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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh52 - The Good Fortune Talisman


Edited by Noks and Wiji

If it had been just one or two people who were speaking into the air, they could say that those people were acting. But if thousands of people within a room were speaking into the air, all of them could not be acting like they had gone crazy. Moreover, if they received a response from the other side in the form of writing, what would that really mean? It meant that the Flying Wolf Division really had an army comprised of the undead! These undead may have no physical bodies, but they could express their own ideas! b72fL

Wang Hao felt as if his eyes had opened up to the existence of a new world. He observed the strange scene that was occurring in front of him for a long time before taking his team and leaving the cafeteria. He was not heading back to their guest house, but returning to Planet Tarot. 

“Captain, don’t you need to ask the General for permission?” One of Wang Hao’s team members asked, “Let’s not go back straightaway in case he blames us of insubordination…”

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“Don’t leave now and wait till we are kicked out of here?” asked Wang Hao. “To be able to remain here till now is a great honor that we have received from General Xu and the Third Young Master. However, he doesn’t want to go back, and we have no ability to make him come with us. He’s not who he used to be, now.” The young man, who used to spend a lot of money and was especially talented at making trouble, had changed and become a different person. He had an extraordinary ability and seemed to have a real romantic relationship with Xu Yao.

“Alright then.” When the one who had posed the initial question thought about the scene in the cafeteria, he also felt his scalp numb a bit. He suddenly thought about that one night when their dormitory room had suddenly chilled, and this phenomenon was repeated when the so-called Undead Army arrived today. QoO84m

There’s been no change on the thermometer, but it’s getting cold.

Thinking of the possibilities, the man shivered fiercely and hastened in packing up his luggage.

Xu Yao was the first to receive the news about their departure, as Wang Hao had sent him a message stating that he would return to Planet Tarot.

Xu Yao didn’t ask any questions and just replied, “Please travel safely. I won’t send you away.”


Wang Hao responded, “Thank you for the hospitality during these days. I’ll invite you to dinner when you and the Third Young Master return to Xingdu, using my own name.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao replied, “Well…”

Then he sent a typed message to Wang Hao: If you get vacation time, you can visit the Flying Wolf Division. Isn’t it more fun here than at the Le Family?

Wang Hao read it twice and said: Thank you, Senior Brother. j2vPDe

Then he deleted their conversation.

At this time, Le Yao caught Xu Yao staring at his communicator and asked, “What’s the matter, husband?”

Xu Yao replied with a smile, “It’s nothing.” Then he looked at Yan Jie and ordered, “Yan Jie, contact our Communication Team in Vodapei to see if they are on a break at this time. If so, make Lieutenant General Tang take a look at our dinner party here.”

“Okay, no problem,” said Yan Jie. Gp7Jkv

A video call between the two sides was soon established, but the signal was not that good. However, Tang Ye could still see that on the long rows of tables, their subordinates were crying, laughing, eating and chatting together, as if they had returned to their pre-war days.

I really want to go back soon!

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Kjcu Tf rjlv, “P rtbeiv yf jyif ab mbwf yjmx lc jcbatfg rfnfc vjsr ja wbra. Cirb, rqfjxlcu bo atf ajilrwjcr ulnfc ys ‘ilaaif rlrafg-lc-ijk’, atfs’gf delaf erfoei. P jiwbra uba tega rfnfgji alwfr yea yfmjerf bo atfw, atf fcv gfreia aegcfv bea jigluta!”

Of Tjb rwlifv, “Pa’r ubbv atja atfs’gf erfoei. P klii atlcx bo j kjs ab tfiq sbe ybbra sbeg sjcu fcfgus joafg sbe gfaegc.” s8yQIB

Tang Ye replied, “Then, I’ll thank you first. You guys can eat and talk slowly. I need some rest. We have to continue eradicating the bugs tomorrow.”

“Then we’ll wait for you to come back and hold another get-together. Pay attention to your safety,” said Xu Yao.

Tang Ye answered with a gesture similar to ‘OK’.

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In the cafeteria, the lights were kept on all night, and the Flying Wolf Soldiers, both Yin and Yang, continued to chat till almost dawn. When it was time to separate, the living soldiers were extremely reluctant to do so. But then again, they also knew that the undead army would be living in the camp and that they would be able to contact them every night, which made them very happy. y8bm5R

“Thank you, Mr Xiao Le,” Shen Weilin thanked Le Yao before he left with Shang Ting.

“Thank you, Mr Xiao Le!” echoed the undead soldiers.

Le Yao was sleepy, but the appreciation he received nearly made him cry. His eyes reddened as he replied, “You are welcome, you are welcome, all of us are one family.”

The temperature in the cafeteria gradually rose along with the sun. iWgYLf

At the start of this new day, it was cloudless and hot.

The soldiers who had stayed up all night did not intend to go to sleep. They all went to participate in morning training or assume their shifts as normal, but they all looked more energetic than before. Only Le Yao was completely knocked out, and couldn’t stay up anymore. When it was time to go back home, Xu Yao had to carry him on his back. He was completely unconscious by the time they got home. An Alpha and Omega’s physical strength and energy had too many differences, and his physical abilities were way too poor to admit.

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Xu Yao asked the guards to guard the undead dormitory, and then ordered everyone not to step onto that land in the future.

The living soldiers of the Flying Wolf Division soon understood why they couldn’t step on that land, and they immediately wouldn’t step on it anymore. However, after thinking deeply about this, Le Yao still felt a little restless, and went over to find Aunt Yu. He asked Aunt Yu if there were any flowers which had enough heat-resistance to be planted outdoors, grew tall, and when fully bloomed, were particularly fragrant. 5uhK9

Aunt Yu admitted that she had a kind of flower called ‘yun si jin’, a wild chrysanthemum which had been genetically modified to be particularly heat-resistant so that it could be planted on Huaxia. Le Yao asked her for some flower seeds and then waited for the sun to set. He planted the flower seeds around the undead dormitory area. He had asked Xu Yao if doing this would have any impact on the safety of the Flying Wolf Division, and Xu Yao had confirmed that it wouldn’t. 

Some lovely boys in the division soon found out what their General’s wife was doing. After their busy work schedule, they all gathered water to help water the flowers. But still, the little group that helped the General’s wife plant couldn’t see any results of their hard work. The main reason for that was that the place was too big! Even Mr Gopher can’t finish this in a day or two alone! 

“Mr Xiao Le, will these flowers be burned after planting?” Asked a small soldier of the Logistics Regiment. Now, almost all of the soldiers knew that in order for the undead brothers to receive things, they had to burn it in a special way.

“No, why do you want to burn it?” Le Yao straightened up, a little confused. 9PrNlO

“Then, what’s all this for?” Planting flowers on such a hot day…

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“If we have some flowers around here, we will know at first glance that we can’t step on them, right? Then no hovercraft will land here. But you just reminded me that I can burn some dried flowers for the interior decoration of these buildings in the library later. Fake flowers don’t smell, but dried flowers do. Good job~”

“And you’re going to get a library for the undead brothers?” asked another soldier as he watered the soil.

“Yes. The undead need something to do to pass time as we do, because they don’t actually need sleep. But we have to wait for the Commander’s approval. After all, we will need a lot of paper books,” replied Le Yao. fF9zj

“Then can we also give over our own pass-time books?”

“You can, ah! We have so many soldiers in this division. With this method, we can get thousands of books faster.” Le Yao thought, ah, this is great! In this era, although most people had e-books, there were still many people who liked to read paper books and thus bought them. Why should we have to wait for Xu Yao’s approval and then buy new ones?! The task could be carried internally first!

Le Yao couldn’t bear to imagine what the library would be like when it was all done.  He sped up his pace of planting the flower seeds here and there. The amount of flower seeds he had received was not enough to cover the whole undead dormitory area. So, he drew a circle and sowed the remaining seeds along the outline first. Aunt Yu had said that she would get more seeds for him later, but he needed to wait for a few days.

Le Yao was not in a hurry to make a garden of flowers, he just temporarily surrounded the dormitories with flowers. He lectured his xuanshu class every day during the daytime, and then came to plant flowers when the sun was about to set, and took about three days to finish planting them in the circle. He didn’t say that he was tired, but he wouldn’t reject whoever volunteered to help him, and he also didn’t care when nobody came to help. If someone did come, he would talk about xuanshu or something else altogether, so that the soldiers of the Flying Wolf Division could quickly gain a new understanding of him.  wBAtGH

Previously, many people had thought that it was such a pity for their leader to be married to such a person. Now, they realized that there was definitely something wrong with the news on the Internet, and didn’t know who was spreading such false rumors. 

What’s wrong with our Madam, huh? What’s wrong?! What nonsense! Who dares to say that our General and Madam are not good together? Our whole division will drown each of them with a mouthful of saliva!

“I heard you wanted to burn a library?” When Xu Yao returned from work that night, he saw Le Yao print a small white building, so he asked, “Is this the one?”

“No, this is for the office on the other side of Fuhe Mountain.” Le Yao added, “I need to build an office, and then add two sentry booths, so that the office staff will have a workplace, and the rest of them can do other things. I need to procure more books for the library first, so it’ll have to wait for a few more days.” t9jKp2

“A library is a good idea. What books should I order? I told Uncle Guan about it today and he praised you for your ideas.” Xu Yao pecked his little wife’s cheek and continued, “There’s  another thing as well. Do you really want to send the Good Fortune talismans to the Yang Family?”

“Yes! I’ve finished drawing some of those talismans. But will there be anyone going to Tarot soon?” Drawing a Good Fortune talisman was not as troublesome and time-consuming as a Tianyan talisman. Le Yao could draw twenty of them a day, so he had drawn them whenever he had free time. It was thanks to Yan Jie that he was able to find out the birth time of the Yang family members.

“There are several people in the division who will leave soon for further studies on Tarot. If you give me the talismans, I will naturally find a way to send it over to the Yang Family.”

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“Alright.” Le Yao handed the marked Good Fortune talismans to Xu Yao. There were five triangular Good Fortune talismans each in an envelope. “Each one is marked with a name. If it’s not convenient to send them over directly, you can hide them in any place, like sewing one onto a doll or sealing one in a pen. Just don’t let the runes get wet.” p4x1sn

“Okay, rest assured.”

Xu Yao really didn’t believe that the Good Fortune talisman could make people lucky enough to defeat such a powerful opponent. But what he had said about someone going over to study and thus being able to send the talismans to the Yang Family was true. Anyway, no matter how the Yang Family’s success begins so that it can overwhelmingly crush the Jiang Family, he had to let Le Yao think the credit belonged to his Good Fortune talismans. After all, face-slapping those kinds of people felt better with one’s own hand.

So, the Yang Family’s second son, who often kept in touch with Yan Jie, suddenly received a gift from his old classmate, consisting of five small fish pendants carved into wood with different shapes. The pendant was very delicate. There was a tinkling sound that came from it, a clear and crisp jingle, which sounded very pleasant.

Yang Hengxi fiddled with the pendant for a long time before he sent a message to Yan Jie: “Yan Jie, what did you ask someone to send to me?” 4SrRPs

Yan Jie replied, “Good things, ah! I’ll tell you, I recently met a Master. This kind of a small wood carving can keep you safe and improve your luck. It’s super effective. The thing is, you have always complained to me that your family’s condition isn’t progressing very smoothly, so I bought a whole set of it for you. Dear friend, one shouldn’t forget about you, right?”

Yang Hengxi: “Do you really believe in that stuff?! Are you kidding me?”

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Yan Jie: “You will understand after you use it! I usually carry one of them around with me. There are five that I have sent you in total. Do you see a corresponding name on each of them? You can use one for yourself first, and then give them out to your family if you think they are effective. Anyway, I really think that it’s a good thing and so I have sent it to you, or did you think that I sent it before believing in it’s effectiveness myself? Anyways, there’s no harm in trying it out first.”

Yang Hengxi: “You are so superstitious, are you not afraid of being killed by your General?!” GAJFjr

Yan Jie: “…” He’s more superstitious than me, you know?!

Yan Jie finally succeeded in persuading Yang Hengxi to take the small pendant with the word ‘Hengxi’ carved on it. That is to say, as old classmates, their relationship is very good, otherwise Yang Hengxi would have definitely thrown these things away.

Yang Hengxi hung the pendant on his own light brain. For the moment, it’s effect didn’t look that bad. It was time for him to go play, so he went outside.

Unexpectedly, on that night, an Omega girl that he had chased for a whole year finally agreed to his request for a date! WO2FKD

Yan Jie looked at Yang Hengxi’s excitement that was bursting through the holographic call and said with a smile, “I told you that it’s very effective, right?”

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Yang Hengxi calmed down a little and said, “It could be a coincidence. I’ll continue to verify it.”

Yan Jie replied with an “Alright”, cut off the call, turned around and then quickly ran over to the next house to find Le Yao. “Teacher! Little sister-in-law! Master Le! My classmate, because of the Good Fortune talisman you gave him, finally got the girl he had chased for a year! If you have such good talismans, you must draw them for our internal staff first. I also want one. I don’t have a wife yet!”

Le Yao looked up and down at Yan Jie as he rejected, “You? You can’t do it. It’s useless to draw one for you.” QtFSqJ

Yan Jie was confused and asked, “Why?”

Xu Yao also came over to see what was happening. Is Yan Jie also too lustful that it’s useless for him to use the Good Fortune talismans?

At this time, they heard Le Yao answer, “Is it that hard to guess? Of course it’s because you don’t have a wife in your life, only a husband.”

Yan Jie: “…” No, you’re lying! T5Vfov

Yan Jie felt very mad. 

At this same time, Yang Hengxi handed the remaining four pendants to his family in order to quickly verify whether this small wood carving was really effective.

The author has something to say:  2XWdQh

Le Yao: Manage with a pure heart! Keep good faith! Never lie!

Xu Yao: Who lied to me to get me to drink a big cup of chrysanthemum tea yesterday?

Le Yao: … *looking at the sky ~*

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Noks: Oh dear, that ‘also’ with Yan Jie means that XY had asked for a GL Talisman!!!! And LY’s response: too lustful. Hahaha. Lusty people don’t need any luck… eHVLXc

Translator's Note

Xu Yao was Wang Hao’s senior in their military academy, in case you forgot~~

Translator's Note

dìshǔ; means gopher; basically doing any little task that needs to be done. The word was coined in the 1950s, from the sense of “go for,” and echoing the word gopher.

Translator's Note

Like registration of information, basic bureaucratic working etc

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