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PUBG Online Romance of the CenturyCh12 - I’ll protect you


Edited by Divetus and Noks

Back at his stream, the abuse continued. 96qcwl

[Finished watching? Can’t speak now?]

[You don’t know how to absolve yourself of this ba.]

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[If you’re not running cheat software, I’ll livestream myself in a meat grinder.]

“Don’t ah.” Yu Yan narrowed his eyes and directly closed the game. “What did the meat grinder ever do to you?” 4NKoS

Lu Xiuhe’s QQ avatar immediately flashed at the bottom right of the screen, so Yu Yan adjusted the broadcast window and pulled the dialog box to a place where the viewers couldn’t see it.

Your Great Lord Lu: What’s the situation ah, Xiao Yan…

Your Great Lord Lu: I went to see the video. I have to say, it does look a bit strange.

Yu Yan: En, I saw it too. fkwpmh

Your Great Lord Lu: But you definitely didn’t run any cheat software ah!

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Yu Yan: I didn’t run any, but I wouldn’t be so sure about the others.

Your Great Lord Lu: What do you mean?

Yu Yan: Xiao Rui was the one who told me that banana was behind the tree. ElAHiX

Lu Xiuhe froze, immediately recalled what had happened, and sent over a series of exclamation points.

Your Great Lord Lu: You mean… Xiao Rui was running a cheat software??

Yu Yan pursed his lips, thinking about how to reply.

After playing PUBG for so long, he could tell in ten seconds whether or not someone was using any cheat software. However, when it came to his own friends, he didn’t want to jump to conclusions. iwvs3P

After all, in most players’ hearts, only morally corrupt people would use cheat software.

Your Great Lord Lu: Fuck me, Xiao Rui has come to ask me for your contact information… Should I give it or not ah?

Yu Yan had previously added Xiao Rui’s and Climber’s WeChat, but unexpectedly, his WeChat was hacked and all his friends were deleted. At that time, everyone hadn’t met up, so he hadn’t added them back yet.

He replied with an ‘En’. qk6YdP

Soon, there was a flashing red ‘1 new friend request’ notification from WeChat friends. As soon as he clicked accept, the other party immediately sent him a message.

Xiao Rui: Yu Yan, I heard that your livestream exploded la? What’s the matter ah, are you still playing?

Yu Yan: The viewers are accusing me of running a cheat software.

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He stared at the chat and saw the notice of “Typing” from the other side. dCO1 r

It wasn’t until two minutes later that the phone let out a slight vibration.

Xiao Rui: No way ba? But that’s also normal. You play so well. They can’t play that well on their own, so of course, they say you’re running a cheat software.

Yu Yan: En, just now when we were on the hill, how did you see the person across from us?

Xiao Rui: Which one ah? YiG20x

Yu Yan: In the semi-finals, behind the tree, the one I headshotted with an AWM.

Xiao Rui: Already forgot. I must’ve seen him run behind the tree ba?

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Yu Yan: Really?

Xiao Rui: … Of course ah, what else could it be? ApYxRl

Meanwhile, the barrage’s abuse had grown even more excessive. Yu Yan had always been optimistic, but no one would be happy after being inexplicably attacked with words for more than ten minutes.

He paused and then asked directly: Are you running a cheat software?

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There was no response.

Te Tjc: P kfca ab kjamt atf gfqijs. Pa kjr lwqbrrlyif obg sbe ab rff yjcjcj ogbw sbeg qbrlalbc. rU8KPo

Xiao Rui: Nutjob ah, I didn’t run anything. It’s not like you haven’t played with me before, I’ve always been really good at finding people.

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Xiao Rui: What about you, are you running a cheat software? Xiao Yan, it can’t be that you want to push all the blame onto me ba.

Lf vlvc’a fzqfma Wljb Eel ab raeyybgcis gfoerf ab jvwla jcsatlcu jcv jirb ylaf yjmx ja tlw.

Te Tjc rajgfv ja atf mtja obg j ofk rfmbcvr yfobgf olcjiis pera yijmxilralcu tlw. Qtfc tf ibbxfv eq ja atf mbwqeafg rmgffc jujlc, tf vlrmbnfgfv atja fnfgsatlcu lc atf yjggjuf tjv vlrjqqfjgfv. YIUK1E

[The Stream Moderator has banned all on-screen chat.]

[Stream Moderator 012: Our platform boycotts all cheat software. If you want to question the anchor, please contact the administrator directly, and the administrator will verify the situation. Before the results of the investigation, any stream followers who insult or attack the anchor will be banned for 30 days!]

The page was clean, and Yu Yan’s heart was also cleared.

However, this was essentially like burying his head in the sand. iADaPL

He used his cellphone to log into the platform’s anchor page and sent a private message to the stream moderator.

[yanxyan: Thank you.]

At the other end, the stream moderator little Jiejie was staring at those unsightly remarks and was fuming.

“If you think someone is using cheat software, report it! If you can’t even click the report button, even if you condemn someone to death, you’ll all still be just a bunch of keyboard warriors!” e Ddwj

As soon as she finished saying that, she saw the private message from Yu Yan and was immediately moved.

[Stream Moderator 012: No problem… This is my job after all!]

Yu Yan didn’t reply anymore, and just opened the game again.

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“Moving on. Playing a few random squad matches.” th1wzT


The abuse continued even on the next day.

Yu Yan ignored it, picked up the QBZ beside his feet, loaded the bullets, and rushed out. “Not running a cheat software. Yesterday, I knew someone was behind the tree because my teammate told me. If you have any doubts, just go watch the replay of my livestream from yesterday.”

[Who needs to spend time watching your livestream? I can see it clearly enough from banana’s stream.] 2ynFv1

[Everyone, don’t be fooled. Watching the livestream replay will also add views to this little garbage livestream!]

[Not picking up the first-aid kit and painkillers nearby?]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Yan went outside and ran into someone. Just after two seconds of a gunfight, the enemy’s teammate had arrived in time and together, the two of them managed to knock him down.

This was the third time in a row that he had been turned into a lootbox after landing. OWoxdj

“If you land at a place with a gun, you pick up the gun first. Picking up other things is wasting time. Just now, that person was right next to me. If I had gone back to pick up the medicine, he may have run away.”

[The anchor’s mentality is OK.]

[Already reported you. If anyone wants to see a fun anchor, you can go to banana’s livestream at 12312. The gunfights there are much more splendid than those of this cheater.]

[Don’t send these messages until the results of the investigation come out, OK? Aren’t you too annoying??] mKOcz

[Yo, there are actually idiots sticking up for this cheater.]

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Over the course of the night, some supporting lines finally appeared in the barrage, but they were quickly met with verbal abuse from banana’s fans, which always lead to a quarrel.

Yu Yan directly banned all on-screen chat and continued to queue for a match. “There’s nothing to quarrel about. The person who announced that he reported me, just wait quietly for the result of the investigation.”

However, this group of fans didn’t plan to stop and soon took another approach. 7wLDSM

[The Anchor Is Using an X-ray Bot sent you a meteorite]

[Is it Fun to Run Cheat Software Son sent you a meteorite] F4uNb1

[banana Daddy Will Teach You A Lesson sent you a meteorite]

Meteorites were free gifts, and the design of it was a hard and ugly stone. Although it had no negative impact on the anchor or even in experience points, on StarTV, this was no different than a livestream getting downvoted.

The barrage could be blocked, but gifts couldn’t be. So, the stream moderator could only watch as antis filled the screen with gifts.

Yu Yan was getting upset from looking at it. In this match, he jumped into the wild and wanted to search for things quietly. mjkYAz

Until a line of small blue letters appeared at the top of the screen.

[Star Emissary “1” has entered the stream.]


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The Study. 3D7SqX

Yi Chen had just finished reading a spreadsheet and had entered the livestream at eight o’clock.

He hadn’t expected to see stones being constantly thrown up on the screen as soon as he came in.

He narrowed his eyes, but before he could figure out what was going on, his private message notification icon lit up.

Has banana Streamed Today: Boss, did you send gifts to this anchor? He’s a cheater, it was revealed yesterday! If you don’t believe me, you can go to banana’s livestream to watch the livestream replay. The livestream number is 12312… UNF6ga

So many things had happened in these past two days that Yu Yan didn’t remember the eight o’clock agreement until he saw the message announcing 1’s entrance into the stream.

He was hesitating on what to say when the other party took the initiative in sending a private message. He quickly opened up the message on his phone.

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1: Play?

StarTV’s full screen bans only worked for five minutes. After five minutes, you would have to manually ban it again. NI2PzZ

As soon as Yu Yan received 1’s message, the five minute ban timer ran out, and the barrage once again began to show countless obscenities.

I have to explain a bit ba, Yu Yan thought.

yanxyan: Boss, I’ve had some stuff happen here. If you play with me now, you may be indiscriminately attacked.

1: En. You used cheating software? UqHWgA

yanxyan:…! I didn’t!

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Yu Yan regretted it the moment he sent it.

Who would believe what he said? It was better to wait quietly for the investigation results to come out.

As expected, he didn’t receive a reply to his message even after waiting for a long time. 4iD89y

When the match countdown on the screen turned to 5, Yu Yan pursed his lips and tapped on his cellphone screen.

yanxyan: How about this ah boss, if you’ve taken offense… Just give me your WeChat or Alipay, and I’ll return the gift money to you. However, I only got half of it, so I can only return that half to you.

After he sent this message out, he flipped his cellphone face down onto the computer desk, and it made a muffled, dull sound.

By now, he had endured more than ten hours of abuse and could still force himself to continue playing the game. But as soon as he saw 1’s question, he was like a deflating balloon. All his grievances finally broke through the shackles and rushed into his heart. gZ2Uiy

Mostly, it was because 1 was his first viewer and his first boss.

In all senses, he was different from other stream followers.

In this match, Yu Yan’s playstyle became very radical.

Even if he was normally a sharpshooter, he seldom had such an impulse. ZgtQ8x

After cleaning one side of the villa, he immediately ran to the right. Having just heard some footsteps, he shot at the floor several times. Sure enough, within half a minute, an enemy was lured in by him, and their footsteps got closer.

A frag grenade was thrown from the corner of the stairs. Yu Yan didn’t even think about hiding. He rushed forward with his gun in hand. The other party was also stunned but immediately opened his gun’s scope to aim at him.

After five seconds of continuous gunfire, Yu Yan successfully killed him with only a sliver of health left.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[… Demolished them.] mSLcID

[Seems like he’s not just using an X-ray hack, but also an unlimited health hack, garbage.]

[It’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of play, it’s really a miracle that the anchor could survive until now.]

[You don’t say, watching this is really cool.]

Yu Yan moved his hand, directly closed the barrage widget and concentrated on the match. hu38xj

But his method of shooting at the ground to lure enemies was too arrogant, so he was soon punished.

Looking at the gray interface, he silently picked up his cellphone, ready to transfer the money to 1, but found that the other side hadn’t sent any account numbers, and had instead just sent two messages.

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1: No need.

1: I just watched the replay. 5RJKzg

Yu Yan was stunned, and then his eyes widened slightly.

If he wasn’t interpreting this wrong, this was… this meant he believed him?

Yi Chen frowned and clicked the mouse twice. The computer still didn’t respond.

As he mostly used his laptop, the desktop computer in his study hadn’t been upgraded for a long time. He had just opened the video replay when the whole thing froze. mLAQ7h

In retrospect, whenever he played games on this computer, it would also freeze from time to time.

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He was just thinking about it when his private messages notification lit up.


yanxyan: That’s so great. 7D6gqi

1: What?

yanxyan: You’re willing to believe me.

Yi Chen thought it was funny. He was just a plain faceless netizen, whether he believed him or not, why was it important to the little anchor?

1: En, you stream ba, I’m going offline. yPFBd

yanxyan: Ah? Not playing the game? I’ll take you.

yanxyan: If any antis try to add you, you can just reject their friend requests. I promise it’ll be okay in a few days!

1: It’s not that. My computer is a little laggy and keeps freezing, so I probably can’t play.

This time, the other party replied very quickly. d2kMpa

yanxyan: It doesn’t matter! Just follow behind me, I’ll protect you.

It was as if Yi Chen couldn’t recognize the words on the screen, as he kept his eyes narrowed for a long time before slowly coming around.

… Protect him?

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These words were quite novel. 5jV9ON

Since there was no response, the other side carefully sent over a sentence.

yanxyan: Are you coming?

After a long time.

1: I’m logging in. KWnYgb

Juurensha: I felt really bad seeing all the mean stuff ppl were saying about yanyan…but yay, Boss Yi believes him!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Divi: Yeah, it really sucks when you got antis attacking you without the proper investigation. Stay strong Yanyan, your boss believes you!


Translator's Note

literally force you to carry the pot

Translator's Note

literally plugging your ears while stealing a bell: not actually useful

Translator's Note

link here

Translator's Note

Divi: This is the cheating software that lets you see the players through walls/ground/anything.

Makes your game look like this, essentially: xray

Normally it’s really hard to differentiate between players and a tree, but here you can see stuff from far away. It’s not an aimbot so you can still fuck up, but you know where everyone is.

Translator's Note

short for anti-fans

Translator's Note

honorable you

Translator's Note

as in first donor

Translator's Note

Divi: basically preventing you from dropping to knockdown health status

Translator's Note

honorable you

Translator's Note

honorable you

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