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My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn't Need Any ComfortingChapter 36


While talking, Qiao Shao had managed to take his shirt off, and the teenager’s slender body was exposed to the bright light of the late afternoon sun.

He Shen’s Adam’s apple bobbed. NxVoXi

Qiao Shao called him, “He Shen?”

He Shen suddenly looked up and he kept his eyes firmly locked on Qiao Shao’s face. “En?”

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Qiao Shao said, “Why haven’t you taken your clothes off?”

He Shen: “…” plcW J

“Isn’t it hot?” Qiao Shao said, “I saw your back’s completely drenched. You should hurry and take a shower.”

He Shen took a light breath. He kept his voice calm and steady. “You go first, I’ll go after.”

Qiao Shao said, “We can just shower together. It’s really roomy in there.”

Just another feature of the luxury dorm rooms. UrfMui

He Shen closed his eyes and said, “There’s no need to hurry. The last class is general cleaning. It doesn’t matter whether I go or not.”

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Today was Tuesday and the eighth class was general cleaning.

Qiao Shao only just realized. “Ah, that’s right. There’s no class.”

He Shen said, “Yeah, so you go wash first. I’ll take a shower after you do.” w5PBqx

Qiao Shao said, “Then I’ll go first. Although there’s no class, I have to join the cleaning.”

He and Chen Su had paired up and it won’t do to leave Chen Su to clean up by himself. He had to hurry back to help him.

As for He Shen, he really didn’t need to join in the general cleaning. None of their classmates minded at all!

Qiao Shao took a shower, and He Shen sat down on the chair, gasping lightly. AsfF06

At that moment, he wished he was capable of forgetting. Because at this moment his mind was filled with that white, slender body.

Such a light and fair complexion, such delicate skin, like silken tofu that would break with a single touch.

What am I thinking?

He Shen pinched between his eyebrows, forcing himself to calm down. r15vDV

Qiao Shao was quick, and soon he was done. His hair was still wet, and the water droplets slid down his cheeks, falling onto his fair neck.

He Shen looked down and said, “I’m going to shower.”

“En,” Qiao Shao stepped aside, “Go on.”

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As soon as He Shen entered the bathroom, he smelled a faint fragrance. MBDHqK

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It must be shampoo or shower gel, in short, it wasn’t Qiao Shao! But nevertheless the tip of his ears slowly turned red.

Lf Vtfc revvfcis aegcfv atf ojemfa ab rqfk bea mbiv kjafg. Lf ifa atf lmf-mbiv kjafg tla tlw oeii lc atf ojmf jcv qbeg vbkc bc tlw…

Yglulcjiis, Hljb Vtjb tjvc’a qijccfv bc kjlalcu obg Lf Vtfc. Dea jr tf kjr alvslcu eq, tf gfwfwyfgfv atja Lf Vtfc kjrc’a j oeii wfwyfg bo 516.

Although Lou Xiao’s bed was most of the time used for his noon-time naps, in the end, He Shen still didn’t live here. JTVzpi

So He Shen didn’t have any of his daily necessities and didn’t even have a change of clothes!

Qiao Shao looked at the time, and decided that being five or six minutes late didn’t matter. He looked for his new towel to give to He Shen, as for the clothes…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He didn’t want to say it, but if he gave his clothes to He Shen … It would be beyond skin-tight!

When He Shen came out, he thought Qiao Shao had left, so he directly walked out. vRh9XG

Qiao Shao: “…”

He Shen: “…”

Qiao Shao gave him the towel. “Why so fast? I was just thinking about going in to hand this to you.”

He Shen returned to the bathroom. YIHVZs

Qiao Shao cleared his throat, raised his voice and said, “Uh, will you wear your previous clothes first?”

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Although it was wet, at least he won’t be naked.

He Shen’s voice came out of the bathroom. “I have my clothes in Lou Xiao’s closet.”

Qiao Shao said, “Oh, I’ll get it for you!” d9pdQy

He Shen really was a member of 516. He even has his spare clothes here.

Qiao Shao went to find his clothes, and he ‘tsk’-ed as he held them in his arms. He really has a good physique, he even has abdominal muscles. So envious…

He handed the clothes to He Shen, and when the door opened, he couldn’t help stealing a glance.

He has a six pack! XxmuCh

Ah, Shen Ge! You’re so blessed!

Qiao Shao closed the door and after a moment of admiration, lifted up his own T-shirt.


Wake up, Qiao Shao tongxue, you’re not even tall yet and now you want abs! pn Sxd

He Shen dressed neatly and went out. He saw Qiao Shao lifting the hem of his clothes, exposing a section of his back waist.

He Shen halted.

Qiao Shao, who heard the movement, turned around. “You done?”

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He dropped the hem of his shirt like it was the most natural thing in the world. Ij8qm7

He Shen didn’t hold back and asked, “You…what are you doing …?”

Qiao Shao said rather embarrassedly, “Looking to see if I had any chance of developing abs.”

He Shen could feel his brain heating up again.

Qiao Shao’s eyes moved downwards, and hovered over his abdomen. “No wonder you’re so good at sports, your physique is so good.” 9ljtDA

He Shen has known Qiao Shao for more than half a month, and for the first time, he realized this child’s huge destructive power.

He couldn’t dwell on this topic any longer.

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He said stiffly, “Let’s go, the bell just rang.”

All thoughts of abdominal muscles were flung from Qiao Shao’s mind, and he quickly said, “Let’s go! We can be in class in three minute.” LWSs7j

Usually at this time, He Shen would have already gone home. It wasn’t that he was too lazy to join the cleaning, but after he ‘won glory for the school’, Old Tang had ordered the health committee member not to arrange any work for him. He Shen was also very busy and often tired. If he was given time to take a break, he’d happily take it.

But instead of going home, today, he sat in the back row, deep in thought.

Qiao Shao and Chen Su were cracking jokes while wiping down the windows not far away. He Shen would cast glances at him from time to time, a question running through his mind.

——Qiao Shao invited him to shower together today. Will this child invite Chen Su tomorrow? rstQdY

Although today was a special situation and it was because time was tight, it could be said that being short on time was a constant predicament for students.

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Maybe, just maybe, one day, Qiao Shao would also shower with Chen Su to save time, and there’s also Wei Jiayu…

The more He Shen thought, the deeper his frown.

What to do? Rg1iTv

He couldn’t say it out right, and also can’t rest at ease.

That’s it.

He Shen got up and left the classroom, cellphone in hand.

Qiao Shao wiped the windows while discussing a physics problem with Chen Su, completely oblivious to He Shen’s worry-filled mind. 3zaZ6k

He Shen called Lou Xiao. “Where are you?”

Lou Xiao: “Sheng Yu.”

Sheng Yu was an Internet cafe not far from East High. Today’s Internet cafes were different from the ordinary Internet cafes in the past. It was luxuriously decorated, the computers were all high-end, and even the chairs were expensive ergonomic types. There were also a variety of drinks and desserts. Many of the boys in the international classes often came to pass the time here.

He Shen hung up the phone and went to find him. wrimeb

Lou Xiao moved to the smoke-free area and asked him, “What’s up?”

He Shen said, “Will Wei Jiayu still listen to you?”

“En, he’s very well-behaved.”

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“There is something I need his help with.” LqAUuB

After listening to his request Lou Xiao turned up his dead-eyes stare. “Aren’t you being overly concerned?”

He Shen sighed, “You don’t understand.”

Thinking of that white tender tofu, how can he not worry?

Lou Xiao paused, “Two packs of cigarettes.” 56BN1h

He Shen gave him a look. “You should cut back.”

Lou Xiao: “Can’t spare four hundred yuan?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He Shen: “I’ll take you to eat at Hutchison on the weekend. Now call Wei Jiayu.”

Hutchison was a well-known restaurant with a thousand yuan per person price tag. aoUTMD

Lou Xiao thought for a while, and felt that although He Shen was poor, this amount of money really was a drop of water on a burning house. He Shen wouldn’t miss this bit of money.

He nodded and said, “OK.”

He Shen left, and Lou Xiao called Wei Jiayu again.

Blue Hair was nervous when he saw the words ‘Xiao Ge’. He answered the phone: “Hey, Xiao Ge …” Mmj4ad

Lou Xiao said, “I need to trouble you with another matter.”

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Wei Jiayu froze a little, and asked, “What is it?”

Lou Xiao said, “It’s not a big deal, just try to become the dorm leader for 516 and then draft a set of rules.”

Wei Jiayu was stupefied. What the hell? KzjHph

Lou Xiao repeated the words of that old beast: “The last rule has to be that roommates are not allowed to shower together.”

Wei Jiayu trembled. “Wut?” In his surprise, his accent came out.

Lou Xiao emphasized, “In short, Qiao Shao is not allowed to take a shower with other people.”

Wei Jiayu: “…………” j7g13A

Lou Xiao asked him again, “Do you understand?”

“I-I understand!”

Wei Jiayu hung up the phone. He felt that he understood something he shouldn’t have!


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