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My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn't Need Any ComfortingChapter 38


Chapter 38

Qiao Shao was still dumbstruck. GcD8u

He flipped through the notebook mechanically, completely shocked by the content.

With a rough look, the only impression he had was that the handwriting was really powerful and forceful. The letters weren’t written in neat and print-like type, but it carried with it its own style that was free and unconstrained. Even so, every word was clear and understandable. It was definitely not just some chicken scratch scribbles.

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What was even more obvious at a single glance was the way the topics were laid out. Each knowledge point was spread out in a mind map. It was simply too easy to remember!

Qiao Shao flipped through its pages front to back, his mouth agape, wide enough to fit in a duck egg. ngP6sw

He Shen said, “There wasn’t enough time so this is only part of it.”

In fact, the scope of the First Year’s lessons wasn’t as extensive as one would imagine, but he hadn’t just sorted out all the knowledge points, he had also written down examples and points that were easy to get wrong.

Qiao Shao looked at him, and swallowed, “You’re giving this to me …?”

It kind of felt like a dream. If it were for him, this might be the most significant gift he’s ever received in his life. uhs5TQ

He Shen chuckled, “If not for you, then for who?”

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“Me, me, me!” Song Yixu raised his hand, “Can you lend it to me to photocopy?!”

He doesn’t need the original, just a copy would be enough to make him ascended as an immortal!

Don’t look at how Xiao Song was second to last. He was a second to the last placer with a dream! He dreams of scoring within the top 40 of the class! 72FioP

And yes, there were only forty-nine people in the class.

Qiao Shao was unexpectedly a little reluctant. He even felt uncomfortable letting anyone else touch it.

He Shen doused Song Yixu’s enthusiasm with a cold bucket of water. “It’s useless, this was personalized for him. It wouldn’t make much sense for you.”

Song Yixu: “?????” 1PEDjK

The god of learning explained to the slacker, “I understand Qiao Shao’s situation. I made these notes based on his weak points. As for you …”

Slacker Song said very earnestly, “I have a lot of weak points!”

With so many of them, even one that wasn’t made for him would still work to some extent!

He Shen showed him no quarter and said, “Which means that it would be useless for you to even look through it.” no287W

Song Yixu said unwillingly to give up, “Can'na be!!”

He Shen blurted out, “What is the definition of a vector?”

Song Yixu: “Hey …”

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He Shen looked at Qiao Shao again, Qiao Shao said: “A quantity that has both size and direction.” IeAoEJ

He Shen said to Song Yixu, “Do you now understand where the gap is?”

Song Yixu: “I was just slow to respond, but I knew …”

He Shen asked again: “What is the definition of quantity?”

Song Yixu: “…” uAhvMn

“Go back and read your books.”

Teacher He gave Song Yixu a final verdict.

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Song Yixu, drooped for a while but was still not resigned. The more he was pressed down, the more courageous he became. He said, “Shen Ge, would you also make notes for me? Really, as long as you do it, from now on you can tell me to do anything! I’ll agree to anything! I’ll work hard as an ox!” ”

He Shen asked him, “What’s your name?” TpUxKy

Song Yixu froze: “Song Yixu.”

He Shen calmly said, “Oh, I only make notes for people called Qiao Shao.”

Song Yixu: “…………………………”

Qiao Shao couldn’t help laughing. tK3Qkx

If this were a game, Song Yixu would definitely have two letters popping out of his head — K.O.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Song Yixu fell, Qiao Shao then had time to speak with He Shen.

“If you don’t have plans for dinner, I’ll …”

He Shen interrupted him and said, “Now answer me, who’s better? Chen Su or me?” a5Bvef

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Hljb Vtjb kjr rajgaifv.

Lf Vtfc ibbxfv ja tlw. “Lw?”

Hljb Vtjb’r fsfr aegcfv lcab mgfrmfca wbbcr klat tlr ijeutafg. “Tbe vlv atlr pera ab…”

Lf Vtfc jrxfv tlw, “Qtb’r yfaafg?” itQ80Z

Hljb Vtjb vlvc’a xcbk ktfatfg ab ijeut bg mgs. “Mlcf! Tbe’gf yfaafg, sbe’gf atf yfra!”

Lf Vtfc’r atlc ilqr gjlrfv rilutais jcv tf rjlv cbatlcu wbgf. Lbkfnfg, j qifjrfv fzqgfrrlbc kjr kgla jii jmgbrr tlr ojmf.

Qiao Shao stroked the notes with his fingers and couldn’t help but say, “You’d go so far as to work so hard for six or seven hours just to hear that?”

He Shen said calmly, “A person needs face as a tree needs bark. A man has got to protect his reputation.” QCqMFi

Qiao Shao could no longer suppress his smile. “I’m convinced.”

He has been won over wholeheartedly!

He Shen’s eyes moved away from the corner of his eyes. “It’s a shame though.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qiao Shao inexplicably tensed. Xfgl2E

He Shen rubbed his right wrist and said, “If I had gone back to write all these on the computer, my hand wouldn’t be so tired.”

Qiao Shao smiled again. “Well, who told you to work this hard just to save face!”

He Shen deliberately said, “Oh, my hand’s so tired. Even my left hand is so tired from massaging it.”

Qiao Shao quickly said, “Okay, okay. I’ll help you massage it.” U7JEp0

He Shen immediately stretched out his hand to him, lightning-quick.

Qiao Shao looked down as he massaged his wrist, and asked, “How strong do you want the pressure?”

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He Shen didn’t say anything.

Qiao Shao looked up at him. “Is this too much pressure?” fpzNhc

Could Young Master Qiao have given a massage before? Of course, not! His technique was very clumsy and awkward.

He Shen didn’t hurry. He said leisurely, “It’s very good.”

——How long this hand, how white, soft and tender.

Qiao Shao not only rubbed his wrists, but also massaged the part between his thumb and index finger. In passing, he also smoothed out and stroked each finger. cbxDpZ

He Shen felt so comfortable that writing for another seven or eight hours wouldn’t be a problem.

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He Shen didn’t leave even when it was time for the evening self-study.  Qiao Shao was carefully reading the notes he wrote. From time to time, he would say a few words to guide Qiao Shao’s review.

Qiao Shao benefited a lot. It was like his brain was suddenly exposed to the light. It was very effective!

This notebook was an absolute treasure! Not only was it the embodiment of He Shen’s grueling six to seven hour effort but more so, it showed just how much He Shen understood him. Jsx5nk

This kind of care and concern was really moving.

Qiao Shao swore silently that he would thoroughly grasp these notes so that he could live up to He Shen’s kind regards.

When he returned to the dorm room that evening, he couldn’t help but show his notes to Chen Su.

Chen Su flipped through it a bit and was dumbstruck. “He Shen wrote it?” QpKdZt

“Yeah, yeah, he did!” Qiao Shao was full of joy, like a child who had received his most sought-after gift for Christmas. “He spent a long time writing it, and he wrote it out so clearly.

Chen Su was a top student who regularly reviewed his notes, so he understood it at a glance.

“He Shen is really nice to you.”

Qiao Shao was also very deeply moved. “Yeah, he’s a really good guy.” gupmrc

He was a guy who was really loyal to his buddies.  Just take this notebook; he will treasure it forever!

Chen Su paused.

He said that He Shen was good to Qiao Shao, but obviously Qiao Shao misunderstood.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When all was said and done, Chen Su couldn’t judge what kind of person He Shen was. Although he was grateful to the other, he wouldn’t approach him blindly. In the first semester of high school, Chen Su had kept to himself. Did He Shen not do the same? xVoqO1

In the whole of East High, there was almost no one who didn’t know of this “genius”, but very few people could talk to him. The only exception was Lou Xiao from the international class, the man who no one would dare provoke. And Lou Xiao seemed to be and old friend of He Shen’s. The two knew each other before entering East High.

Chen Su couldn’t help but mumbled, “Why is He Shen so good to you?”

He always felt that it was a little strange, and it was hard to pinpoint just exactly what about it was.

At this time, the door opened, and Wei Jiayu came back with midnight snacks. He was just in time to hear what Chen Su said. LBAwzj

Qiao Shao was answering Chen Su’s question, “I don’t know either but he really takes good care of me.”

“Maybe you two really hit it off.” Chen Su didn’t think too much about it.

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Wei Jiayu snorted, interrupting their conversation: “You really don’t know why Shen Ge takes care of you so much?”

He was asking Qiao Shao. HtD3FC

Qiao Shao looked at him doubtfully. “You know?”

Wei Jiayu reminded him. “Shen Ge is good buddies with Xiao Ge.”

Qiao Shao was more puzzled. “So?”

Wei Jiayu was silent and then he threw one word at Qiao Shao: “Stupid!” Xu2Pew

Qiao Shao: “???”

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Wei Jiayu dropped off the snacks he was carrying and went to wash up.

Qiao Shao’s was in a really good mood now, and he manage to hold back his anger at this stinky little brat.

Chen Su comforted him, “Just ignore him.” yht5C6

Qiao Shao was very bewildered. “What did he mean by that?”

He Shen taking care of him had nothing to do with Lou Xiao. He and Lou Xiao weren’t familiar with each other.

Chen Su didn’t understand either and could not give him an answer.

Inside the bathroom, Blue Hair, who was squeezing out some toothpaste, sneered. 0Vl8MN

If it wasn’t for the sake of Xiao Ge’s face, would Shen Ge care at all about this little poor ghost?

If Xiao Ge hadn’t told him to then Shen Ge never would have taken care of him like this!

Stupid! Completely stupid!

He didn’t understand what Xiao Ge saw in him. ePinlQ


Wei Jiayu placed the electric toothbrush into his mouth and pondered it over.

The poor ghosts had no other redeeming qualities but he did look really good. If he wore skirts instead…

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“Cough, cough, cough …” E N8hQ

Blue Hair almost choked himself.

Early in the morning, the class leader stood on the podium and said, “Our new school uniform has been finalized. Now, we need to collect your sizes. Everyone can fill in this form.

The students were immediately excited. “What’s the new school uniform like?”

The class leader said, “I don’t know, but I heard it was very good.” wRsIAJ

Someone mourned: “Just how good can it be? It’s probably another baggy set of uniforms. They didn’t even change the color!”

A classmate soon joined in the wailing. “Please don’t let it be like High School no. 18’s; that one that’s all red …”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Someone who had seen the red school uniform of the 18th High School immediately chimed in, “Oh f*ck! If they’re really going to change it to that, then I’m going to jump out the window right now!”

“Dude, you’ve got some resolve. Jumping off the third floor won’t kill you completely, you’ll just be half-dead.” SflPop

“I would rather die than surrender!”

The class leader motioned with his hands for them to calm down. “Alright, hurry up and write down your size. I heard the teacher say that the new uniforms actually look pretty handsome.”

Song Yixu howled from the back row. “I don’t believe it. If the school uniform is a skirt, I’ll eat shit on live broadcast!”

This was a lot more exciting than jumping off the building, everyone was in high spirits. “Lao Song, you’ve got guts!” WwZqFz

Song Yixu said in a loud voice, “Skirts are impossible. Our high school girls will never wear skirts in this life!”

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In Qiao Shao’s previous school, girls really wore skirts — slim blazers and plaid skirts, together with a gold-plated school badge, which looked quite good.

Qiao Shao teased Song Yixu, “What if it is a skirt?”

Song Yixu was fearless. “Then, I’ll change my name to Poophead Song” 2oXZ4v

The whole class laughed.

The registration form had just reached their table. He Shen filled it out and then passed it in front.

Qiao Shao was surprised and hurriedly said, “I haven’t written down my size yet.”

He Shen said, “I filled it in for you.” qi3hj4

Qiao Shao: “Do you know what size I wear?”

He Shen leaned down and whispered the size into his ear.

Qiao Shao: “………………”

He Shen’s lips hooked up. “I got it right.” 3Q8P9J

Qiao Shao’s teeth ached.

Song Yixu seated in front of him, suddenly exclaimed, “Shao Ge, this could be a size for children’s wear!”

Qiao Shao was silent and cursed him in his heart. Song Yixu, just wait till you get your name changed!

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Every Wednesday, Qiao Shao calls his dad. 9GXEoM

On weekdays, Qiao Zongmin didn’t dare to call his son because he was afraid to disturb his studies. At this moment, as soon as the call connected, he couldn’t help but fire question after question.

Qiao Shao calmly told him about his score. Comrade Da Qiao was so very worried about scaring him. “It’s all right, that’s already a huge improvement!”

Qiao Shao rolled his eyes. If being last was already a huge improvement, how could the first in the entire school bear it?

“Next is the end of term exams, I’ll definitely make a good showing.” He said to his father, but also to himself. txGKF6

Qiao Zongmin said, “There’s no pressure. Just take it easy. You’re already doing so well.”

Compared with a year ago, it was indeed much better.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At that time, the situation was really a nightmare. Qiao Zongmin once thought that he couldn’t even keep his son.

Qiao Shao said nothing. xRd2ce

Qiao Zongmin regretted mentioning the incident and changed the topic. “Ah, yes, do we now have a parents’ group?”

If he wanted to be added then he could be. But he just didn’t want to cross Qiao Shao, afraid that he’d be unhappy if he knew.

Qiao Shao said, “There is.”

He’d added Qiao Zongmin in it, but unfortunately that cell phone he used… he didn’t know where he threw it. dI ekd

Qiao Zongmin said, “I asked Xiao Su to get me a new number and you can add me in, okay?”

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Qiao Shao cautiously said, “You mustn’t expose yourself.”

Qiao Zongmin said, “I promise to be careful and be a low-key dad.”

Qiao Shao got his number and pulled him into the group. 9Kuqx0

At this time, Chen Su had returned to the dorm room. Qiao Shao didn’t want to disturb him so after telling his dad a few more things, he ended the call.

Qiao Zongmin also happened to have a meeting. He has already delayed it for some time. While walking to the conference room, he gave his mobile phone to his assistant and said, “I’ve been added to a group. Help me send a greeting. Remember to keep a low profile.”

Chen Hao was used to doing this, and he agreed. “Yes, President Qiao.”

Assistant Chen opened the phone and saw a brand new WeChat number with only one group added to it– PSOENc

Year One Class One Parents’ Group

It turned out to be the young master’s parent group.

Assistant Chen understood very well how President Qiao sends a greeting.

He cautiously issued a red envelope worth 8888 yuan with the message “Hello, everyone”. va5 MN

Less than 10,000 yuan, very low-key.

The author has something to say: Qiao Zongmin: “? ? ?”

Qiao Shao: “? ? ?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Assistant: “? ? ?” RZAb7B

Parents in Year One Class One :! !! !! !! !! !! !!

Translator's Note

Can’na = Cannot

Translator's Note

His name will be changed from Song Yixu to Song Yishi. Yishi meaning poop. I changed it to Poophead because Poop Song does not sound right and for a reason that will be revealed in a later chapter.

Translator's Note

This is one of the features of WeChat. You could send a red envelope of money to their group or to another person. If it’s to a group, members of the group will rush/scramble for it and it’s up to chance how much each person gets.

Translator's Note

About 1,260 USD

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