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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh49 - You Can’t Do That


Edited by Wiji and Noks

Le Yao didn’t know what shame was when he was choosing the underpants for Xu Yao. But, now that it was his turn to wear them, he didn’t even have the courage to put his legs in! At that time, they had been selected in the style of either ‘especially evil’ or ‘particularly coquettish’. Le Yao looked and turned his head away from them a dozen times, and almost felt like crying.  dz1WI9

In the end, he chose the one with an attached fur ball tail on the butt area, because everything else looked even more pitted. 

Emmmm… At least the main part of the underpants were made from a normal soft pure cotton material, and were not see-through, pierced or hollowed out, and there  was no strange pattern present as well. It was pure white. The others, however, were either transparent or had some weird decorations, and looked particularly unscrupulous. 

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Why did he do such a stupid thing back then?

Le Yao ‘patted’ the fur ball tail two times, and wondered about  throwing all the underpants away. Astonishingly, Xu Yao seemed to know exactly what he was thinking about and sent a message to tell him: “Baby, don’t throw them away, or I won’t answer what you asked before. Also, you can choose one of them and wear it tonight before we go out. We’ll go to Fuhe Mountain after dinner, and then go to Rong Gui’s grave. After we return, I will inspect it directly. Be good~” 10wNuU

Be good your ass!

Le Yao held the thing in his hands and wished his stare could burn through the material. But in the end, he took a pair of scissors, cut the label on the top of the fur ball tail, and then washed it.

It’s just wearing them! What am I so afraid of when I’m being honest? Aren’t they just white underpants with a pink tail?!

Le Yao went to take a bath and put on the dried fur-ball-tail underpants when he got out. One should not forget to mention that you get what you pay for, and this piece felt very good indeed. If one doesn’t look at the embarrassing decoration, it was still quite comfortable. Especially the small fur tail, its height was designed just right, it was not too exaggerated, nor so low that it’d be pressed when sitting down. Moreover, when wearing loose pants, as long as the pants are not tightened deliberately, it could hardly be seen. 1kVBtb

However, it was still a bit psychologically awkward, like a shame that follows in the shadows, tsk! 

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Old rogue! If you don’t give me a reliable answer, just see who will be the ‘desperate one’ tonight!

Le Yao put on his jacket, hesitated a little, and set off towards the cold shed.

There had been no freshly cooked dishes at home for a long time, and since his estrus period was over, no one would deliver food to them after this morning. nDzdXy

Although he was still a little flabbergasted at the thought of what had happened at the eggplant field that day, he couldn’t always avoid going out. Besides, it’s not like entering estrus was a bad thing, right?

I must get over this!

So from the living area to the cold shed, a tightly packed figure could be seen running very quickly. This figure was holding a small basket in his hand. Obviously, he looked like a grocery shopper, but he appeared to be in a hurry, creating the effect of a rapid march. When he arrived at the cold shed, he took off his hood in a thunderous motion, and ran straight to the vegetable field from which he wanted to pick vegetables.

“Mr Xiao Le, please slow down.” Aunt Yu watched him run hurriedly and quickly said, “I have just watered the fields, so the ground is slightly slippery. Be careful not to fall.” 5XNdEh

“Thank you, Aunt Yu. I haven’t picked vegetables for so many days, my hands are itchy.” Le Yao awkwardly smiled and added, “I miss cooking dishes using the vegetables from here.”

“But you should still be careful. You haven’t been out for so many days. What if there is a little one in you? You still have to pay attention to safety during this time.” Aunt Yu said with a smile, “You are the treasure of our whole division. You can’t meet any mishaps.”

“Ah, alright, alright. I will pay close attention. Also, thank you for helping me on that day.” At that time, if it hadn’t been for Aunt Yu, who had closed the door of the cold shed and stopped the out of control Alphas outside, what would’ve happened to him? Le Yao was very grateful to her. Although he really wanted to forget it all…

“For what? That’s something I should do,” replied Aunt Yu. “Forget it, let me help you pick the vegetables today. Do you want to pick some eggplants?” J38ady

Let’s not talk about eggplants!

Le Yao was so embarrassed that he immediately put on a bold face and said, “Ah, it’s all right. By the way, Aunt Yu, what happened to the vegetables I picked that day? I still haven’t paid for them yet.”

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Aunt Yu said, “I took them to the cafeteria. Aren’t I always collecting vegetables during the evening? I just took them along with me so that I wouldn’t need to pick more of them.”

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Of Tjb cbvvfv, atfc gfmflnfv atf fuuqijcar atja Ceca Te tfiqfv tlw qlmx, jcv jirb mtbrf rbwf rkffa yfjcr jcv memewyfgr. Coafg atja tf rmbbqfv akb rajixr bo mbgc jcv veu bea rbwf qbajabfr yfobgf tfjvlcu yjmx. XrTCbv

Yc atf kjs yjmx tf wfa akb rbivlfgr, ktb ugffafv tlw rqlglafvis, “Xgffalcur Zjvjw!”

Le Yao stood still and asked, “Ah, hello. How did you know that it was me?” I haven’t seen them before. It’s strange.

One of them answered honestly, “You are the only one in our division who looks so small, and you also have the same smell as the General.”

Le Yao: “…” Big Brother, can you stop being so direct? 9MIAL6

Another soldier said, “Shall we help you bring the basket back?”

Le Yao quickly waved his hand, “No need, no need, you can go back to work, I can do it myself. Thank you.” After talking, he did not even wait for the two to say anything, and instantly rushed back home. Don’t look down on small people, his speed was not slow at all, whizz!

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The two soldiers: “…” Are we very frightening?

Le Yao was not afraid. But he was too embarrassed to see anyone right now. He had always thought that it should’ve been a very private thing. However, now the whole division knew what had happened to him in the eggplant field! 82CT4

After he got home, Le Yao wiped away his sweat and began to prepare dinner. Engaging himself in it, he gradually thought less and less about the ‘eggplant field’ matter. He hadn’t entered the kitchen for many days, so he was looking forward to his own cooking. He had already planned what to eat tonight: stewed corn with ribs and sweet beans, mashed potatoe, braised eggplant, and then some mixed juice.

Since Xu Yao had added two large-scale intelligent chefs to the cafeteria, there was no longer any need to make incense at home, so he had more time to make other dishes using his intelligent chefs.

Maybe tomorrow, he should acquire some stimulating ingredients to make up for his lack of energy. As for Xu Yao, he must be made to drink more Chrysanthemum tea

Le Yao unpacked the vegetables and arranged them in the refrigerator.  He took out a small poly bags to organize them separately. During the previous two days, he had drawn three more Tianyan talismans, and wondered who would be using them tonight. eI9yaJ

When Xu Yao came back for dinner, he said, “I won’t be opening my sight tonight. Give the talisman to Han Mo instead.”

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“Han Mo?” Le Yao asked, “Who is that?”

“My Guard Captain,” replied Xu Yao. “He and Shen Weilin used to be a very low-key couple. Four years have passed, and I’m not sure what they think of each other now, so I didn’t ask that much. Yan Jie told me that ever since we were cooped up with your estrus at home, every time he took the Guards to Fuhe Mountain to burn incense, Han Mo would always bring chocolate to offer to Shen Weilin. Shen Weilin used to like chocolate the most.”

“Ah, that’s too…” Le Yao showed a regretful expression. “Well then, let’s open his sight tonight. Speaking of your guards, they are very elusive. I don’t know when they’re here, when they’re not, and what their names are.” oTrDkb

“I’ll introduce them to you tonight,” Xu Yao replied as his body tilted slightly. His eyes moved downwards, and they landed on Le Yao’s little fish

“You! What are you looking at?!” Le Yao almost jumped up like a monkey who had his butt bitten.

Xu Yao laughed and said, “Nothing.”

Le Yao: Nothing? What are you laughing about then? jCZDLE

Later, the hover car stopped in the yard, and Xu Yao walked out first. Le Yao took his small toothless rattle and smacked it against Xu Yao’s back. The ‘jingling’ sound was very pleasant to hear.

That night, they let Yan Jie take a rest.

Xu Yao and his guards first went to Rong Gui’s grave. After offering him three pillars of incense, Le Yao told Rong Gui to go over to the guest house to listen to what Wang Hao and his party might talk about at night.

Le Yao also knew that monitoring them was immoral, but it was about his own matters, so he couldn’t be polite. d6ojvu

“They want to hurt you?” Rong Gui asked Le Yao as he smelled the delicious food. His spirit was gloomy.

“That’s not true. They’re just following orders. You only need to help me figure out what they’re talking about.” Le Yao then added, “Don’t let them find out about you.”

“Okay.” Rong Gui finished speaking, and the speed with which the three pillars of incense burnt suddenly accelerated. Soon, he flew towards the guest home of the Flying Wolf Division, with an overcast wind trailing him.

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Le Yao clapped his hands and said, “Let’s go.” T7JEZh

In the small mountain pit, Le Yao set up an incense table and put up a line of photos in order to pay homage to the six undead youth. Recently, he and Xu Yao hadn’t been able to come over to burn offerings. The undead army had fragrant food, but the six undead youths didn’t. So, this time he decided to burn six incense sticks for each of them.

After all the incense had been burnt, the undead youth returned. As Le Yao packed up, he said, “Deputy Shen is not here.”

While helping, Xu Yao said, “Han Mo should have made another appointment with him. I don’t think he wants me to know about them. They used to be very restrained in front of me.”

“Then how do you know?” asked Le Yao. s GwA1

“Because I can see through their appearance and glimpse their true nature,” replied Xu Yao. “For example, the pants you are wearing today are particularly loose, and they look suspicious at first glance.”

Le Yao: “!!!” So annoying! 

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Le Yao intentionally threw the bag out with a big arc. Originally, he had wanted the bag to smash onto Xu Yao’s back, but instead, it got caught on a branch. The branch was from a thorny plant and very prickly, making it difficult to reach.

When Xu Yao saw this, Xu Yao stretched out his arm and instantly unhooked it, then hugged Le Yao’s head and said, “Now what? Why are you being so careless?” UI7rWq

Le Yao quickly walked over to the hover car and said seriously, “Husband, it’s time for us to finally transcend the undead Orcs. From today on, you know what happens!”

Xu Yao: I have to pretend to be deaf now.

Le Yao: “Husband!! I’m talking to you!”

Xu Yao: “At least, let’s first finish playing with those dozen underpants.” 7YvpaX

Le Yao: “!!!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The hover car flew towards the beach before it reached the camp. Le Yao suddenly said, “Leslie, stop! Let’s stop here!”

The hover car slowly slowed down as Leslie asked, “General?”

“Let’s stop as Madam says to,” said Xu Yao. “By the way, tell Han Mo to stay. Others may have tonight off.” CJznKM

Le Yao wondered if Xu Yao had installed a perceptron or something in his heart. Otherwise, whenever he had an idea, how could this person be able to immediately understand it each time? He was just thinking about how there were so many people in Fuhe Mountain, and it would not set a good example if exceptions were made for the Guard Captain and Shen Weilin alone. So, he intended to let Han Mo meet Shen Weilin here. As soon as he had spoken, Xu Yao seemed to instantly know what he was going to do.

Le Yao got off the hover car with the bag, and saw that the guards’ sub-hover car had also stopped on the ground.

Han Mo nodded and said, “Mr Xiao Le.”

Le Yao waved his hand and nodded. He then took out one of the Tianyan talismans in his bag and said, “When you use this, you will feel a little uncomfortable at first. It’s a little dizzy and nauseating, but you’ll be fine after a while. Just don’t be nervous.” tpHknR

Han Mo didn’t quite understand what Le Yao meant.

Le Yao added, “This is the Tianyan talisman. The General told me to open your sight tonight. I’ll call Deputy Shen here later. It’s quiet here, so it’ll be convenient for you to chat with him alone.”

Han Mo turned to look at Xu Yao, who was standing at the other end, and returned to face Le Yao, “Thank you very much, Mr Xiao Le.”

The man spoke very calmly, and did not show any ecstasy from being able to see the soul of his lover soon. He was like a volcano, all his enthusiasm and vigor were tightly wrapped under his simple appearance, and only his eyes had become exceptionally bright.  XC8o14

“Close your eyes.” As he finished this sentence, he raised the talisman, and smacked it onto Han Mo’s forehead. He quickly drew something on it, and then said: “Open ~”

“… Mr Xiao Le,” said Han Mo, “The color around us has changed.”

“That’s right. Just wait a moment.”

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Le Yao took out his communicator to search for the eight characters information for Shen Weilin. There were so many eight characters information previously recorded . It was impossible for him to remember all of them, so he need to check to make sure. G8324T

When he found it, he took out a brush, dipped it into the cinnabar liquid, and drew some runes on a flat stone surface. He chanted: “Here, on this land, I call the most spiritual of the Gods, through the Heavens and the Earth, out of the Secluded and into the Underworld, with the spirit and worship of my heart, to please hear me out. Shen Weilin, if you are listening to this prayer, come and gather quickly!”


A sound, quite different from that of a sea breeze, was heard as a few grains of fine sand rolled up on the stone surface. And in the blink of an eye, the spiritual body of Shen Weilin appeared there.

“Weilin?!” Han Mo was so shocked. He could really see Shen Weilin! fv5qOm

“Han Mo?” Shen Weilin couldn’t believe it, and slowly floated across from Han Mo, “You, can you see me?”

“Yes, yes! Mr Xiao Le helped me…” Han Mo turned his head, but where were the figures of the General and his wife?! Only the sub-hover car belonging to him remained on the ground.

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As soon as Le Yao had finished summoning Shen Weilin, he immediately packed up his things and entered the hover car with Xu Yao. The hover car was invisible, it hadn’t flown away yet. Xu Yao had just set his destination and was ready to take off. 

Le Yao looked out of the window and said, “I’ll ask Han Mo later. If he wants to, I’ll teach him xuanshu. This way, he can draw his own talismans and can even burn incense. It’ll be more convenient for him to contact Deputy Shen. What do you say?” uVp613

“Of course you can,” said Xu Yao. “But why wasn’t the first student you wanted to take in me?” 

Le Yao turned his head towards Xu Yao, “You? You obviously can’t.”

“Why not?”

Le Yao thought hard for a long time and said, “You are too lustful.” qxjZeC

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The author has something to say: 

Le Yao: Husband, if I accept you as an apprentice, my Master will blame me!

Xu Yao: Oh, is that true? 94z Ws

Le Yao: Yes, yes …, you, you, you, what are you doing?!!

Xu Yao: Your Master hates me, and I couldn’t turn back. It was only the little apprentice who bullied little Master..

Le Yao: ┻━┻ (`´) ┻━┻


Translator's Note

yīfēnqián yīfēn huò; you get what you pay for; used to say that a thing that can be bought for a very low price probably isn’t very good and the way around

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Chrysanthemum tea helps you reduce inflammation, serves as a good source of vitamins A and C, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. In Chinese medicine, inflammation is associated with being ‘too hot’ or having too much ‘heat’, in terms of your body’s overall physical balance.

Translator's Note

Chinese idiom: shén chū guǐ mò; literally means Gods appear and devils vanish: to appear and disappear unpredictably; to change rapidly

Translator's Note

A simplified model of a neutron, it is used by scientists to study neural networks, which are being studied to see if they can help in reading minds

Translator's Note

玄术/ xuán shù; mysterious method, mysterious technique; refer to Le Yao’s preferred method of working with the spiritual beings, including Buddhism and Taoism

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