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Perfect DestinyCh79 - Sleeping Illness Cured


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi

I Won’t be an Elder Brother for Many Years [8] knW4vZ

Chen Liguo still didn’t know that Shen Youling had returned.

After he woke up and looked at his wristwatch, he realized that it was already past two in the afternoon.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo asked the system, “How long did I sleep for?”

The system said, “Twelve hours, fifty-three minutes, forty-four seconds.” iz027H

Chen Liguo changed his clothes as he lazily said, “Recovered all the sleep I was lacking before this world.”

The system said, “I downloaded the latest medical data from headquarters and found that your situation is a first. I already sent your data back, wait for a response I guess.” Although its voice was still as cold as metal, Chen Liguo, however, could imagine the system scrunching its brows when it said these words.

Chen Liguo laughed, “Now you know how to treasure me?”

The system said, “That, how about directly going to the next world?” VRNHtM

Chen Liguo said, “As if. I don’t want to. I’m waiting to hold a grandson in my arms.”

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After he said this, his clothes were just about on and he languidly went downstairs.

As a result, when he arrived at the bottom of the floor, he saw Shen Youling sitting there with a gloomy face. Chen Liguo asked with surprise, “Youling, how come you’ve returned?”

Shen Youling slammed the remote control in her hand onto the tea table and said very fiercely, “Is it that if I don’t come back, you just won’t tell me that something happened at home?!” ieYjvb

Chen Liguo pretended to be confused, “What happened at home?”

Shen Youling gnashed her teeth and said, “Pretend, you’re still pretending?”

Chen Liguo said helplessly, “I’m fine.”

Shen Youling walked over with a few steps and reached out her arms to hug Chen Liguo. phvVkb

Chen Liguo sighed, “You’re already so big yet still act so spoiled.” Although he said this, he also reached out his hands and gave Shen Youling a heavy hug.

Shen Youling hugged Chen Liguo firmly and rested her chin against his shoulders. After a moment, she said with a muffled voice, “Daddy, you’ve gotten thin.”

Chen Liguo patted her on the head and said, “Be good.” Your father eats well and sleeps well. He not only didn’t thin but got fatter by three kilograms——He had measured it just yesterday.

Shen Youling said, “Dad, let’s go abroad to see a doctor.” dtxPLX

Chen Liguo said, “No, Dad’s really good.”

After he said this, Shen Youling remained silent for half a day and after a while, Chen Liguo realized that she was crying.

Shen Youling said, “Daddy, you have to be fine.”

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Chen Liguo felt a tremor in his heart and said, “Youling dear, Dad will be fine.” iorGgk

Shen Youling, however, broke away from Chen Liguo’s arms and said, “I know that you are worried about these things. You go out at ease, I will do it, okay?”

Chen Liguo stared at Shen Youling for a long time and then finally said, “Okay.”

Shen Youling finally showed a smile.

Later, Yi Huai learned that Shen Youling had managed to persuade Chen Liguo. For a time, he couldn’t tell what he was feeling. He had also entreated Chen Liguo piteously to go abroad for an examination but Chen Liguo had refused him without a doubt. However, once this matter was placed upon Shen Youling, it changed. lEHop0

“Yi ge?” Shen Youling’s tone was somewhat doubtful as she said, “Did you hear what I said?”

Only then did Yi Huai snap out of it and he softly agreed.

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There was sadness within Shen Youling’s forehead. She said, “The family business still relies on you as a big pillar. If there’s something that I could help with…… You have to tell me.”

Yi Huai nodded, “You don’t need to worry about this, it’s fine as long as you attend school properly.” 4O6t0Z

Shen Youling sighed lowly but no longer spoke.

After Chen Liguo agreed to go abroad, the itinerary was immediately arranged.

Yi Huai accompanied him to country D and set up arrangements for what was said to be the most developed hospital for the study of the brain in the world.

According to Yi Huai’s words, “Let’s first check out the brain. If nothing can be found, then let’s go to other places.” lbemga

Chen Liguo just listened and didn’t really want to speak.

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Yi Huai and Chen Liguo sat side by side. Upon seeing Chen Liguo like this, he unexpectedly couldn’t help but grab Chen Liguo’s hand heavily. Seeing Chen Liguo look at him doubtfully, he said with a tremble, “Mister definitely has to be fine.”

Chen Liguo was somewhat bewildered by his appearance, so he did not break free and just nodded slightly.

This one hold lasted the entire journey. It was only until they needed to get off the car to get on the private airplane that he reluctantly let go. BH1qzd

Chen Liguo’s drowsiness came once again and he began to doze off on the plane.

Seeing him like this, Yi Huai whispered, “Mister go ahead and sleep.”

Chen Liguo couldn’t control himself and closed his eyes, sinking into a deep sleep.

Later, he didn’t even know how he had gotten off the plane or crossed customs. When he woke up again, he was in a completely unfamiliar house. 2q8Vyo


Yi Huai was standing on the balcony and held a mobile phone in his hand, seemingly calling people. When he heard Chen Liguo wake up, he turned to him and showed a gentle smile.

The sun was setting at this time and the sunset that wasn’t glaring sprayed on his cheek. Chen Liguo’s vision was very good and he could even faintly see the shadows casted by Yi Huai’s eyelashes.

He was so young and handsome, and it appeared like there were still countless beautiful things waiting for him in his life. pX20E3

Chen Liguo sighed out a sentence, “He deserves to be called my f*ck buddy, this face really is good-looking.”

System: “……”

“Ai, the only fly in the ointment is that his courage is too small.” Chen Liguo lay in bed, imagining the future unfetteredly. “Say, if he had bigger courage and took advantage of the time I was asleep to brew sauce, how wonderful would it be.”

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The system said faintly, “It’s not as if you’d be able to feel good.” wzYDVd

Chen Liguo: “……” He was silent for two seconds before he became despondent. “Right.”

System: “……”

After Yi Huai finished his call, he came in and said that the kitchen had prepared food for Chen Liguo and asked him what he wanted to eat.

Chen Liguo said, “Anything.” He had never been nit picky about food. D8onfr

Yi Huai issued an ‘en’ and soon after, brought in a just boiled porridge. He said, “Mister, something happened on the other side, I will go back first.”

Chen Liguo nodded.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yi Huai said, “The arrangements with the hospital have already been made and you can be admitted for an examination tomorrow.” His expression was somewhat forbearing. “Mister, if something happens, you must tell me.”

Chen Liguo responded carelessly. 0esWEm

Yi Huai looked at his face and his throat moved slightly as if he were forcing down some kind of emotions. He said, “Mister, I’m leaving.”

Only then did Chen Liguo say, “Xiao Huai, pay attention to safety. If there’s anything you’re unsure of, call me.”

Yi Huai nodded heavily.

For a long time after, Chen Liguo spent his time in Country D. Fortunately the environment in Country D was very good and there were many beautiful people. Thus, Chen Liguo who had the system as a companion could not be said to be lonely. J1NDyn

For example, today, he was once again discussing the doctor that had examined him yesterday with the system. Truly long legs, thin waist, very easy on the eyes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The system’s mood, however, was a little heavy. The headquarters had sent back information, saying that Chen Liguo’s body really didn’t seem any different——His indicators were completely normal, not only that, he was a very healthy normal person. This symptom of lethargy, in this case, might mostly be from a mental cause.

In fact, it had serviced many hosts and almost all of them developed mental problems. Of them, the one it was most afraid of was the host becoming too invested into the world that they received a severe strike when they left——Just like Chen Liguo in the first world.

However, Chen Liguo seemed to firmly remember this lesson later and thoroughly treated these worlds as playgrounds. For Chen Liguo, this should have been a good thing. 1 lbqt

But why was he getting drowsy all the time? The system simply couldn’t understand it.

Chen Liguo felt that for a long while recently, the system had become reserved and a lot gentler, a lot kinder. That tone and manner made Chen Liguo feel a sort of indescribable horror.

This feeling was just like that time after he got a 20 in math and his math teacher asked him gently, “Are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Have you put on mimo pants, do you feel cold? Is it that a desk-mate bothering you that you got such bad scores?”

Chen Liguo even began to wonder if the system had something to deserve his pardon. jSpAIs

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Then, Chen Liguo said tactfully, “Tong-er ah, say, we’ve been good for so many years……”

Ktf rsrafw kjr mbcoerfv. “Sc?”

Jtfc Olueb rjlv, “Po sbe gfjiis vlv vb rbwfatlcu ab vfrfgnf ws qjgvbc, pera afii wf…… P mjc rajcv la.”

Ktf rsrafw kjr yjooifv jcv jrxfv, “Qtja?” mr TGW

Jtfc Olueb rjlv klat ofjg jcv agfqlvjalbc, “Lbk mbwf sbe tjnfc’a rmbivfv wf gfmfcais?”

Vsrafw: “???”

Jtfc Olueb mbcalcefv ab rjs, “Tbe vbc’a wbmx wf jcswbgf flatfg……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

System: “……” jdTLxt

Finally, Chen Liguo said, “This one really isn’t used to it ah.”

System: “……” Damn retard.

Chen Liguo said, “En, that’s more like it. I can smell the return of your love from your silence.”

If the system had a body, the thing it would want to do the most right now was to roll up its sleeves and fight Chen Liguo. S3zZTp

Feeling tender towards Chen Liguo was useless. The one he loved was the cruel system. Although his mouth said no, his mind kept pasting, “Ah, stronger, don’t stop, a bit rougher.”

The system didn’t want to talk to Chen Liguo and cursed a ‘trash’ at him.

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After Chen Liguo left, Yi Huai alone supported the domestic situation.

What he had gone through, Chen Liguo only had a rough idea of. However, a few nights later, he received a call from Yi Huai. rc9vgo

On the other end of the phone, Yi Huai said, “Mister, say something. I want to hear your voice.”

Chen Liguo randomly said a few things about what had happened on his side.

Then Yi Huai said, “Mister, take care of yourself.”

It was only later that Chen Liguo learned that it was every time that Yi Huai thought that he couldn’t go on that he would give him a call. 7ar0VZ

For nearly half a year, the two hadn’t met.

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Chen Liguo’s brain, as expected, was still a good brain. Although his brain was full of ‘yellow’ gay things, he really hadn’t fallen ill——So the doctor couldn’t do anything about his sleeping illness.

In their first meeting in half a year, Yi Huai seemed to be in a good condition.

However, Chen Liguo directly told his subordinates to go out and then said to Yi Huai, “Take off your clothes.” tjGWB9

Yi Huai was stunned, and his face immediately turned red. He said, “Mister?”

Chen Liguo said coldly, “I tell you to take it off you take it off.”

Yi Huai pursed his lips but still listened to Chen Liguo’s words.

Then he took off his suit and took off his shirt, revealing his bandaged abdomen and scarred upper body. plL4uH

Yi Huai had indeed grown up. In this half a year, he had practically become a cocoon that had transformed into a butterfly. His body had thoroughly shed its young and inexperienced astringency. Whether it was the bearing between his brows or his body, he had thoroughly become a mature man.

Chen Liguo told him to go over.

Yi Huai obediently walked to Chen Liguo’s bedside and sat down.

Chen Liguo reached out and touched a fierce wound on his back and asked, “What happened?” IhQ gF

Yi Huai said, “Some people refused to accept me.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Did you win?”

Yi Huai nodded and said, “Won.”

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Chen Liguo said, “Then what about the waist?” The wound on his waist wasn’t light either. 8Kr eU

Yi Huai hung his eyes. After a long silence, he said, “Was surprise attacked by someone.”

Chen Liguo said, “It’s been hard on you.”

With a shallow smile, Yi Huai said, “It wasn’t hard.”

Chen Liguo was distressed as well, but what could he do? He was still sleeping whenever he felt sleepy and might close his eyes and fall to the floor anytime and anywhere. If he managed the Shen family with his current condition, there would be a big accident. mPilJp

Then, Yi Huai said something strange. He asked, “Mister, do you believe in previous lives?”

Chen Liguo’s eyelids jumped. He asked, “What?”

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Yi Huai gazed at Chen Liguo’s expression but didn’t plan on continuing on with his subject. “It’s nothing.”

Chen Liguo, like him, was silent. Finally, Chen Liguo said, “How come I haven’t seen Youling for so long?” KrCBfg

Yi Huai said, “I wanted to ask the Miss to come with me this time…… Just an accident happened.”

Chen Liguo asked, “What accident?”

Yi Huai said, “The Miss’ boyfriend had a car accident.”

Chen Liguo was stunned and only then found out that Shen Youling had made another boyfriend. He said with a bitter smile, “In the end, she has grown up. What about you? When do you plan on finding a girlfriend?” ahb8qK

Yi Huai said lowly, “Having Mister is enough, I don’t need a girlfriend.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

These words were too ambiguous. Chen Liguo knit his brows and said, “What sort of words are these.”

Yi Huai said, “Have a good rest, Mister. Tomorrow we still need to go to Country F.”

After he said this, he got up and left. From his retreating figure, he seemed to be angry. wgEu3a

Chen Liguo suddenly had a terrifying thought. “Who am I, it can’t be that Yi Huai is playing tricks on me could it?”

The system said, “What play tricks?”

Those plots written in novels appeared in Chen Liguo’s mind and said, “What put sleeping pills in my food. What put poison in my clothes. What……”

The system said, “So why can’t I find out the cause?” adjvQ7

Chen Liguo: “Right, oh.”

The system said, “Although I don’t like him, if it was him making a move, then it certainly isn’t poison.”

Chen Liguo felt that it wasn’t really interested and lay on the bed like a salted fish. He said, “When will Youling’s destiny degree be full……”

The system didn’t speak. Pdl bN

Afterward, Chen Liguo went to Country F but like before, nothing would be found.

At this time, he didn’t want to continue examining. He felt physically and emotionally exhausted and was unable to love anymore. Thereupon he said to Yi Huai, “I want to go back home.”

When Yi Huai heard Chen Liguo’s request through the phone, he said quietly, “Is Mister able to wait a bit longer? Just three months.”

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Chen Liguo said sharply, “Yi Huai, what are you doing behind my back?” In fact, every half a month his subordinates would email him about the big events that had occurred in the Shen family during that time, so Chen Liguo had a rough grasp over Yi Huai’s situation. sVJwDA

However, in the wake of his prolonged time abroad, Chen Liguo’s control over the Shen family was gradually weakening and he himself was vaguely aware of something.

Yi Huai said, “Mister, wait three months for me.” He did not ask Chen Liguo whether he was good or not and directly hung up the phone.

Chen Liguo was a little angry and so he wanted to go back immediately. However, when he wanted to go back, he discovered that all the people around him were Yi Huai’s people.

Chen Liguo was so angered he smashed the things in the house. When he gave Yi Huai another call it was already turned off. dqF5AS

Chen Liguo fumed with rage between gritted teeth, “Wolf with a savage heart.”

The other people just listened quietly and let Chen Liguo curse.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, this wasn’t the most frightening thing. The most frightening thing was——With the end of the three-month period arriving, Chen Liguo’s long-term sleeping illness gradually improved.

He no longer spent most of his days in bed and eventually returned to normal sleeping habits. LScltv

If Chen Liguo still couldn’t guess that this matter was related to Yi Huai by now then he was a pig.

However, the issue was, how did Yi Huai do it?

Chen Liguo and the system were both puzzled.

Three months later, Yi Huai came to pick Chen Liguo up. NK5MVF

Chen Liguo had been locked up for three months and became angry at the sight of Yi Huai. He sat on the chair with Yi Huai standing before him. His next sentence was, “Kneel down.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yi Huai slowly hung his head and unexpectedly actually knelt down.

“Yi Huai, you’re really something.” Chen Liguo gnashed his teeth. “You actually dare put me under house arrest? Who gave you the nerve.”

Yi Huai did not speak. zRVBaj

Chen Liguo asked a few more question but Yi Huai did not answer——At this moment it was obviously him who was kneeling before Chen Liguo. However, the one in power here was actually Yi Huai.

Finally, Chen Liguo couldn’t tolerate it anymore and kicked Yi Huai’s shoulder.

Yi Huai’s body bent slightly at his kick. Chen Liguo originally planned on kicking again, but Yi Huai suddenly raised his head and grabbed his leg.

“Let go!” Chen Liguo said angrily. Yi Huai’s hand was very hot and he felt a little uncomfortable when his cold feet were clenched in Yi Huai’s hands. However, Yi Huai’s next move unexpectedly made Chen Liguo unable to speak. KZitrI

He saw Yi Huai lower his head and actually softly lick Chen Liguo’s white instep with his tongue. Then he said, “Mister’s feet are really cold.”

Chen Liguo was angered and immediately threw him off, picking up the cup next to him and smashing it at Yi Huai’s body.

Yi Huai didn’t allow Chen Liguo to hit him this time. After he dodged, he said lightly, “Didn’t Mister want to go back? A little longer and we’ll be late for the plane.”

Chen Liguo thought, ‘Late my ass.’ He came and went on private airplanes——He had never heard of one being able to be late for their own airplane! fNVAtb

Yi Huai saw that Chen Liguo’s face had turned pale from anger and smiled sweetly. He said, “Mister, let’s go.”

Chen Liguo gnashed his teeth and went into the bedroom, then slammed the door heavily.

Twenty minutes later, Chen Liguo appeared on his airplane.

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Yi Huai had a shallow smile throughout the entire journey while Chen Liguo had a gloomy face. N24y5T

When they sat on the plane, Chen Liguo was still struggling with a question. He said, “Yesterday, did I wash my feet?”

The system said coldly, “Didn’t wash.”

Chen Liguo breathed a breath of cold air and said, “Really didn’t wash?”

The system said, “No.” Aag vj

Chen Liguo said with difficulty, “Then, do you think that if Yi Huai wants to kiss me later, could I refuse?”

System: “……” So you had a worried frown the entire time just because of this??

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Chen Liguo said, “Something just feels wrong about kissing my own feet.”

The system said, “How come you don’t feel anything when you pick your feet and eat fried chicken without washing your hands?” jfTA4u

Chen Liguo said, “Who said I didn’t wash my hands? I washed them ah!”

The system said, “Didn’t wash.”

Chen Liguo: “Washed!”

The system said, “Didn’t wash.” 8dGQZh

Chen Liguo said, “I definitely washed them!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

One person and one system would not compromise on this matter at all. Chen Liguo felt that he was a cutie who loved cleanliness. The system felt that Chen Liguo was a big spicy chicken who picked his feet and didn’t wash his hands.

And so the two quarreled from Country F all the way back to China and were still quarreling when they got off the plane. It was to the extent that when Yi Huai called Chen Liguo, he was so deeply engrossed in a world with only two people with the system that he completely didn’t hear him.

Yi Huai called Chen Liguo several times who then turned his head and glanced at him impatiently. tCwPeK

Yi Huai said helplessly, “Mister, it’s this car.”

Chen Liguo looked at his own side and realized that he had opened the wrong car door. The female owner of the car was looking at him with a baffled face.

Chen Liguo said an apology and helped her close her door again.

It had almost been two years since Chen Liguo went abroad. rueG6C

Coming back once again, there was a sense of ‘things have remained the same, but people have changed’. Yi Huai wasn’t the same Yi Huai as back then and Shen Yucheng wasn’t the same Shen Yucheng either.

When they were in the car, Chen Liguo asked a question that he had been puzzled about for a long time. He asked, “How did you do it?”——How did you make me so sleepy all of a sudden.

Yi Huai was sitting next to Chen Liguo. Knowing what Chen Liguo was asking about, he said softly, “I don’t know either.”

Chen Liguo knit his brows. “What do you mean?” Ssz37M

Yi Huai gave a bitter laugh, “This matter is too absurd. Even if I told Mister, I’m afraid that Mister wouldn’t believe me either.”

Chen Liguo couldn’t help but knit his brows when he heard this. “How do you know that I won’t believe?”

Yi Huai said, “Because Mister doesn’t believe in past lives.”

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Chen Liguo sneered, “You want to tell me that you know witchcraft? Past lives, to give me such a half-hearted excuse you really have the nerve.” lCHFzk

When Yi Huai heard this, a helpless look appeared on his face, as if he had already guessed Chen Liguo’s reaction.

When they got home, Chen Liguo opened his mouth and asked, “Where’s Youling? Shouldn’t she be on winter vacation right now?”

Yi Huai said, “En, I’ll give her a call.”

After a two year period of separation, Chen Liguo sat in the living room and found that practically all the servants in the house had been changed. Even the housekeeper that he had always used had been changed to an unfamiliar face. cegxS

It seemed like in these two years, Yi Huai really had fired quite a few laborers. Chen Liguo sneered in his heart, his complexion like ice.

Shen Youling and Chen Liguo hadn’t met for a long time now. Although Chen Liguo had always wanted to see Shen Youling, he was blocked by Yi Huai with various excuses.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Dad!” Shen Youling came in through the door and went straight to Chen Liguo. Her hair was somewhat disheveled by the wind and her entire person looked a bit helter-skelter.

Chen Liguo accepted Shen Youling’s hug and said, “Youling, Dad has come back.” XY8CRm

“Dad, your sickness is better right?” Shen Youling asked.

Chen Liguo nodded.

Shen Youling had a lot of things that she wanted to say to Chen Liguo. She wanted to say what Yi Huai had done in the Shen family in the past two years. Wanted to say that she had been blocked by Yi Huai and wasn’t allowed to see him. She wanted to say so much, but because Yi Huai was present, she could not say a word.

Chen Liguo could sense the anxiousness in Shen Youling’s heart and said, “Youling, I heard that you got a boyfriend?” OjcyDM

Shen Youling’s face turned red and she muttered, “En.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo said, “When will you bring him over to show me.”

“Okay okay, whenever Dad wants to see is fine.” Shen Youling said. “As long as you’re home…… You don’t know just how much I missed you.”

The two talked about the past for a while and then Yi Huai gently reminded them that it was time to eat. xTR16L

Chen Liguo glanced at Yi Huai, but in the end, didn’t look at his face.

Seeing that Chen Liguo’s illness was better, Shen Youling’s mood became bright. She hadn’t lived very well in these past two years. The Shen family fell into turmoil as soon as Chen Liguo left. It wasn’t easy suppressing those wolves and tigers that were casting covetous eyes over. However, she didn’t expect that the teammate who had been fighting together with her had become the biggest BOSS.

When Shen Youling was obstructed by Yi Huai when she wanted to see Shen Yucheng, she perceived Yi Huai’s rapacious designs——However, it was already too late. Most of the powers were suppressed by Yi Huai and he was now in control of the Shen family.

Shen Youling couldn’t understand even now. Just what method had Yi Huai used to make Shen Yucheng’s former subordinates betray Shen Yucheng? 9odqhD

In the two years that they were separated, the best information that Shen Youling had gotten was Chen Liguo’s recovery from his sleeping illness——Which, of course, she didn’t know was related to Yi Huai.

The atmosphere at the dinner table was not very good. Neither Chen Liguo nor Shen Youling had any intention of talking to Yi Huai.

Yi Huai ate his food quietly as well, pretending that he was a statue.

After eating, Shen Youling sat down on the sofa and said, “I want to move back and live with Dad.” CVqI6n

Chen Liguo asked, “When did you move out?”

Shen Youling said, “…… During summer vacation.” She was angry at Yi Huai, so angry she didn’t want to see his face.

Just as Chen Liguo wanted to say that moving back was good, he heard Yi Huai say in a tone that was neither salty nor light, “Mister still needs to rest quietly to recuperate and must not be disturbed by people.”——The implication was that she had better not come back.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Shen Youling immediately slapped the table. She said, “Yi Huai, what is your meaning of this? My father raised you up and you treat our Shen family like this?” X5iNOm

Yi Huai’s gaze was indifferent as he said, “I am thinking of Mister.”

Shen Youling said angrily, “You——”

She only said half of her words but was stopped by Chen Liguo. He said, “Youling.”

Shen Youling looked at Chen Liguo with aggrievement. nv5hjW

Chen Liguo said, “Do not say what shouldn’t be said.” Yi Huai hadn’t completely torn off pretenses with them yet and if Yi Huai was angered, he feared that he might not even be able to see Shen Youling anymore.

Shen Youling didn’t understand this and just felt wronged. She said, “Dad, you’re still taking his side?”

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Chen Liguo pursed his lips. Currently, Shen Youling still didn’t know what Yi Huai thought about him. If she found out, Shen Youling might explode in anger.

“It’s not early anymore.” His tone was still indifferent. Yi Huai said, “Mister needs to rest. Youling, you go back first.” PBLxm9

Shen Youling was so angry she almost bit a tooth broken. She said, “Dad, this man…… Don’t believe him!”

Chen Liguo sighed in his heart and did not agree nor disagree. He just said, “You go back first.”

Shen Youling clenched her fists. She wanted to say that she would stay but didn’t expect that her father would actually have her go back. She could only say, “Then, then I will come back tomorrow, Daddy.”

Chen Liguo nodded. DlgwI6

After Shen Youling left, Yi Huai asked gently, “Is Mister tired?”

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Chen Liguo glanced at him and said nothing.

Yi Huai got up and sat down next to Chen Liguo. Then, he smoothly took Chen Liguo’s hand. He said, “Mister’s hand is so cool.”

Chen Liguo looked at him coldly. R0945N

Yi Huai earnestly and seriously kissed Chen Liguo’s slender white fingers one by one and finally said, “Mister, how about taking a bath first?”

Chen Liguo said, “Yi Huai, what do you want to get from me?”

Yi Huai said, “I like Mister.”

Chen Liguo wanted to retrieve his hand but it was held firmly by Yi Huai. Only then did he realize that Yi Huai’s strength was no less than his own, to the point that when he wanted to suppress him, he could not resist at all. P0lDnS

Yi Huai said, “Mister’s everything, I want it all.”

Chen Liguo said coldly, “Shameless!”

A bit of confusion appeared in Yi Huai’s eyes. He fixed his eyes on Chen Liguo’s face and said, “Why is it shameless? Mister originally should have been mine.”

Chen Liguo had not expected that he could be taken away by force and trickery in such a natural way. 1SaI8H

Yi Huai loved Shen Yucheng very much. He loved his hands, loved his feet, and even loved every strand of his hair. If he was not afraid of Shen Yucheng being unable to accompany him, he would have wished to eat him into his own stomach.

Truly, at the moment, Chen Liguo was both excited and afraid, and a little happy. He said, “Ai ma ya, this Yi Huai really can speak, making this one’s little heart and liver pound.”

The system thought, ‘My heart and liver are also pounding, itching to jump out in the next moment and slap you to death.’

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo said to the system, “This Yi Huai, has potential! He proves himself to be a baby taught by me, the tyrant president fell in love with me!” ydKGX3

The system opened the Diamond Sutra again.

Seeing that Chen Liguo hadn’t spoken for a long time, Yi Huai said, “How about Mister rests first. The room has already been prepared.”

Without even sparing him a glance, Chen Liguo turned and left.

Yi Huai watched the figure of his face with infatuation. He said softly, “Mister, don’t be angry with me.” xKdnRD

When Chen Liguo entered the bedroom, he saw his clothes already prepared at the bedside. He said, “Tsk, truly thoughtful, even the underwear has been prepared.” At the mention of underwear, it was unknown as to what Chen Liguo thought of, but his face turned red.

The system already didn’t want to ask Chen Liguo why he was blushing——This bastard could even eat a banana until he turns red and his heart pounds.

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Entering the washroom, Chen Liguo very earnestly took a shower. When he put on his bathrobe and came out, he saw Yi Huai standing on the balcony of his room.

Chen Liguo said, “What did you come for?” zSsodD

Yi Huai said, “I want to look at Mister.”

Chen Liguo coldly said, “I’m going to sleep.”

Yi Huai said, “Okay.” And actually went out straightforwardly……

Chen Liguo looked at his retreating figure and shed a drop of sad tears. He said, “This fellow is too soft.” lVaEAI

System: “……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although he was a little sad, Chen Liguo still slept as he should.

As a result, he suddenly woke up with a start in the middle of the night. When he opened his eyes, he saw a black shadow standing next to his bed. Chen Liguo had always been afraid of those things that were related to the supernatural and almost scared himself into urinating.

Chen Liguo: “Ahhhhhhhh, there’s a ghost ahhh, System, save me ahhhh.” mpl13W

The system was expressionless. “Turn on the lights.”

Chen Liguo quickly turned on the light at the head of the bed and then saw Yi Huai standing by the bed laughing at him.

Chen Liguo: “……”

Seeing that Chen Liguo had woken up, Yi Huai said gently, “Did I wake Mister up? Then I’ll go first.” r2RX8o

Chen Liguo hadn’t said a single word yet and saw Yi Huai turn and leave, not saying any unnecessary words to him.

Chen Liguo: “The enemy advances, I retreat. The enemy halts, I disturb. The enemy is weary, I strike. The enemy withdraws, I pursue. Very good, this fellow has the material to do great things.”

System: “……” It did not ignore the appreciation in Chen Liguo’s eyes and knew that he was being serious.

Chen Liguo said, “I understand the principle. If he comes here a few more times, I really would be scared into peeing and I reckon that this world would be terminated more or less.”——Shen Yucheng would not be scared into urinating so peeing from fright was tantamount to breaking his character. G69c3q

The system could not think of anything to say to Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo said earnestly, “I wish that he would not come so stealthily and directly do me openly instead.”

System: “……”

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Chen Liguo said, “En, grateful.” 8jcJw2

After he finished saying this he turned off the light and lay down in bed. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Three minutes later, his breath smoothened and he fell into a deep sleep.

The system felt great admiration towards the quality of Chen Liguo’s sleep. It was a system but falling into a hibernate state took at least ten minutes okay!

The next day, Chen Liguo got up on time.

Breakfast was made by Yi Huai——Chen Liguo didn’t know when he learned to cook. When he ate a bite, Chen Liguo furrowed his brows. UBH4ID

Yi Huai said softly, “What’s wrong? Is it not to your taste?”

Chen Liguo felt that the taste of the food was really familiar and it inexplicably made him think of a certain pervert in the previous world.

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Yi Huai asked, “Mister?”

Only then did Chen Liguo glance at him and softly say that it was nothing. ACzuO1

Yi Huai said, “Mister’s illness has only just gotten better, you must take good care of your body.”

While the two ate, the bodyguards outside the door suddenly came in and whispered a few words into Yi Huai’s ears.

Yi Huai’s movements paused and he said, “Mister, the Shen family members are outside. Would Mister like to see them?”

Chen Liguo asked, “Who?” R1kp58

Yi Huai said, “It seems to be Shen Yaoguang.”——Shen Yucheng’s grandfather’s second son.

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Chen Liguo wiped his mouth with a napkin and said lightly, “I’ll meet them once.”

Yi Huai laughed and said, “Okay, as Mister wishes.”——In all these matters, contrary to what one might have expected, he would let Shen Yucheng have his way.

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Translator's Note

type of pants worn inside or outside the pants when the weather cools to stay warm. Also known as autumn pants

Translator's Note

辣鸡 — It’s that pun again! I’ll probably stop TL this one. Means spicy chicken / (Internet slang) garbage (pun on 垃圾)

Translator's Note

二人世界 — world with only two people (usually refers to a romantic couple) / romantic couple’s world

Translator's Note

哎妈呀 — ‘Mother’ Inserted between Ai ya ‘Oh my!’ ‘Dear me’

Translator's Note

orriginally in english — means peropero = the sound of lick in Japanese.

Translator's Note

Originally in English, this fan appeared before :3 Do you remember when? I don’t.

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