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Perfect DestinyCh78 - Sleeping Illness


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi

I Won’t be an Elder Brother for Many Years [7] XYEivg

Although Yi Huai had woken up, his situation was very bad.

He constantly tugged at the corner of Chen Liguo’s clothes, refusing to let go no matter what, which brought about a lot of trouble when getting his examination.

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Chen Liguo asked the doctor what was going on.

The doctor replied somewhat embarrassed, “Perhaps his fever ran too long and damaged his brain……” f ZnOh

Chen Liguo’s brows furrowed. “Damaged his brain? Didn’t you say before that his physical indicators were fine?”

The doctor said, “It’s really our first time seeing such a situation…….”

Chen Liguo had been a doctor himself before and knew it was useless to make things hard for them. However, Yi Huai was constantly pulling at him and calling him ‘Daddy’. His delirious appearance made him very worried.

Fortunately, this situation did not last too long. After most of the examinations were finished, Yi Huai drowsily fell asleep. However, this time, he no longer had a fever and no other symptoms showed on his body. tV5iUG

From his appearance, his fever had withdrawn for the most part.

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Chen Liguo and Shen Youling stood in the ward, both of their complexions very grave.

Shen Youling said quietly, “Dad, don’t worry too much.”

Chen Liguo issued and ‘en’ and said, “It’s fine, even if he becomes foolish, our Shen family will still raise him for a lifetime.” R9GBEF

Shen Youling sighed lowly.

Chen Liguo said, “Yi Huai is fine now, go and have a good rest. You’ve been in the hospital for so many days now.”

Shen Youling wanted to refuse, but noticed Chen Liguo’s expression. When her father had this expression, it meant that the matter wouldn’t be discussed.

So Shen Youling just agreed and obediently went back home to rest. jku5EA

Chen Liguo sat in the ward and kept watch over Yi Huai.

He had almost never stopped to sleep or rest during these past few days. Now, although there were still many matters in his mind, his body finally relaxed a little.

He sat on the chair and just like this, fell asleep in a daze.

When Chen Liguo woke up, he was given a great shock by the person standing before him. He sprung to his feet suddenly, saying, “Xiao Huai, you’ve woken up.” xMO2cV

Yi Huai didn’t speak. He looked at Chen Liguo with a complicated expression that Chen Liguo wasn’t able to understand. After a long time, these complicated emotions finally merged to become the admiration and respect that Chen Liguo was familiar with. He called out in a low voice, “Mister.”

Hearing Yi Huai call him ‘Mister’, he knew that he must have recovered.

Chen Liguo’s heart was glad and he said, “Xiao Huai, do you still feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

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Yi Huai shook his head and said, “No…… Just feel a little hungry.” GoU0NA

“En, I’ll have someone bring you something to eat.” Chen Liguo reached out to feel Yi Huai’s forehead and noticed that it was ice-cold. He let out a breath and said, “The fever has gone away.”

“You’ve worked hard Mister.” Yi Huai had some vague memories of the past few days. He knew how Chen Liguo watched over him without stopping to sleep or rest and knew how anxious Chen Liguo was for him.

Chen Liguo really did regard him as a son to raise——without any remiss.

This kind of situation made Yi Huai feel very touched, but within this, was an obscure disappointment. 0Jkuv

Taking advantage of the time that he had before eating, Yi Huai got another full-body examination.

After the results came out, the doctor looked at the examination report and said, “It’s all right, your health is very good. Your physical indicators are higher than they were before.” If he hadn’t seen the patient suffer from a high fever with his own eyes, perhaps he would have never believed that this was the data before and after a fever.

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Chen Liguo found it odd as well. He even asked the system if it had opened a golden finger for him.

The system said coldly, “If I could open this golden finger, the first thing I would do is make you not interested in those things at all.” lT8srS

Chen Liguo said sadly, “In fact, I wasn’t interested in those things before at all.”

The system said, “Do I look that dumb?”

Chen Liguo: “……” Actually, it was still fine. Before it was easy to deceive, now it had somehow become more and more quick-witted……

Yi Huai’s sickness came quickly and went quickly. x5Sqi1

No one understood what was going on and when they even had the suspicion that his brain had probably burned out, he recovered silently.

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On the day of his discharge, Yi Huai was a lively dragon and animated tiger, his health completely recovered to what it normally was.

Chen Liguo sat in the car a little tired, closing his eyes to rest.

Yi Huai sat beside him in his usual silence. h2WGd0

The two did not speak but the atmosphere was not awkward. They were already used to the presence of the other.

When Shen Youling learned that her brother’s brain hadn’t burned out, she was very happy and even said that she wanted to invite them all to dinner to celebrate.

Chen Liguo agreed. As a result, just as he was ordering the dishes in the private room, he saw Shen Youling come in with her boyfriend Xu Ze.

When Shen Youling entered, she distinctly perceived the atmosphere in the room cool down by two degrees. She gave two embarrassed laughs and made the introductions, “Dad, this is Xu Ze who you met before…… Xu Ze, this is my dad.” 82vX6P

“Hello Uncle, hello Uncle.” Xu Ze hurried to say hello.

Chen Liguo ignored him, making the atmosphere even more awkward.

Fortunately, Yi Huai played the mediator. He said, “Hurry and come sit down. Dad has been in a bad mood recently because of my sickness…… Don’t take it personally.”

Xu Ze’s forehead was covered in cold sweat and he quickly sat down next to Shen Youling. CGOJAe

When he sat next to her, it was like he was sitting on pins and needles, especially because of the pressure from Shen Youling’s father——that imposing glare simply made him unable to breathe.

Chen Liguo finished ordering and didn’t speak, slowly drinking the tea in front of him.

Shen Youling called out flatteringly, “Dad.”

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Chen Liguo said, “En.” 9YeIKc

Shen Youling continued, “I really like him.”

Chen Liguo looked at Xu Ze and asked, “How did you two meet each other?”

Shen Youling said, “We met at school…… He’s really nice and later I heard that his family lives here too and felt that it really was fate.”

Chen Liguo had never believed in such things like ‘fate’. He didn’t like Xu Ze at first glance so he deliberately put on a cold attitude. 5CmBW0

Shen Youling was still saying good things about Xu Ze.

Chen Liguo bent his finger and lightly tapped the table. He said insipidly, “Don’t talk about this today.”

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Upon seeing this, Shen Youling obediently shut her mouth without any better option.

The food was served and the mood in the private room became a lot better than before. Although Chen Liguo didn’t give any face, Yi Huai, nevertheless, couldn’t bear to make things difficult for Shen Youling and faintly complied with her topic of discussion. 9 FkvO

Xu Ze kept his head down and ate from beginning to end. Occasionally he would respond in agreement. His attitude towards Chen Liguo was naturally a hundred percent deferential.

Shen Youling felt slightly regretful in bringing Xu Ze and making him feel so miserable…..

After eating, Chen Liguo left without saying a word. In fact, from the moment Shen Youling entered the room, the last thing he said was: Don’t talk about this today.

He spent the rest of the time eating peacefully without saying anything. gMIFSU

Shen Youling felt both afraid and wronged in her heart. She didn’t know why her father wasn’t giving her any face like this today.

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Yi Huai, however, forced a smile and said, “Youling, you have to give the Mister some time to accept it ah.”

Shen Youling sighed, “Okay, this matter wasn’t something I considered carefully.”

Yi Huai nodded. cAhKg

Shen Youling said, “But why does Daddy dislike Xu Ze so much……”

Yi Huai hesitated for a moment, then said, “Mister is very good at reading people. Perhaps it’s a little inappropriate for me to say, but this Xu Ze…… Don’t put all your cards on the table too quickly.”

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Vtfc Tbeilcu rjlv, “Dgbatfg, atfc P’ii ub olgra. We If lr ralii kjlalcu obg wf bearlvf.”

Yi Huai said okay and watched Shen Youling leave the private room.

After everyone left, the only one remaining in the room was Yi Huai. He swept his eyes over the hardly touched dishes on the table and slowly walked to the chair that Shen Yucheng had sat on. Then, he slowly sat down.

“Mister.” With a low murmur, Yi Huai reached out and picked up the cup that Shen Yucheng had drunk from. Then he turned the cup around and used his lips to lightly kiss the place that Shen Yucheng had touched before. e0kQoT

“Mister.” A ray of light sparkled in Yi Huai’s eyes. He said, “Yi Huai really likes you.”

On Chen Liguo’s way home, he repeatedly confirmed with the system whether that Xu Ze really was Shen Youling’s Mr. Right.

The system said, “It says so on my side——but what the system shows might be a bit different from what is found in this world.”

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Chen Liguo said, “What difference?” zRkyZ0

The system said, “Finding, is just a verb. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she will be together with that Mr. Right. It’s possible that they will just know each other, or be friends.”

Hearing the system say so, he immediately took out his phone and had people investigate the information on Xu Ze.

Previously, he had felt that Xu Ze wasn’t quite right but because the system had said that he was ‘the one’, he didn’t have people go investigate him. His intuition in this world was terrifying and it was because of this intuition that he had avoided disaster many times now.

The information sent from the people below came very quick. Chen Liguo’s brows furrowed as soon as he saw it. JTP3VS

This Xu Ze’s information was too clean. So clean it simply didn’t resemble a normal person’s. He lost both his parents as a child and lived in his paternal aunt’s home. He loved studying and got scholarships annually. He found joy in helping others and even participated in many volunteer organizations.

Chen Liguo said, “Send someone to City M to find out if his paternal aunt is real.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His underling sounded a ‘yes’.

Chen Liguo sat in the study room and thought helplessly, hoping that Shen Youling wasn’t too in love with Xu Ze right now. V4iMzu

After coming out of the hospital, Yi Huai spent more than a month developing himself before returning back to school.

Shen Youling’s school began as well. Chen Liguo was very worried when he sent her back and repeatedly warned her to be careful and take note of her safety and so on.

Shen Youling said, “Dad, be at ease. I’m already not a love-brain anymore. If there really is a problem with Xu Ze, tell me, I will break up with him immediately.”

Chen Liguo who was sending Shen Youling off was stunned when he heard this. He found that he had really looked down upon this daughter of his. bFSKCn

“Where in the world are there no green grasses, why love one flower alone?” Shen Youling said grimly. “Being together with him, is it not because he looks good?”

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Chen Liguo said, “If that is the case, you still had him come eat a meal with me?”

Shen Youling laughed, “Is this not me spreading out the bedding? Just in case I meet someone I especially-specially like. It’s better to first let Dad prepare his heart……”

Chen Liguo had nothing to say in reply to this daughter of his. 10T72b

Then Shen Youling waved her hand and left, her figure from behind was particularly natural and unrestrained.

Chen Liguo profoundly felt that he was already old……

Yi Huai stood beside him, his eyes full of laughter.

Chen Liguo glanced at him and said, “What are you laughing at, let’s go.” 6tFnaC

Yi Huai sounded an ‘en’.

Ever since he recovered, Yi Huai worked even harder. After he finished the work that Chen Liguo had given him, he began to make tentative contact with some other jobs, including some grey industries.

Chen Liguo looked at him and had to admit that Yi Huai really was fit for this line of work. His heart was ruthless enough, he had a camaraderie with his subordinates, and was able to use the wills of the people.

Chen Liguo would still occasionally give him directions for a few matters. However, most of the time, he let Yi Huai try on his own——Even if it might leave him bleeding and with a broken head. XjuR B

Eating a few losses now was better than suffering a great deal in the future.

Three months after school began, Yi Huai was attacked for the first time. Those people didn’t dare attack Chen Liguo, hence, they chose a soft persimmon to pinch and actually went as far as to plan to attack Yi Huai.

When Chen Liguo learned of this, the matter had already been settled.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yi Huai wasn’t hurt in the least——He seemed to have already anticipated this long ago and arranged many people around the school. As soon as that dozen of people appeared, they were beaten and tied up before they even came near Yi Huai. hG7FSr

Yi Huai called Chen Liguo and asked him how these people should be dealt with.

Chen Liguo said, “What do you think?”

Yi Huai’s manner seemed somewhat hesitant. At the present time, he had not yet personally given orders to have people dealt with.

Chen Liguo’s tone was very ordinary. He said, “This is just the way the world is: If you don’t die, then it’s me who perishes.” He didn’t tell Yi Huai how to deal with it but the meaning of his words was very obvious. DcXMid

Yi Huai said okay.

In the end, Chen Liguo didn’t ask Yi Huai how he had ultimately dealt with it. He intuitively felt that Yi Huai wouldn’t disappoint him.

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Everything progressed regularly and thoroughly like this.

Chen Liguo’s premonition had come true and sure enough, the people who had gone to investigate Xu Ze’s aunt sent back news, saying that there really was such an individual there. However, after this person was interrogated by them, they confessed that they weren’t Xu Ze’s aunt, but that someone had given her money to deliberately tell these lies. lOyjq5

Chen Liguo said, “Continue to investigate.”

The subordinate agreed.

A week later, new information was sent before Chen Liguo.

Xu Ze wasn’t called Xu Ze, but Xu Lu. He was indeed an orphan. But unfortunately, he had been provided financial aid by Chen Liguo’s opponent from an early age and it was unknown what freak combination of factors made him become Shen Youling’s boyfriend. tX7wUs

Chen Liguo gave Shen Youling a call. The first thing he said was, “Youling, break up with Xu Ze.”

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Naturally, Shen Youling asked why.

Chen Liguo said, “His name is Xu Lu and he came to cheat wealth and cheat sex.”

Shen Youling became angry as soon as she heard this. She confirmed a few questions with Chen Liguo then hung up with a ‘pa’. tXRwKY

Chen Liguo had faith in Shen Youling. Just as expected, in the evening, he heard from his staff that Shen Youling had actually gone as far as to beat Xu Ze up. Xu Ze had wanted to fight back but was unexpectedly unable to beat Shen Youling.

Towards this, Chen Liguo was left speechless. He didn’t know if he should be happy or sad.

Yi Huai came running home every day these days and would always eat dinner with Chen Liguo.

Seeing that Chen Liguo’s mood wasn’t right today, he asked him what had happened. Ai7Tsd

Chen Liguo told Yi Huai about the matter of Xu Ze.

When Yi Huai heard this, his action of picking vegetables paused slightly. He asked, “Mister, if someone tricked you, how would you deal with them?”

Chen Liguo replied nonchalantly, “Submerge in cement and sink in the sea.”

Yi Huai smiled, “Mister really is merciless.” brI9OE

Chen Liguo was a little unhappy when he heard Yi Huai’s words. He said, “This is called merciless? If they’re afraid of me being merciless then why betray me?”

Yi Huai said, “Ah….. I didn’t mean anything. Mister, don’t be angry.”

Chen Liguo thought that Yi Huai’s ‘merciless’ was speaking of the matter where he had done him in the bar last time. Chen Liguo did not plan on performing an in-depth investigation about this matter and would just count it as letting Yi Huai off lightly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo gave a tsundere ‘humph’ in his heart, thinking, ‘You devil, got for cheap yet still selling.’ U9eK8r

If the system heard Chen Liguo’s inner voice, it would probably vomit out all the food it ate yesterday.

After dinner, Shen Youling gave Chen Liguo a call. She coarsely cursed Xu Ze for a while, saying that she was blind, that Xu Ze was too loathsome.

Chen Liguo listened, only listening, and didn’t talk.

Finally, Shen Youling said, “But it doesn’t matter, I already plan on finding a new boyfriend.” bzAoUO

Chen Liguo almost spat out the tea in his mouth.

Shen Youling said, “That brother looks a lot better than Xu Ze——Ai, it’s just that he doesn’t really like to pay attention to me.”

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Chen Liguo truly admired this daughter of his.

Shen Youling said, “But it doesn’t matter, I will make him fall in love with me.” Sq94Fu

This phone call really made Chen Liguo physically and mentally haggard. After hanging up, he washed himself and then quickly went to bed.

Perhaps his mood affected the quality of his sleep because Chen Liguo’s sleep was terrible.

He felt himself wake up but it was a sheet of darkness before him. His mind was muddled, like it was a pot of paste.

Then he heard someone call him quietly, call him daddy. Somehow, this address made Chen Liguo remember Chen Xi from the apocalypse. He didn’t know just how Chen Xi lived after he left…… 5pWOKD

In any case, when Chen Liguo finally woke up, he felt like his entire body was unwell to the extreme. He sat up in bed and with the wipe of his hand, found that his head was covered in cold sweat.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo was sluggish for a long while before he finally asked the system, “Did something happen while I was sleeping?”

The system asked, “What thing?”

Chen Liguo said, “I seem to have dreamed of Chen Xi……” 13A4Cl

The system was silent and didn’t speak.

Chen Liguo sighed lightly. Then, his following words were, “Ever since I left that world I didn’t have a sex life ah……”

System: “……” It also remembered the fear of being contained by mosaics that month.

Chen Liguo said, “The first day I left Chen Xi, I already missed him.” C6l4b9

System: “……” It just knew that this trash host missing the past wasn’t anything good.

However, he wasn’t sure if it was his own misconception, but Chen Liguo found that after this dream, his vitality was becoming worse and worse.

At first, it was sleepiness. He usually got up at seven in the morning every day and didn’t need to use alarm clocks. However, when he woke up at twelve on a certain day, he was completely dumbfounded.

He sat on the bed blankly. ‘Dong dong dong’ knocks sounded at his door. Yi Huai’s extremely anxious voice came from outside, “Mister, Mister, are you alright?” 9uP3Vb

Chen Liguo walked over slowly and opened the door for Yi Huai.

As soon as Yi Huai came in, he saw a Shen Yucheng with a sluggish expression.

He had never seen Shen Yucheng like this. Even when the usual Shen Yucheng was tired, one wouldn’t think that he was easy to push around——A lion might rest for a bit, but it was still a lion.

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However, the Shen Yucheng before him had messy hair, his pajamas were not buttoned up, exposing his white chest and powerful lean waist. He glanced at Yi Huai and as if he had lost interest, he sat back on his bed. wWdm I

“Mister, are you alright?” Yi Huai’s voice was full of worry.

Chen Liguo looked at him and replied slowly, “I am all right.”

Yi Huai walked over with a few steps and felt Chen Liguo’s head. Finding that his temperature was normal, he said, “Mister, it’s already twelve…… Would you like to, eat something?”

Chen Liguo nodded his head and said yes. AaCVvD

Then Yi Huai went downstairs and brought a plate up.

Slowly, Chen Liguo finished drinking his porridge. Only then did he feel his mind sober up a bit. He kneaded the corners of his eyes and said, “How about you go to that negotiation in the afternoon, my state isn’t good.”

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Yi Huai said with hesitation, “But that negotiation is very important……”

Chen Liguo said, “Go, if you can’t make the deal I won’t blame you.” pF4PKs

Yi Huai pursed his lips and agreed.

After Chen Liguo finished eating he waved his hand and had him go out.

Yi Huai very contentiously helped Chen Liguo close his door.

Chen Liguo had originally thought that this sort of situation was just incidental. However, when he was still like this the next day, he felt that something was wrong and his first reaction was if he had fallen ill or perhaps got poisoned. He quickly went to the hospital to get an examination. oyJTis

However, the result of the examination was that Chen Liguo had no problems at all.

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It was still that hospital and was still that doctor. His expression was very embarrassed when he told Chen Liguo this. He said, “Perhaps…… It will get better in a few days?” He still remembered Yi Huai’s case.

Chen Liguo knit his brows, a little dissatisfied.

The doctor said, “How about you do some other examinations.” 0sl9d8

What could Chen Liguo do? He could only do it.

When Yi Huai arrived at the hospital, Chen Liguo had fallen asleep again.

He stood at the bedside and looked at Chen Liguo’s sleeping face. Unable to resist, he reached out and lightly touched Chen Liguo’s lips. He knew how it tasted. He had tasted it once and would never be able to forget it in this lifetime.

The doctor knocked on the door and Yi Huai asked him to come in. iKAjmg

The doctor said, “We are very sorry, but we simply can’t find anything……” When he saw Yi Huai, he felt very embarrassed.

Yi Huai nodded and said, “En, I see.”

The doctor had thought that Yi Huai would be angry and had not expected for his attitude to be so flat, as if he had foreseen the results of the examination.

The doctor said with hesitation, “Otherwise, would you like to transfer to another hospital and give a try?” RFT8DQ

Yi Huai said, “When Mister wakes up, I’ll discuss it with him.”

The doctor nodded and turned back out.

After that, Yi Huai brought Chen Liguo home. He helped him change into a clean set of pajamas as well. Although it was unavoidable that his heart was like a frisky monkey and his mind was like a cantering horse when he did these things, Yi Huai pressed all those filthy thoughts down into the depths of his soul.

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It wasn’t time yet, he still needed to wait right now. 45XqdB

Chen Liguo woke up in bewilderment. When he saw Yi Huai sitting next to him, softly tapping the keyboard, he asked, “Where am I?”

Yi Huai said, “Mister is at home.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Wasn’t I in the hospital? What was the result of the examination?”

Yi Huai clenched his teeth and said quietly, “The doctor…… Suggested that we transfer to a different hospital.” The implication was that they couldn’t find anything. 78vdV1

Although Chen Liguo had sensed this answer, he was still somewhat disappointed. This sleeping illness had come too suddenly, even the system didn’t know what was going on.

He kneaded his temples and said, “Would it be of any use to transfer?” The hospital that they went to was actually already one of the very best in the nation.

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Yi Huai said, “We could still go abroad.”

Chen Liguo was a little annoyed and said, “You go out.” pCESto

Yi Huai said quietly, “Mister, you haven’t eaten anything for a day now. How about eating something first?”

Chen Liguo looked at him and originally wanted to say that he had no appetite. However, when the words reached his mouth, they changed and he said, “Okay.”

Yi Huai brought over a meal and Chen Liguo ate it up bit by bit.

Yi Huai said, “Then I won’t continue to disturb Mister. Have a good rest, Mister.” TBpIFR

Chen Liguo sat on the bed with his eyes closed so he could rest and heard the sound of the door closing.

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As soon as Yi Huai left, Chen Liguo went to harass the system. He said, “You trash system, what happened to the agreed-upon golden finger for the host? The host is going to die ahahah.”

The system also found it strange and said, “There’s nothing wrong with your body.”

Chen Liguo said, “If there’s no problem how come I’m always sleeping?” dt1ahM

The system thought for a bit and said, “Maybe it’s because you’re growing up?”

Chen Liguo: “……”

After the system said this, it also felt that it was a little unreliable and said, “Okay, I was joking.”

Towards the system’s sense of humor, Chen Liguo felt a profound unacceptance. QKY18m

However, the system couldn’t find the reason even when it opened a golden finger, so it would be odd if the doctors of this world could. Because of this, Chen Liguo didn’t plan on going abroad to get an examination and planned on seeing the situation first.

The only fortunate thing was that apart from becoming somewhat sleepy, Chen Liguo wasn’t affected in any other way. His appetite was still pretty good and he didn’t feel like his body was weak.

He did not tell Shen Youling about this matter either. It wouldn’t be of any use to say it and would instead worry her.

However, because of the matter where he could fall asleep at any moment, he had no choice but to leave many things for Yi Huai to handle. XMZ635

Yi Huai had to take over so much work all of a sudden and immediately became extremely busy. Chen Liguo would often see him doing work when he fell asleep and when he woke up, he would still be doing work.

Chen Liguo got up from the sofa and noticed that he had been covered with Yi Huai’s clothes. He looked at the clock and found that it was already three o’clock in the morning.

Yi Huai saw that Chen Liguo had woken up and asked, “Mister? Are you hungry?” Because of Chen Liguo’s irregular sleeping times, hot dishes and warm rice was almost always prepared at home.

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Chen Liguo was silent for a moment before he said, “Why are you still working, it’s so late.” sY9OrI

Yi Huai picked up his glasses and smiled, “It’s not quite done yet……”

Chen Liguo said, “It’s been hard on you.”

Yi Huai laughed bashfully and said, “No, for Mister, I’m willing to do anything.”

He usually laughed seldomly and it was only in front of Chen Liguo that he showed a lot of emotions. Chen Liguo yawned and felt that he wasn’t particularity hungry so he said, “I don’t want to eat, I want to continue sleeping.” EfNh2c

Yi Huai said, “Then drink some milk.” He didn’t ask Chen Liguo if he wanted to drink and directly went to the kitchen and brought a cup of warm milk over.

Chen Liguo saw that since it had already been brought over, he might as well just drink it. So he held it in his hands and slowly finished it.

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As soon as he finished drinking it and put the cup down, drowsiness engulfed him once again.

Yi Huai watched Chen Liguo fall asleep. C3quVa

He looked at the milk stains on the edge of Chen Liguo’ mouth and unable to resist, lowered his head and licked it clean. The milk was very sweet and Mister’s lips were very soft.

Yi Huai’s heart beat like a drum and he was almost unable to control himself from tentatively penetrating Chen Liguo’s mouth. However, he heard him groan slightly and his action stopped immediately.

It wasn’t time yet, it wasn’t time yet…… Yi Huai restrained the turbulent emotions that might overflow at any moment and picked up Chen Liguo horizontally as he carried him back to his bedroom.

The next day, Chen Liguo woke up rather early and got up from bed a little over ten o’clock. 5uiswE

When he went downstairs and asked, he found out that Yi Huai had left around seven in the morning.

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Chen Liguo thought to himself that this child had suffered. He studied on one hand and took care of the pathetic bed-ridden Mister one the other.

He had some breakfast and felt that he was in good spirits, so he went to the gym to do some exercise.

The amount of time that Chen Liguo was awake for each day was rather small and irregular. Thus, there was no way for him to deal with some urgent matters. Fortunately, Yi Huai worked hard and resisted the pressure, settling all these matters. 1pGzrC

Chen Liguo could occasionally hear his own subordinates boast that he had good vision, saying that the small master was too good at doing this.

Chen Liguo was relieved but was also a little worried about his retirement.

Yi Huai was still occupied with finding a hospital overseas for Chen Liguo. However, all his proposals were rejected.

Chen Liguo said, “I won’t go.” The system had already surpassed the technology of this time. If it couldn’t find out the cause then it was impossible for this world to find it. Going abroad for an examination was just a waste of time. PUnKjF

“Mister.” Yi Huai was still urging him and said, “Just go and see, that is the best hospital in the entire world……”

Chen Liguo said, “No.”

Yi Huai pursed his lips into a line. It could be seen that he was angry.

Chen Liguo said, “I don’t want to go.” M7p9wz

Yi Huai said, “Mister, don’t be willful.”

Chen Liguo was willful. He said, “I won’t go. Could it be that you have the ability to tie me up to make me go?”

Yi Huai showed a frustrated expression and no longer tried to urge Chen Liguo. He turned around and went to the balcony.

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Chen Liguo knew that he had definitely gone to smoke. As soon as this kid ran into something bad, something unresolvable, he would go to the balcony and smoke with all his energy. How many cigarettes he smoked depended on when he would figure it out. 4bLHdR

In the end, Yi Huai thought for a long time but couldn’t come up with anything. When Chen Liguo woke up, he saw that Yi Huai was still standing on the balcony.

It was November now and the weather had already cooled down. Chen Liguo draped a coat over his shoulder and walked onto the balcony. He saw that the floor below Yi Huai’s feet was covered with cigarette butts.

He said, “Xiao Huai, how come you’re still smoking.”

Yi Huai’s voice was already a little hoarse. He said, “Mister, I’m scared.” huUX9d

Chen Liguo was stunned.

Yi Huai said, “My Dad and Mom left early. It was Mister who raised me up, I just have Mister now.”

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Chen Liguo’s heart softened when he heard this. Yi Huai was always very mature and this made Chen Liguo forget that he was also only twenty two——Like his almost grown-up Shen Youling who was enjoying her university life and courting.

Chen Liguo patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” ys0JTE

Yi Huai didn’t speak. He turned around and fixed his eyes on Chen Liguo. His gaze was so deep that Chen Liguo who was being stared at felt somewhat helpless.

Finally, Yi Huai reached out and hugged Chen Liguo heavily, his arms exerting a lot of strength as he hugged Chen Liguo strongly. It was like he was afraid that Chen Liguo would escape from his embrace.

Yi Huai said, “Mister, don’t leave.”

When Chen Liguo heard this, his expression became somewhat dazed as he unexpectedly thought of another person…… iVIbuQ

However, this illusion lasted for but an instant. Yi Huai very quickly recovered his usual calmness and said, “It’s cold outside, let’s go in first.”

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Chen Liguo then went inside the house with him.

After going inside, Yi Huai gave up and said, “If Mister doesn’t want to go abroad for an examination then that’s fine. However, I will invite a few experts to diagnose Mister, Mister must not refuse.”

The conversation was already at this point, Chen Liguo continuing to refuse would just be being unable to tell good from bad. He nodded his head. ZgH0FL

Yi Huai looked at Chen Liguo’s face and said, “Mister, you definitely have to be fine.”

Chen Liguo gave a bitter laugh and could only agree.

The experts came and went and it was soon winter vacation. Chen Liguo’s illness, however, showed no signed of alleviating. He continued to sleep all day long. If it weren’t for that fact that his complexion was still rosy, perhaps there would be people suspecting that he would just sleep and die like that.

From his initial panic, Yi Huai gradually calmed down and began to accept Chen Liguo’s symptoms. Ydkm8X

With Chen Liguo’s support, he began to gradually take over the Shen family’s affairs. Although he was just crossing the threshold, he knew that the day wouldn’t be too far off.

Currently, the only trouble was how this should be explained to Shen Youling who was coming home for winter vacation.

Chen Liguo wasn’t there to pick her up when she came home this time which already made her a little surprised. When she got home and heard that Chen Liguo was sleeping, her first reaction was, “What happened to Dad?”

Yi Huai, with a calm expression, explained the recent events to Shen Youling. 6DchtL

Shen Youling had indignation written across her entire face. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Insisting on waiting until I came home to tell me?”

Yi Huai said, “Mister didn’t want to let you be worried.”

Shen Youling said angrily, “Not let me be worried? I am his daughter, on what grounds should I not be let to worry?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yi Huai lowered his eyes and said, “Youling, calm down a bit.” SbLyJu

The more Shen Youling spoke the angrier she became and her tears began to fall unexpectedly. “Did you never consider, what I would think if something happened to Dad?”

Yi Huai said, “Mister will be alright.”

Shen Youling no longer continued to speak and was so angry she directly slammed the door and left.

Yi Huai looked at the view of her back and sighed softly——Who knew if it was fortunate or unfortunate, but Shen Yucheng had pampered this daughter too well and this instead let him off cheap. JcD u6

It was unknown what he thought of, but the always expressionless Yi Huai exposed a brilliant smile.

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If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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Translator's Note

头破血流 — lit. head broken and blood flowing / fig. badly bruised

Translator's Note

骗色 — trick people into sex

Translator's Note

心猿意马 — (idiom); fig. capricious (derog.) / to have ants in one’s pants / hyperactive / adventurous and uncontrollable

Translator's Note

季一百 — Season One hundred

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