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Nurturing the Hero to Avoid DeathChapter 15.2


Translator: Mii

Editor: sleepchaser RXnMIE


“Bring me along, I beg you… I-I will go together with you… So bring me along… I don’t want to be left behind… Never again…!”

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Alfred pats my back gently, like what Marie does when she tries to calm down kids who are distressed.

“Alright. I get it already. I’ll take you along with me.” ZdoP1l



“You’ll… stay with me? Always… together… Y-you won’t… leave me behind?”

“Yeah. I won’t leave you behind.”



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“Uh-huh… I promise you. So don’t cry anymore.”

“Don’t lie…”

“…I’m not lying to you. I can even swear it if you want. If I ever need to go somewhere far away… then I will definitely take you along.” fEJaWd

“You’re… telling the truth? Y-you’re not lying to me?”

“Yeah. I’m not.”


“…Really.” Alfred nods while looking at me. Ko7aeb

His eyes don’t seem like that of those telling white lies: dull with a thin layer of haze.

Instead, it’s a clear blue, the same color of the sky that stretches above.

Ahh, I’m glad.

Alfred won’t lie to me. VyqDKS

I won’t be left behind anymore. I finally feel relieved.

He strokes my head with his large hand, and I’m immersed in nostalgia as I close my eyes. Then I feel his soft lips press upon my eyebrow.

They’re warm to the touch and make me feel at ease.

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He kisses my forehead, cheeks, eyes, ears. Sneaks some on my nose and neck too. It feels ticklish, and I can’t help but let out a laugh. grdZ20

My eyes burst open. And I catch sight of Alfred joining me in laughter.

For some reason, large bubbles of joy expand in my chest. It’s a strange feeling, but it’ll be wrong to call it unpleasant. So in the spirit of happiness, I give him a gift in return; I place a kiss on his nose and cheeks.

Alfred’s eyes pop, before narrowing again in joy. How unusual… No, this may be the first time I’ve seen him that happy.

I can’t help but blush a little, embarrassed as I smile. SOdHD

This time, his lips fall upon my own. Again and again he rains kisses on me. I can’t sit still and we collapse onto the bed. He still doesn’t stop, however. I’m starting to find it hard to breathe.

“Al… Al— wait… It’s painful. Uhhn…”

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Suddenly, a warm hand brushes my stomach and back. The warmth is both comfortable and ticklish, and I once again laugh.

“Cio-gf… Ctt, kjla, la almxi… jt, tj, jtc, ee…” wWRn5q

Llr ilqr wbnf ogbw ws ilqr ab ws cfmx, atfc agjli vbkc ab ws mtfra. Ktbrf rilutais kfa ilqr mjgfrr ws rxlc klatbea fcv. Qlat fjmt xlrr, tlr tjlg ygertfr jujlcra ws rxlc jr kfii. Pa’r almxilrt.

Ktfc tf agjlir vbkc fnfc wbgf.

“Uhh, ahn… Haa…”

He sucks the skin of my belly vigorously. Shivers run down my skin despite the fact the room isn’t cold, and I grab on to Alfred’s hair. itN70X

His hands and lips feel hot and comfortable. It makes me breathless.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Somehow… Somehow…

…I feel… somewhat sleepy.

A yawn escapes from my lips. 4VPJZj

Alfred stops what he’s doing, lifting his face.


He’s looking straight at me with those clear, sky blue eyes, his gaze full of unsaid words.

Although I want to return his gaze, my eyes feel heavy, and I can’t keep them open anymore. 1Swbst

I let out another yawn, getting more and more sleepy.

“Fwahhh… slee… py…”

“…Hey. Wait. Don’t sleep.”

“…Impo… sibble…” jdMU9H

“Wait a minute…”

Even if you ask me to wait…

I can’t.

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For the first time in a few days, a wave of drowsiness crashes upon my form. And it’s one that packs a punch. Which makes sense, since I’ve had trouble sleeping lately. BaqLst

However, I want to secure this comfortable warmth, so I wrap my arms around Alfred’s shoulders in an embrace. His warmth slowly transmits to my cold body, and it feels… very pleasant.

With each breath I take, the scent of sunshine tackles my senses. Reminds me of the smell of fresh laundry.

As a child, I loved sleeping in a pile of fresh laundry.

Alfred smells somewhat like that. RzYFoL

It really calms me down… My most favourite scent.

Not to mention, it’s also very warm.

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“…Ngh. ……Saying such things…..are you trying to excite me here…….” FAW2HC

Or at least, that’s what I think Alfred says. I may have missed some things, since he’s basically mumbling at this point. Eh.

Once again, I can’t keep a yawn from escaping.

No good.

I can’t… stay awake anymore. 2mr3LB

Yet even asleep, I don’t wish for Alfred to leave me.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Eyes shut, I let my arms fall from around Alfred’s shoulders, bringing them to his shirt, no matter how heavy and tired they are. Once I find it, I grip hard to his shirt.

As my consciousness continues to fade, I faintly hear Alfred’s voice. He’s telling me stay awake. He should be right next to me, his warmth wrapping around me like a cocoon, yet his voice sounds so far away. How strange.

But it can’t be helped. NACnis

I’m at my wits’ end.

It’s inevitable I’ll fall asleep. Like how gravity is inevitable.

Or so I’d say if I can actually move my body anymore.

Alfred sighs faintly. Q2DM4e

Then I eventually surrender to slumber.


* * *


There’s a slight sensation by my eyebrows.

For some reason, it feels warm.

So comfortably warm…

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As my eyelids flit open, a familiar cotton shirt comes to view. 4TMDCQ


Lifting my head a bit, I catch sight of glittering blonde locks and a face too handsome.

I can also hear his breathing, albeit sofly.

…What kind of situation is this? 671Xh8

My chest feels a bit cold, so I look down. All of my shirt’s buttons are undone.

My pants are also pulled down, so much that the beginning of my underwear can be seen.

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I quickly rebutton my shirt. aRVNyt

Eh, what… What is this?

Why? Wait a minute…

What actually happened?!

But most importantly, since when did Alfred return home? djmQPT

I’m petrified.

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No no no.

No way.

It must have been a dream. Yeah, definitely. lb6 ny

It is closer to a nightmare. I should purge it from my mind as soon as possible. My actions then were completely out of my reasoning. Yes, I must have been a bit crazy yesterday. Definitely.

I thought… Alfred had died.

Seeing the rise and fall of his chest, I let escape a sigh of relief.

That’s right. I wonder what’s the reason for my uneasiness.. IhdJCF

Since he is the future hero, there’s no way he’ll die in such a place, right?

I brush my fingers over his skin. It indeed feels warm.

He’s alive.

I’m glad. On6xDN

Like he promised, he really did return.

This is not a dream.

Maybe it’s because I cried too much yesterday, but my eyes still feel hot. So I rub them with the back of my hand.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“…You’re crying again?” QY2dZw

From his voice Alfred seems to be baffled. He sighs above me. I lift my face.

His eyes are barely open, sleep hanging from his lashes as he stares at me.

“I-I’m not crying!”

“I see.” 1AorQ2

“I’m really not. My eyes are red since… they’re irritated…”

“I see,” said Alfred, laughing. Then he pats my head.

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“A-also, you’re at fault too, okay!? You just popped up in the middle of the room without saying anything… I was surprised, you know! At least let people know you’re home when you are! I thought that you…”

I swallow the words threatening to spill from my lips. S7PcFn

I thought that you died like my grandfather, that your last words to me would become our farewell…

“No… I just didn’t want to bother you by waking you up. So I hid my presence as I entered the room to check your condition… Were you that surprised?”

My strength gradually fades and I cover my face with both hands.

So that’s what happened…! NQCuoV

In order to vent my pent-up frustration, I hit the body before me. The body that is now larger than mine.

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Ouch. Now my hand hurts. I feel even more annoyed. This idiot. Where do you get those hard muscles? Give them to me!

“Stupid idiot!! You’re really misleading me, you know?!”

“I see.” 4jnH6g

“Stop saying ‘I see’! Seriously…”

Feeling weak, I bury my face in the sheets. Alfred laughs. This whole situation isn’t funny though!

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