Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary 戎先生的失恋日记

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Author: 桃白百
Total Chapters: 74
Genre: Comedy, Omegaverse
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When he was categorised as an Omega at the age of 13, Rong Yi made a tiny little wish. In the future, he wanted to fall in love with a tall, handsome and elegant Alpha whom he could share a romantic love with, then build a blissful family with him and give birth to many cute babies together.

A few years later, he grew into a tall, handsome and elegant Omega and was passionately pursued by countless admirers of the same gender, while all Alphas backed away from him in face of his superiority.

This was not the life he wanted.

Chen Keyao x Rong Yi, 1v1, HE

T/N: I’m currently in the mood for relaxing/comedic/slice-of-life stories and chanced upon this comedic gold and was just too tempted to translate the first chapter just for laughs. And I’m not even the type to be into the ABO verse, but this was just too hilarious hahahahhaa. Oh and if anyone’s interested in translating this please go ahead~


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  1. Maybe it was just from the fact I wasreading manga moments before reading this, but it was surprisingly easy conjuring the image of a super serious business man (as a manga character) wearing a frilly pink apron and bashfully presenting me a cute bento…. I fell in love. Thank you for picking this up! This seems like a veeeery cute novel!

  2. I wish that someone would pick this up, I really liked it. Unfortunately I can’t understand Chinese so trying to navigate on the site really puzzled me.

  3. Aw, MC just wants to be a housewife! Can’t wait to see how his romantic adventures go from here. Hopefully someone picks it up!

  4. Thanks for the chapter! Sweet, delusional, desperate guy, lol. I hope someone picks this story.

  5. This is cute. Man, I love how detailed his daydreams get; though he’s pretty self aware. And I usually dislike ABO, but this seems promising.

  6. this is really cute! I think i’ll pick it up! i know zero chinese but i’ll try my best :))) also, is there a way that i can copy the text from the site? I’ve been forced to copy it all by hand :/ and is there a way to contact the author and ask for permission to translate ?? i hope it’ll be algs <333 btw, my writing is not the best and is maybe 3 points worse than this so rip 🙁 it should be readable tho

    • U mean copy text from the original site? I can copy it fine on my phone tho? Sorry I’m not v sure about how to contact authors ):

      • I’m so sorry i didn’t see ur comment until now :(( I did pick it up lol and thank u very much for translating the first chapter and ur copy advice! :)))))

  7. Hello! Thank you for your translation.

    I’m really like this story So I want to ask your permission to translate this story into my language, Thai. I will give you a credit and add a link to let the readers know the Raw and English version too. Please let me know what you think. Thank you