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My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn't Need Any ComfortingChapter 35


Chapter 35

Once Qiao Shao managed to say this, he felt a lot more at ease. fHpt4h

For the past two days, he was desperately hiding from He Shen. For one, he was embarrassed to death. But he also felt quite guilty.

He Shen had said the truth so many times before but he regarded everything as just bragging. Now that he’d been face-slapped like this, it was only right that he apologize.

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It’s just that this apology…

Meant that he’d have to admit that he’d been stupid! a2RfQd

Qiao Shao Shao has been shamed to the core!

He Shen, however, never expected to hear these three words.


Why was Qiao Shao apologizing to him? O 2J5D

He Shen asked, “What are you sorry for?”

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Qiao Shao said haltingly, “I didn’t listen to you and I didn’t trust you. So, of course, I have to apologize.”

He’s dead, done for. Qiao Shao will never forget this taste of being publicly condemned!

He Shen’s eyes turned deeper, and the gaze he directed at Qiao Shao was warmer than the setting sun. N0Qjpe

“Is this why you were avoiding me?”

Qiao Shao said shamefully, “What face do I even have to see you anymore…”

He Shen was silent.

He remembered everything, even from when he was very young. All his memories, from childhood to now, were as clear as data printed on a hard disk. hZQt6W

But looking through his more than ten years of memory, he has never had a day, like now, when warmth blocked his throat and he was unable to even form a coherent sentence.

When Qiao Shao started to avoid him, he had thought up all sorts of reasons —

Maybe when Qiao Shao saw the results, he felt he’d had been deceived and didn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

Or Qiao Shao’s performance was too bad. He realized the gap between them was too big and so he didn’t want to go near him anymore. vdKsAF


Qiao Shao, like many other people, thought he was a … freak.

Today, the real reason was laid out in front of him. Not only was it something He Shen had never thought of, it was also the most adorable reason.

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The haze in his heart was completely swept away, and his somber face finally revealed a smile. HtaNB0

“Qiao Shao,” he called softly, “you really are …”

He hadn’t managed to say “a good person”, when Qiao Shao gave himself up as a hopeless case and ridiculed himself, saying, “Okay, I know, I’m stupid!”

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Oh so stupid! Thinking back on this past half month, Qiao Shao felt that he had a big fat ‘stupid’ written across his forehead.

He Shen curved his lips, suppressed his pounding heart, and changed what he was going to say, “No, you’re very smart.” WSdAbF

Qiao Shao finally looked up at him, his eyes full of suspicion. “I think you’re making fun of me.”

At this moment, here and now, a verified honest to goodness god of learning said that he’s smart…

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Hmmm, Qiao Shao thought this must be sarcasm!

He Shen couldn’t hold back and ruffled his soft short hair. “I’m acknowledging you.” G4fdmO

Qiao Shao slapped his hand away. He felt relieved and a lot more at ease. He said, “Please, I just have one thing to ask of you.”

Right now, He Shen wouldn’t even frown if he’d been asked to pluck out the moon and stars. “Just ask.”

Qiao Shao said earnestly, “I beg you to forget this past half month!”

It’s all his black history. Qiao Shao wanted to strangle himself every time he thinks back on it! pJTvco

He could take the moon and the stars, but this … He Shen said without hesitation, “No.”

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Hljb Vtjb: “???”

“Pa’r abb vloolmeia,” Lbk mbeiv Lf Vtfc yf kliilcu ab obgufa? Lf rjlv, “P tjnf j tlutis gfafcalnf wfwbgs.”

Hljb Vtjb: “…………” YBlymi

Ktja’r gluta! Tbe mjc’a obgufa! Ktlr gfdefra kbeiv rlwqis yf lwqbrrlyif obg sbe!!! !!

Lf Vtfc kjr oliifv klat remt j ygluta jcv yfjealoei offilcu. Lf rjlv ab Hljb Vtjb, “Gbc’a jqbibulhf. Ktlr tjio wbcat kjr ws ojeia.”

Qiao Shao’s memory might not be as good as his but the things he should remember, he never forgets.

He Shen took good care of his sprained ankle, bought medicine for him, applied the medicine for him, and even helped him find a comfortable seat. eP7h R

Not to mention the fact that he’d helped with Chen Su’s matter and looked after what he ate, and even let him stay over during the weekend…

It’d be better if he didn’t remember, just recalling it was…

He Shen had been so righteous!

Qiao Shao said, “What do you mean it’s your fault?” You did everything right, okay?” HbxUR8

He Shen said, “I didn’t explain things clearly.”

Qiao Shao was silent for a while, “You already said a lot of things to clarify …”

No. 1 in the city, No. 1 in the whole school — He Shen had said everything.

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He Shen chuckled and said warmly, “If I really wanted you to believe me, I should have showed you all the trophies and certificates.” ui6JWk

Qiao Shao: “…”

“So don’t apologize,” He Shen leaned closer to him, “you will make me want to bully you even more.”

Qiao Shao’s eyes widened, and his back was stuck against the rough wall.

He Shen got up and smiled as brightly as before. “Come on, let’s go back.” HtR1Wd

If it went on for any longer, he might have taken a bite out of him. How could there be such an adorable child?

Once Qiao Shao got his wits back, he widened his strides to catch up to him. “You … you …”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Is he still being played by this guy?

Ah, he was so angry but he couldn’t beat him. He wanted to bite him to vent off his anger! nSRgwu

Returning to their classmates, Song Yixu and Jie Kai were already in a shouting match with Class Six.

The sports committee member of Class Six said, “Lao Song, isn’t this pathetic? There are 20 or 30 boys in a class but you can’t even get five people to play basketball?”

Song Yixu resentfully said, “We don’t need five people. Just us four will be enough to beat you to the ground.”

Class Six’s Sports Committee member said, “No can do. Even if we win over you four, people will say we had an unfair advantage.” xwsior

The boys from Class Six standing next to him laughed. “Right, we don’t bully the weak.”

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Song Yixu turned his head to look for the boys from his class…

F*cking more than half’s already gone to play football!

The rest were playing badminton or ping-pong. In any case, they wouldn’t come to the basketball court! WLUpVH

Qiao Shao and He Shen, who had come back from the corner of the field, were back to how they were before.

He Shen asked Qiao Shao, “You want to play basketball?”

Qiao Shao asked, “Will it make me taller?”

He Shen smiled. “Possibly.” kc3X0p

Qiao Shao said immediately, “I’ll play!”

He Shen glanced at his foot. “You’re sure your foot’s ok?”

Qiao Shao quickly replied, “It was never anything that serious.”

His injury, which was already fine after seven or eight days, was applied with medicine for more than ten days. If it still wasn’t healed by now, he really should have it checked out by a specialist. oVC3Gr

“Alright,” He Shen said, “I’ll take you to play basketball then.”

When they walked to the edge of the basketball court, Song Yixu was still losing their argument. “Wait, wait for me to find someone again. Then I’ll be sure to make you kneel and cry ‘father’.”

He and Class Six’s Sports Committee member were both in the basketball club. They normally have a good relationship, and so he said jokingly, “Go look then. If you can get Shen Ge, here and now, I’ll cry fath-…”

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He hadn’t finished talking when he saw He Shen. xA D5b

Song Yixu said, “I don’t need to look for Shen Ge, I …”

“Do you still need any players?” He Shen’s voice came from behind him.

Song Yixu quickly turned his head and when he saw He Shen, he looked as though he was the one who was ready to kneel down and cry father. “Yeah. Class Six challenged us. Shen Ge, will you join us?”

He Shen looked to the Sports Committee member from Class Six. “I’m here now, what were you going to do here and now?” H1lq9M

Class Six’s Sports Committee Member was completely lacking of any principles and immediately said, “Hello, father! Father, may I please ask you to not join in!”

Basketball players: “…”

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Have a little dignity!

Qiao Shao saw this scene and looked at He Shen, “Are you that good at basketball?” Rwi7YB

He Shen said, “I’m good at every sport.”

Qiao Shao’s mood was very complicated, more complicated than before. Before, he could say that he was being utterly shameless. Now … forget saying it, he didn’t even dare ask!

Basketball was a 5 on 5 sport. Class Six had already decided on their five players, but there were six people in Class One.

Of course, right now, Song Yixu wasn’t even considering Qiao Shao. 64yWTh

Until He Shen said, “I can play one game, but Qiao Shao comes with me.”

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Song Yixu groaned. “Then we’re going to have to replace someone. Who…?”

As soon as the words fell, everyone’s eyes rushed towards him.

Song Yixu: “?????” FAvhTf

He Shen said, “Okay, Song Yixu will be the substitute.”

“Hey …” Song Yixu raised his hand Er Kang-style. “This … this …” was totally different from what he imagined!

Before they started, He Shen asked Qiao Shao, “Do you know the rules?”

Qiao Shao was a complete amateur with a smattering of knowledge. “More or less.” aGDjJp

“It’s alright,” He Shen said, “just keep your eyes on me.”

Qiao Shao blinked. “Why?” Shouldn’t he keep his eyes on their opponents?

He Shen added, “If you look at me, we can win.”

Qiao Shao: “…” wgqTpd

Fine, you’re the bigshot, you’re right, what you say goes!

This basketball match was completely without any suspense. It was basically a one-man show.

There was no need for He Shen to tell that Qiao Shao he could only look at him. Not just Qiao Shao, but girls began to congregate in ever larger numbers and every one of them probably had only him in their eyes and hearts.

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Class Six’s Sport Committee member, the one that had called He Shen father, had already lost his imposing manner. Unfortunately, although he tried to keep his eyes on He Shen, he couldn’t keep up. 2z0Nfn

The difference in strength was too big. It was like an adult teasing a three-year-old child. They had no way to fight back.

Qiao Shao ran back and forth quite happily, until the basketball flew into his hands.

Qiao Shao hesitated.

He Shen, a few steps away, said, “Give it a try.” HBtrPu

The ball came from He Shen, and he wanted him to shoot.

After half a second pause, Qiao Shao jumped.

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Although he hadn’t played much basketball, but …all he could do was try!

Qiao Shao’s posture looked correct, but this height and trajectory… LrYKc7

Class Six’s Sports Committee member immediately called out. “It’s not gonna go in! Go grab the rebound!”

Qiao Shao pouted, he also saw that it wouldn’t go in.

At that moment when the ball was about to bounce off the basket, He Shen suddenly appeared under the backboard. He bounded up and the instant he touched the ball, performed a perfect slam dunk with a loud ‘bang’.

Everyone who saw this scene was stunned. QU2O8T

The basketball court was as quiet as if it had fallen into a sealed room.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Then, the next second…

Violent cheers reverberated, and the girls, who were previously reserved spectators, started shrieking.

Qiao Shao also looked stunned. ycK39w

This wasn’t the first time he’d watched a basketball game, but being able to watch it this close, that amazing loftiness was akin to witnessing a perilous situation. It could make people’s scalps go numb from the impact.

Then He Shen turned his head and looked over where he was.

The moment they looked at each other, it was like Qiao Shao had looked upon a brilliantly shining sun. The light refracted the crystalline sweat beads. The youth’s dashing and spirited countenance painted a stirring summer scene.

Really … handsome. YUkuJe

It was a while before Qiao Shao returned to his senses and a thought popped into his mind–

Tall people really are handsome!

The match ended as expected and Class Six lost, muddled and nearly to the point of collapse.

Song Yixu had cheered until his throat grew hoarse! iORCx0

Class Six’s Sport Committee member panted out, “Lao Song, we’ll meet again!”

Song Yixu was very happy. “Aren’t you being smug?”

“F*cking …f*cking …” The Sport Committee member lay down directly on the basketball court. “The gap between people really is too big!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qiao Shao came over and said, “Amazing!” E6dukY

He Shen wiped the sweat on his forehead and asked, “Was it fun?”

Qiao Shao nodded vigorously. “It was!”

Although he had been completely useless.

He Shen laughed. “Then I’ll take you to play next time.” dEy0X9

Qiao Shao preferred he to take him to study, but …

One must strike a balance between work and rest. Who knows? Maybe if he gets enough exercise, he’ll grow taller and then … he can become handsome!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

It was good to be tall. Qiao Xiao Shao’s eyes were green with envy.

The consequence of playing outdoor basketball in the summer was that they were now soaked in sweat. WC7I1b

516, being a luxury room had its own shower.

Qiao Shao said to He Shen, “Want to take a shower?”

There was still ten minutes left for PE class, plus the 10 minute break between classes; making it a total of 20 minutes.

He Shen said, “Let’s go.” 6Mr9dl

They returned to the dorm room, and Qiao Shao began to undress.

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He Shen stopped.

Qiao Shao’s head was still in his T-shirt and he said, “We don’t have a lot of time. Let’s shower together.

It took five or six minutes to get to the dorm, and it will take them that much time to get to the classroom. He didn’t want to be late. JQ1d4P

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