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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh34 - His Face


Editor: Wiji, Noks

“How is his condition, President Liu?” u6fXvq

Recently, the weather has been getting hotter. Xu Yao was worried about whether Le Yao would have heat stroke or other health problems. After Le Yao suddenly fainted, he immediately took Le Yao to the hospital and asked President Liu to personally examine Le Yao’s condition.

Mainly, it was because Le Yao’s sudden fainting spell was too unusual. Even if the medicine he took could lead to drowsiness, it shouldn’t be as serious as this.

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“General, with all due respect, Mr Xiao Le’s problem is not just because of gland nutrition he took before. At least, it’s not entirely just because of that. Nutrients like these don’t react so fast even if he has consumed it for a few days in a row. And as you can see, we’ve been checking his body for quite some time, but in the entire process he hasn’t woken up once, which is very unusual.”

“He took the nutrition last night and slept very heavily. But, he woke up this morning in good shape, so I didn’t think about the nutrient’s side effect at first.” Xu Yao took Le Yao’s hand and gently rubbed it, saying, “Do you know for sure what’s causing this abnormality?” HNKUz9

“There’s surely something wrong with his glands. Didn’t you have a physical examination before you registered the marriage?”

“Yes. The physical examination report at that time showed that his OTR value was too low. I have the record.”

“May I take a look?”

Since Xu Yao had already brought Le Yao here, he naturally wanted to find out the cause. Xu Yao immediately projected the physical examination record onto the wall.


This was a private ward. In addition to Le Yao who was still sleeping, there were only Xu Yao and President Liu here.

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President Liu carefully looked at the record for a moment and said with a slightly dignified face, “In the record, there is an indication of gland aging, similar to today’s examination result. Do you…”

“I know,” said Xu Yao.

President Liu nodded slowly, “Since you already know, I’ll tell it to you straight. Mr Xiao Le’s deep sleep should be due to his body’s self-repairing response triggered by the nutrition he is taking. We, as human beings, have sleep as our  fastest repairing system, whether it is for mental repair, physical repair, or any other physical-based energy repair. Now, Mr Xiao Le is sleeping to promote the gland to reach a relatively healthy level in the fastest way. In other words, his body is preparing him for his estrus period.” S4ep6C

But it doesn’t look that simple from your expression!

Xu Yao didn’t say this, but it was written all over his face.

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Xu Yao frowned slightly and said, “The doctors of the marriage center also said that Le Yao is likely to have fluctuating pheromone secretion, emotional instability, an abnormal estrus period and other situations in the future.” wVnEuf

President Liu nodded in agreement, “He’s right. In fact, those things don’t make much trouble itself. You are Mr Xiao Le’s legal husband. It will be alright, as long as you successfully help him through his estrus period. The problem is that… April is coming.”

April was a busy season for the entire Flying Wolf Division. Every April, Xu Yao took one-fifth of the Flying Wolf Division’s troops to Planet Vodapei to clean up the insect tide that happened there.

Vodapei was one of the two mineral planets that Xu Yao had led his troops to snatch from Sarna’s orcs. It was close to Planet Huaxia and rich in a kind of metal called ‘Zachary’. The name ‘Zachary’ was chosen by the Sarnas, it meant that which is the lightest and hardest. At present, this kind of metal was mostly used in weapons manufacturing, and was a rare and advantageous resource.

What was annoying was that there lived a kind of worm on Vodapei that grew up eating this kind of metallic soil. It was almost as big, and sometimes even bigger than an adult man. Not only could this kind of insect fly, but it could also rapidly breed. 2G0yfW

April was the best season to clear up the insects, because in this season they had not fully grown into adults yet, and their shells were not very hard, so they were relatively easy to kill. If this period was missed, it would take several times more financial and human resources to clear up the insects.

Ever since the Tarot army had occupied Vodapei, some biomedical experts had begun to study drugs to eradicate the insect, but there had been no significant results. At present, manual removal was still the most effective way to control the insects.

The Tarot army called this kind of insect the ‘Zachary insect’, because its body was as light and hard as ‘Zachary’.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Unless someone could guarantee that Mr Xiao Le will not enter the estrus period during your absence from Huaxia, you seem to have no choice but to take him with you. The question is whether Mr Xiao Le can withstand the harsh local environment,” President Liu added, “And whether he would like to go there with you.” Ie2Fx

“It’s up to him to make that decision. I’ll ask him when he wakes up later.” Xu Yao said, “I’ll take him back home if you have no other matter to discuss.”


“By the way, can he continue to take the gland nutrient?”

“He can keep eating the nutrient, but should choose the right time. If I’m right, Mr Xiao Le’s current condition is because of the accumulation of the three nutrient doses he consumed from yesterday to today, so it’s okay to control the time of taking the nutrients to just at night.” President Liu added, “If it’s convenient for you, you can take a picture of the nutrient’s instructions and send it to me so I can have a look.” CMKo f

Xu Yao nodded, tucked the hair in front of Le Yao’s forehead behind his ears, and then picked him up. Le Yao was in an unconscious state, and wouldn’t even know if he was being kidnapped and sold, which made people not know whether to laugh or cry.

Xu Yao put Le Yao in the hover car and covered him with a blanket to avoid the cold night wind. When he got home, he gently put Le Yao on the bed, found a packet of the nutritious agent to show to President Liu, who determined that this nutritious agent could be taken once a day with double doses during the evening or at night before Le Yao went to sleep. After that, he laid down beside Le Yao.

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It was late into the night, but Xu Yao wasn’t sleepy at that moment. His thoughts were full of the clash between Le Yao’s problematic estrus period and his trip to Vodapei.

The weather at Huaxia was hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but the Flying Wolf Division at least had a good environment, and the indoor temperature control was also very good. Compared to Vodapei, it was very different. Vodapei was dark, humid, and full of all kinds of unseen insects, with only a small number of exotic flowers and plants. If he really took Le Yao there, Le Yao would only be able to stay on the spaceship the entire time , wouldn’t that be too boring? IfGNzv

It would take a whole month to take a trip there and back. At first, he had thought that if Le Yao didn’t go into estrus before he left, he would let Le Yao use another powerful inhibitor until he came back. But that idea was obviously not going to work now.

At this time, Le Yao groaned and arched towards Xu Yao. Although he was sleeping, he seemed to remember the taste of Xu Yao’s pheromones and subconsciously always looked for it. During the previous nights, he would frown and hum as soon as Xu Yao left his side. Although he wouldn’t wake up, he seemed to know that Xu Yao would bring him a sense of completeness. 

Xu Yao pulled Le Yao into his arms and held him tight. Sure enough, the person in his arms soon stopped groaning and his eyebrows began to relax. Such a weak and innocent look made Xu Yao’s mouth turn dry.

Torturing me to death! jsHaAz

When Le Yao woke up, he sat in bed and recalled what had happened the night before, then knocked his head lightly with a fist.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao was no longer in bed. There was a conversation happening in the living room.

“Yes, it’s a special case,” Xu Yao said, “Tang Ye’s injury has not been cured, and he is not familiar with Vodapei. Yes, about five days later. Okay, thank you very much, Uncle Guan.”

“Husband, did you put me to bed last night?” Le Yao stood at the door of the bedroom and waited for Xu Yao to finish his conversation, then asked. 02HX7L

“Yes, how do you feel right now?” Xu Yao said, “You suddenly fell asleep yesterday. Is there anything uncomfortable?”

“No, just… My gland feels hot. It seems that it’s a normal side-effect of the drug.” Le Yao stroked the back of his neck. “Did you already have breakfast?”

“No. We’ll have the breakfast later,” Xu Yao beckoned towards him, “Come here, I need to tell you something.”

This time, Le Yao simply sat next to Xu Yao, “What’s the problem?” 9BWExo

Xu Yao told him about the previous day’s matter of taking him to the hospital for an examination in the night, and at the same time briefly raised the Vodapei matter with Le Yao. He also told Le Yao, “President Liu said that the inhibitor can no longer work on you, so at present, you can only go with me.”

Le Yao was dumbfounded, “Then… if I really get my estrus over there, won’t there also be soldiers working outside? And we’ll be doing it inside the spaceship???”

It’s too embarrassing, ah!

Xu Yao also thought that it was a bit of a headache, but at present, there seemed to be no other solution except to hope that Le Yao wouldn’t get his estrus at such a critical time. He couldn’t let Le Yao leave his grasp just because of this matter. Let alone the fact of whether Le Yao would like to or not, he would still have to do it. It was not easy to meet a little wife who was good at everything. G82Q1k

At this time, Le Yao moaned with a desperate face, “My face…”

“What’s wrong with your face?” Xu Yao asked.

Le Yao asked, “Have other soldiers in the Flying Wolf Division ever had such a situation? Either working or going to war with a spouse who’s going into estrus?”

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Xu Yao replied, “No. The estrus period of an Omega gets fixed after the first time. Those who meet the above conditions usually apply for leave in advance, and there are also many pairs of alphas and betas in the Flying Wolf Division. So, the situation of an Omega in sudden estrus has never happened before, you’re the only exception.” QOMFC9

Sorry husband, it seems that I’ll ruin your reputation, ah!

Xu Yao: “…”

Le Yao asked, “Did President Liu say anything else?”

“You’ll have a very long estrus period,” said Xu Yao. GzYDPf

Le Yao exclaimed, “What!” No, he lied!

This pheromone secretion was already too much. If the estrus period was also very long, would he still be alive after doing it with Xu Yao? He has a big fish ah!

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That night, Xu Yao realized that instead of eating the gland nutrition, Le Yao was busy doing something else. His little wife had called his ghost brothers and was holding a serious meeting.

Ji Fengyu was shocked, “What did you say? You’re going to take us to Vodapei?” oLDrgj

Le Yao said, “Yes! The flight is very short, so it’s convenient for you to follow me there. Besides, I want to see if you can leave Huaxia.”

The author has something to say: 

Xu Yao: Le Yaoyao, why have you cooked leeks every day recently? vU4bW

Le Yao: I… I  am just afraid that you wouldn’t kill insects and mark me instead when we arrived in Vodapei. Isn’t it alright? I will make it up to you in advance.

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Xu Yao:…

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