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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh36 - A Pocket Watch


Editor: Wiji, Noks

Over the next two days, whenever Le Yao took a bath, he would find some strange marks littered all over his body. They were either teeth marks or red marks from being sucked. It was not that deep or painful, but it did exist. isLmlq

He was even angrier at the thought of being sucked than being bitten. At the thought of Xu Yao biting and sucking at him while he was asleep, Le Yao felt very embarrassed. In addition, the bathroom was equipped with a full body mirror, so the red marks could be seen clearly every time he took a bath.

Le Yao was very angry and annoyed with Xu Yao. He ignored Xu Yao as much as he could for two days. This lasted until that afternoon, when he received the 3D printer. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although he found Xu Yao’s constant teasing to be quite annoying, his husband was indeed powerful. Xu Yao not only bought him a 3D printer, but also bought him paper pulp and colored paper, which were used with the printer, which Le Yao hadn’t considered before. These things were bulkier than the printer and definitely weighed over 100kg, so the freight cost would naturally also increase. At that time, Xu Yao probably hadn’t mentioned these things in order for Le Yao to buy whatever he wanted without any worry.

“Brother Xu said that you would be using the printer today, so I came to help.” Yan Jie was very knowledgeable about various smart devices and information technology issues, so he was ordered by Xu Yao to help Le Yao. He put the printer into the living room, installed it and told Le Yao, “Mr Xiao Le, you can try to use it now.” sAOt8T

“En, alright. I’ll try to print a little thing first.” Le Yao took the light brain and browsed through the small templates he had previously made with the software. He attempted to make a small chair at first.

“Whirrr…” The printer started whirring as it began the process. A moment later, a small blue chair fell into the finished product storage.

Le Yao took out the small chair, which was very cute and delicate, and could be held in one palm.

It’s definitely more reliable than the cardboard house I crafted by hand. It looks like a very refined model!


Yan Jie said, “This is the result of mixing the paper pulp together. If you use colored paper, you can mix and match the combination ratio of paper pulp and colored paper. However, I suggest you  try to mainly use the paper pulp for small objects, and colored paper for larger objects, such as a house.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Le Yao nodded in agreement, “It’s very easy to use. Thank you, Yan Jie.”

Yan Jie tidied up his toolbox, and smiled so wide that his two waxy coloured eyebrows became a little curved: “You’re welcome. If you make any delicious food, please invite me. Then I will be very grateful.”

“No problem,” said Le Yao with great boldness, “Wait for me to finish with this matter. I’ll make you a big pot of spicy fish stew. Super spicy and delicious! With shredded ginger, scallion and pepper added to a whole fresh and tender fish… Add some starch, boil it for a long time, and then eat it with a bowl of rice. It will taste very good!” yiIk3

Yan Jie was almost unable to close his salivating mouth, “Please keep the details to yourself. I don’t know what this dish is, but how can it still make me start salivating when you started to describe it?” The more Yan Jie thought about it, the more hungry he felt. So, he quickly changed the topic, “By the way, do you want to burn this small chair?”

“Yes. Not only small chairs, but I’ll also burn small tables, sofas, bookcases and so on.”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Coafg atfrf atlcur jgf yegcfv obg atf Fcvfgkbgiv, jgf atfs olzfv lc bcf qijmf, bg mjc atfs yf wbnfv ogffis ilxf begr?”

“The furniture can move, but the house can’t. Whenever a house is burnt, they are allocated an address in the underworld. But since you have said this, I can try to print some tents.” In this way, when the tent was burned for the underworld, Ji Fengyu could take it anywhere to use, right? Why didn’t I think of this before? x9Akyo

Of Tjb delmxis obecv j afca afwqijaf, rmglyyifv rbwf delmx fvlar, jcv rfca la obg qglcalcu. Lf vlvc’a qglca wjcs, bcis akb afcar. Coafg jii, la kbeiv yf j rtjwf lo la vlvc’a kbgx jcv kfca ab kjraf. Qtfc tf kgbaf atf rlhf, tf qegqbrfis wjvf la nfgs ylu, rb atja rfnfgji rbeir mbeiv ilnf ecvfg bcf gbbo. Rbk atja atf qglcafg tjv jgglnfv, tf lcafcvfv ab wjxf ubbv erf bo la. Uglbg ab atlr, tlr qglwjgs ajrxr kfgf ab wjxf lcmfcrf, vgjk ajilrwjcr, rewwbc rbeir, jcv ab fzqijlc rbwf atlcur ab Kjcu Tf.

Xu Yao would take him along with his soldiers to Vodapei, and Tang Ye would most likely stay behind on Huaxia. If he could summon the dead soldiers of the Flying Wolf Division, then naturally everything would be easy to say. If not, Le Yao was going to hand over the task of burning incense for the dead to Tang Ye. He wasn’t sure if once he reached Vodapei the undead would still be able to receive any incense he burned for them there, but he had promised Rong Gui to give him a pillar of incense every day.

Rong Gui had made a contract with him. They now had the same relationship as a Master and a soul soldier did. Rong Gui couldn’t disobey his will and had to remain faithful to his Master, otherwise he would lose his soul.

Le Yao put all the things that needed to be printed into the queue list on the 3D printer, and then he went to work on the things needed to summon souls. Tonight, he wanted to summon Bei Hongli’s wife and daughter, and he would also be doing it outside. vST 1b

As soon as night came, Bei Hongli came along with Ji Fengyu and Song He. Although Bei Hongli’s expression appeared very light, it could be seen from his concentrated attention to everything Le Yao did that in reality he still cared a lot.

This soul summoning was different from the soul summoning last time. Le Yao not only placed incense and offerings on a table near the seaside, but also used it as the starting point to draw a circle of runes, and arranged some paper talismans by pressing them down with stones. He also made Bei Hongli stand at the center of that circle. 

As soon as the Zishi  hour arrived, he lit three incense pillars, and at the same time, he gave a devoted look up to the sky, chanting: “Heaven and Earth, where are the gods? Disciple Le Yao now uses these three fragrant sticks to make a hundred trillion meter long fragrant cloud, which is earth-shaking, powerful, colorful and auspicious. I ask the Immortal Master to bestow upon his disciple the power of Soul Searching. First, he searches for Lin Ruo, who was born in the Jihai year, Gengwu month, Renwu day and Zishi hour in Huaijin District, Pingnan City, Donghai Province. The second he searches for is Bei Nuonuo, who was born in the Gengshen year, Xinsi month, Jiaxu day and Zishi hour in the first hospital, Pingnan City, Donghai Province…”

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By the time Le Yao finished saying this, he had circled once around the rune and returned to the front of the incense altar. He used the incense in his hand to light all the incense pillars that had been placed on the table in advance, and then picked up the small dinosaur bell and shook it rhythmically, causing a clear ‘ding-ling ding-ling to ring out. qazddf

After a while, the sea wind grew stronger, and quickly elevated the incense smoke up to the sky. The Southwest wind blew strongly and clearly, but the incense fire continued rising, not affected by the wind at all.

Xu Yao used the Tianyan talisman to open his sight again. He saw Bei Hongli standing in the middle of the runic circle, but he saw nothing else uncommon. It was just Le Yao. He wore a set of half-sleeved black checkered pajamas with a panda on his chest. Xu Yao always felt like laughing at this sight, but for some unknown reason, at that moment, he couldn’t. 

When Le Yao hadn’t started the summoning, he looked like someone who wanted to play house. But once his mouth started to chant those incantations, Le Yao’s personality seemed to change in an instant. Disregarding the little toothless dinosaur wand in his hand, his entire body was emitting the air of an immortal fairy. And Xu Yao really liked the Le Yao he was seeing at that moment.

So serious, yet so warm. V64cMW

“Lin Ruo, Bei Nuonuo, come back, come back quickly…” Le Yao slowly intoned in a voice more ethereal than before, and continued to circle around the runes. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry, but every once in a while he checked to see how many incense sticks had been burned. Before he had started the soul summoning ritual, he had calculated that the souls of the two women should still be in the Underworld. The two women had been hurt by their relative, so there must be resentment in their hearts. If there was any resentment lingering in their souls, it would be impossible to reincarnate.

“Lin Ruo, Bei Nuonuo, come back, come back quickly…”

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Le Yao kept continuously calling out for their souls, but in the meanwhile, the incense had already been burned halfway.

The bottom of Bei Hongli’s eyes showed an obviously anxious mood, and at this time, his mouth let out a very light sigh. KmML5l

The sigh was extremely light, and was covered by the sea wind. Le Yao didn’t hear it. But Bei Hongli was very clear about the situation. Just when he wanted to ask Le Yao if his wife and daughter could no longer be summoned, the sea suddenly rose into a huge wave, and two grayish green figures, one big and one small, floated out from within the wave.

Bei Hongli immediately lost his indifferent expression and shouted, “Ruoruo!”

The owner of the slightly larger gray-green shadow heard the call. The figure quickly floated over with a ‘Whoosh!’. 

Le Yao saw this, and neither asked for credit, nor said anything. He quietly went to the incense table to wait for the incense to finish burning, and then he packed up the things that had to be taken back into his backpack. After packing, he whispered to Xu Yao, “Let’s go back.” sFdCxI

“Don’t you want to burn the house?” Xu Yao asked. When they came to the beach, Le Yao had brought a house along with him. He had said he would burn it for Mr Bei’s family.

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“I won’t burn it right now. Let them catch up first,” said Le Yao. “They must have a lot of things to say. The house can be burned at any time anyway.”

“Alright,” Xu Yao said, “It’s a little late, let’s go back.” In order to summon the souls at the time when the Yin energy was most abundant, they had specifically waited for the Zishi hour. Recently, Le Yao had been sleeping too little.

When Le Yao and Xu Yao got on the hover car, Bei Hongli looked over and nodded to thank Le Yao, but he didn’t follow them. Le Yao saw the family holding each other, and he looked at them for a long time. C42eG6

When Xu Yao saw where he was looking, he suddenly thought of the night when he had first drank with Ji Fengyu. Ji Fengyu had told him that when Le Yao was a child, he was abandoned by his parents because of his disabled leg. Although Le Yao never said anything about it, he couldn’t help but stare every time he saw someone and their family happily together.

Maybe subconsciously, he envied them.

Xu Yao held Le Yao in his arm,: “Shouldn’t you be happy after doing something good?”

“Ah? I’m very happy,” replied Le Yao. EM89eF

Xu Yao asked, “Are you really happy? How come I feel that you are jealous? Do you envy them for having such a lovely daughter?”

“No,” said Le Yao, “I envy Mrs Bei for having such a loving husband. Hundreds of years have already passed. Did you hear how Mr Bei called his wife just now? It was very loud and exciting.”

Xu Yao said, “I heard it. But, why do I remember that you seem to prefer me calling out to you in a low voice?”

Le Yao thought for a long time before he asked, “Did I say that?” Ot5EcB

Xu Yao smiled and didn’t answer. When they reached home, Xu Yao took advantage of the fact that Le Yao had not yet taken his medicine to press Le Yao under his body. His warm lips seemed to rub his ears lightly, as he whispered to Le Yao, “Le Yao, Le Yaoyao, baby…”

Le Yao was flattened out on the bed, and his bones were going to break! He felt that he was really at a disadvantage, so he looked up and took a big bite of Xu Yao’s face!

“Hey!” Xu Yao quickly retreated. “Why did you bite me?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“You bite me every day. It’s my turn to bite you today.” Le Yao answered as he licked his lips, when Xu Yao pounced and gave him a deep kiss that almost drowned him. UgkxTl

“No more teasing. Go to sleep,” Xu Yao said in a hoarse voice.

“Un.” Le Yao took his medicine and went to sleep. After getting up the next day, he suddenly shouted, “My husband, it’s over!”

“What’s the matter?” Xu Yao woke up and asked with a smile.

“You have a pocket watch on your face!” Le Yao measured the size of the circular bite mark with his hand and said, “It’s so big!” Dq9Pjp


Xu Yao took a photo of his face with the light brain and was left speechless.

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Are you alright, husband?” Le Yao said, “It’s just funny to look at. Don’t worry, it will disappear in a day.”

“But within a day, our Commander will come over to inspect us.” BMdN4V

Le Yao: “What?”

Note: The Commander above is Xu Yao’s direct higher up, so we will (may be) change Vice Commander Tang Ye to Lieutenant General Tang Ye

More information about military rank will be post later, please don’t be confused ~~ UWKnJ8

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

11 pm-1 am; in the system of two hour subdivisions used in former times.

Translator's Note

 6th of the ten Heavenly Stems, 12th Earthly Branch; 2019

Translator's Note

 7th of the ten Heavenly Stems, 7th Earthly Branch; June 6 – July 7

Translator's Note

9th of the ten Heavenly Stems, 7th Earthly Branch; 19

Translator's Note

7th of the ten Heavenly Stems, 9th Earthly Branch; 2040

Translator's Note

8th of the ten Heavenly Stems, 6th Earthly Branch; May 5 – June 5

Translator's Note

1st of the ten Heavenly Stems, 11th Earthly Branch; 11

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