Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh121 - Bringing Back


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

warning: violence
(xiin: it’s not really described in detail but it’s pretty gross) QiM7CT

The people from the Beast God Temple deemed any plant that was filled with powerful energy as Beast God Fruit. This stalk of grass in front of them should be considered as such.

Compared to the fruit that Zhou Ji had eaten last time, the stalk of grass in front of him was obviously much better at protecting itself. All of its energy was drawn in and condensed within its own body, with no spillover at all. Given the fact that beastmen generally had a very low ability to perceive energy, it was extremely difficult to find.

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In other words, if Hai Feng hadn’t been a Beast King, he might have regarded the stalk of grass as nothing but a common weed when he saw it.

Zhou Ji carefully observed the grass with his spiritual powers. After he determined that there would be no surprises, he gingerly dug it up along with the soil beneath it. Avodu0

When he had come out this time, he had originally intended to first check out the situation and ensure that Hai Feng hadn’t tricked him about the Beast God Fruit’s existence. After that, he planned to either bring Xiong Ye here, or take the Beast God Fruit back with them. Now, it appeared that… he could directly bring it back.

He had caused a huge stir last time he picked up a Beast God Fruit, but everything was quiet this time. Nothing happened when he removed the grass from the surrounding stone.

It was so unremarkable that it was likely that nobody could believe that it actually contained a huge amount of energy.

Zhou Ji was certain that the energy contained within the stalk of grass was enough to allow Xiong Ye to become a Beast King, but it wouldn’t be easy––if Xiong Ye ate this stalk of grass directly, the energy within his body would definitely skyrocket, and problems would occur if he wasn’t able to absorb it all in time.


Zhou Ji held the grass as he went to stand on Hai Feng’s back. “Let’s go back.”

Previously, Hai Feng had nearly killed him. Although Zhou Ji hadn’t killed him for various reasons, it didn’t mean he didn’t bear any grudges. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left Hai Feng lying on the ground with serious injuries without caring a whit about him.

However, now that he had the Beast God Fruit in hand, most of his antagonism towards Hai Feng had dissipated.

Zhou Ji even gave Hai Feng a bit of energy in order to help him heal his wounds. lY5360

Hai Feng immediately felt very grateful, but he later felt that this was a little wrong––he had been injured by Zhou Ji. Why should he now feel grateful that Zhou Ji was helping him treat his wounds?

Of course, there was nothing wrong with being a little thankful. At the start, he had been the one to attack first and at the end of the day, he had been wrong. It was already pretty good for Zhou Ji not to kill him…

Hai Feng suddenly thought of something on the way back. “My lord, can I go and eat the sea behemoth that you killed? I think that there should still be a bit of meat left.”

Zhou Ji had killed a sea monster that was just as powerful as a Beast King when he and Zhou Ji had fought. He had even dug up the sea behemoth’s crystal core. uPYomt

Hai Feng didn’t expect to be able to obtain the crystal core, but the sea behemoth’s body… He really wanted to eat it.

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Zhou Ji had been right. When they passed by, only the skeleton and a little bit of meat was left of the sea monster, but Hai Feng didn’t come up empty handed––next to the sea behemoth that was stripped down to its skeleton was a sea monster at the high level Beast Warrior level that was currently eating the remains of the sea behemoth’s flesh.

It was obvious that the sea monster in front of them had eaten the sea behemoth’s flesh after it died and had also taken over the sea behemoth’s territory.

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Hai Feng’s animal form was very large, and he usually ate a lot. He had been at shore for the past few days and hadn’t been able to eat his fill. Today, he had taken on his animal form and travelled for a long time, leaving him even hungrier.

He opened his mouth wide and rushed towards the giant sea monster, swallowing it down in one gulp. 8H57Lb

The giant sea monster was swallowed down along with its crystal core core, and all of the energy contained within its body went to Hai Feng… His injuries healed almost immediately.

After his injuries healed, Hai Feng suddenly thought of escaping.

Staying with Zhou Ji and listening to Zhou Ji’s orders was a kind of life that he was unaccustomed to… What’s more, the sea was so big. If he escaped into the deep sea, Zhou Ji definitely wouldn’t be able to find him there…

But the people of the Beach Tribe… lb4pon

While Hai Feng was hesitating, a powerful surge of energy came from the surface of the sea and landed on his body… Alright, there was no need to hesitate anymore. Zhou Ji was so strong that he had no way of escaping at all.

He had better behave and stay where he was lest he end up losing his life…

Hai Feng floated back up to the surface of the sea and obediently brought Zhou Ji back.

Beastman Continent, Beast God Temple. 6EzogB

Shi Li stayed in a room specifically prepared for Beast Kings in the Beast God Temple, contentedly eating the delicious food set out in front of him.

Hulled barley rice, well-seasoned roasted meat, all kinds of fruits… The food was also served in fine pottery!

Shi Li lifted up a pottery bowl and ate a mouthful of barley rice. He looked around at the spacious, well-built room that he lived in now and was very satisfied with his current life.

Although the housing and food at the Beast God Temple wasn’t as good as it would become a few decades later, it was already pretty good. 0d9XKl

What he was enjoying now was what only the people at the top of the world could enjoy!

Shi Li was very proud, but if Zhou Ji knew his thoughts and saw his current environment, he would probably be left speechless––wasn’t he just living in a thatched hut and eating hulled barley rice out of a pottery bowl? There was really nothing worth showing off…

Shi Li soon finished everything that was set out in front of him. After eating his fill, his expression changed––his crystal core was acting up again, and his body hurt as though he was being stabbed with needles.

When he was found by Xiang Tian after escaping from the Elephant Tribe, he had thought that he would lose his life. sbEeBf

He was particularly reluctant to accept his fate––he had been reborn. How could he die so early?

Fortunately, the Beast God was looking out for him.

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Xiang Tian had wanted to kill him, but a problem occurred within his body even before he could attack. Not only did the energy within his body turn chaotic, his body also collapsed, and Xiang Tian finally ended up lying unmoving on the ground, the energy in his body dispersing in all directions…

At the time, Shi Li had been blasted by this energy and thought that he was about to die. In order to survive, he could only cultivate as best he can. As a result, he absorbed a lot of the energy and also became keenly aware that there was something wrong with the energy that Xiang Tian had. ZC0nzc

The crystal core in Xiang Tian’s body emitted several different kinds of energy… This man’s crystal core was problematic. It seemed to be cobbled together like patchwork!

No wonder the Xiang Tian in his memories had died a few years later despite still being quite young!

At this moment, Xiang Tian’s crystal core had broken apart, and he had already lost the ability to resist. As for Shi Li, he was someone who had once been a Beast King.

Seeing Xiang Tian’s situation, he could approximately figure out how Xiang Tian had become a Beast King. YpMg3i

Xiang Tian had devoured other beastmen’s crystal cores.

After dinosaurs died, the crystal cores in their bodies would be preserved, but it was different for beastmen. After beastmen died, the crystal core in their body would disintegrate and disappear.

However, Xiang Tian had used some unknown method to obtain someone else’s crystal core before it dissipated, and had used it to enhance his own strength.

Shi Li knew that this most likely involved some bloody methods that couldn’t be made known to the public. It was probably because of this that nobody had been willing to mention Xiang Tian and looked down on him after his death in his previous life. xz1SUB

In fact, the crystal core in Xiang Tian’s body shouldn’t have become problematic so soon, but Shi Li had previously given Xiang Tian an incorrect cultivation method, causing Xiang Tian to have an accident ahead of time. Now…

Shi Li knew that he should leave this place and find somewhere to cultivate slowly on his own, becoming a Beast King under his own strength, step by step, and finally achieve his goal ten to twenty years later.

However, when he looked at the dying Xiang Tian and sensed the crystal core in Xiang Tian’s body that was still exuding powerful energy despite how much had already leaked out…

He turned into his animal form and ate Xiang Tian’s crystal core. bUdjmJ

Xiang Tian died, and Shi Li had obtained the crystal core of a Beast King, making the leap to becoming a Beast King himself.

Of course, the hidden dangers that were in Xiang Tian’s body had also become his own hidden dangers––that crystal core refused to settle down inside his body, and the powerful, disorderly energy had led him to almost lose his life.

But he was someone who had been blessed by the Beast God––although it was painful and difficult, he survived.

He also discovered that as long as he continued cultivating with the cultivation method that he had, he would be alright and should be able to slowly absorb the energy from the chaotic crystal core for his own use. jRx9Ce

So, a new Beast King had been born on the Beastman Continent just like that!

Although Shi Li had become a Beast King, he wasn’t strong enough to fight against others due to the problem with the crystal core in his body.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, he had his past experiences to draw on and could disguise himself as a powerful Beast King, to the point where he was able to obtain confirmation as a Beast King when he came to the Beast God Temple.

Not only that, many people adored and worshipped him because he was the youngest Beast King on the Beastman Continent. dNAvI8

It was just a pity that the daughter of the High Priest of the Beast God Temple who had remained lodged in his mind from his previous life, was currently still a little girl that played with mud.

Also, the High Priest of the Beast God Temple was not the same one as the one from his memories.

But, this didn’t really matter… Shi Li felt that he could first establish a good relationship with the High Priest of the Beast God Temple in order to first marry the High Priest’s daughter, and afterwards, when the position of the High Priest went to someone else, he could then go and marry the person from his memories.

Shi Li was fantasizing about his happy future while Zhou Ji had already arrived back at the beach on Hai Feng’s back. CF8ca

Hai Feng ‘grounded’ himself when he arrived by the beach. Zhou Ji stepped down from his head and headed towards Xiong Ye.

Hai Feng, whose head had just been trampled on: “……” Forget it, who told him to be unable to win against the other party?

“Zhou Ji, you’re back!” Xiong Ye saw that Zhou Ji had returned very quickly and was overjoyed. He wanted to give Zhou Ji a kiss, but Zhou Ji was holding a stalk of grass in his hands…

Xiong Ye was puzzled as he looked at the grass Zhou Ji was holding, “What is this?” 8LtQdu

Zhou Ji smiled. “Beast God Fruit.”

Juurensha: ….well, the whole crystal core thing is pretty horrifying. And Shi Li is as gross as usual.
xiin: core-cannibalism… yeah, ew. XT was disgusting for doing it in the first place, and SL is even more disgusting for knowing what had happened and the problems it would entail, and doing it anyway.

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