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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh50 - A Baffling Mind


Edited by Wiji and Noks

Facts have proven that the words ‘disaster comes from the mouth’ were not unreasonable. Le Yao almost broke his throat in order to shout and cry that night. If he didn’t think of murdering his husband as sinful, he would have definitely given a life taking talisman to Xu Yao! uL12SE

Damn it! This old rouge didn’t treat his wife as a human being at all. I’m not an inflatable doll!

Le Yao also didn’t understand it. When Xu Yao was far away from the bed, he obviously had an image of outstanding person. However, he became as fierce as a wolf when he got onto the bed. Le Yao felt so anxious that he was ready to  go on strike immediately. If he hadn’t remembered the appointment letter and thus reminded Xu Yao about his responsibilities, Le Yao would surely have become bedridden the next day.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Hey, are you done?” Le Yao asked with a crying voice as he buried his face into the pillow, sounding pained.

“It’s done.” Xu Yao put the medicine bottle aside, and slightly regretted his unrestrained nature at night, “Can you get up? If you can’t, just lie down.” jOhAbk

“No more lying.” Le Yao said in a hoarse, high-pitched voice, “I have to quickly recruit a few students. When the time comes, I will bring them all to kill you!”

“Alright, I’ll wait.” Xu Yao slowly stroked Le Yao’s gland and reassured with a smile, “Okay, okay, don’t be angry. I’ll be gentler next time.”

Le Yao ignored him. He turned his head to one side and thought about what Xu Yao had said to him last night.

Because he had worn the ‘fur ball tail’, Xu Yao had agreed to tell him what he had meant by ‘showing kindness’. Xu Yao explained that since he couldn’t do any evil, it was better to give the Jiang’s business rivals some good luck. It was neither harmful or malicious. It was still helping people, but it would have a great impact on the Jiang Family. lSy6jY

The Jiang Family had been doing business for generations, involving a wide range of industries, but the current most profitable ones were the industries of luxury goods and communication equipment. In the beginning, the Jiang Family only made communication equipment, with emphasis on smart home systems. Later, the old master of the Jiang Family married a wife who had a luxury goods business in her family, and so it became a two-way development. In the past two years, thanks to their relationship with Le Feishan, they had also received many orders for military supplies. It could be said that their business was becoming increasingly bigger and bigger.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But no matter how great a business empire, it will always have competitors.

There were only three such rival businesses that Le Yao knew of, one of which was for luxury goods and the other two were for communication equipment. The luxury goods company had always been suppressed by the Jiang Family. For the two companies that made communication equipment, one of them had been better than the Jiang family at first, but for some reason, their business had started going downhill. This ‘some reason’ couldn’t be said to be definitely be because of their relationship with Le Feishan, but his support had indeed played a vital role. After all, no matter how good their technology was, it couldn’t withstand officials who would continuously find faults within it.

Yang Family, the one that made communication equipment, had three children in the family. From Xu Yao’s investigations, one of the Alphas he knew of was still in the business, the other Alpha had chosen to join the army, and the Omega, was still in school. The Alpha who had joined the army happened to be an old classmate of Yan Jie’s. Xu Yao only knew so much about the Jiang Family matters because of Yan Jie.  RDSZwH

According to Yan Jie, this old classmate of his had joined the army and had become a soldier solely because he refused to comply with his family situation. He didn’t believe that neither the older or younger generation couldn’t push down the Jiang Family.

“I can draw lucky talismans, but people outside currently think that Jiang Xinduo treats me very well. If I really wanted to send lucky talismans to others, will they think I’m intending to dig holes for them?” Le Yao asked Xu Yao while eating, “Wouldn’t it be too strange? And I don’t know the eight characters of their family members either…” 

“Of course, we won’t send it personally. Let Yan Jie do that.” Xu Yao added, “The Yang Family has been disgusted with the Jiang Family’s work for many years. If Yan Jie went over to send it, even if the other side doesn’t believe it, they will not throw it away. As for their eight characters, is that even a problem when you have such a powerful husband?”

“Ok then. You help me ask them, and I will draw more if it’s needed!” Le Yao added, “Let’s help Yan Jie’s old classmates!” jyXdLT

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Of Tjb’r jvbqalnf ojatfg, atja kjr, tlr Zjrafg, tjv bcmf mjrejiis rjlv atja Of Tjb kjr nfgs xlcv. Efujgvifrr bo ktfatfg atf batfg qjgas kjr jilnf bg vfjv, lo atfs cffvfv tlr tfiq, tf kbeiv regfis yf j ubbv ilaaif rqlgla, rb la kjr fjrs obg tlw ab ybggbk vlnlcf qbkfg. Ktf gecfr atja tf vgfk kbeiv jirb mbcajlc qifcas bo rqlglaeji qbkfg.

Le Yao didn’t know this, but whenever he drew lucky talismans, he always thought it would be fine as long as they were not used by bad people. Since Xu Yao said the Yang Family was not bad, then hopefully these talismans could prevent any winds of misfortune.

Xu Yao looked at Le Yao with anticipation, and when he was done eating, he went into the next room and briefly mentioned these things to Yan Jie.

After confirming that Le Yao was not present, and that it was still daytime, Yan Jie asked, “Brother Xu, is this alright? It’s not that I doubt Mr Xiao Le’s ability. The key is that the Jiang Family have been mixed in the business world not just for a few days or months. How many talismans do you think will be needed before it can be done? I don’t think it’s… “ AaGI5L

“You don’t believe it?” said Xu Yao.

Yan Jie: I don’t believe it, but I dare not say that…

Suddenly, Xu Yao said, “I don’t believe it either.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Jie: “Ah?!” IC8F9i

Xu Yao explained further, “But even if you don’t believe it, you can’t say it. Right now, Le Yao is in a bad temper. He will become even angrier if I don’t believe him. So, ask for their eight characters first.” 

Of course, it would be best if the lucky talismans work. “If they don’t work, we can use another method. The Jiang family makes luxury goods, and the brand culture of such things is very important. It is obvious that whether it be Jiang Xinduo or the Jiang family, no matter whatever the internal situation, they always maintain a positive image of ‘benevolence, kindness and affinity’. But this image is not real, so we might as well destroy it. As for the communication equipment industry… I’ll teach you how to handle it later.”

Yesterday, Le Yao had asked Rong Gui to monitor Wang Hao, which in turn, had inspired him.

Yan Jie had always supported whatever Xu Yao would fight for, so when Xu Yao said anything, he would definitely follow suit. It was just that he wasn’t stupid enough to ask his old classmates directly, so decided to check their information in private. For, even if the other side was comprised of his old classmates, it was still too strange for him to ask about their birth information. mfk2Lt

“By the way, Brother Xu, Wang Hao hasn’t left yet. Do you want to send more people to protect Mr Xiao Le?” Yan Jie added, “It looks like General Le has not given up completely, but hasn’t really come up with any wayward tactics yet.”

Xu Yao said, “No need. I will take Le Yao to the Command Center later, and then he will follow us. Now the undead Orcs have all been locked up. We don’t need so many undead brothers to guard them there. We must let them move back to the camp earlier so that they will be easier to manage. In addition, I have already told Le Yao to take in a few students. You can take some time to clean up a classroom for him, make sure to pick one that is not too far away from my office. And if he has any other requirements, as long as they are not out of line, you can also help him with them.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Alright.” Yan Jie thought for a moment and asked, “Then what standards does he have for accepting students? Can I also join?”

Xu Yao glanced at Yan Jie expressionlessly and left. q8M1DZ

Yan Jie: “???”

Le Yao still felt a bit tired in the morning, but he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep that night, so he ate some fruits to replenish his spirit, and then went over to the Command Center with Xu Yao.

This was the first time ever since he had entered the Flying Wolf Division camp for him to enter the Command Center and Xu Yao’s office.

It had to be said that the gap between people was really too huge. Xu Yao was only thirty years old and worked in such a magnificent place. This office was at least 178 square meters. It was a two room office with a medium-sized meeting room outside. It was designed in shades of light grey and pure white. It was clean and tidy, but did not appear cold and hard. And further inside was the place where Xu Yao worked. MotLAJ

When Le Yao entered, he faced an oversized gray desk with nothing on it, but as soon as Xu Yao sat down on the seat, the desk magically changed. The flat desk automatically turned over, and on it was a pen holder, a suspended light brain, a file box, etc. About five meters from the left side of the desk was a sofa and coffee table, which were bright and clean, as if new.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Are you sure you can hold on?” Seeing that Le Yao look around his office curiously and was still a little stiff when walking, Xu Yao said worriedly, “Otherwise, you can sleep here for a while and I’ll have the meeting outside.”

“I don’t want to sleep.” Le Yao turned around and said, “If I sleep now, you’ll have an excuse to toss me around at night. I’d better sleep at night.”

“Okay, then you will come with me to the meeting room. Today we’ll be discussing the relocation of the undead army to the camp.” After a while, Xu Yao asked again, “Do you still feel uncomfortable?” 9adkN

“Not at all!”

Leslie then informed all the senior officers to go to the meeting room.

These were all members of the ‘Welcome to a Subversive Life’ chat group. They often asked questions in the group, but there were also several soldiers whom Le Yao had never met before. At last, all of them were finally seated in place. Including Xu Yao, Le Yao and Yan Jie, there were exactly 20 people in total. Except for Le Yao, they all wore military uniforms. Taking turns, they briefly introduced themselves as they all formally met Le Yao. 

“According to the instructions of our superiors, from today onwards, we will set up a special relocation team to bring our undead brothers back to the camp.” Xu Yao continued, “Le Yao is the Deputy Team Leader and also responsible for technical guidance. Yan Jie, as well as all members of the Guard Team, and the Logistics Team are responsible for coordinating the relocation and resettlement work. Any questions?” cWB1DF

“Yes.” The Captain of the Logistics Team said, “General, can all of our Logistics Team really help in this matter? Will we need to receive any appropriate training first?”

“Do they need it?” Xu Yao turned to ask Le Yao.

“Ah?” Le Yao was too stunned at the atmosphere in the meeting room to answer this question. He woke up from his daze, realized that the one being asked the question was him, and said, “No, they don’t need it for the time being. I will inform you in advance if it is necessary.”

“What about the rest?” 9E 0uR

“I want to ask Mr Xiao Le, after our undead brothers have moved back, they would also need a dormitory, right? Then, will this dormitory be built in our living quarters or do we… need to find a new place?” The one who asked this question felt a little weird after he finished it.

“Yes, that’s what I want to discuss with you. We have now registered more than 13,000 undead soldiers. Even if it is a dormitory with a quadruple room, we still need several dozens of such buildings. After all, although they can float up if the floor is too high and there will be no problems in passing through walls, it’s still not very convenient after all,” said Le Yao.

Officers: “…”

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Can also float up… 3YIeTN

Pass through the wall…

Le Yao noticed the expressions of the officers and said with a smile, “Sorry, my words may not be familiar to you, but this is a real problem. We may have to find a large open space, which is also a residential land that does not overlap with that of our living brothers.”

Xu Yao said, “Yan Jie, search for some suitable spots. Choose two and let Tang Ye see if they are suitable.” 

“Can we still step on this land later?” Asked the Head of a Communications Regiment. kLhXWZ

Le Yao replied, “Yes. You can step on it and go to our brothers’ dormitory as well. They can’t come out to see you in the daytime, but at night they will let you know that they are there.”

The Head of the Communication Regiment rubbed his arm silently.

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Xu Yao said, “I know that many of you are still finding it difficult to accept this matter, mainly because you have not seen it before, and always feel that it is a bit illusory. At present, there is no good way for all of our brothers to see, but it is not difficult to let you know that they are there. Deputy Leader, what do you think? “

Le Yao didn’t respond at first. Xu Yao had asked him a question when he was waiting for a response instead. Le Yao found everyone watching him. So he quickly thought about it for a moment and said, “Yes. An army dinner for everyone at night might be the best way.” zXQEkK

The Logistics Team Captain: “An army dinner for everyone?”

Le Yao nodded in reply: “Yes. Our undead brothers having dinner with our living brothers will be a good idea. The living brothers won’t be able to see them, but they will feel the undead brothers ‘eating’ with us.”

The Head of the Communication Regiment: How is that even possible?!! This is too damn great!

To say the undead could inhale the incense was still reasonable, but to eat?! zYPSqe

Some people who had neither seen Tang Ye being possessed nor Le Yao’s incense offerings, were a little shocked at this time.

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Isn’t the Madam a bit too baffling?

At noon, the soldiers in the military camp also received the news, and they were also confused. Recently, they had heard that their brothers who had died in the war four years ago were still alive in another form. But, to have dinner together?!

Wang Hao and the people of his team heard about the army dinner in the cafeteria. After all, this was what everyone was talking about that afternoon. They wondered if General Xu had any mental problems. In other words, there had to be something wrong with Le Yao’s mind, otherwise who in their right mind would say that he could eat with the dead? Do you have a bag in your head dpu9av

The author has something to say: 

Le Yao: Tomorrow is really a day to look forward to!

Xu Yao: Today is also an anticipatory day. Do you want to wear the second one of the underpants? GWRaXp

Le Yao: *pretending to be dead*

Translator's Note

Chinese idiom: qì tóushàng; in a fit of anger; means throwing a tantrum

Translator's Note

T/N: nǎozi yǒu bāo; to lose his mind, a crazy person

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