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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh37 - Heart of The Sparrow


Editor: Wiji, Noks

Guan Xuefeng was the General of the Air Force, the Commander of the 12th Army Corps, and Xu Yao’s teacher. When Huaxia had been invaded by the Sarna army, Guan Xuefeng had strongly recommended Xu Yao to the authorities above, which had led to his current situation. 8Lt5OU

Although Xu Yao himself was outstanding, without the Commander’s recommendation, getting this kind of opportunity would have been out of the question. But anyways, as a high ranking officer, by choosing Xu Yao, Guan Xuefeng had beyond a doubt, hit the nail on the head.

This time, Guan Xuefeng would set foot on Planet Huaxia to both perform an inspection of the soldiers, as well as to see Le Yao.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Regarding Le Yao’s special ability, after some consideration, Xu Yao had passed the information over to Guan Xuefeng. This was to purposefully restore Le Yao’s future reputation, and ensure that his future growth would go smoothly. It was not uncommon for someone with bad intentions, who knew of Le Yao’s unique ability, to try to attack Le Yao.

“Do you really have to put powder on your face?” Le Yao said, “It looks a little bit… I would have bitten lightly if I had known.” Le Yao tried his best to heal the mark, even going to President Liu to ask for ointment, but the bite mark refused to quickly recover. It really looked like a pork chop, and caused him to be at a loss whether to cry or laugh. r3bzDZ

“Don’t worry. It’s already like this.” Xu Yao was a thick-skinned man. He no longer cared if people or even his old teacher saw it. He put on his sunblocker suit and was ready to pick up his teacher.

“Then, if the Commander asks, what are you going to say?”

“What do you want me to say? I’ll tell the truth, of course,” Xu Yao added, “I’ll say that I have a little white rabbit, very cute and adorable, but also very hot and aggressive.”

“No way! I’ll lose my face!” How could I continue to have a good reputation if you say that to the Commander who is coming to our house for dinner?! w7vxmF

Xu Yao changed his shoes and stood at the door, pointing to his face.

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You are looting a burning house again!

But Le Yao still went over and kissed him, “Tell me what you’re going to say later, so that we can match up our statements.”

Xu Yao smiled and rubbed his head while he said nonchalantly, “Baby, I’ll just answer honestly.” OD0CZd

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Of Tjb fzmijlwfv, “Tbe? Lbcfra? Tbe’gf tbcfra? Tbe jgf atf wbra agfjmtfgber wjc P’nf fnfg rffc!”

Of Tjb gfjiis kjcafv ab atgbk atf qfjmt lc tlr tjcv ja tlw. Dea, tf atbeuta atja la kbeiv yf abb kjrafoei, rb tf kjrtfv la jcv jaf la.

We Tjb, Kjcu Tf jcv Tjc Alf kfgf jigfjvs lc atf tbnfg mjg. We Tjb cfnfg abbx boo tlr tja, rb Kjcu Tf jcv Tjc Alf mbeiv bcis rff tlr fsfr. Vlcmf atf tbnfg mjg kbeiv rbbc jgglnf ja atf qbga, atfs vlv cba vbeya jcsatlcu. Ktfs kfgf wjlcis kbgglfv jybea atf wjaafg bo atf Jbwwjcvfg revvfcis mbwlcu bnfg obg jc lcrqfmalbc.

Ever since their complete victory over the Sarna army, the Commander had been here twice. Once, he came to honor their achievement, and the second time was for the sake of the heart of the sparrow. exBY2G

“Have you spoken with Le Yao about the heart of the sparrow?” Tang Ye asked Xu Yao.

“No. Love is love and regulation is regulation, they are two different things,” Xu Yao said, “Le Yao is just a General’s wife for now. He has no obligation to wade into this muddy water. If we really do want to borrow his strength, we must give him a more powerful identity, at least to ensure that he is famous enough to have sufficient reason to send troops. Otherwise, I will not let him be involved in even a fraction of this matter.”

“I wish you would remember that right now, there are too many people who are jealous of you on the other side, and they want to grasp your weakness.” Tang Ye added, “By the way, Yan Jie still hasn’t found the person who tampered with your marriage registration with Le Yao.”

“Not yet. But some clues all point towards the Davis family,” Yan Jie said, “After the other party had altered the marriage information, the trace was immediately eliminated, and we hadn’t prepared for something like that in advance. So it’s really difficult to find clear evidence that the Davis family did it. But there’s a brilliant hacker working under Aldrich Davis, and I recently found out that he used to visit the matchmaking system frequently before the arrangement between Brother Xu and Mr Xiao Le came out.” aTdzB2

“Aldrich had been suppressed by Xu Yao for the past two years, and Old Davis is very ambitious. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they were the ones doing it,” Tang Ye continued, “Since the news of the heart of the sparrow being in Huaxia had spread, all kinds of problems have cropped up one after another. There are also many ox-headed devils and serpent Gods who want to replace Xu Yao.”

The Davis family was in charge of the 17th Army Corps. Old Davis was the Commander of the 17th Army Corps, and his son Aldrich was one of the most rebellious Alphas seen in recent years. As for the term ‘heart of the sparrow’, it sounded like some kind of gem, but it was actually a map. It was said that the person who acquired this map would ultimately unite the entire Interstellar and rule it.

In recent years, any empire with some ability desired such a thing. But so far, no one has even caught a glimpse of what it actually looked like. They only knew that the map was drawn on an old sheepskin roll, and had been painted using the blood of a sparrow’s heart, thus, it was called the ‘heart of the sparrow’.

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Most people thought that the ‘heart of the sparrow’ probably recorded the location of a treasure, whilst others thought that it didn’t exist at all. 1LTtjb

Even though Xu Yao thought that the possibility of the existence of such a thing was very slim, he still remained on Planet Huaxia. In addition to being ordered by his superiors to look for this thing, he actually liked the living environment here compared to Planet Tarot. But when Le Yao had become his wife and showed him his ability, he suddenly had a strange idea:

Maybe the heart of the sparrow does exist. However, it’s not a treasure, but probably some kind of power!

“Aldrich is a lunatic,” Tang Ye said, “During the years we were all in the same military academy, he and Xu Yao never managed to figure it out. This person was used to being the best ever since he was a child, and he couldn’t stand anyone being better than him.”

“Anyway, the person who changed the marriage information at that time definitely had no good intentions for Brother Xu. However, I guess that the other side certainly didn’t expect that Mr Xiao Le would turn out to be so gentle and kind-hearted as he is now, and be obedient to Brother Xu.” uUokc3

Xu Yao touched his face and smiled without saying a word.

Is it true that he is gentle and kind? He isn’t! Little rabbit’ teeth are very sharp. He jumps up just to bite you!

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Even after disembarking the hover car, Xu Yao didn’t remove his hat. It was hot outside and the glare of the light was too strong. The Commander was no exception as he was also wearing a hat. Guan Xuefeng removed his hat only after reaching the Command Center. He was tall, with some gray hairs present at both the temples, and righteousness was displayed between his eyebrows. He liked to clasp his hands behind his back when walking.

“Have there been any significant changes in the overall temperature of this Spring compared to last year?” He sat down on the main seat and asked Xu Yao. clVZdU

“It’s slightly lower, but not significantly. The rainfall is obviously lesser than last year’s,” Xu Yao answered.

“That’s not bad. There was too much rain last year and the pressure to withstand a disaster is not small,” Guan Xuefeng swallowed his saliva and directed his attention away from Xu Yao, “By the way, I heard that Tang Ye was injured a while ago. What about that? Are you alright?”

“Thank you for your concern, Commander. I’m fine,” Tang Ye replied.

“That’s good.” Guan Xuefeng stated and then paused, surprised to find that the room had suddenly become quiet. He followed the gazes everyone was aiming at Xu Yao. That was when he realized that after he had taken off his hat, Xu Yao had a visibly big bite mark on his face! Guan Xuefeng frowned and asked, “What’s wrong with your face, Xu Yao?” ecVrHB

At that moment, there were only seven people present in the Command Center included Xu Yao, Tang Ye, Yan Jie, Guan Xuefeng, two close guards and an adjutant of the Commander.

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Xu Yao’s face wasn’t red but his heart slightly jumped as he explained, “Last night I annoyed my wife, so he bit me.”

As it was obviously a mark made by the bite of a person’s teeth, Xu Yao’s  frank exposure of this matter caused the people in the room to take a moment to absorb the information. Tang Ye and Yan Jie had the same thought flash in their heads involuntarily: Oh! Is Mr Xiao Le so spicy?

“It seems that your little wife has a bad temper,” Guan Xuefeng said. ZXegbc

Xu Yao, acting as if no one else mattered, smiled and told Commander Guan Xuefeng, “That’s not true. It’s mainly because I teased him too much these past two days.”

Commander Guan Xuefeng was slightly stunned upon looking at the smile that stretched up to Xu Yao’s eyes.

Others didn’t know, but he knew.

At first, Xu Yao hadn’t wanted to marry the son of the Le family. The child’s reputation was not good, and he angered Le Feishan to death all year round. Guan Xuefeng also wondered about the real purpose behind making Xu Yao marry Le Yao. The phone calls he had received before had proved that sinister forces were at work. NFsLG3

But that didn’t seem to be the case now?

Guan Xuefeng was somewhat curious, but since there were many people present at the Command Center, he didn’t continue to talk about Le Yao. He just told Xu Yao, “When we leave later, you should bring me to meet your wife. Daring to bite in your face, this child has a good future.”

Xu Yao acquiesced with a smile, “Good.”

It was already afternoon by the time Commander Guan Xuefeng’s Army had arrived, and the inspection was not taking place far away. During this period, Le Yao was busy preparing dinner. After confirming that there was no shortage of seasoning at home, he went to the cold shed and bought a pile of vegetables and fruits. He could not carry it all with his bare hands, so he borrowed the cart in the cold shed and pushed it to his house. 0ja pq

Uncle Ming saw Le Yao push a cart into the yard and hurriedly came to take up the handle, “Why didn’t you call me to help, Mr Xiao Le? It’s tiring, isn’t it?”

Le Yao said, “I didn’t know if you were busy or not. The General had said that the Commander would have dinner with us in the evening, so I have to prepare more food.”

He had bitten Xu Yao, so he had to make up for his mistake in the evening. Otherwise, what would it be like to let the Commander see it?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Uncle Ming saw that the vegetables heaped on the cart formed a pile bigger than Le Yao. It was very gratifying to see the child be so diligent. He quickly helped bring the vegetables into the house, and then stayed to help Le Yao cook. AQI7d3

“Uncle Ming, is this Commander good to Xu Yao in everyday setting? If he’s good, I’ll make more delicious food. If he’s not good, I’ll just make a little.”

“He is good. Commander Guan Xuefeng’s spouse is also an Alpha. They have no children of their own. In addition, Guan Xuefeng’s spouse was closest to the Old General, so he treats our General as his own son.”

“Ah, what about our General’s own parents?” At the time of the marriage registration, Le Yao hadn’t seen any information about this. Later, when he went to Xu Yao’s house in Xingdu, he still hadn’t seen Xu Yao’s parents. He had heard Jiang Xinduo say once before that Xu Yao’s parents were gone.

Le Yao had wanted to ask about Xu Yao’s parents before, but he always felt that since he was not familiar with anyone at that time, it was not easy to ask. Later, he read all kinds of news about it on the internet. There were so many kinds of articles that he didn’t know which one was right. It was even worse to ask the person himself, so as not to make Xu Yao feel sad. fLjKun

Uncle Ming was silent for a long time, and then said, “The General’s parents died when he was very young.”

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Translator's Note

Five-star rank officer and is the highest possible rank in the Air Force, ranks immediately above a General

Translator's Note

refers to doing or saying something that is precisely right

Translator's Note

To profit from somebody’s misfortune

Translator's Note

To do something with good reason; to have just cause

Translator's Note

All sorts of bad people

Translator's Note

Hot, aggressive

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