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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh35 - Don’t Even Think About It


Editor: Noks, Wiji

In the past, Ji Fengyu could not be summoned when Le Yao was on Planet Tarot, so Le Yao was not sure if he could take the dead away from Planet Huaxia. Logically, it should be possible. And one thing was for sure, if Le Yao could take them away from Huaxia, he would be able to do more in the future, and he could wholeheartedly assist Xu Yao with this ability. qPdlBW

He must become Xu Yao’s assistant, or else he would be out of work. Although it wasn’t necessary for him to do any work, it would prevent rumors of him being an idle housewife from spreading outside. 

“This really is my brother’s skill,” Ji Fengyu looked at the big ugly white cloth doll with crooked eyes and mouth in Le Yao’s hand without showing any expression, “Can’t you sew it better?”

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“Time is short. How can I sew it better for you? Make do with this first,” Le Yao said while pasting a piece of talisman on the doll, “Are you ready?”

“Ready.” fjzZ7m

Promptly after Ji Fengyu’s voice fell, Le Yao’s mouth began to chant something, and soon Ji Fengyu’s soul slowly drifted into the little doll, going through the sparse stitches and feathers in its body.

In the past, many undead had tried to leave Planet Huaxia to see if they could go further, but the results were unsuccessful. It could be established that it was impossible for the soul, by itself, to leave Planet Huaxia. Thus, Le Yao imprisoned the dead in a small doll and tried to take them out in this alternate way.

Xu Yao then asked, “Is this fine?”

Le Yao said, “It’s fine, let’s go.” KZhjXQ

Xu Yao had his sight opened with the Tianyan talisman again. He was going to take Ji Fengyu out into space with his spaceship in accordance with Le Yao’s words. With the speed of his spaceship, it took less than five minutes to complete the experiment.

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Ji Fengyu was placed in a chair, the intelligent seat belt was fixed on the doll’s small body, and then Leslie was ordered to fly at a high speed.


The spaceship flew into the sky in a flash. Ji Fengyu took off from Planet Huaxia within the doll. Fy gI5

One minute, two minutes, three minutes…

They were out of Huaxia’s atmosphere, and he remained in the doll!

When Le Yao saw that Ji Fengyu was still inside the doll, he was excited by the result and exclaimed with a smile, “I knew it, it’s working!”

Xu Yao also saw that Ji Fengyu’s spirit body had been compressed into a mass and squeezed within the doll, but it was still there. IA3TaM

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“Help me find three good souls,” Le Yao said, “Apart from you, Brother Song and Brother Wang, I just need three more souls in total. Remember, you must be careful when selecting them. They must be reliable. After you find these good souls, bring everyone to my house for further discussion. Also, I guarantee that I’ll give you the things I have promised after the package arrives.” 

“Tbe bcis cffv atgff wbgf?” Al Mfcuse rjlv ecfzqfmafvis, “Prc’a atja abb ilaaif?”

“I can’t manage too many souls, and maybe I’ll be busy with something later. You need to know that many things are still unknown. I want to make sure that you can come back safely and that those souls will be highly cooperative with me.” Le Yao said, “Do you have any qualified candidates over there?”

“Zbgf atjc fcbeut,” Al Mfcuse rlutfv jcv jvvfv, “Ktfgf jgf wbgf atjc sbe mjc lwjulcf. Dea sbe’gf gluta. Qf mjc’a wjcjuf abb wjcs obg atf alwf yflcu. Ofa’r pera vb la rafq ys rafq obg cbk. P’ii ifa Vbcu Lf yglcu atf rfifmafv rbeir ab sbe joafg P ub yjmx ijafg. Mbg atf alwf yflcu, kf klii bcis olcv atbrf cfjgys ktb jgf lc rqfmlji cffv bo tfiq jcv jgf ojwliljg klat er, rb jr ab fcregf atja atfs klii cba mjerf sbe jcs agbeyif lc atf oeaegf.” 417yV

“Can you guarantee Le Yao’s safety?” It was obvious that Xu Yao was most concerned about this issue.

“Rest assured. Le Yao has a rare good soul that is difficult to come by even in ten thousand years. Ordinary undead can’t hurt him at all. Besides, there are currently billions of ghosts who wish to serve him right now. There is absolutely no problem with his safety.” Ji Fengyu said, “Then, I’ll go back first.”

Le Yao gently tore off the rune paper on the white doll. Ji Fengyu floated out of the doll and disappeared from the spaceship in a blink of an eye.

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Their way back home took only a few minutes, but Le Yao was still in a trance. BWeN5g

“What’s the matter?” Xu Yao asked him.

“When I came to Huaxia, I saw a thick layer of resentment surrounding the planet, which was very painful to see. At that time, I decided that I would get rid of all the resentment lingering around the planet, but it has turned out to be too difficult. Now, I want to do something, but I feel that my strength is too small. I don’t know if I can get rid of the resentment before I die,” said Le Yao.

“Do your best. If you didn’t come here, all the wandering souls wouldn’t even have any hope to reincarnate. So, don’t put yourself under so much pressure.”

“En.” Le Yao should have thought of it this way, but his heart still felt heavy. yPJNxv

The heaviness in his heart became even more profound when he saw the three soul soldiers brought by Song He after he got home.

Song He did not bring many, just three, and the three of them seemed to be about 30 and 35 year old men of Chinese descent. They all looked very strong. It seemed that they were born with fit physiques. Although strength wasn’t the key point in becoming soul soldiers, their first impression was very good.

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Through Song He’s introduction, Le Yao knew that one of them was Bai Yan, and the others were Zhang Yuan and Bei Hongli. Amongst them, Bai Yan and Zhang Yuan were relatively strong. They were joining mainly for their families. This time, they hoped to get a house when they came back from their task at Vodapei. Because they had a wife and children at home, they needed houses and more incense. In contrast, Bei Hongli was relatively thin and appeared worn-out, because he couldn’t find his wife and children. He hoped that Le Yao could help him find them.

“They are the friends that I’ve gotten to know over the years. I can guarantee their character.” Song He said, “You can rest assured, Brother Xiao Le.” j0Tx9k

“Do you know your birthdays?” Le Yao asked the three of them.

“Just our birthday?” Zhang Yuan asked.

“Yes,” Le Yao said.

Then, all the three ghosts told their birthdays one after another. After listening, Le Yao calculated their eight characters, wrote each of them on a separate piece of the rune paper, and then burned some fragrant incense. It was the first time Bei Hongli, Bai Yan and Zhang Yuan had smelt such a fragrant scent. However, Bai Yan and Zhang Yuan were not in a hurry to ‘eat’. They asked Le Yao if they could bring their wives and children here.  6ZzdYS

Fragrant incense could only be enjoyed by the recipients. When Le Yao offered it to them, naturally, they were the ones who could enjoy it. But, they still remembered their loved ones.

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Le Yao was very moved by them and said with a smile, “Don’t worry. You can eat it first. I have already burnt it for you and it would be a pity if it goes to waste. After a while, bring your families over and I will also burn incense for them. You can tell me the birthdays of your family first. I’ll calculate it right now so that I can send them the offerings.”

Bai Yan, Zhang Yuan and Bei Hongli told him their family’s birthdays one by one, and Le Yao calculated their eight characters.

These people could ‘eat’ for the first time after they had started living as an undead. They had never received any incense after they had died, so they hadn’t ‘eaten’ for many years. Some elders who had lived in the underworld for hundreds of years would tell stories of what it felt like to receive offerings from their family. They could only listen to these stories. Now, they could finally, personally, know the taste of offerings. It felt really good. Px9Shw

Apart from Bei Hongli, the other two were desperately sucking in the fragrance. After starving for so many years, it was not easy to feel full again.

Now they knew why Song He didn’t make any public announcements when they asked him. Probably, it was because he was afraid that too many undead would rush to sign up as soul soldiers.

Le Yao said, “Mr Bei? I will try to summon the souls of your wife and children, but I need to make some preparations. According to your knowledge, it’s been many years since their deaths. I can’t guarantee that it’ll succeed. So, please don’t expect too much.”

Bei Hongli’s name sounded vulgar, but the man’s temperament looked very elegant. He was dressed in striped pajamas. Although they was very old and shabby, he still carried the aura of a smart businessman.  wg6SZG

Of course, the premise was that you ignored his blood-red eyes.

This soul had killed people before he had died.

He was not as talkative as Bai Yan and Zhang Yuan, and even his action of ‘eating’ incense was careless, as if it was a common thing. He only nodded at Le Yao’s words and said, “Mr Xiao Le, I can’t thank you enough for even trying to summon them. If you can’t find them, it’s okay. Maybe it’s Heaven’s will.”

Le Yao nodded. He didn’t ask Song He the reason for bringing a dead soul with blood in his eyes. He could tell that the search for his wife and children had become Bei Hongli’s obsession. ajbkmy

After a while, the incense was almost completely burnt out. Bai Yan and Zhang Yuan went to bring their wife and children. Le Yao was not stingy in offering four of his new cone incenses, and also took out some of his own snacks to offer to the children. He had summoned two children, a boy and a girl, who were only three or four years old. They timidly followed their mother to thank Le Yao. Although they had passed away many years ago, their mind was still at a young stage.

Le Yao asked Xu Yao, who had not spoken for a long time, “When will the 3D printer arrive?”

“The morning after tomorrow,” said Xu Yao.

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Le Yao then told Bei Hongli that when the printer arrived, he would burn houses for the three of them, he would not wait till Bei Hongli’s wife and children were found.  V9rXOP

Bai Yan and Zhang Yuan were naturally very happy, but Bei Hongli still looked very indifferent.

Later, Song He let them go first. Then, Xu Yao asked Song He, “Mr Bei’s eyes…”

Song He said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you. He killed his uncle when he was alive, and was in prison when he died. Didn’t you see the clothes he was wearing? They were the prison clothes of that era. But don’t worry, he’s not evil. His uncle stole things from his house while he was away, and killed his wife and children. When he found out, he killed his uncle in retaliation. That’s why he…”

Xu Yao nodded to make it clear he understood. gxOWV2

Le Yao said, “That’s all for today. I will have to make more incense tomorrow, so I won’t be able to send you away for today, Song Ge. If you have anything to ask, you can come here tomorrow evening.”

Song He hurried back as soon as he saw that it was later than one o’clock in the morning.

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After Song He left, the temperature in the room began to slowly rise up. Le Yao noticed that Xu Yao had just spoken a few words that night. He packed his things up and asked, “What do you think, husband?”

Xu Yao took Le Yao into his arms and said, “If people become the undead after they die, can the soldiers of the Flying Wolf Division who have died become undead too? If that’s true, why haven’t any of them come back to us?” GIQSuX

Le Yao asked, “Is this the place where you guys have fought before?”

“No,” said Xu Yao.

“Then there are two possibilities,” said Le Yao. “One is that they are tied in place and cannot leave where they have died. The other is that they may have continued to protect the land in their own way. You can give me their birthdays and I’ll try to summon them. If they are still here, they should come when summoned.”

Xu Yao said, “I’ll think about it. It’s too late already. Take the nutrition first and quickly go to bed.” tMprbw

Le Yao carried the nutrient to his bedside and put it on the side. He didn’t eat it until he had finished his bath and was preparing to sleep. After eating it and lying down, he suddenly thought of something, and sat up abruptly to say, “I warn you! Don’t bite me when I’m asleep!”

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Xu Yao smile and asked, “Have you ever seen me bite you?”

Le Yao was too embarrassed and angrily exclaimed, “I saw it when I took a bath! It’s hard to not notice the teeth marks on my butt! Could I have possibly bitten myself there?”

Xu Yao said, “You have teeth marks on your butt? Show me!” HvjZM0

Le Yao quickly covered himself up tightly with a quilt, “Don’t even think about it!”

Xu Yao reached out to hold Le Yao, who was wrapped up inside the quilt, and said, “I’ll think about what I want to do after you fall asleep.”

Le Yao was angry that he couldn’t resist his sleepiness and soon fell asleep.


The author has something to say: 

Le Yao: I’m angry!

Xu Yao: Poke a big fish and it will shrivel.

Le Yao: (°□°) ┻━┻ LIGYO1

Translator's Note

Change Tarot star to Planet Tarot

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