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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh119 - Being Honest


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Zhou Ji had thought that Xiong Ye would ask about his strength, but unexpectedly, Xiong Ye had actually started off by asking about this. dJ6PgC

If it had been before, he would be able to lie to Xiong Ye and say that they couldn’t be separated for a lifetime after becoming mates, but now…

“Why did you think of asking this?” Zhou Ji asked.

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“One-Eyed Wolf said that on the Beastman Continent, people who become mates can still separate.” Xiong Ye said, “Is what she said true?”

Zhou Ji’s first reaction when he heard this was to think that Xiong Ye wanted to separate from him, but he soon realized that it wasn’t likely––Xiong Ye liked him so much! 81zHxf

Moreover, although Xiong Ye appeared to be standing straight with his head up and chest puffed up, his expression… Xiong Ye was obviously a little uneasy and uncomfortable.

Zhou Ji embraced Xiong Ye and rubbed his head before giving him a kiss, “What she said is true.”

As soon as his voice fell, Zhou Ji could feel Xiong Ye’s body stiffen.

At this moment, Xiong Ye was in a terrible state. lP1BL8

Although One-Eyed Wolf’s words had been full of confidence, he had hoped that it was false and hadn’t expected it to really be true.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Ji was the Beast God’s messenger. He must have known about this matter long ago. Since that was the case, had he never planned to be together with him for a lifetime when they had become a mated pair?

If it had been the past, Xiong Ye wouldn’t have been worried about this. He was the strongest person in the tribe, and he hadn’t felt that he was lacking even though Zhou Ji was the Beast God’s messenger. But now…

“But I won’t separate from you.” Zhou Ji continued quickly. tKLC4m

Xiong Ye was currently feeling horrible, but he was given a pleasant surprise when he heard this, “Really?”

“Really.” Zhou Ji kissed him again, “I really like you.”

There had still been some confusion in Xiong Ye’s heart before, but now that Zhou Ji had said this, he was immediately in a good mood. Yet now that things were like this… Xiong Ye asked, “You… can you make an oath to the Beast God?”

Zhou Ji: “……” The Beast God didn’t even exist! PdEv7s

However, if he told Xiong Ye that the Beast God didn’t exist at this point in time, it would become a big problem, and he might not be able to explain it away…

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Even the slightest hesitation on his part would make Xiong Ye sad.

Itbe Al lwwfvljafis rjlv, “P rkfjg ab atf Dfjra Xbv atja P klii cfnfg yf rfqjgjafv ogbw sbe.”

“P jirb rkfjg ab atf Dfjra Xbv atja P klii cfnfg rfqjgjaf ogbw sbe!” Wlbcu Tf delmxis obiibkfv rela jcv tlr wbbv lwqgbnlcu lwwfvljafis! nER71T

Coafg atlr lcmlvfca kjr gfrbinfv, tf lwwfvljafis ofia wemt wbgf gfijzfv, ab atf qblca ktfgf tf ofia atja tf tjv yffc j ilaaif abb qfaas yfobgf.

Zhou Ji was so protective of him. He was clearly so powerful, yet he was willing to be with him. It definitely meant that Zhou Ji liked him very much, so he hadn’t needed to be worried at all.

Sure enough, things felt completely different when looked at from a different angle!

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Xiong Ye hugged Zhou Ji back, gave him a kiss, then started messing around, “In that case, why have you never ** with me?” XyA5Ud

Zhou Ji: “……”

The battle he had previously fought against Hai Feng had been like a narrow escape from death for Zhou Ji.

He was already very happy that he could survive and see Xiong Ye again. He had thought through many things, and now that Xiong Ye was trying to tempt him…

Zhou Ji felt that he would have to be a saint to hold back. dpA 7t

No, he would be worse than a beast if he still held back.

“At the start, I was afraid that you were still thinking of Shi Li or would like someone else.” Zhou Ji said. “After that, it was because… the preparations hadn’t been made yet.”

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“How could I still be thinking of him? Also, what kind of preparations?” Xiong Ye asked, and then found that he couldn’t speak any further.

Zhou Ji had used his mouth to block his. ZdM1O4

Very soon, he learned what Zhou Ji meant by preparing.

It really hurt!

It hurt so much!

It was the first time for both of them. They were very unskilled, and it almost led to a tragedy. If it wasn’t for the fact that Zhou Ji could use his energy to heal injuries, Xiong Ye might have ended up bleeding incessantly. YlzLyG

However, even with that, Xiong Ye wasn’t in a good state––he felt that it was a little uncomfortable the entire time.

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“Does it hurt a lot?” Zhou Ji asked. He was rather regretful that they hadn’t done preparations earlier, like preparing some suitable ointment or something.

“It’s alright.” Xiong Ye replied. It had hurt a little at the start, but he quite enjoyed it later on and even had found it rather curious, “In fact, I’m not afraid of pain. In the future, we can do this more often!”

XIong Ye was really enthusiastic… Zhou Ji kissed him. He really liked this kind of enthusiasm. EU17qN

Only, he had originally planned to come clean, but he had ultimately ended up sleeping with the other party… Zhou Ji felt that some things didn’t need to be said immediately and merely said, “Xiong Ye, I’m now even stronger than a Beast King.”

Xiong Ye agreed, “Of course, you even beat that Sea God!”

Zhou Ji laughed lightly, “It wasn’t the Beast God that gave me enough strength to beat him. In fact, it’s because I’m actually that strong.”

Xiong Ye couldn’t quite process this information. qCAzG1

Zhou Ji continued, “However, I can’t try to kill others, otherwise, I might fall into madness. When that happens, I won’t even be able to recognize you. This is why I never made a move before, and also why I never told anyone else.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you well in the future and won’t allow you to kill.” Xiong Ye said immediately. The Beast God’s messenger should be benevolent and shouldn’t harm any living thing. Was this why Zhou Ji couldn’t attack anything before?

Xiong Ye felt a little distressed for Zhou Ji.

He was clearly very powerful, but he couldn’t use it at all… ETMNF8

Zhou Ji: “……” Why was Xiong Ye looking at him with such a gaze?

Forget it, it was all fine as long as Xiong Ye didn’t start disliking him and remained committed to him.

Zhou Ji was thinking about this when he heard Xiong Ye say, “Zhou Ji, let’s go back… I’ll carry you back? You should be quite tired from before.” Zhou Ji had been injured and had ‘worked hard’ for so long…

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Zhou Ji expressionlessly picked up Xiong Ye and started to head back. gj3iqO

He hadn’t done anything and wasn’t tired at all!

Zhou Ji carried Xiong Ye until they were near the camp before setting him down, “Let’s go.” He had already healed the injuries on Xiong Ye’s body; Xiong Ye should be fine now.

“Mm.” Xiong Ye’s face was a little flushed as he dashed quickly back into the camp.

As soon as they arrived in the camp, they heard Xiong Qi say, “Xiong Ye, how come it took you so long to take a bath?” dZ83bo

Xiong Ye suddenly felt a little embarrassed, and then he suddenly discovered… he was covered in Zhou Ji’s scent.

He was a little unaccustomed to this, but the people of the Big Bear Tribe were already used to the way their scents were mingled, and nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary. Xiong Qi continued, “Xiong Ye, there’s food to eat!”

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“Oh.” Xiong Ye replied. The flush on his face finally dissipated.

He and Zhou Ji were already mates, and it was quite normal for them to do some things… Xiong Ye soon calmed down and felt that they could do it more often in the future. fEZbro

Of course, doing it in the camp wasn’t a good idea. He didn’t like being smelled or heard by others, but he and Zhou Ji could go somewhere else to do it.

While Xiong Ye was thinking about these things, Hai Feng, who had finally eaten enough, felt too miserable!

He had already been beaten up to this point, but what about the person who had beaten him? He had actually gone off to sleep with his mate!

He had been alive for so many years, yet he didn’t have a mate! jqWNR0

He felt so aggrieved. Hai Feng watched as Zhou Ji walked back slowly; this was bad enough, Zhou Ji even glanced over at him and said, “Have the people of the Beach Tribe get me some seafood.”

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What was so good about dinosaur meat? Seafood was much tastier. Zhou Ji felt that he would really enjoy grilled squid, lobster, crab, and a variety of other fish.

For the sake of his future happiness, fresh oysters and such could also be eaten… Cough, cough!

Hai Feng: “……” KeCtSB

Hai Feng had the people of the Beach Tribe go and catch some fish.

And then, the people of the Big Bear Tribe watched as the people of the Beach Tribe all became fat animals and went out to sea. Their tribal chief Hai Pang was indeed very fat!

After asking people to obtain his next meal, Zhou Ji looked at Hai Feng once again, “I’ll go out with you tomorrow to retrieve something.”

Hai Feng froze for a moment, then soon realized that Zhou Ji wanted to retrieve the Beast God Fruit. T zLmJ

The thing that he had guarded for a long time was about to become someone else’s…

He really regretted it. He regretted and wished he could go back. At the time, why had he stupidly gone over to attack these people?!

Juurensha: …ZJ, you can grow so many plants, can’t you grow one that makes some kind of ointment and make sure XY doesn’t bleed at the very least…..
apricot: now that you mention it, why can’t ZJ just grow a beast god fruit? :s
xiin: probably the unsexiest sex scene ever…


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