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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh48.2 - Little Wife


Edited by Wiji and Noks

Le Yao didn’t go out for another three days. Their food was delivered to their house by the cafeteria at first and then the cold shed also sent some vegetables. Anyway, there was no shortage of food in the house, so they didn’t need to come out. The two stayed at home for seven days, ate when they were hungry, slept when they were tired, hugged each other tightly when they felt like it and desperately possessed each other. tzRH5N

Wang Hao was a little skeptical at first, but eventually he understood that Yan Jie had not lied to him. He inadvertently smelled the unusually strong scent of pheromones emitting from Xu Yao’s house when Yan Jie delivered a meal. That was indeed Le Yao’s scent. Wang Hao had known Le Yao for a long time, so he was familiar with it. 

Afraid of going out of control, Wang Hao did not dare to get close to Xu Yao’s yard.

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Yan Jie told him, “Mr. Wang, let me tell you the truth. Even if you wait here for a year, our General’s wife will not leave with you. He’s like honey mixed with oil with our General now, and he’s just been marked. Do you think he can go with you?”

Wang Hao had no comeback for this. NvLZil

Le Yao had been really against the marriage arrangement before he came to Planet Huaxia. It had seemed that he would do anything as long as he wasn’t getting married. Le Feishan had assumed that Le Yao was still the same, and so was convinced that as long as he put forth favorable conditions, Le Yao would definitely go back with Wang Hao. Although the person himself was unsure if his boss’s method would be feasible.

According to Jiang Xinduo and Le Tianyu, Le Yao should have been miserable here, but since he hadn’t seen Le Yao yet, it was hard to say. It could be said that this trip had a certain probability of success.

Le Yao came out of the house on the ninth day after he had entered the estrus period. The first seven days were spent inside because he would get itchy frequently and thus needed Xu Yao from time to time. The extra two days were purely because he had wanted to restore his physical strength and prepare mentally to face the crowd again. Everyone in the division was aware of why he and Xu Yao had disappeared for a week. 

It’s so embarrassing to think about going outside! uU1fD4

Fortunately, he was in good shape, so the recuperation didn’t take long.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao had told him that he would invite Wang Hao and his team to their house today. Since they were ‘guests’, Le Yao received them and generously cut some fruits for them. He put the fruit platter on the tea table and said, “Sorry, I have kept you waiting for these days.” 

Led by Wang Hao, several people looked at Le Yao simultaneously, who seemed to have an aura of virtuousness.

Is this the Third Young Master they know who seeks trouble as and when he likes? f7bHW0

However, if this stunned them, then, what Le Yao did next shocked them. After putting down the fruit platter, Le Yao sat next to Xu Yao and forked a piece of mango into Xu Yao’s mouth, followed by the words: “Husband, eat this, the biggest and sweetest one for you.”

Xu Yao ate the mango piece, naturally caressed Le Yao’s neck and said, “Baby, are you tired?”

Le Yao thought for a moment and replied, “Just a bit. You can continue to talk with them, I’ll stay with you for a while.”

Xu Yao simply opened his arms and let Le Yao rest on him. Le Yao leaned into him securely and looked satisfied. 1gDSj5

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Qjcu Ljb: “…”

Yatfgr: “…”

Fuck! Is the Third Young Master poisoned? This face is rather like that of a blissful young wife. What kind of love potion did Xu Yao use?

Qjcu Ljb, ktb tjv bglulcjiis atbeuta la kbeiv yf ofjrlyif ab afwqa tlw ab gfaegc, kjr cbk nfgs mbcoerfv. Lf kjr ecregf ktfatfg atf Ktlgv Tbecu Zjrafg, ktb tjylaejiis mbcogbcafv tlr ojatfg, kjr gfjiis joofmafv ys We Tjb.  fMaqkr

Qjcu Ljb delmxis mjiwfv vbkc jcv mbeutfv rboais, “Ktlgv Tbecu Zjrafg, P’w tfgf wjlcis ab ajxf sbe yjmx obg j ofk vjsr. Ktf Xfcfgji wlrrfr sbe nfgs wemt.”

Le Yao smiled, “Really? What should I do? He misses me, but I don’t miss him. In addition, my husband is very busy, he can’t leave, and I don’t want to separate from him.”

Wang Hao choked at that reply, and affirmed that it was really their Third Young Master. Only their Third Young Master would be so frank in saying that he did not like their General.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao said, “Wang Hao, I’m afraid you’re on a fool’s errand. Le Yao has been very sticky recently. Besides, I also can’t let him go. But you can return and tell General Le. At most, in twenty days, Lieutenant General Tang will return after completing his task. I will take Le Yao back to Xingdu and we will visit him together then.” qZvzd1

Le Yao stared at Xu Yao and ranted, “Even if you go back, I will not return! I just raised my foot out of the threshold of the house and he let Le Tianyu move into my room. And now he says that he missed me so much? Wang Hao, you go back and tell my father that I’m doing well. Although it’s not as cool as Tarot, at least the people here treat me sincerely. Unlike that family, where there’s a wicked stepmother who says one thing and does another and a shameless younger brother who is a thief crying ‘thief’. Whoever wants to go back, just go! I will not go back.”

Wang Hao said, “Young Master Tianyu has moved out of your room.”

Le Yao quickly refuted, “He has lived there. I’ve never liked second-hand goods, don’t you know that?”

Wang Hao: “…” sq6QMY

How can we talk about this?!

At last, Wang Hao reluctantly said, “Well then, I will convey your words to General Le.”

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Le Yao said, “Un, good. Now, there’s no need to be polite, you can eat the fruit ah… “

It’s not about being polite, I’m just not in the mood to eat! TUMlbC

Wang Hao got up and asked to leave.

In the afternoon, not long after Xu Yao had left for the Command Center, Le Yao received a holographic communication request from Le Feishan. Le Yao picked it up. Le Feishan seemed like he was pondering something for a while, and then bluntly said, “As long as you come back, I will give you five million yuan in pocket money every month. And I will not interfere in what you do in the future. Besides, if you don’t want to live in the same room again, I’ll build a bigger and better one for you.”

Le Yao listened as he arranged his and Xu Yao’s clothes, and then ordered, “Leslie, show my father how much I have now. Besides that, show him our house in Xingdu, lest he keeps misunderstanding me in following my husband to eat chaff.”

Leslie was fast and projected all the information onto the wall in less than three seconds. B5PWlZ


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Tarot Empire Bank

Personal Property Information

Account Name: Le Yao drmu3z


Disposable personal balance: 30,012,735.00

Shared credit balance with spouse: 1,000, 000,000.00

Shared total balance with spouse: hidden for security reasons, click here to see specific amount. WXiHBF


As for the house, it was Xu Yao who had won two mining planets in one fell swoop. Emperor Kunta admired his bravery and appreciated him for his merit. He had personally given him an estate worthy of a General. It was an exceptional reward, and the house was no smaller than that of the Le Family’s!

Jiang Xinduo and Le Tianyu saw that Le Feishan’s face had suddenly darkened, and they came over to see what had happened. After seeing what Le Feishan was looking at, they got jealous… 

Le Yao saw Jiang Xinduo and said with a smile, “Father, thank you so much for forcing me to marry this time. Otherwise, how would I have known that Xu Yao is so good? But if you really want me to return and see you, that’s not impossible.” Le Yao pointed at Jiang Xinduo as he continued, “If you divorce her and then drive Le Tianyu out, I will consider it.”  heWR6B

Jiang Xinduo was almost spitting blood at this comment and yelled, “Le Yao! Don’t go too far!”

Le Yao laughed and said, “Compared to what you have done to me before, it’s not too far. Don’t you rely on your mother’s money to be rich? I want to see until when you can afford it. Leslie, hang up the call. If these three people call me again, refuse them directly. I don’t want to waste my time.”

Before Leslie had finished saying ‘Yes, Madam’, the communication was cut off by him.

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As soon as it was cut off, Le Yao showed his anger. “Leslie, hurry up, contact the General.” dfqHe1

Xu Yao quickly picked up, “What’s the matter, baby? Do you miss your husband so soon?”

“Yes, yes!” said Le Yao. “I had told you that as soon as you would leave, Le Feishan would make a video call to me. Is this a coincidence? Was Wang Hao monitoring you? What’s more, do you think there’s any way to make Jiang Xinduo and Le Tianyu miserable without hurting others? They are just too annoying. If it wasn’t for the malicious intention that would affect my prestige in the future, I would really curse them!” 

Xu Yao replied, “Isn’t it simple? If you can’t be malicious, then you will show kindness.”

Le Yao was confused, “Show kindness? What kind of kindness?” 1ZY0Rx

Xu Yao said with a smile, “Tonight, wear the underpants you had bought for me last time, and I will tell you the answer.”

Le Yao replied, “Your underpants are so big, how can I wear them?”

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Xu Yao said, “They’re not big. You’ll find them in the drawer at the bottom right corner of the wardrobe. Take them out and have a look.”

Le Yao opened the drawer with suspicion and saw a pair of underpants he knew very well! These were the underpants that Xu Yao had asked him to buy in order to utilise the freight limit completely, and he had also asked him to help him choose! But what he had chosen at that time had been all big underpants. Why are the ones here all small ones? GdamQA

Le Yao hurriedly took out his light brain to check the purchase record and wondered if the seller had made a mistake. When he saw it, he found out that it had actually been changed into a small size!

He didn’t ask for it. Who else could it be? It must’ve be Xu Yao!

Bastard! Shameful! Old rogue! No wonder he didn’t stop me at that time!

When he thought back to how he had gloated as he was choosing the underpants, Le Yao felt like slapping himself.  okbtLr

What kind of underpants are these? I even have a small bunny-like tail on my butt!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The author has something to say: 

Le Yao: Husband, what do you like best? wXsD5L

Xu Yao: Driving the Yaoyao car.

Le Yao: Yaoyao car? What’s that?

Xu Yao: …

Le Yao: Ah! What do you want me to do?! dMZpVu

Xu Yao: Didn’t you just ask me what a “Yaoyao car” is? I’m watching it.

Le Yao: (°□°) ┻━┻ 

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Translator's Note

mì lǐ diào yóu; like honey mixed with oil means to be deeply attached to each other

Translator's Note

míhúntāng; lit. waters of oblivion; mythological magic potion to bewitch somebody

Translator's Note

èrén xiān gàozhuàng; the guilty party files the suit against an innocent; doing the crime but blaming another first to remove all suspicion

Translator's Note

吃糠; chī kāng; literally means eating chaff; Chaff is the dry, scaly protective casings of the seeds of cereal grain, indigestible by humans, but livestock can eat it and in agriculture it is used as livestock fodder. This proverb refers to ‘live in a difficult state’ because chaff is only eaten when no other food is available.

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