressed his astonishment: “Aren’t you curious, don’t you want to take a look?”

You Liangxing: “Don’t want to.” movb7K

Liao Su: “But I want to!”

You Liangxing’s brows started wrinkling together while Liao Su grinned, “Just two minutes, I run really fast! Really.”

You Liangxing: “Speak less nonsense…”

His words had yet to land when Liao Su sprinted away like an arrow that had been released from the bowstring. But what Liao Su said was not a lie either; since he belonged to the track and field team, his speed was extremely fast. b3L6Jq

In ten short seconds, You Liangxing witnessed Liao Su running up to where the tall figure was. Since he was pretending that he wanted to go into the Liberal Arts College, Liao Su was told to stop by the security guard.

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“That Physical Education Institute student! What are you doing!” While the security guard could not properly differentiate Kang Shengzhe, he differentiated Liao Su just fine.

Liao Su had a thick skin and thus the yell had no effect on him. He laughed out loud as he scratched his head, turning it back and forth before he caught a glimpse of the tall shadow standing by the entrance.

“I’ll turn back now! Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, I’m leaving now…” a5OoK1

Having only said half of his excuses, Liao Su abruptly swallowed the rest of his words. His previous sweeping gaze became affixed to the person’s face, uncontrollable, and his expression changed more and more.

Suddenly, Liao Su stepped in the direction of You Liangxing before he ran back to his side in streak of smoke. Although his breathing was stable, his expression was utterly silent, as if he had been rendered speechless.

Seeing his complexion, You Liangxing could not help but want to laugh. He asked: “How is it?”

Liao Su stayed rooted, wordless. W3kDMr

You Liangxing smiled, “Weren’t you the one who wanted to take a look?”

Liao Su lamented: “I regretted it.”

“Not good-looking?”

Liao Su scrunched his brows together, and looked as if he had seen a ghost. “Not good-looking, not one bit! He was not good-looking at all, in fact, he was too fucking good-looking, I, I, I… I refuse to accept it!” T7sdom

Translator's Note

Kind of like ‘oi’.

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