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The King's GameCh3 - Black Knight III


T/N: Hello everyone, sorry for the delay QAQ. I’d just like to remind you that this is the last chapter I’m posting. So if anyone is interested in translating this project please feel free to pick it up!

Anyway, TxV0Pn


Translator: StillAlive, Editor: Cat

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There was a clear difference between the Zerg warships and those used by the other interstellar races. The most significant one was that the Zerg warships were self-aware life forms. They were interstellar monsters that could change shape at will and belonged to the Zerg community, collectively known as the Yula.

In short, they were alive. Other races, of course, relied on science and technology to create ‘smart brains’. But of the two sides, which was stronger and which was weaker, for the time being it was impossible to reach a final conclusion. CNwI1d

“Boss, boss! I suggest flying towards the Suma Galaxy first.” Immediately after entering the warship command room, Alger called up a virtual panel packed with complex calculations and various kinds of characters.

This was his analysis of the position of the spiritual link’s source. Although it wasn’t possible to get a completely accurate location, it was possible to at least narrow the search range.

But after he finished this sentence, Alger didn’t receive the go ahead from his commander. Instead, the other party just glanced at him, and immediately after, he felt the whole warship shake lightly.

Outside the transparent compartment, a huge empty hollow, which looked like a twisting maelstrom, was forming. This was, in fact, the result of forcibly ripping apart space. 4HQcLd

“Not there,” when the portal was fully formed, the silver-haired Zerg sitting in the commander’s chair opened his mouth and vetoed Alger’s suggestion. He knew an even more accurate location. In fact, the breathing sound being transmitted to his mind was still disturbing him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The space in front of the warship was torn open, creating an immense rift. Alger looked at this incomparably expansive twisting vortex and momentarily felt his scalp tingle.

Was there any limit to his leader’s ability? Or were all the Zergs of the Alpha class this frightening??

“The King…… is calling you?” Why did his family’s leader suddenly change his mind, and why did he know the exact location of the transmission? Combining the two questions, Alger could only come to such a conclusion. laHCVG

“He’s very noisy.” The silver-haired Zerg expressionlessly gave the order for the warship to pass through the portal.

Very noisy? Alger, as the other’s trusted aide, carefully scrutinized his leader’s current mood. Although the other party was suppressing his irritability, it seemed as if…… there weren’t any feelings of impatience. This was different from usual.

Silently keeping this discovery in his heart, Alger disguised the sound of his cough, “Then I will send down the notice first.”

This independent warship carried thousands of Zerg soldiers. In the Zerg army which was known for its swarming tactics, the number of soldiers in this fleet could only be described as pitifully small. Even so, when it came to combat effectiveness, no one would dare to treat their fleet carelessly. i0IHv7

This was undoubtedly an elite force. Yet now, because of special reason and the army’s increasing instability, they had no choice but to issue a notice □□ raise the soldier’s morale.

At the same time, the self-conscious Zerg warship assimilated its master’s command and began to advance towards the warped hollow in front.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

When the warship’s hull had completely entered the hollow, the space which had been forcibly warped and torn instantly returned to its original state. All appeared to be calm and tranquil. Only, the Yula warship had completely disappeared.

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Ktf gfjilas, tbkfnfg, kjr atja joafg ijcvlcu, atfs vlrmbnfgfv atlr kjr jc fzagfwfis yjggfc, vfolmlfca, jcv jyjcvbcfv qijcfa. Ktf fcnlgbcwfca kjr nfgs yjv; jcs gjmf klat j qbbg qtsrldef kbeiv qgbyjyis yf ecjyif ab regnlnf tfgf.

“There are beautiful-looking planets on the human side. Let’s take one and give it to the King, ba.” On the way, one of the Zergs couldn’t help but make this suggestion.

He was immediately met with his companion’s retort, “How is one enough?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“You must use your brain, ah! Naturally we have to occupy all of them and let our King pick what he likes.” o8gvld

They didn’t think that their bandit-like logic had any problem whatsoever. The Zerg soldiers discussing this topic were thinking about the problem seriously; they weren’t joking in the least.

At this time, Alger snuck a glance at his leader’s reaction. The silver-haired Zerg walking in the front remained expressionless. He ignored his subordinates’ disregard for the regulations and continued moving forward with a clear goal in mind.

If writer Gu Huai, who was committed to mediating the war between the Zergs and humanity in the future, heard the above discussion, it was estimated that he would choke on the spot and be rendered speechless. However, at this moment, he was still deep asleep inside the dark cave, completely ignorant about the various outsiders that were about to pay a visit.

His ability consumed too much. Originally, Gu Huai had fallen asleep directly on the cold, hard ground. But in the face of such a scene, which of the Zergs in the cave could stand by idly and watch? Low-level Zergs didn’t have much ability to think; they instinctively moved the youth back into the eggshell. GnIChW

Although more than half of the top of the giant eggshell had already been torn apart, the interior space could still be used as a hotbed and could fully display its special nursing function.

Several Zergs even rocked the eggshell lightly, as if it were a cradle.

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As a result, when the high-level Zerg troops that had entered the cave from the outside saw this scene, they were more or less collectively stunned.

These Zergs in front of them, although they didn’t have a high ability level, were nevertheless recognized as the most vicious and savage Tak ethnic group among the Zergs. SzMNEs

Now, however, what they saw was this group of savage Zerg soldiers patiently nursing a big, white egg in a process that could only be described as gentle and loving.

This kind of thing, don’t say that humanity wouldn’t believe it. Even they who were of the same race found it very difficult to accept okay!

“Zi——” Outsiders. Although the intruders were of the same race, the Tak Zergs watching over the white egg still showed the necessary precautions.

Alvis put his eyes on the target. He raised his hand to indicate for all the subordinates in the back to halt and continued going deeper. 5hb38m

The absolute disparity between ranks and the instinct to submit to their superiors allowed the Tak Zergs to ignore the other party’s approach.

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The top of the protected white egg was already broken. The silver-haired Zerg discovered this from a distance. After he approached, he slightly lowered his head. Then he saw what was hidden inside the giant eggshell……

Slightly curled up on his side, with a few wisps of soft, black hair gently clinging to his cheek, the black-haired youth was sleeping peacefully in the eggshell, completely lacking any defence.

With a Zerg’s hearing, which was several times better than that of a human’s, Alvis could clearly hear the youth’s breathing while he approached. It completely overlapped with the even breathing sound being directly transmitted into his mind. zMyFZs

“Hu……Wu…….”  Even though a stranger was so close, watching him, the sleeping black-haired youth had no vigilance whatsoever. He just made a low, barely audible noise whilst still fast asleep.

Very weak. So small and feeble that if he wasn’t careful and used a little too much force he could pinch the youth to death.

Arriving at this conclusion, the silver-haired Zerg became motionless. As he peered at the youth, his pale gold vertical pupils constricted without him noticing.

After a while, the silver-haired Zerg moved. At first, he stretched out his tail habitually, but the tail, which became a highly dangerous weapon during combat, paused just as it was about to touch the youth and suddenly retracted. bSil1d

The owner of the tail frowned and stood thinking for a few seconds. Then he bent down and lifted the youth who was curled up asleep in the eggshell with both hands.

This action seemed a bit clumsy. And the truth was that this high-level Zerg wasn’t good at doing this kind of thing at all. He didn’t even fully understand why he did it.

His body was shifted and the youth who was deep asleep made another indistinct noise, unconsciously rubbing against the closest object at hand.

This kind of action would undoubtedly make the person who was lightly rubbed against feel that the other was dependent upon them. The tail that reflected the true desire of its owner lashed abruptly and the silver-haired Zerg’s handsome and cold appearance instantly became increasingly expressionless.   xSGXUE

Like a dragon that had recovered its long-lost beloved treasure, the restlessness and the destructive desire that had been accumulating before began decreasing at an unimaginable speed the moment he touched the youth in his arms. Despite the reason being unclear, the silver-haired Zerg’s line of sight instinctively stopped on the youth and he fixed his gaze to watch him attentively.

The tail could sense its owner’s true mood more keenly than the owner himself. While the silver-haired Zerg still appeared indifferent, the tail behind him was already spontaneously and consciously moving.

This extremely dangerous tail slowly approached the youth and when it was able to touch him, it very purposefully wrapped around the youth’s waist.

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This required very precise control of his strength. Initially, he only dared to encircle the youth very gently because the youth was too fragile- it possible to strangle him. nuLqGj

Small and delicate…….soft, warm, and even though he looked to be very out of place among the Zergs, there was absolutely no wish to destroy him. Alvis looked down slightly at his tail, which was currently curled around the youth’s waist. Zergs were a race that obeyed their instincts and desires.

Moving his line of sight, the silver-haired Zerg silently watched the youth’s face as he slowly tightened his tail and finally used a more suitable force to firmly encircle the treasure he had found.

Up until the silver-haired Zerg turned around, his subordinates hadn’t realized that they should’ve paid more attention.

The youth held by their leader no doubt had a huge attractive force, but faced with the scene before them, they couldn’t help but doubt their eyes once again. t9zQKW

Their leader didn’t like to have physical contact with others; this was a well-known fact in their fleet. The only exception was when he was skewering his opponents’ bodies during battle.

Confirming that the intruders were not malicious, the Tak Zergs in the cave finally relaxed their guard a little and acquiesced the other Zergs to approach.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Their way of thinking was very simple: this planet wasn’t safe and more guards were needed to better protect what was most important to them.

“Boss, would you like to……. put the King in the nutrient cabin first?” Alger trembled a little, all too clear about his leader’s temper. He was really worried that when the other party reached the limit of his patience, he would throw the black-haired youth in his embrace to the ground. Ya4tCH

It would be much safer to place him into the nutrient cabin. Not to mention that the nutrient cabin could also replenish the user’s energy.

The subordinates with similar opinions quickly echoed their agreement. In fact, they all felt aggrieved to let the youth sleep in the nutrition cabin, but they temporarily didn’t have any better options.

The sound of whispering filled the cave and the black-haired youth who had been sleeping quietly showed some reaction.

He vaguely sensed his surroundings, but because of the fatigue caused by the excessive consumption of his ability, Gu Huai was temporarily unable to wake up from his deep sleep. z9HrtZ

There was something on his waist. Following this faint sense of awareness, the youth gradually moved his hands to his waist.

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

He touched a hard object that was ice-cold without any temperature, but at this moment Little Writer Gu wasn’t truly conscious. He continued to stroke the ice-cold object again and again.

Cool, very comfortable.

As an alien who was afraid of the heat, Little Writer Gu Huai rubbed the cold object he’d bumped into up and down several times, then, satisfied, he placed his hand on top. 3r bhM

“…..” Silence.

The cave suddenly became quiet. The Zerg soldiers who had echoed their agreement didn’t dare to speak, some even held their breath in fear.

To touch their leader’s tail so casually, this was just creating trouble okay!

The Zerg soldiers who had been watching the above-mentioned scene from beginning to end, collectively froze. They were rapidly thinking of ways to save the youth. dktBCl

The moment they saw the silver-haired Zerg narrow his eyes, his subordinates’ hearts sunk. Their leader was an Alpha class Zerg. Although in terms of ability level he was only one grade higher than them, the disparity in power was impossible to overcome.

How much did the racial instinct to submit to their King affect their leader? Currently, the answer to this question did not look optimistic.

The subsequent development, however, left these Zerg soldiers stunned in place.

The dangerous tail moved but it didn’t make any motion to attack. It just moved slowly into a position that made it more convenient for the youth’s hand to touch it. 5Oc8f3

The thing he felt could move? Gu Huai vaguely produced this idea, but at this time he wasn’t able to think too deeply.

This type of cold feeling was very comfortable. So, treating it as a pillow, the closed-eyed, sleeping dark-haired youth subconsciously reached out his hand for this clearly-not-at-all-soft “pillow”, and held it firmly.

The owner of the tail neither listened to his subordinates’ suggestions nor paid any attention to their reaction. The way the other party’s vertical pupils narrowed was understood by his subordinates as a dangerous gesture, but the truth was exactly the opposite.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This was actually an indication of submission after accepting some kind of appeasement. The restlessness and destructive desires, which were always noisy in the other party’s heart, at this point in time, had gone completely quiet. As the tail was touched and caressed by the youth, the silver-haired Zerg slowly relaxed his eyebrows and his eyelids drooped softly like a large cat after its jaw had been lightly scratched and its fur completely petted. QZWS V

Thanks @ Baum Hates Social Interaction, Callis, Elestrea, and Chel.

Translator's Note

The raw uses 虫海 which seems to translate into Zerg sea. I guess the tactic is just to swarm an opponent and win with numbers?

Translator's Note

The raw actually says there aren’t many nice-looking planets on the human side, but given the context I think this is a mistake on the author’s part.

Translator's Note

The author put 顾淮顾编编. Apparently this could be some cutesy way of calling MC?

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