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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh53 - One Meal Box is not Enough


Happy Chinese New Year everyone~~


Edited by Wiji and Noks

At first, the people of the Yang Family didn’t believe in the Good Fortune talismans either. They were all atheists, and everything they did had to have a scientific basis. However, Yang Hengxi couldn’t stand that attitude, so he tried to convince them and nagged them until they brought the pendants around with them. Anyways, it was just a small wood-carved fish and wasn’t troublesome to bring around. Besides, it was also a fact that the Yang Family hadn’t done very well in all aspects of their lives for the past six months. If this could bring them good luck, it would really be a good thing.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

To say at the least, even if it didn’t bring good luck, the fish pendant wouldn’t be the reason for their situation deteriorating any further from this point onwards.

“Hengxi, there is a sound coming from this thing. Have you checked it?” Yang Hengtian, the eldest brother of the Yang family, was a businessman in the high-tech and communication industry. He was more cautious when doing things. When he got the jingling fish carving, he immediately asked Yang Hengxi this question. R1rGdg

“I’ve already scanned it. Although it was sent by my old classmate, he got it from someone else’s hands after all.” Yang Hengxi added, “Don’t worry, elder brother. There’s only a bell and a small paper bag in it. Nothing strange.”

“Alright, then please thank your classmate on behalf of our family.” Yang Hengtian looked up and thought, his friend must be a very simple young man, otherwise who would believe in these things?

As for why he had guessed that his old classmate was a male rather than a female, it was because his brother had only ever had one female friend, and it was the one he had just managed to catch. Other girls have never looked at him, so it was impossible for him to receive any gifts from a girl

After Yang Hengxi left, Yang Hengtian’s secretary raised his glasses and said with a smile, “President, is the Second Young Master trying to trick us?” bYdlXv

Yang Hengtian replied back without raising his head, “What’s the trick? The other party doesn’t want any of our money or anything else, and just wants to give him something as an old classmate. It’s enough that the original intentions are good, so don’t think such complicated things. You’d better go contact Dr. Liang to see if he has any free time today.”

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The secretary experienced a headache whenever Dr. Liang was mentioned. They had encountered some difficulties in the process of researching new technology and its development, and this Dr. Liang was a knowledgeable expert in this field, and was the one who would most likely be able to solve this problem. They had already invited him five times, no, ten times. But the man just refused to meet them. When they asked why he refused to meet them, Dr. Liang just stated that there was no reason, i.e. he didn’t want to cooperate with Yang Family at all, and so Yang Hengtian was worried about it to death.

If their technology research continued to fail to produce any good results, the research funds would quickly be consumed day after day, and would certainly lead to a deficit in their business. Thus, the secretary encouraged himself once more and got in touch with Dr. Liang again.

Unexpectedly, Dr. Liang, who had previously rejected their every invitation, suddenly agreed to help this time! Agreed! H3echv

Upon finishing the conversation with Dr. Liang, the secretary was still in a daze and felt like it was all a dream. As realisation sunk in, he shouted, “Ah ah ahhh!!!”

Yang Hengtian frowned and asked, “Why are you shouting?”

The secretary exclaimed, “Dr. Liang has agreed to our invitation! Oh my God, is this fish pendant really so effective?”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Yang Hengtian: “…” It’s just a coincidence, isn’t it? PbzMvw

Qtfc atlr cfkr gfjmtfv atf Aljcu Mjwlis, atfs jirb ofia rtbmxfv. Aljcu Lbcusjcu, Aljcu Wlcveb’r ojatfg, rjlv, “Prc’a la pera j mblcmlvfcmf? Jjc j kbbvfc mjgnlcu gfjiis wjxf Gg. Oljcu revvfcis mtjcuf tlr wlcv? Po la lr rb foofmalnf jcv mjc lcmgfjrf bcf’r obgaecf, kts tjrc’a rbwfbcf rajgafv rfiilcu atfw?”

Jiang Xinduo said, “It’s true, Dad. The news has spread all over the Yang’s headquarters. I know a classmate’s wife who works as an executive at the Yang’s, and she personally told me about this matter.” This classmate previously had some conflicts with her, and had especially told her about this good thing just to annoy her. “I also heard that this wooden carving had originally come from the second son of the Yang Family. The rumors say that everyone in the Yang family has one now. It seems like that second son got it from an old classmate. In any case, the Yang’s staff all say that the fish pendant is their lucky charm, and is extraordinarily divine.”

After a moment, Jiang Hongyang groaned, “Then, go inquire about the second son of the Yang Family. I don’t know what this fish pendant you are talking about is, but the second son of the Yang Family managed to catch President Fang’s granddaughter’s attention a few days ago. You said that your nephew has been chasing her for a long time. Why did this girl choose the boy of the Yang family over him?”

Jiang Xinduo’s inner thoughts: You still need to ask such a question? Your baby grandson is a skirt-chaser! 1cLfK

But she couldn’t say it, after all, that boy was her father’s favorite grandson.

Jiang Xinduo felt like it was very important to inquire about the fish pendant. After all, if Dr Liang really helped the Yang Family in pulling through their difficulties, it would not be good for the Jiang Family. If this supposition about the fish pendant was really true, then their Jiang Family must find a way to invite the person who could make these lucky charms to their Jiang family for their exclusive use.

At this time, the ‘expert master’, who had made the fish pendants, was giving a lecture on another planet.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Holding a Tianyan talisman in his hand, Le Yao stood in front of the smart whiteboard and lectured, “As we have learnt before, most talismans are composed of five parts: the head of the talisman, its body, its inner part, its belly, and the foot of the talisman. Do you still remember what the inner part of the talisman equates to?”  UomPwG

The students answered the question in unison, “The function!”

“That’s right. When we look at this part of the talisman, we should immediately figure out what the function of the talisman is, and why the practitioner wanted to draw it. Let’s learn how to draw the Tianyan talisman for now. Please pay close attention to my drawing method and the order of the lines. The most common runes are written with circles, spirals, horizontal and vertical lines, etc… It’s quite simple, right?”

The five students: “…” No!

Yan Jie and Dr Zhao stretched their finger out to count the runes, “One circle, two circles, three circles, four circles, five…” JsewDv

Chen Yingwei suddenly asked, “Mr Xiao Le, who did you learn xuanshu from?”

Le Yao replied, “I learnt it myself. People usually have a past and a present life. I had been a Metaphysical Master more than 500 years ago, and I have those memories stored in my soul. So, once my past memories awakened, I naturally remembered many things, including Ji Fengyu, who you have seen before, who is my former friend. His spirit has been floating around the world for more than five hundred years now. Of course, it sounds very ridiculous and I don’t think many people will believe me. But it’s the truth. Believe it or not, everyone is free to their opinion.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Yingwei: “…” The more you talk about it, the more one wants to think about it.

Everyone here had already met Ji Fengyu on the day the whole army, living and dead, had a meal together, so they all believed in Le Yao’s words.  It was also because, recently, Le Yao’s performance had been really too mystical and had overloaded their minds, so they didn’t need to think before they believed in it. dTZx0f

“I’ll draw another one. Please follow the pattern I use and draw it on your light brains. Let your light brain remember the order in which it is drawn, so that you can practice it over and over again, even after you return to your rooms. We also need to make sure to draw the runes in one try. If we are interrupted in the middle, even if it’s only once, the runes will have no effect. So you can’t hesitate and be interrupted, not even for a moment,” taught Le Yao.

Le Yao drew the Tianyan talisman on the smart whiteboard, and the students followed suit. He drew it at a slightly slower pace so that everyone could keep up. It turned out that it was easy to teach the various elites of the military. Firstly, all these people had a high IQ, and secondly, they were very organized, very focused and quick in picking up the class content, so their efficiency was very high.

After completing the talisman, Le Yao said, “You can continue to practice and try to draw this Tianyan talisman in one go within the next two or three days, and then we will enter the most important stage; where we request God for his guidance. This step is the key in drawing successful talismans. If you don’t request and aren’t granted support from the Gods, it will be fruitless even if you draw 10,000 runes.”

Han Mo, the most serious student in this class, suddenly asked, “Mr Xiao Le, how can we increase our chances of inviting God?” s1gJVH

Le Yao replied, “Your heart needs to be sincere, calm, and you have to let go of everything, thereby merging with nature and entering a selfless state. It’s easy to say this, but some people can’t attain such a state even after decades. Thus, I have decided that we need to start training our hearts from tomorrow onwards, so let’s go up the mountain at dawn. We’ll go there to feel nature in the morning and again to read Scriptures at night. I’ll send you the study material which contains the Scriptures I have learnt later. You can listen to their recitation first, and then repeat them later. Read one book at a time until you memorize it completely, and only then shift your focus to the next book in the lineup.”

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Yan Jie asked, “How many words are there in each book?”

“The first one contains more than five thousand words,” said Le Yao. “If you have no further questions, then let’s end the lesson for today.”

It was already time for dinner. In the beginning, Le Yao didn’t have much experience and he couldn’t teach the lessons properly. But after a few days of teaching, Le Yao had grasped the feeling and gradually his teaching skills became a lot more fluid. Along with this, he scheduled the class for an afternoon slot, as he realized that everyone was busy with military matters from morning till noon. ktqcej

After eavesdropping from outside for a while, Xu Yao pushed the doors open, stood at the entrance and asked, “Madam, don’t you want to accept another student?”

Le Yao laughed and replied, “I won’t accept you.”

Chen Yingwei asked, “Why won’t you accept the General, Mr Xiao Le?”

Yan Jie exclaimed, “I know! Mr Xiao Le is a deity, and the General is the one who desecrated… Ah!” IlAkfF

Yan Jie quickly rubbed his back and shouted, “Brother Xu, must you be so ruthless?”

Xu Yao rarely showed embarrassment, and sternly said, “It’s good that I’m didn’t kill you with my hand. Go and eat your dinner.”

Xu Yao ended up facing a shameful situation in front of President Liu, who was an elder.

The five students exited the class while laughing, and the red-eared Le Yao bowed his head whilst he packed up his things. Xu Yao habitually rubbed his fair white neck and asked, “Do you really plan to take them up the mountain early in the morning tomorrow?” hFXUdC

Le Yao answered, “They have already learnt the theory very well. After all, one is one and two is two. It’s fine as long as they remember them correctly. But xuanshu is really hard to understand and practice. I’m a little worried about what to do if none of them can be taught.” 

“It doesn’t matter,” said Xu Yao. “You can teach them first. If it doesn’t work out, let’s recruit more students.”

Le Yao nodded in answer, “Shall we go to the cold shed together?”

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Xu Yao said, “No, we’ll go to the cafeteria. You have been too tired recently. We will eat at home after you have had a rest for two days. Anyways, Tang Ye will be back tomorrow afternoon. I will have a lot of free time to spend with you then. We can take a walk around Huaxia and I’ll take you wherever you want to go.” 9v2E08

Le Yao smiled, “Alright, all the undead brothers have moved into the dormitory by now. When we burn the library tonight, there will be nothing urgent to do for a short time.”

The books for the library had all been donated by the soldiers stationed here who read paper books. Some of them didn’t read books, so they couldn’t help. But the people who read paper books actively donated almost all of their books, and except for the ones that were still needed for use, nothing else was left. According to Le Yao’s calculations, the number of books was greater than 2000. It was less than expected, but there was no problem with filling only a few bookshelves. Anyways, they could slowly keep adding more later.

Le Yao habitually picked out a small set meal box, went into the private room with everyone and said, “This time, I am considering buying more books when I return to Planet Tarot. Or, we can print some useful materials and so on by ourselves. Maybe we can also open a supermarket and sell some non-military standard equipment, and you can choose to buy things for yourself, such as musical instruments, picture albums, decorations, etc… Anyways, let’s make a list to see what is needed…”

Suddenly, there was a collective silence, so Le Yao paused and asked, “Why are all of you guys looking at me like that? Is there anything wrong with what I said?” UQX3Bl

Yan Jie slowly asked, “Mr Xiao Le, did you forget to eat lunch this afternoon?”

Le Yao quickly chewed and swallowed the food that had just been put into his mouth before he said, “No, what’s the matter?”

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Chen Yingwei honestly replied, “You are eating so fast that look like you’ve been starving for a long time…”

Le Yao wiped his lips and said, “Don’t you think today’s menu is particularly delicious?” BN2CQn

“No!” answered all the people present.

It’s all been made by intelligent chefs according to standard preparation. It’s always the same taste! There’s no change!

Le Yao said doubtfully, “Is that right? I feel like the food today is very delicious.”

Xu Yao silently got up and brought over another small set meal box for Le Yao and coaxed, “Eat more, I’ll finish it if you can’t.” qgDd5U

If it was like normal, Le Yao might’ve refused with, ‘No! I’m already full!’ But this time, he just bit his chopsticks shyly, and then ate half of the second meal box in a quick pace.

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Xu Yao: “…”

The other officers: “…”



Frozenmirage: Can you guess what has happened with him? (づ。‿‿)

Wiji: !!!!!!!!!!!!

Noks: Hehe. You have three guesses, and the first two don’t count! Fctpgw

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Wiji: wait that actually kinda feels bad…

Translator's Note

his brother

Translator's Note

huāxīn dà luóbo: womanizer, skirt-chaser; a man who pursues women amorously and is casual in his affections

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