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Reborn into A Slash GameCh41 - Manzy: Fey, I Won’t Let You Leave Again


Bonus chapters as thanks to Sasha‘s kofi~ 1/5 bonus ch left :3

If there wasn’t something fishy about it, how could Manzy appear in such a timely manner? He got here so quickly that it was as if he had called him in advance to come pick him up. JlpWZx

What a pain in the ass.

Even so, he didn’t bother hiding since his whereabouts had already been exposed. He merely stood and waited for Manzy to come over.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Manzy came by himself. His silver hair was loosely held back by an emerald clip. He was garbed in bluish-green upper garments, paired with darker, tight-fitting pants. He was also wearing knee-length boots which made him appear taller and thinner.

I have to say, Elves are truly breathtakingly beautiful. UBOH5h

However, Suo Fei had been able to restrain his face-con tendencies from acting up recently. He finally could remain sensible and wouldn’t become obsessively infatuated too easily.

Pure Suo Fei: Look at my calm and steady temperament. Laozi is becoming more and more of a gong.

Evil Suo Fei: Are you sure it’s not because you’ve become immune to beauty after looking at the ultimate gong daren for such a long time?

Pure Suo Fei: Don’t rain on my parade….. 〒▽〒


Manzy looked at Suo Fei with a warm and tender gaze. His dignified and prideful iceberg appearance which seemed to be suffering from facial paralysis had become like this, scaring Suo Fei. He must’ve gone mad.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Upholding the idea of ‘meeting contingencies by sticking to his old ways’, he stared at Manzy and used his expertise in pretending that he has facial paralysis.

Manzy briefly smiled and softly said, “Why didn’t you tell me in advance that you’re coming back?”

Suo Fei: But you immediately found out about it even though I didn’t tell you in advance. UDy7Cd

“I contacted you since you didn’t contact me, but you ignored me. Fey, I left early because Valinor was in danger and I was afraid of implicating you,” He continued by condemning himself, “I didn’t expect that something like that would happen to Mauer City. Fortunately, the heart bead remained as lustrous as before, thus I knew that you were safe.”

As he said that, he took out a bead that looked identical to the one he gave to Suo Fei. It’s just that it was currently emitting a faint pink glow.

“I’ve always kept it close to me. Today, I saw its colour and knew that you’ve returned.”

Suo Fei completely understood at this moment that this suspicious thing should be something well-known. He had really given Manzy a call, it was just that it was an auto-dial call. He was certain that the bead should be something like a communicator. Really amazing! Why have I not come across it when I was playing the game?! 5y381t

At the same time, Suo Fei’s eyes sparkled as his gaze locked onto the bead on Manzy’s hand. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he could steal it and give it to Samael?

This way, he wouldn’t be afraid even if he got separated from Samael since he could always contact him.

Wait…… why give it to Samael? Cough. Is there really a need to ask this question? He had yet to capture his peerless lil’ shous so he must tightly latch onto ultimate gong daren! Also, evil Suo Fei, don’t come out and make an appearance! You’ve been fired!

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Veb Mfl tjv sfa ab gfjma ktfc tf ofia j yegra bo ygeaf obgmf qeii tlw ogbw yftlcv. Ktfc, tf rajuufglcuis ofii lcab atf batfg’r fwygjmf.

Surrounded by his familiar smell, Suo Fei knew that it was Samael and was immediately relieved.

Manzy narrowed his eyes and drew himself upright. His face was unfriendly as he spoke in an unpleasant manner, “Fey, come here. Valinor doesn’t welcome outsiders.”

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Although the Elven clan didn’t isolate themselves from the world, Suo Fei knew that they didn’t permit other races to enter Valinor. However, although they didn’t welcome others, it didn’t mean that others couldn’t get in. If one was capable enough, nobody would be able to stop them in this world. KyjtkC

It was only that he was very dissatisfied with Manzy’s tone.

Suo Fei spoke at last, “I came back to get Vixanne out of here.”

Manzy confoundedly asked Suo Fei, “Why would you want to leave? We belong to Valinor.”

Suo Fei calmly replied, “Grantlyn Evans had betrayed the Elves. Can Vixanne and I continue staying in Valinor? QRVLEH

A sliver of ferocity flashed in Manzy’s eyes, “As long as I am here, no one would dare to be dissatisfied in the two of you!”

His words caused Suo Fei to frown. If they stayed in Valinor, he and Vixanne would have to live their lives in fear and apprehension. Whether or not what Manzy said is true, why should he rely on others to live?

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Outside Valinor, there’s still Yalance that’s as boundless as the sea and the sky, where they could live as free as the wind. Even going to the Dwarven village was a hundred times better than staying in Valinor.

Seeing Suo Fei remain silent, Manzy emphasised once again, “Fey, I won’t let you leave again. Stay with me.” 854JuD

Samael, who had not spoken all this while, gently asked Suo Fei, “Do you want to stay?”

Samael’s lips were parted in a slight smile, but there was not even the slightest bit of warmth in his eyes. Suo Fei was startled. They had gotten along so well these days that he had forgotten his initial fear of him. He had also forgotten that it was the Demons’ inherent nature to act willfully and recklessly. He had indulged in the gentleness that Samael had given that he forgot how dangerous this man was.

“Do you want to stay with him?” Samael patiently inquired once again.

Suo Fei’s somewhat dazed eyes immediately became clear as he answered firmly, “No!” uqUK0H

A smile slowly bloomed on Samael’s face, like a bewitching poppy. Extremely beautiful, but utterly dangerous. He hugged Suo Fei with one hand and gently planted a kiss on his forehead. Then, he leaned close to his ear and whispered in a hoarse voice.

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Suo Fei heard him clearly. He stood perfectly still, as if he had been struck by a stunning spell.

Then, Samael let go of Suo Fei and instantly activated the Asura Blade. He restrained Manzy immediately before anyone could even react.

The Asura Blade was brandished across Manzy’s neck like a bloodthirsty viper. One slight movement and Samael could send him to his death. hDi5Em

Samael indifferently looked at the beautiful Elven prince. He struggled to curb the Asura Blade’s bloodthirsty impulse as he calmly said, “I want to see Vixanne Evans.”

Suo Fei was still distracted by what had just happened. He only collected his wits when he heard Samael’s words. Then, he instantly understood his intention.

…… So simple, but it’s surprisingly so cool!

Must they be so long-winded? Prince Manzy delivered himself to their clutches. As long as they restrained him, it would be easy for them to take Vixanne away. WYKhHL

Manzy Argoux had never suffered such grievance before. Manzy was enraged. His ice-cold silver eyes were tinged red as he stood in his spot. He gritted his teeth in anger as he spoke, “No…..”

He had only muttered out a word when the Asura Blade moved slightly and grazed his delicate skin, easily wounding him. Blood oozed out, causing the Asura Blade to tremble in excitement.

Manzy’s words came to an abrupt stop. He had never felt such an imminent sense of death. Moreover, he had a feeling that the demon in front of him would be delighted if he refused as that would give him a good reason to kill him.

The realisation terrified him. He felt unprecedented fear, as if a snake that’s flicking its tongue had coiled in his heart, causing him to tremble uncontrollably. w9xtuh

However, he was an elf, a noble Pureblood elf. The prestige that had been passed on for thousands of years allowed him to stand upright. He suppressed the fear that was rising from deep inside him as he struggled to speak, “K….ill me, Vixanne also wouldn’t live.”

“It’s alright,” Samael enunciated in a relaxed manner, “I’ll make the whole Valinor go down with her.”

Manzy’s pupils contracted and he tremblingly refuted, “You’re not capable of that.”

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“Then, try it.” fByENU

Samael spoke in a light-hearted manner but Manzy, who had been staring at him, felt that the demon wasn’t joking.

Suo Fei, who had been observing from the sidelines, knew that Samael was threatening Manzy. This was normal. The one who could intimidate is the one who’ll live, the one who’ll win. This was the most obvious way of thinking. However, ultimate gong daren, your acting is really impressive. Hehe. I almost believed it, let alone Manzy.

Manzy kept silent for a while before he finally compromised, “Come back with me to Valinor. I’ll bring you two to see her.”

Samael remained unmoved, “It seems that you still want to try.” nBHDP

Try whether I could destroy Valinor.

Manzy scowled, “I can’t let her come and see you!”

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Suo Fei was stunned. His heart skipped a beat as he asked, “Why?”

Manzy looked at him. Then, he looked away and whispered, “Vixanne Evans, she’s dead.” FL46QH

This sentence was like a bomb, exploding in Suo Fei’s mind. He stood in a trance with a face filled with disbelief.

He grabbed Manzy and sternly said, “You lied to me. She couldn’t have died!”

Manzy received a long cut from the Asura Blade when he was pulled. Blood dripped down along the blade, but he merely gritted his teeth from the pain and said, “Fey, I wanted to bring you back to Valinor. But at the same time, I was also afraid that you’d return. Vixanne died. I couldn’t save her.”

Suo Fei felt a sudden pain in the head. He forced himself to calm down and asked, “Why?” jpRa1t

Manzy paused for a moment before responding “She used a forbidden technique which inflicted serious harm on her body, but not to the point of death. I immediately asked the Elven clan’s High Cleric to heal her. When her condition was barely stabilised, I sent someone to the Celestials to invite their High Priest to heal her.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“However, she couldn’t persist long enough for the High Priest to come.”

“Why? Wasn’t she already in stable condition? The healing technique of the Elves is by no means lacking!”

Manzy’s eyes gleamed as he answered, “She suffered serious injuries before.” Mncw26

Suo Fei was stunned.

“She was already seriously injured before using the forbidden technique. She could only somewhat manage because of her formidable healing technique. After using the forbidden technique, her body was overburdened and simply couldn’t be saved.”

“Fey, I tried my best,” He lowered his head down as he continued, “Sorry.”

Suo Fei didn’t utter a word. His mind was somewhat clouded. If he were to be honest, he only interacted with Vixanne for a few days. However, the striking image of Vixanne abandoning her life to save him was forever etched in his memory. LdMu0c

He bore this body’s responsibility towards Vixanne. In addition, he also wanted to repay her for saving his life.

He had always believed that Vixanne was still alive and that he would be able to save Vixanne. In the Dwarf Village, when he saw Eugene and Jonah together, he fantasised about rescuing Vixanne and bringing her to Dwarven village.

It would suit her more to live there rather than living in the ice-cold Valinor.

But now, his fantasy had been shattered. lCo1w0

Manzy took out a crystal ball from his arms. He didn’t rashly pass it to Suo Fei but gave it to Samael instead.

“This is Vixanne’s last memory orb. I didn’t look at it.”

Seeing the memory orb, Suo Fei’s final hopes were shattered. For Elves, their body would disappear after death but they would leave a memory orb. It would contain the final thoughts of the deceased. It might contain meaningful information or it might only contain meaningless fragments. As for what it contained, it would all depend on the deceased’s volition.

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The memory orb was covered with Vixanne’s aura. It was an infallible truth: Vixanne had left the world. MgnSN

The author has something to say: Little cub, you chowhound, are finally coming in handy. Phew…

T/N: #sadboihours
Anw, thank you again uhimgood for the ko-fi!♡

Translator's Note

Opium, which is a highly addictive narcotic drug, is obtained from a poppy plant.

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