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Mr. Rong's Lovelorn DiaryChapter 1


There was still 15 minutes before his appointment.

Rong Yi turned his head and looked at the glass curtain wall of the shop next to him, then after he double-checked that his hair and clothes were perfect in his reflection, he took a deep breath. tX Dg3

Don’t be nervous, keep your calm.

He silently chanted to himself in his heart, yet it had the opposite effect of increasing his already restless heart rate instead.

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In order to ease his tension, he subconsciously placed both his hands in front of him and rubbed them together. But he quickly realised that this kind of action looked a bit old-fashioned. If the other person suddenly showed up and saw this, he might silently deduct points.

Rong Yi hurriedly put his hands down.


Then he took out his handphone again to check the time. There was still 14 minutes before his appointment.

The phrase “every second felt like a year” probably refers to situations like this ba. He turned one round on the spot, then heard an unfamiliar but gentle voice call out from his back.

“Hello, excuse me……”

Rong Yi turned around. aGw4hO

The one who had spoken to him was a young man whom he had never seen before.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I want to take the bus, but I forgot to bring my bus card……” the young man looked a bit embarrassed, “Can I borrow some change from you? I can use WeChat to transfer the money back to you immediately.”

The young man looked up. His face was a bit flushed, and he looked a bit embarrassed and nervous.

“Sorry,” Rong Yi smiled awkwardly, “I don’t have any cash on me either.” Yg4Gwa

O…..is that so,” the young man was stunned, but he didn’t leave. His eyes twinkled, then he asked again, “Are you waiting for someone?”


His reply was extremely dry, but the other party wasn’t discouraged at all.

“……your lover?” 0OWm8s

If only he was.

Rong Yi sighed inwardly, then asked, “May I ask what other business you have with me?”

That young man looked a bit helpless. He slightly furrowed his brows and pursed his lips, then looked at him and said in a quiet voice, “Actually, I just want your contact information.”

Rong Yi wasn’t surprised with this answer at all. useiUM

He looked down at this 18 or 19-year-old boy. He had a gentle profile, slightly curly short hair, a slim figure and huge almond eyes. One look and you could tell he was an Omega, and most people would categorise him as “cute”.

He was the perfect type that Rong Yi had always yearned to be.

“……I’m sorry,” he helplessly shook his head and rejected the other party’s request, “It’s not convenient.”

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O…….I see,” the other party looked dejected and embarrassed. After he reluctantly managed a smile, he immediately turned around, “I’m sorry for bothering you.” Yyxdrt

As he looked at the other party’s small figure run away quickly, Rong Yi couldn’t help but feel bad.

Just as he was considering whether or not to move to a less conspicuous spot to continue waiting, he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder.

Rong Yi subconsciously turned his head, and after he saw the other party’s face clearly, his previously nervous demeanour that had subsided immediately resurfaced.

“You you you……you’re here!” his voice became unintentionally louder than usual. 7dpHTJ

“Was that your friend?” the other party leaned against him naturally, then jerked his chin at the direction in which the young man had left, “He’s so cute, can you introduce him to me?”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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“Qts vlv sbe revvfcis kjca ab agfja wf ab iecmt?”

Ole Tejc kjr mbwqifafis ja fjrf jr tf rja bc atf batfg rlvf bo atf ajyif, ktlif Ebcu Tl rja klat tlr yjmx ragjluta lc jc fzagfwfis obgwji wjccfg. mqH40k

“P kjcafv ab atjcx sbe, atja wjaafg ogbw yfobgf…….”

Wa, you’re too polite,” Liu Yuan smiled and waved his hand, “I just helped you a little, it didn’t take much effort.”

Ebcu Tl rwlifv yjmx ja tlw, “Dea P rtbeiv ralii atjcx sbe.”

“If you really want to thank me, then when that kid asked you for directions you should have asked for his contact information for me,” Liu Yuan still couldn’t forget about the young man, “If I knew that you didn’t know him I would’ve went ahead and chased him first. I like his type the most.” SqGz2Q


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Rong Yi didn’t say anything in reply.

Er, I was just kidding,” Liu Yuan saw that he didn’t look too happy, then hurriedly changed the topic, “But really, for you to treat me just because of that small favour, I feel kinda bad about it.”

. jwu0OT

If we must talk about it, then it really was a small favour.

Rong Yi can be a bit careless sometimes, when he had gone to party A’s company a while back, he had dropped a USB there. When he exited the lift and walked towards the building entrance oblivious to his negligence, he was stopped by a panting Liu Yuan who had ran all the way down the stairs to catch up to him.

Actually, that bit of data was available in his company’s computers, and it wasn’t anything confidential, if he had dropped it then so be it.

The important thing was, he originally had some good feelings towards this particularly enthusiastic Alpha who was also kinda handsome. CI9fgh

In the moment when Liu Yuan held the USB’s lanyard and swayed it in front of him and asked him “look at what this is”, the entire world around him was suddenly tinged with the colour of pink, and there was even a party of cupids who began to sing.

He’s so handsome, he’s so kind, I really want to date him.

Rong Yi fell head over heels. When he returned to his company, he immediately sent an email to express his thanks to Liu Yuan again, then asked for his private contact information.

As time passed, the two could be considered to be familiar with one another outside of work. oQDYpc


“You can treat it as…me trying to make a new friend.” Rong Yi’s hands under the table had clenched into fists, he tried his best to take deep breaths to control his heartbeat.

Ei? Aren’t we friends already?” Liu Yuan was still his casual self, “Ai, why are you so serious today? Now I’m all nervous too.”

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“Then, can you answer one question for me?” Rong Yi tried to sound him out. YX4EG2

“You can say it and we’ll see?”

Rong Yi carefully looked into his eyes, “You…do you only like that type of Omega?”

“What type?” Liu Yuan took awhile to recall, “O you’re talking about the one just now……I was just kidding. I’ve actually never dated that type before.”

Rong Yi breathed a sigh of relief. ePxGmQ

“What’s going on why would you suddenly ask this, you want to introduce someone to me?” Liu Yuan got excited, “I welcome that! The type doesn’t matter, I just like those who look good.”

Rong Yi’s heart stirred, then the words escaped his mouth, “Do you think I look good?”

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Liu Yuan was stunned.

The two stared at each other for awhile, then soon after Rong Yi’s face turned bright red. oq4ue

“You do,” Liu Yuan gulped, and at the same time he unconsciously leaned backwards, “But……you’re joking right?”

Rong Yi immediately stiffened, he didn’t know if he should continue hiding his feelings.

“Even though I get mistaken as a Beta from time to time……” Liu Yuan stretched his hand out and scratched his head and looked a bit helpless, “But I’m actually an Alpha.”

Rong Yi was embarrassed, “I know that, but……” 2sT9PA

“You’re gay?” Liu Yuan’s eyes instantly widened.

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“I…….” Rong Yi started feeling a bit dispirited, “Have you never seen my WeChat profile?”

Liu Yuan blinked and didn’t say a word.

Looking at him now, he most likely never looked through his profile carefully. Afterall, most people wouldn’t be like Rong Yi and label their second gender, so not many would specially search for that kind of information on people’s profiles. SysJj1

“I’m not an Alpha.” Rong Yi said.

“Ah……” Liu Yuan was a bit surprised, “Few Betas would be like you…….”

“I’m not a Beta either.” Rong Yi silently looked away.

Liu Yuan was even more surprised, “Don’t tell me you haven’t been differentiated yet?” CikWh2

Rong Yi felt like crying, “Am I so unlike an Omega?”


Liu Yuan apologised like crazy, then euphemistically expressed his rejection.

Actually this kind of result wasn’t a surprise to Rong Yi. In the past 26 years of his life, he had been pursued by countless people, and he had taken the initiative to pursue countless people, but till today he still had not left the singles group. His evergreen status was unshakeable. 2ds9qr

There was no other reason except that the ones who pursued him and the people he pursued had never coincided, in fact they were the complete opposite.

Actually, he did look quite delicate and pretty during his childhood years, so when he was categorised as an Omega after his puberty began it was within everyone’s expectations.

What was unexpected though, was his crazy growth spurt and inexplicable sharp and distinct facial features after his categorization. When he finally became the most outstanding figure in his class, his parents brought him to the hospital again. The test results were as per normal, he was biologically an Omega.

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Rong Yi thought that he wasn’t just biologically an Omega, he was one at heart too. YVKqJG

Ever since he was young, he had but one dream, and that was to find a tall and handsome Alpha to start a family together, give birth to cute babies and become a gentle and good wife. For the sake of his dream, he had even seriously learnt how to cook, and now he even had the skills to whip up absolutely delicious and fragrant meals.

However, it’s a pity that up until the time when he had completely grown into a tall and handsome Omega, he never had the opportunity to flaunt this skill in front of people other than his parents.

There were a few Omegas that had pursued him who were still infatuated with him even after they discovered his actual gender, but all the Alphas who had been pursued by him retreated after they knew his gender.

But he still couldn’t control himself from recklessly falling in love at anytime and anywhere, then easily confess afterwards. cE9fQN

Maybe it’s because deep in his heart, he felt that time spent on seriously pursuing his crushes would just be wasted anyway, so it would be better to be rejected earlier on so that he can give up on them completely.


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This meal was incomparably awkward.

When the bill came, Liu Yuan fought hard to pay for the meal, then after he did so he solemnly expressed his thanks and apologies before he left at the speed of light. NMUeIw

The brokenhearted Rong Yi was left behind with a heart full of melancholy.

He walked out of the restaurant and stood by the crowded road as he quietly fell into a daze.

Not too far away there was a couple who were in the middle of a passionate kiss. Even though it wasn’t very polite, Rong Yi still couldn’t help himself from shooting them a few glances.

He was a bit envious. fsx1dn

He was about to enter the “old singles” category, but up till today, don’t even mention kissing, he hasn’t even held an Alpha’s hand before.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the current age there were so many delicate and cute Omegas crying out about how they want to be independent and free as they rebel against labels and their families’ restraints; the Rong Yi who could only wish for their troubles couldn’t help but feel sour.

Watching the intimate and flirty scene made the single dog him feel unparalleled sorrow.

Rong Yi sighed, then silently shifted his gaze away. Not too far away from that couple stood a person who was currently on the phone. Rong Yi subconsciously took a second look, then habitually sighed again in his heart. TJxD6d

This person looks like he’s taller than me ba, and he looks so handsome too, if I can be with this kind of Alpha how great would that be.

As he slowly walked towards the intersection, he had already planned that if he were to get together with that Alpha, which area they should buy their house in after their marriage.

Just as he was agonizing over whether they needed a study room, a person suddenly rushed towards him and forcefully knocked into him then ran away without looking back.

It wasn’t easy for him to re-stabilise himself when he saw a girl around ten years old running from the same direction as that person. She was crying and shouting, “Thief! Thief!” 8pSBQz

Rong Yi hurriedly turned around, then when he clearly saw the figure that was gradually pulling apart the distance between them, he immediately gave chase.


When he was still schooling, he had joined the track and field team. He was the all-time reigning champion in sprinting within the Omega group, and there were many times when he was reported by his schoolmates for lying about his gender.

Even though he rarely trained after graduation, his base was still there. Once he got serious and went all out, the distance between him and the thief continuously shortened at a speed with which the naked eye could see. zw2bDj

He was just about to catch up. Rong Yi stretched his hand out and wanted to grab the thief’s arm, but he never expected that the other party would be so anxious as to turn around and immediately throw out a fist.

Due to inertia, Rong Yi couldn’t retreat backwards immediately, so he could only move to a side to dodge it, but soon after he began to worry.

He may have caught up, but it didn’t mean he could win the thief in a fight. Even though both parties looked to be about the same build, but he was still an Omega afterall, there would definitely be a difference in terms of physical strength.

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Just as he was hesitating, the thief had staggered a few steps before he stabilised himself, then immediately threw another fist at his face. 1MZxyp

The Rong Yi who had never received any kind of combat training reactively closed his eyes and raised his hands to block the hit, but after he felt the air in front of him stir from the speed of the fist flying at him, the heavy hit he expected never came. He opened his eyes, and realised that that fist had stopped just an inch away from his nose.

The reason it didn’t land on him wasn’t because the thief had suddenly found his conscience, but because it had been stopped by someone else in the nick of time.

Another person appeared next to Rong Yi with his back facing him. He stretched his hand out and grabbed the thief’s wrist.

“You…….” igeI5J

Rong Yi hadn’t finished speaking when he saw that man forcefully pulled the thief’s wrist backwards which made the thief fall forward. After that person agilely avoided the thief, he abruptly lifted his knee and kneed the thief’s stomach.

A few seconds later, that thief had already been subdued and was lying motionlessly on the ground.

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And at this moment, Rong Yi was still standing in the same spot in a daze.

The kind person who had suddenly extended a helping hand locked the thief’s hands behind his back, then subdued him on the floor with one knee before he turned his head around. PpKng1

“Are you okay?” he looked at Rong Yi with a face full of concern.

Rong Yi saw his face and was immediately stunned.

O, it’s this guy.

Rong Yi had just been thinking about what kind of names he should give their children, and which school they should send their children to when they grow older. sV9NAZ

What was the best method of getting over a broken heart?

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Rong Yi suddenly felt like the entire world around him had been tinged with the colour of pink, and a party of cupids began to sing.

Oh God, he’s so handsome, he’s so kind. I really want to date him.

Author’s Note:
I’ll mention a few of my private settings in order to prevent everyone from feeling lost while they’re reading. 0Qj Cb

1. The settings of the three ABO types are such that their physical appearances have very obvious differences. It’s similar to how our current reality has their own distinctions between men and women, which is why Rong Yi is in the tragic situation that he is in now.

2. Medical science is very advanced, everyone will routinely visit the hospital to get their long-acting inhibitor shot and have it covered under their medical insurance. So in their daily lives their scent is suppressed and they wouldn’t randomly go into heat. (But sometimes the author may just say that the shot lost its effectiveness when necessary)

3. Releasing pheromones in public on purpose is against the law, offenders will be fined and detained.


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  1. Awesome, This looks really fun!!! I love it when author’s play around with A/B/O tropes instead of just sticking to the same formula. I’m excited to possibly read more of it.

    Fight on Rong Yi!!! You’re perfect love will come for you one day, like today!!!!

    I smell a ML coming on.

    Thanks for your hard work translating and editing!!!!! >3< }> }> Hearts!!!

  2. I want to pity the MC and berate him at the same time for falling so easily.
    Welp, watching him struggle will be entertaining.
    Thanks for picking this up, DM. 🙏🙏🙏

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