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The King's GameCh4 - [Black Knight IV]



Gu Huai slept comfortably with a cold and hard pillow. G0dcQW

It was natural that he would be hungry after such a long sleep. He woke up in a daze and felt an object pressing right in front of his lips.


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Relying on their sense of smell, young Zergs lacked resistance to the food they were fed. They received all kinds of food in their drowsy state.

Gu Huai thought he was still dreaming because he had eaten meat. Since he crossed into this world, his food had been nothing but eggshells. 2uLd6i

Shortly after chewing several pieces of dried meat, the feeling of an object touching his lips occurred again. This time, he responded quickly.

“Hmm…?” The young man was puzzled after biting and feeling the difference from the previous food.

It Seemed a little wrong?

No, if he thought about it carefully, nothing seemed right ah… He opened his eyes, and immediately suddenly saw a pair of magnificent pale gold eyes. SeWTvN

His eyes were beautiful. Although it was a warm color, it lacked heat, like a sun that had fallen.

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The owner of those eyes was very handsome. The indifference on his face contrasted with his vertical pupils, which produced an unusual aesthetic.

From his eyes, Gu Huai could see his reflection. Seeing his reflection clearly, his body stiffened. At the moment, he thought seriously about whether he wanted to pretend to be sleeping, so  he would not have to face this awkward reality.

But Gu Huai also knew that his plans were unrealistic, because when he opened his eyes, the pale golden eyes were already fixed on him. KviDk6

His fingers were being nibbled on, the silver haired zerg who was normally indifferent, reacted as he squinted.

The feeling came directly from his fingertips. Every time the young man tried to bite him, the tip of his tail, which was being used as a pillow, moved slightly.

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This kind of bite was really not painful to him, even if the young zerg bit hard enough, it would not have caused him any harm.

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He was really weak. Feeling the random bites on his fingertip, the silver haired Zerg drooped his eyebrows.

“Weak”, he thought without a change of expression.

The word itself was incompatible with the Zergs. If it was caused by birth defects, the Zerg cub would not receive any care. FvmIC7

There were only two outcomes for his metamorphosis, evolution or death.

As soon as he thought about it, Alves noticed that the teeth that had been biting his finger had suddenly loosened.

The young zerg in his arms had woken up, and looking at him, the silver haired zerg’s tail unconsciously moved and continued to be a pillow in the young zerg’s hands.

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The youth’s face showed a panicked expression briefly, the Zerg frowned and subconsciously radiated a strong aura filled with warning. EJ6ROX

“—!” The pressure made the Zerg soldiers who were guarding the cave tense. They didn’t know what happened in the cave and didn’t have much time to think about it. The soldiers rushed to the center of the cave with their fastest speed.

It was not clear what frightened the young zerg. The silver haired Zerg quickly spread a warning to every corner of the cave, extending beyond the cave, directly declaring his dominance in the area.

This was an extremely safe area and there was no threat, the silver haired zerg continued to observe the changes in the expression of the youth, and did not realize that he had completely misunderstood the situation.

Gu Huai was still struggling to digest the embarrassing reality he had woken up to. Anyone who woke up and found themselves biting someone else’s finger, their mood would not be calm either. 3emEKB

After removing his mouth from the zerg’s finger, Gu Huai also found that his pillow that was strangely cold was

A tail…

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This was a Zerg trait that was only seen on high-level zergs. Every part of the Zergs bodies were not for decoration. Even though he hadn’t seen it personally, Gu Huai knew that the tail he held was a lethal weapon.

His hands that had held the tail tightly before quickly loosened its hold. Although he felt no hostility, he looked at the silver haired zerg with vertical pupils and his blank face and could not help shrinking back. apfbr3

However, he was firmly embraced by the other Zerg. As a result of his retreat, he leaned even more on the silver haired Zerg.

After he retreated, Gu Huai saw that the pupils of the golden eyes suddenly shrank, almost becoming a thin line.

Bad. It seemed that he made another mistake.

“… System, what do you think I should do now?” It was difficult to reach the system. Faced with such a situation, Gu Huai needed a third party to give him some advice. Ktv9l5

“…” The system kept silent. It pretended not to hear and didn’t answer.

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When Gu Huai was about to give up, he heard his system reply to him in an extremely calm voice, “You can continue touching his tail.”


He was stunned, he almost doubted his hearing at that moment, “Dear system, are you serious?” ylwtiK

Before the youth could respond, the silver haired Zerg was already one step ahead.

The panicked expression had still not completely faded from Gu Huai’s face.

Observing this, the silver haired zerg who had squinted subconsciously, adjusted his posture and adjusted the young Zerg into a more protective hold, which would make him feel more secure.

Wrapping his tail around the waist of the youth was an action that could be seen as a beloved treasure being protected, but the silver haired Zerg did not realize it. 5n6NSQ

Different from human beings, the minds of Zerg cubs were more sensitive. The young cub was only an adult in appearance, he had only been born from a shell a few days ago…

With this in mind, the silver haired Zerg glanced down at his left index finger, which was still covered with saliva, but held no bite marks.

Most of the Zerg cubs liked to grab something and bite it, which was almost the same behavior as human children who liked to play with toys.

Glancing at it roughly, the silver haired Zerg gently touched the youth’s lips. But he saw that the young Zerg in his arms opened his eyes slightly and showed passivity. NI8PGm

Was it because he found it hard so he was no longer happy to bite?

Reflecting on this question, Alves moved his index finger and touched his teeth, which was barely sharp, silently indicating that the other party could use more force to bite him.

For things like touching his teeth, Gu Huai felt more confused than before.

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“Don’t be surprised. He means you should bite it.” The system’s voice was cold as it gave a hint. XhdijA

“…” Gu Huai, of course, could not bite his finger. He raised his head slightly and observed the silver haired Zerg in front of him carefully.

Even if he was a bit slow, Gu Huai could feel the protective attitude that the other was showing him, and his series of actions even seemed to be coaxing… Coaxing him?

So just now the system telling him to touch his tail was serious.

Finally realizing the reality, Gu Huai couldn’t stop blinking and his eyes were filled with confusion. G7gwAo

It was the same thing, if he didn’t touch his tail, touching other places should have the same effect. Since the other’s tail was wrapped around his waist, Gu Huai decided to change his target.

The Zerg’s fingers were pushed aside, when he squinted, Gu Huai raised his left hand and tried to put it gently on his head.

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When his pupils narrowed, the silver haired Zerg looked like an extremely dangerous beast, and when others looked at him, it inevitably created a strong sense that they would soon become dead prey.

But touched by the youth’s warm hands, the beautiful but extremely dangerous beast became peaceful, as if it had been comforted. MFs506


Translators Note|

Hello everyone, I’m the new translator of this novel, it was so interesting i just had to to it, i hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i love translating this novel. Enjoy 💖


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