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My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn't Need Any ComfortingChapter 37


This clinches it! The final nail on the coffin!

Brother Xiao is pursuing Qiao Shao? buCLhp

No no no, in all likelihood they’re already together!

This piece of gossip-worthy matter was enough to make Wei Jiayu lose all interest in playing his game.

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It turns out that Xiao Ge swung both ways!

Sure enough, he’s no average person… oWZwpY

Because of reasons, Wei Jiayu viewed Lou Xiao through heavily, very heavily, rose-tinted glasses, so that everything Lou Xiao did, he thought was cool.

That’s right, even being in a same-sex relationship was now cool!

As such, Wei Jiayu, who took had been entrusted with this “heavy task,” naturally couldn’t afford to waste any more time.

He pondered a course of action and left the school to buy a bunch of things. He waited for the evening self-study before going back to compete for the title of dorm room leader. l0Wo6p

When Qiao Shao and Chen Su returned to the dorm room, they were both surprised to see Blue Hair there.

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You should know that, normally, this guy will never return until bedtime.

Qiao Shao, being the polite boy that he was, greeted him.

Blue Hair looked him up and down and snorted sternly. mz4pJH

For Xiao Ge’s sake, I can barely bring myself to look after you.

Qiao Shao: “…”

What’s with that snort? What a rude and stinky boy!

He ignored Blue Hair, and continued to talk to Chen Su. VqUzDi

Wei Jiayu couldn’t help but to “ahem” again.

Given that they normally treated him like air, Qiao Shao and Chen Su pretended not to hear him.

Wei Jiayu had no choice but to give a couple of “ahem”s again.

Master Qiao Shao was a person of great moral stature and wasn't one to remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature. He turned to him and asked, “Do you have a cold?” Kkzmdh

Wei Jiayu: “…”

Chen Su added, “I have medicine.”

What ‘cold’? As if he’s take some extremely bitter medicine from some poor ghosts!

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Wei Jiayu no longer held back and got straight to the point. “I want to be the dorm room leader of 516.” F9IKiP

After hearing what he said, Qiao Shao and Chen Su looked at each other in dismay. Why has this guy suddenly taken leave of his senses?

Seeing that they remained silent, Wei Jiayu thought that he had lost the first battle. He immediately took out his trump card. “The dorm room leader must fulfill his due responsibilities and obligations. So from now on, the dorm room leader will be responsible for all the toiletries in the bathroom and all midnight snacks. ”

After that, he took the plastic bag from under the table and put it on top.

Qiao Shao and Chen Su: “?” PYy5gS

Seeing the two remain aloof and indifferent, Wei Jiayu added, “The dorm room leader will also be responsible for the hygiene of the dorm room. I will send the housekeeper to do a thorough clean-up of the dorm room over the weekends.”

Qiao Shao and Chen Su: “!!!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wei Jiayu had now thrown in all his chips and there shouldn’t be any more objections now. He asked them, “So, can either of you provide these conditions?”

Qiao Shao and Chen Su provide any of these? As if! tj UCd

Although they didn’t know what had gotten into Blue Hair, they wouldn’t mind him losing his head more often if this is how he did it every time.

Qiao Shao said immediately, “You’re the dorm room leader.”

Like this, he could already serve as a model for all dorm room leaders in the country. It’d be an absolute shame not to take him up on his offer.

Chen Su, nowadays, was more cheerful and carefree, with a smile in his eyes, he said, “I have no objections.” DHyIMd

Wei Jiayu crossed his arms and gave his usual ‘hmph’. “From now on, I will fulfill my responsibilities and obligations as the dorm room leader. Therefore I must also be bestowed with the appropriate authority.”

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Sure enough, here comes the catch?

Qiao Shao was not surprised. Wei Jiayu would be subsidizing the “home” in this way, he should get some privilege.

Wei Jiayu laid out the key points. “If you have no comments, I will now announce the rules and regulations for the dorm room.” fKb8Ur

Chen Su was surprised, “Rules and regulations?”

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Wei Jiayu looked at Qiao Shao and said, “The first thing is that the door must be closed whenever someone takes a shower.”

Ktlr rffwfv ab yf olcf, Hljb Vtjb jcv Jtfc Ve tjv cb bypfmalbcr.

Qfl Aljse mbcalcefv, “Vfmbcv, gbbwwjafr jgf cba jiibkfv ab rtbkfg abufatfg.” fMYz0

Hljb Vtjb kjcafv ab gbii tlr fsfr. Qtja jr atlr cbcrfcrf? Qtb kbeiv kjca ab rtbkfg klat sbe!

Qfl Aljse rjk atja Hljb Vtjb tjv cb bypfmalbc, jcv ygfjatfv j rlut bo gfilfo. “Ktlgv, sbe cffv ab ufa vgfrrfv joafg ajxlcu j rtbkfg yfobgf sbe mbwf bea.”

Even more utter nonsense…

If you didn’t dress, then what? You’d walk out naked? BDk9hA

Qiao Shao and Chen Su remained silent, waiting for him to say something serious.

Unexpectedly, Wei Jiayu stopped. He didn’t continue to think of any other rules. He just simply stopped.

Qiao Shao blinked. “That’s all?”

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Wei Jiayu glared at him. “That’s all!” ZXz4nL

He already broke his head thinking up of these three rules. Adding anymore, might just provoke Xiao Ge’s ire!

Qiao Shao looked at Chen Su, and Chen Su looked at Qiao Shao. They could glean three words from each other’s eyes—

A complete nutjob.

To pay such a price, to get the post of the dorm room leader just to set some nonsense set of rules? 9JRyFp

Afterwards, Qiao Shao sent a private message to Chen Su. “Why do you think Wei Jiayu’s acting like a complete nutjob?”

Chen Su was silent for a bit before replying, “We will never be able to understand the world of rich people.”

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Qiao Shao was also silent, but in his heart, he said, ‘Sorry but this isn’t a pot rich people are willing to carry.’

It didn’t matter what has gotten into Wei Jiayu, in any case, things were settled. 0dNhKQ

Wei Jiayu placed his new ‘decorations’ in the washroom — brand new shampoo and bath products, brand new bath towels, toothpaste and facial washes.

Given the avant-garde blue hair of Wei Jiayu’s, they already knew that he was a delicate pig boy.

The next day Qiao Shao began to recount Wei Jiayu’s utter craziness to He Shen.

He Shen listened with a smile. bvzqiB

Qiao Shao said, “What do you say? You think he’s gone completely stupid?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He Shen sold out his teammate without a trace of politeness. “En.”

Qiao Shao said, “But … I guess he’s also kind of a good guy.”

Although he was rude, arrogant and awkward, Qiao Shao thought that Wei Jiayu most likely wanted to belong with his roommates and have a good relationship with him and Chen Su. Qiao Shao understood this method of buying friendship with money.  So although he doubted his IQ, Qiao Shao’s heart went out to him. W3m1Z8

Because of Qiao Shao’s story, He Shen kind of wanted to invite Wei Jiayu out for a meal.

—So long as he feels like it, that is.

After this monthly exam, the biggest winner was actually their Chinese teacher, Old Comrade Qin.

Old Qin has weathered through storms and winds. He would be subjected to a torrent of abuse whenever they did the after-exam review of the test questions. sqvaB8

But this time he was radiant with happiness and kept praising, “You see, as long as you are diligent, nothing is impossible. Everyone has performed well this time, even the average score is a full tenth higher than the last time …”

While Old Qin’s mouth was running like a torrent from happiness, the students all had a bitter heart. Last week, they devoted all their energies to studying Chinese language topics. How could they not achieve results? They all thought that this time’s Chinese Language exam was going to be absolute hell. How could they not treat it with caution!

But what was the actual fact of the matter? The truth was…!

There were no buried surprises in this month’s Chinese exam. Everything was within scope. Even the difficult lessons weren’t tested, everything was basic knowledge. After putting in so much effort and given such a test paper, how could they live with themselves if they didn’t score at least over 100 points? zXx1DW

During the break between classes, Song Yixu turned around and said, “Shen Ge, didn’t you say the Chinese exam would be really difficult?”

As soon as he spoke, many people also turned their heads, waiting for his reply.

Even Qiao Shao turned his head and was surprised. “It was you who said the Chinese exam was going to be difficult?”

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It turned out that those rumors he heard came from He Shen? 0QLhRf

Now, he could understand. Who wouldn’t panic when this news came from the god of learning?

He Shen had a comparatively light workload last night and so his condition today was pretty ok. He braced his chin on his hand and looked at Qiao Shao: “I never said that.”

Qiao Shao turned to Song Yixu. “He never said that.”

Song Yixu lamented, “He never said it but he handed in his Chinese language homework last week!” iQ90l2

Qiao Shao: “…………”

He Shen said calmly, “I just handed in my assignment. What were you so nervous about?”

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Song Yixu said, “How can we not be nervous? You were obviously trying to curry favor with Old Qin. How can you expect us not to pay close attention!”

The Chinese class representative also used his opportunity to come over and quietly say, “You were also reviewing E’fang Palace.” BeZ lI

This is the biggest reason for the rumors.

Fortunately, Qiao Shao was already sitting down, else he would have fallen down!

He Shen looked at him and said, “That’s because I was …”

Mid-sentence, Qiao Shao immediately covered his mouth to stop him from speaking. lk2qSR

He Shen eyes curved into a smile as he looked at him.

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Qiao Shao answered for him: “He … he was just playing around!”

Don’t you dare expose me!

Qiao Shao was madly trying to communicate with him through his eyes. e4KWsq

Now, he understood everything. Turns out the rumors about the Chinese language exam all came from him! He urged He Shen to do his homework, and as a result, the masses were alarmed. The students were panicked, and rumor finally circled back to Qiao Shao.

At that time, Qiao Shao wholly believed it and said to He Shen, “The Chinese language exam this time will be very difficult. We need to review the topics from the previous term.”

So He Shen reviewed E’fang Palace.

Ah…… ENr4oF

Qiao Shao wanted to seal himself into a coffin once again!

“Well, I was just reviewing it on a whim,” He Shen took Qiao Shao’s hand covering his mouth and said slowly. “Don’t be so superstitious, I never try to guess what will be on the exam. There’s no need for you guys to be so worked up based on what I do.”

This remark brought the masses back to their senses.

Yeah, the god of learning never tries to guess what will be on the exam. After all, given his abilities, why would he need to? Within scope or outside it, is there anything he can’t answer? OWMoyK

Despite the wretched conclusion, the masses finally moved on from this topic and Qiao Shao breathed a sigh of relief. He pulled his hand back from He Shen.

At noon, Qiao Shao rushed to go eat. He Shen said, “Wait a while, I’ll take you to eat in a bit.”

Qiao Shao: “Huh? What’s the matter?”

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“While nobody is here,” He Shen deliberately paused. “show me your test papers.” hXLgZo

Qiao Shao hummed. “There’s no need for you to look at it, I’ve already sorted out the wrong questions.”

“Be good now and,” He Shen coaxed him, “show it me.”

Qiao Shao: “No!”

He Shen reached for his table drawer: “Don’t be shy.” UiTgQ

Flustered, Qiao Shao grabbed his downward heading arm: “Don’t!”

Yu Yuanxi, who ran back to the classroom because she had forgotten to take her meal card—

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…I bet they’re doing something extraordinary but I don’t dare present any evidence!

Later, of course, Qiao Shao laid out the test papers in front of He Shen. B8IxYr

Actually, He Shen already had these papers printed in his head long ago. The reason why he wanted to see them now was mainly to find an opportunity to talk with Qiao Shao.

He could see that Qiao Shao was not troubled by his score, and he was as positive and forward-looking as he has always been.

But there was no reason for him to be last. Qiao Shao wasn’t stupid, and he worked hard. He shouldn’t have gotten a score like this.

He Shen looked over it carefully and asked him, “Was it difficult?” dn9tIl

Qiao Shao used his previous excuse. “Actually, I didn’t attend school last semester. I probably didn’t do well because I missed so much.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This excuse might have worked on Chen Su but it had little meaning to He Shen.

He knew quite clearly that in tests like these there would be questions that would utilize the topics discussed from the previous semester, but there were several questions that covered topics discussed only recently. As long as you listened to the lesson, there was no reason you shouldn’t be able to answer it.

Qiao Shao listened in class more seriously than anyone else. He also had no problems when answering these on the practice exercises, so how could he have performed this way in the exam? A4Nd10

He Shen didn’t expose his lie. He only asked, “Why didn’t you attend school last semester?”

Qiao Shao said, “Some things happened, so I stopped going to school.”

He Shen was stunned.

Qiao Shao said immediately. “It’s fine now. So there’s no need to worry!” t3gNBd

This remark meant that he didn’t want He Shen pursuing this line of questioning.

He Shen paused and said, “Alright. But since you missed a lot of lessons, then I’ll help you catch up.”

Seeing the change in topic, Qiao Shao breathed a sigh of relief, “Chen Su already promised to help me.”

He Shen had already surmised as such earlier on, but he still felt jealous. “Is he better than me?” qKhkYX

Qiao Shao: “………”

He Shen looked at him. “You’re refusing first place and insisting on choosing second?”

Qiao Shao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Chen Su’s a normal student with a normal way of studying.”

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He looked to He Shen and asked with a smile, “If you’re going to teach me, do you even have notes?” 8CgoZb

Qiao Shao still remembered the time He Shen mistakenly took the textbook from last semester. It was brand spanking new.

He Shen really didn’t have such a thing.

Qiao Shao said, “Okay, it’s enough that I have Chen Su, you …”

“All he does is give in killer effort.” He Shen said in deadly earnest. “If you take extra lessons with me, I’ll teach you learning techniques.” opL03z

Qiao Shao was a bit moved, and asked, “What did you say? What techniques?”

He Shen paused.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qiao Shao was really curious. “Tell me, what learning techniques have you used?”

If he really could learn from the god of learning, that wasn’t a bad deal. Pfzwum

Then, the god of learning struck him a blow. “For example,…having a highly retentive memory.”

Qiao Shao: “…”

Goodbye, please don’t show your face to me today!

In the afternoon, the whole class was given a mighty scare. Because He Shen, who hardly ever picked up a pen except to take the exams, was hard at work. Oza8QZ

One class, two classes …

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Song Yixu couldn’t help but asked He Shen: “Shen Ge, what are you writing?”

He Shen didn’t even lift his head. “Love letter.”

Song Yixu gasped. ddwpi9

Qiao Shao had been ignoring him all afternoon, but now his ears twitched.

Love letter?

Which girl did He Shen have his eyes on?

There had been absolutely no sign of it. trR9Ab

Song Yixu’s mouth was opened so wide, a duck egg could fit in it. “F*ck, which little celestial nymph has descended on Earth?”

That could unexpected catch He Shen’s eye!

“Someone seemingly far but is actually close at hand,” He Shen said as he gave the thick notebook to Qiao Shao. “It’s this one.”

Qiao Shao was stunned: What and what? o4IYqT

He took the notebook and stared a He Shen.

He Shen moved his stiff fingers and said, “Darling, won’t you open it and read my deepest feelings?”

What ‘darling’!

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Will there ever come a day when this guy can stop talking nonsense? 0UYizM

Qiao Shao stared at him, but opened the notebook anyway.

With a single glance…

He froze.

Song Yixu came up and said, “Emmie see, emmie see.” The guy was so excited that he got his words all twisted. Uk4Qnz

“F*ck all,” Song Yixu couldn’t help but swear, “Shen Ge, did you write down the key points of the last semester’s lessons?”

Not just the key points, he had also laid out the topics clearly and simply for every subject. He even outlined how they were related to the topics from this semester…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Song Yixu was dumbstruck. “Brother Shen, those are some really deep feelings.”

In this respect, a hundred love letters simply couldn’t compare! 5SWKwC


Translator's Note

Sounds pretentious but it’s a set Chinese expression

Translator's Note

A vain male person

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