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The King's GameCh5 - [Black Knight V]



After putting his hands on the head of the unfamiliar Zerg and rubbing it a few times, Gu Huai suddenly felt that the other seemed to be happy from his change of expression. w2zYZa

It was a good chance to get away from the position he was in, his waist was wrapped by a tail and his whole body was held by the zerg. He tried struggling, which clearly showed his intention.

At this time, the Zerg soldiers were just arriving the center of the cave, and had seen the startling scene.

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The young Zerg held in a protective embrace by the silver haired Zerg struggled slightly and seemed to want to stand on his own.

The King…. EuH98f

He was so cute…

The high ranked Zergs arrived at the center of the cave, after approaching a certain distance, obeying their instincts, they knelt down on one knee in the direction of the youth, their right hands were placed on their chest and their heads bowed.

This was a clear gesture of loyalty and submission, their actions made the silver haired zerg, who was impatient, retract his tail. Alves quickly satisfied the youth’s need to stand on his feet.

Finally standing on his own made Gu Huai a little relieved, but a group of high ranked zergs bowing and kneeling commanded attention. sq5RPm

The reason why these high ranked Zergs knelt like this was because of him. He understood this from the emotions he felt from them.

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“Should I let them stand?” The ability to feel emotions were basically ineffective towards the silver haired Zerg by his side.

The Zerg army was obviously under his control, so Gu Huai felt that he needed to ask the Zerg’s opinion. The young Zerg’s voice was not very loud, but with the hearing of the Zergs, his voice was very clear to them. This was the first time they had heard his voice.

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“They’ll listen to you.” The silver haired Zerg’s face was still expressionless, and his voice was cold, but this sentence was said as if he did not care about letting the youth take control of his troops.

Unlike his subordinates, the instinct to submit did not affect Alves. What made him submit was something much stronger and deeper than his racial instincts.

He didn’t want to destroy the youth, he wanted to protect him. When he held the sleeping youth in his arms, Alves felt it. FOPo8y

When both sides spoke up, the soldiers, who were kneeling, quickly stood up and did not need the young Zerg to give a second order.

The elite army composed of high level Zergs did not pay much attention to military etiquette in their daily life, but at this time, they gave a full display of their eye catching military etiquette.

The Zerg King… His soft black hair looked lovely and his eyes were black. Although he had round pupils like humans, he was still lovely.

It was often difficult for Zergs to have strong emotions about something, and this racial nature made it easier for them to analyze situations more calmly than humans. 0xytXd

At this moment, however, it was clear that the ethnicity of the Zerg soldiers had degenerated thoroughly. Gu Huai scratched his left cheek uncomfortably, but he did not avoid their gazes.

“What about them?” Looking around, Gu Huai did not see the Zergs that had initially guarded him.

They quickly understood who ‘them’ meant, and the young sergeant who was relatively prominent in the ranks quickly responded, “They are still stationed at the entrance of the cave”.

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The young sergeant was Aljer. After answering his question, he reluctantly turned his eyes to his leader. “Sir, his majesty has woken up… Should we leave?” cGC0zK

At the beginning, the proposal of putting the youth in the nutrition cabin was silently rejected by his leader. After thinking about it, Aljer agreed that his proposal was not very good.

He thought, that if the young Zerg had woken up and found himself in a strange environment, he would have lacked a sense of security. But now the Zerg king had woken up, the planet’s environment was so poor, they had no reason to stay any longer.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t accept the environment here. They had visited many places that were more barren than this planet, but they just wanted him to live in a more comfortable and safer place.

For example … The capital star of their First Legion, but it also depended on their Leader’s willingness to go back. As the leader of the Legion, their leader did not manage the affairs of his planet at all. From his first day in office, he left the burden to the Chief of Staff. HxIe40

With a nod, the silver haired zerg issued a command to the self-conscious biological warship, Yula, to bring itself close to the exit of the cave.

“This planet is not suitable for a long stay.” After issuing the instructions, the silver haired Zerg began to explain to the young Zerg. Hearing his explanation, Gu Huai had not reacted much, he was watching the high ranked Zergs carefully.

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On the contrary, they all looked surprised. It wasn’t that they wanted to say bad things about their leader, but their Leader’s temper was really not good. It was hard to figure out whether he was happy or not. What was the problem with government affairs? He had no interest at all. It was actually because it was not necessary and he didn’t have the patience.

What he was most interested in was fighting, he liked problems that could easily be solved with his abilities. Sometimes their leader would ignore his ability because he wanted to enjoy the fighting process. XBLqtA

“Can you take them with you?” He waved to the Tak Zergs who had been summoned by him. When the biggest one approached, Gu Huai extended his hand and patted the Tak Zerg’s forearm which looked like a jagged blade.

These low class Zergs, who didn’t have a human form, looked after him as if he was their cub, Gu Huai did not want to leave them on this planet. Although the appearance of the Tak Zergs looked very ferocious and horrifying, but from personal experience , Gu Huai knew that these Tak Zergs that were ugly… were actually meek and obedient?

“Hiss…” The Tak Zerg, who was tapped on its forearm, gave a low hissing sound. It bent down and carefully put the young man on its shoulder, then remained motionless.

Faced with this scene, the other Zergs remained silent for several seconds. 684fzB

The Taks were fake… these low class Zergs were not soldiers of the Tak community at all. How could a soldier from what was known as the most brutal and barbaric group know the skill of coaxing a cub and also looked so professional doing it!

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Seeing that the youth sitting on the Tak Zerg seemed very happy, the silver haired Zerg made a low ‘hn’ ‘sound and agreed to his request.

If it was another warship, they would also need to consider the problem of carrying so many Zergs, but the Yula warship could change its form at will, so the problem was naturally ignored.

It was Gu Huai’s first time seeing the world outside the cave since he crossed over. Sitting on the left shoulder of the Tak Zerg, this height allowed Gu Huai to have a good view of the scenery. The barrenness was the most common appearance of abandoned planets. A1BepE

“Boss, with the King’s words, should we find a place to settle down?” Considering his own words, Aljer was very blunt to ask this question, it wasn’t only him that wanted to ask, the rest of the army also had the same idea.

His eyes were still fixed on the young Zerg who was looking around. He heard the inquiries from his confidant, the silver haired Zerg confidently answered, “Head back to Tuthur.”

Tuther, the capital star of the Zergs First Legion, was also known as the fortress of Steel.

“click-” zcBDb9

“click, click -!”

For the Yula warship, who suddenly displayed such enthusiasm, the silver haired Zerg did not issue a mandatory calm order, only a normal order for the other to change its form.

“Cough… Because it’s seeing you, Yula was a little excited, just wait a minute”. Aljer showed a helpless expression, it was basically what he had expected.

Excited, the Yula warship quickly executed the commands of its master and became a much larger starship. When the Zerg entered, the whole ship shook visibly. rD9azq

Setting the target location, as the leader of the First Legion, the silver haired Zerg reluctantly recalled what the capital star of their Legion looked like, but in a few seconds, he squinted and impatiently gave up on thinking.

The Tuther Star, and then according to the preferences of the Zerg, it slowly teleported.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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  1. “Cough… Because it’s seeing you, Yula was a little excited, just wait a minute”. <– Yula was excited because of seeing whom? MC or ML? MC would be understandable, because he’s the king, but if he is talking about ML, then it’s somehow irritating, since ML seems to have travelled with Yula more than once and.. she (don’t know, “Yula” sounds somehow female) shouldn’t be that excited about seeing him?