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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh120 - Seafood Feast


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Although they had fought a big battle a few days ago, scaring away all the fish and shrimp in the area, the fish and other marine life in the sea had returned after the fight was over. Because of this, it didn’t take long for the people of the Beach Tribe to catch and bring back fish. XpWhJ9

They placed all the fish in front of Hai Feng in a huge pile; there was a good many different varieties of seafood.

“You… the fish is here.” Hai Feng looked at Zhou Ji.

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“Why is there only fish?” Zhou Ji asked.

Hai Feng’s expression showed his doubt. stkGKE

Zhou Ji said, “I also want other edible things, like shrimp.”

There were many things that could be eaten in the sea, but fish was definitely the best tasting thing. How could shrimp and the like that came with shells be as tasty as fish? Hai Feng felt that Zhou Ji was purposely being difficult by requesting that he obtain those things.

Yet even if that was the case, there was nothing he could do…

He could only have the people of the Beach Tribe go and catch some of those other things.


The people of the Beach Tribe were just as dissatisfied as Hai Feng, but even their powerful Sea God didn’t dare resist this person… They didn’t dare speak up and could only go and catch something else.

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They decided to grab some things that didn’t taste good for this person!

Zhou Ji wasn’t clear about what the people of the Beach Tribe were thinking. Meanwhile, some fish in the pile had died as soon as they had left the sea, but some were still alive. Zhou Ji glanced at Xiong Ye.

Xiong Ye recalled that Zhou Ji couldn’t take any life and immediately said, “I’ll go and kill the fish!” QwGHp6

He was already very practiced at killing fish and soon finished killing them all. Seeing this, Zhou Ji had some people boil water, then picked out a few fish that looked like they had fleshier, tastier meat, rubbed some salt on them, and set them on the steaming rack to steam.

Steaming seafood was the best way to retain the taste of fresh seafood. Of course, they couldn’t all be steamed… Zhou Ji picked out the fish that appeared the most like ribbonfish from amongst the pile of fish. He salted them, then he took out the small amount of remaining barley that they had, and had Xiong Ye beat it into barley flour. When the barley flour was ready, he wrapped the ribbonfish in barley flour and placed them in the pot to fry them in oil.

It was easy for ribbonfish to break into pieces if it was fried directly, but it wouldn’t do so when fried in the pan like this.

He also made a few very thin flour pancakes. These pancakes were made in a very simple way, by adding water to flour and making a liquid mixture that he then poured into a pan. It was ready after spreading out the mixture on the pan and letting it cook. SA0THz

Frying the ribbonfish longer would soften the bones inside. Regardless of whether they were eaten directly or wrapped in the flour pancakes first, they would definitely taste very good.

Having just experienced something very pleasant, Zhou Ji was currently very willing to make something delicious for Xiong Ye.

“How fragrant!” Xiong Ye was really looking forward to it. His gaze locked onto the frying ribbonfish and didn’t move away––compared to steamed fish, fried fish really smelled too good!

Seeing this, Zhou Ji used chopsticks to give him a few pieces of fried ribbonfish, “This dish is a little greasy, don’t eat too much.” oO46xA

“Why can’t we eat too many greasy things?” Xiong Ye didn’t understand.

“It’ll make you uncomfortable.” Zhou Ji replied. He was worried that Xiong Ye might suffer diarrhea.

“I definitely won’t feel bad after eating greasy food.” Xiong Ye insisted. “I’ll feel very comfortable after eating my fill.”

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Zhou Ji looked at Xiong Ye and suddenly recalled that Xiong Ye’s body was multiple times better than the bodies of ordinary people on Earth. Not only that, this place was very mysterious and illogical in some aspects––he had already healed Xiong Ye’s injuries. fDPhdl

For Xiong Ye’s sake, he had previously thought that salt and pepper fried squid and such shouldn’t be eaten, but it now seemed that he didn’t need to consider such things.

With that in mind, Zhou Ji wrapped a ribbonfish in a flour pancake and handed it to Xiong Ye, “In that case, have more.”

Xiong Ye ate quite a lot–-he had first been worried and scared, then experienced a round of ‘activities’, so he’d been hungry for a long time.

After realizing that Zhou Ji wasn’t against eating these fish himself, he even stuffed one into Zhou Ji’s mouth. YLJ4wc

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Zhou Ji also ate quite a lot.

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Itbe Al tjvc’a qea jcs rfjrbclcur bc la  ktfc wjxlcu atf rafjwfv olrt, yea yfmjerf atf olrt kjr nfgs ogfrt, la vlvc’a ajraf abb olrts, jcv tf delaf fcpbsfv la.

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Hai Feng: “……” What was going on with this person? He was so picky even when it came to eating fish!

He ate this kind of fish raw. In fact, he ate a whole bunch of them in one go, alright?! Couldn’t Zhou Ji be more straightforward about these things?

Fine, although he wasn’t straightforward, this smell of cooked fish was really too fragrant.

The steamed fish could be ignored, and he could make it for himself in the future, but the fried ribbonfish… He didn’t know what that water-like thing in the pot was, and he didn’t know what that white powder was. He just knew that the fish that was fried up like this smelled too good! tZdPA

Hai Feng, who had constantly been living in the sea and previously felt that even roasted fish was a delicacy, was about to start drooling!

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And at this time, the people of the Beach Tribe returned.

The people of the Beach Tribe had brought back many types of seafood that they thought were bad.

For example, the lobsters and crabs that were covered in a hard shell and didn’t have much meat inside, the particularly ugly looking things that looked like stones and weren’t easy to open that only had a tiny bit of meat inside, and those sea urchins that were covered in spines… RZH61l

Zhou Ji was extremely satisfied with all these things.

The only relatively troublesome thing was that he couldn’t kill…

Zhou Ji shared the simplest method for dealing with the seafood, and then let Xiong Ye handle all of these things. After that, he steamed the things that should be steamed and fried the things that should be fried.

For example, for the clams and such, Zhou Ji first had Xiong Ye put them into water to boil, then removed the meat and stir-fried it with chili peppers. lLgPHQ

On Earth, restaurants would generally keep the shells on when they stir-fried clams and such, but not only did that method waste seasoning, it was also more likely for sand and dirt to end up in the dish. Zhou Ji had people take the meat out of the shells, then stir-fried the meat directly.

Hai Feng couldn’t help swallowing hard.

The people of the Beach Tribe were just as greedy for the food as he was, their eyes wide open as they stared at Zhou Ji incredulously.

They also ate these things, but they usually roasted them instead. They had always felt that they didn’t have much meat and were very inconvenient to eat, but now… these things looked so tasty! wIfhO6

Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye ate non-stop for a few hours.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe were all more or less given a portion of the food. They also learned from Zhou Ji and steamed fish to eat, but Hai Feng and the people from the Beach Tribe could do nothing but watch.

By the time they were finally finished, the sky was already dark.

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This time, Zhou Ji had eaten more than ever before––the previous big fight had consumed a lot of his physical strength. iLtZKW

Before, in the Big Bear Tribe, Zhou Ji had always been a picky eater and eaten very little. Now, the people of the Big Bear Tribe were very shocked when they discovered how much Zhou Ji could really eat.

However, Zhou Ji had done too many things that were shocking to them, and they soon moved past it. Instead, they scrambled to build a shelter for Zhou Ji.

They stuck a few pieces of wood into the mud, then covered the wooden frame with a layer of animal hides, making a very simple shelter. In order to ensure that Zhou Ji could sleep comfortably, these people even lit a fire inside to dry out the space.

Zhou Ji felt that they were becoming more and more capable! HN WyR

He was just about to go and sleep with Xiong Ye when Zhu Zhan came over.

Zhu Zhan’s expression looked a little tangled… Zhou Ji asked, “Did you need something?”

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Zhu Zhan said, “Yes… Zhou Ji, can you take me across the river?”

After asking, he continued, “Zhou Ji, I want to go back and look for my woman and children. If you can help me, I’d be willing to help you with anything you need from me in the future.” eMYKV9

“I can.” Zhou Ji said.

Zhu Zhan looked at Zhou Ji in surprised delight.

Zhou Ji said, “I can have Hai Feng take you across the river, but it has to be two days from now.”

“Thank you!” Zhu Zhan was overjoyed. He was incredibly grateful that Zhou Ji was willing to have Hai Feng send him across the river! MczW9O

As for the fact that he had to wait a few days… It would definitely take more than a few days of effort if he wanted to cross the river on his own.

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What’s more, he had seen Hai Feng’s injuries for himself… Zhou Ji had probably said that it would take a few days so that Hai Feng could recover from his injuries, right?

After having a big burden lifted off his shoulders, Zhu Zhan was incredibly happy. At this time, Zhou Ji continued, “I might go as well.”

Zhu Zhan looked at Zhou Ji in shock. 9g1mRa

Zhou Ji explained, “I’m very curious about the Beastman Continent.” He was truly interested in the Beastman Continent, but the main reason why he wanted to go was because of that new Beast King called Shi Li.

He wanted to know if that person was really Shi Li or not.

If that person was really Shi Li, then what kind of situation was Shi Li in now? Would he harbor any ill intentions towards the Big Bear Tribe?

Before, Zhou Ji had pushed down any thought of going to the Beastman Continent because he himself had been a ticking time bomb, and Xiong Ye’s strength hadn’t been high enough. VuKc4m

At the time, it was likely that they would also encounter all sorts of danger even if they managed to cross the river and arrive at the Beastman Continent in one piece. Since that was the case, why would they go?

However, things were different now.

He had now ‘taken in’ a Beast King. Not only could he send them across the river, he now also had a chance to obtain a Beast God Fruit.

If Xiong Ye could become a Beast King after eating the Beast God Fruit, then they would go with Zhu Zhan to the Beastman Continent when he went. If it was unsuccessful, then they wouldn’t go. 1H4vLP

He wasn’t in a hurry in any case.

Zhou Ji was very calm, but Zhu Zhan was really excited. And then, while he was still full of excitement, Zhou Ji suddenly said, “I find One-Eyed Wolf displeasing to the eyes… you should go and beat her up.”

“Alright!” Zhu Zhan agreed and immediately turned into his animal form, rushing towards One-Eyed Wolf.

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He was now too overjoyed and indeed wanted to fight with others to vent his emotions! Mz5p7h

“Zhu Zhan, have you gone crazy!” One-Eyed Wolf’s voice rang out, but then she soon stopped speaking. Instead, the sound of a wolf’s howling sounded.

A single wolf was unable to beat even an ordinary boar, let alone a giant pig… Just from listening to the wolf’s cries, it was clear that One-Eyed Wolf had fallen to a disadvantage.

Zhou Ji glanced at Xiong Ye, “One-Eyed Wolf likes to talk nonsense. You shouldn’t take her words to heart.” Although Xiong Ye hadn’t spoken about it in detail, he was still able to guess that Xiong Ye had been full of suspicions and doubt because of something that One-Eyed Wolf had said.

“I understand.” Xiong Ye nodded, his mood better than ever as he kissed Zhou Ji again, “Zhou Ji, why are you so good to me?” 6ybKHo

Zhou Ji chuckled.

He also didn’t know why he liked Xiong Ye so much. It should be because he had encountered him at the right time and then just fallen for him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiong Ye was worthy of his affection.

He also felt that he had been very lucky. WbG0vY

During the end of the world, he had believed that he was destined to die alone. Unexpectedly, things hadn’t turned out that way.

The heavens blessed him, and not only was he sent to a place like this, he was even given such a good mate.

Zhou Ji rubbed Xiong Ye’s head, then spoke before Xiong Ye could express his displeasure at the action, “Let’s cultivate.”

Xiong Ye, who had originally wanted to tell Zhou Ji not to rub his head, sat down and started to solemnly cultivate. fOIp7t

As for Zhou Ji… He was uncaring of the surroundings as he ceaselessly channeled energy into Xiong Ye’s body.

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Xiong Ye absorbed a lot of energy during that single night, but even if that was the case, it would still take a very long time for him to become a high level Beast Warrior. It would take even longer for him to become a Beast King.

He hoped that the Beast God Fruit that Hai Feng had spoken about really existed.

Zhou Ji had already spoken to Hai Feng about going to find the Beast God Fruit the next day, but he hadn’t told Xiong Ye about this matter. 9D8flS

He didn’t want Xiong Ye to be disappointed.

It was to the point where, when they set out the next day, Zhou Ji decided not to bring Xiong Ye. “Hai Feng needs to go out to sea to get some things. We’ll go out for a while and be back soon.”

Xiong Ye was a little worried, but when he thought about how his own strength was very low, and how he might end up causing trouble for Zhou Ji if he insisted on going, he ultimately did not insist on going with them.

“Just wait for me here.” Zhou Ji said, then headed towards the sea with Hai Feng in tow. tXe18A

Hai Feng said, “I can bring you to look for the Beast God Fruit, but my injuries are very serious, and I might not be able to swim there…”

Zhou Ji channeled energy into Hai Feng’s body in a constant stream, healing Hai Feng’s injuries. He then said, “Can you make the journey now?”

Hai Feng: “Yes!” This person could heal his injuries so casually; why hadn’t he helped him before? How despicable!

Also… This person was truly too powerful. AzRK2y

“Change into your animal form and bring me there.” Zhou Ji spoke again.

Hai Feng obediently took on his animal form. After Zhou Ji stepped onto his back, he brought Zhou Ji with him and sped forward quickly.

The wind was very strong on the sea, but Zhou Ji had wrapped a layer of energy around his body. At this time, he had nothing much to worry about. If anything… “You should be a little steadier when you swim.”

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Hai Feng: “……” He was already swimming very steadily! 5KOhdD

There were many giant beasts in the sea, but ultimately, only a very small amount of them were at the Beast King level, and none of them were bigger than Hai Feng when it came to size.

At the very least, they didn’t encounter any.

Hai Feng carried Zhou Ji and swam for around an hour before he arrived next to an island. Hai Feng spoke, “The Beast God Fruit is on that island. There’s nothing on the island except for the Beast God Fruit.”

That island was covered in nothing but stones. No grass grew there, and not only that, there wasn’t even the slightest trace of energy. It was completely different from the place where Zhou Ji had found the previous Beast God Fruit. iwE8l6

Zhou Ji was a little wary and said, “You lead the way.”

Hai Feng turned into his human form and ran towards the island naked, “It’s right up ahead!”

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Zhou Ji relaxed when he saw Hai Feng acting like this. He followed him onto the island, then saw a stalk of grass nestled within a stone crevice.

This was a very ordinary looking stalk of grass. It was different from the Beast God Fruit that Zhou Ji had obtained before, but the effect should be the same––Zhou Ji could sense a powerful energy emanating from the stalk of grass. UziOg6

“I found this stalk of grass by accident. It’s the same as the Beast God Fruit I’ve heard of before! However, I’m already a Beast King, and it’s useless for me to eat it…” Hai Feng said, “I left it here, wanting to eventually give it to my woman or my children to eat.”

Unfortunately, he had left it here for many years, and had never found a woman or had any children.

This was a very sorrowful matter!

Juurensha: All the seafood delicacies are now ZJ’s.  RqZEl0

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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