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Class Teacher SystemCh7 - Save the psychopathic killer (7)


Since entering the autumn of October, all the Grade 6 teachers were astonished to find that their former royal class, that is the Grade 6 Class 8 class, actually became incredibly terrifying within the short span of half a month.

How terrifying were they? The teachers, especially the assistant teachers, realised that when they were teaching class, the originally snoring, whispering and chatting kind of bear children all seemed to have disappeared. Practically all the students in the class became attentive and full of vitality. In the past, when the students were asked a question, apart from the class leader and the study monitor, the other children all pretended they didn’t hear it. After calling out a student with great difficulty, the student would say in a careless way that they didn’t know the answer. Anyway, their families had money, so it didn’t matter. 0wb Tp

But now, when the students were asked a question, everyone would try to outdo one another and rush to raise their hands. Even if they didn’t know the question, they would still energetically raise their hand and quickly pull out a relevant answer. Even if the answer wasn’t correct, just their actions were enough to make the teachers feel gratified. So lately, when the teachers mentioned Grade 6 Class 8, they couldn’t help but smile, as though this class’ change was due to their efforts.

In fact, everyone knew that the factor that made Grade 6 Class 8 so eager to learn was simply sitting in the back row of the classroom, his presence like a stabilising force. As long as he was sitting there, the Grade 6 Class 8 bear children all instantly became cute little angels. The speed at which they changed could truly blind the teachers — maths Teacher Meng saw this with her own eyes. In the previous second, the bear children were noisy and chaotic as though they could overturn a roof, but the moment Teacher Ren entered the classroom’s back door, they lost their voices like chickens strung up by their necks. They were all sitting upright and still, as though they had the four words ‘I am very obedient’ plastered on their foreheads.

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Teacher Meng felt that this was simply an impossible miracle. She had vaguely heard the story of Lu Ban Ban leading his attendants and beating up Teacher Ren until his head bled. She had also heard that on the next day, Teacher Ren sent out a bout of fire and reprimanded Lu Ban Ban, attracting the attention of the Education Bureau Director. Even if this wasn’t the case, Teacher Meng still didn’t think that the Grade 6 Class 8 bear children could suddenly be controlled. Therefore, Teacher Meng repeatedly looked for Teacher Ren in the office to learn from him. If not for the fact the Teacher Meng was already married and had a lovely son, the young female teachers greedily eyeing Ren Zhu would definitely try to isolate her.

But what made Teacher Meng feel crushed into despair was that Teacher Ren told her his secret in just four words which caused her to feel some pain: “Guide them with love.” 1CO n5

Teacher Meng: “……” If I could influence them with love, why would I still be looking for you! I have been with this class for four years. If I could influence them with love, shouldn’t I have already changed them?!

It’s a pity that Teacher Ren really thought that he could use love to guide and listen to the bear children. He completely didn’t think that it was his big demon aura that allowed him to obtain victory. The evidence was that every time he entered the classroom, he could see the cute smiles on their faces.

On October 17th, Ren Zhu happily finished a lively and interesting literature class. Amidst everyone’s laughter, he summarised: “Alright, if you don’t want to be as foolish as the businessman in this article, then you should all learn a little more knowledge. Your family has money? What’s the use even if your parents are so powerful? In the end it’s not yours right?”

The students in the class answered while looking at Lu Xiao Pang. Lu Ban Ban turned a blind eye in a bad mood. You are all just jealous that I have money and looks!


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When the Grade 6 Class 8 bear children heard this news, they were all excited until they were silly. God knows how much they suffered recently. Since Boss Lu and his Education Bureau father had run away in defeat in the face of the class teacher, all the bear children became a lot more well-behaved. However, they still had the habit of not writing homework and talking in class. As a result, the class teacher hit their palms without missing a single person. In addition, if they didn’t finish their homework, they couldn’t leave. The most terrifying case was when Zhang Chang Long, one of Lu Ban Ban’s big attendants, didn’t want to write homework in class and hence didn’t finish it. In the end, he wrote homework from after school until midnight. It was said that his parents and Teacher Ren accompanied him the entire time……

The next day, when Lu Xiao Pang told this big gossip to the entire class, all the students’ evaluation regarding their class teacher’s terror level again rose another degree. Think about it! A class teacher who dared to hit the precious palm of a bear child, who would accompany them to write homework until midnight and would stand up against parents! The sorrow in their hearts had already turned into a river.

Within the already established but rarely used Grade 6 Class 8 parents chat group, the parents were simply crying tears of joy from this change. Although there were still a few parents who had considerable veiled criticism towards the class teacher, they were quickly shot down by the other parents: Their children had already relaxed for 6 years! Now they’re putting in more effort in the final year! Also, these days they clearly became a lot more honest and well-behaved, understanding manners! If not for the fact that Teacher Ren was determined in refusing gifts, they all wanted to send a big red envelope one after other to express their excitement! HeEOxq

Therefore, the atmosphere of Grade 6 Class 8 could be said to be more and more harmonious. Even Lu Xiao Pang, who couldn’t wait to bully Zhou Lai everyday, already hadn’t actively attacked Zhou Lai for many days under the loving guidance of the class teacher.

Zhou Lai felt that his life in this half a month was unbelievably comfortable. Not only was Lu Ban Ban no longer bullying him, he even keenly realised that his classmates were starting to become friendly with him. This caused the formerly beaten Zhou Lai to hesitate. He originally planned to follow a big brother he became acquainted with outside of school, and go mix in society together. But now, he felt and hoped that he could continue to go to school.

After school, Zhou Lai walked alone on the way home, thinking about what he needed to bring for the outing the day after tomorrow. He was different from others. Others definitely had parents and relatives to give them advice, but his parents were both sitting in a cell. Although he wasn’t short of money, there was still no one to tell him what to bring to go mountain hiking.

“Oh, after I finish writing homework tonight, I’ll use the computer to check. Anyway, I definitely can’t be the dumbest in the class.” Zhou Lai’s lips carried a little smile as he thought aloud. He then saw a few teenagers on the path in front and abruptly stopped in his track. L6xh7C

“Ha! You look like you’ve been living pretty well these days?” Said a golden-haired eccentric guy amongst the few teenagers.

Zhou Lai wanted to swiftly turn and leave, but he was already surrounded. His face instantly became cold. The previous faint smile disappeared and was substituted with a gloomy and penetrating look. “What do you guys want to do?”

The golden-haired Dong Hou laughed mischievously: “We don’t want to do anything~ We are all schoolmates. Shouldn’t we help and be friendly with one another? Recently, we brothers are a little short of cash. We just want to borrow a little money from you. Not much, about three to five thousand should be fine. Okay?”

Zhou Lai clenched his fists and pursed his lips. Three to five thousand still counted as not much? Three thousand dollars was his three month living expenses. Moreover, these people say borrow, but they don’t return at all. He had already been robbed of more than two thousand dollars. This time, no matter what, he couldn’t be robbed. Otherwise, he might have to starve for a long time. r wUGv

“I don’t have money.”

Dong Hou and the five teenagers standing behind him laughed: “If you don’t have money then why are you nervous? I heard that your class is going on an outing on Saturday? You have money for an outing, but no money to lend us? Brothers, come!”

Obviously these people intended to rob him from the beginning. Zhou Lai watched their movements, and knowing he couldn’t run, he gritted his teeth and rushed up. Anyway, he was only carrying 200 dollars. At worst he’d just have to endure and suffer a beating. It’s not like he hadn’t endured before!

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Zhou Lai clearly had experience fighting. It was one against six, but he was able to hold on for ten minutes. However, after the ten minutes, the advantage of numbers soon became evident. He was pressed on the ground, wildly kicked and punched by the angry teenagers. Zhou Lai curled up his body and protected his head. He tightly clenched his teeth, not saying a word. t3kjXm

Just when Zhou Lai felt that he might be beaten to the point he needed to go to the hospital, he suddenly heard a loud roar, followed by what seemed to be someone rushing up to help him.

Zhou Lai carefully listened to that sound. He felt that he might have auditory hallucination, so that he would actually hear Lu Xiao Pang’s voice. However, after three minutes, when Lu Xiao Pang was equally beaten and fell down opposite him, Zhou Lai then unbelievably stared at him with wide eyes.

This fatty actually came to help him? Is his mind broken?

Lu Xiao Pang was also extremely vexed at this moment. What wrong medicine did he eat such that he would suddenly rush up to help this poor ghost?! DsEb4Q

But no matter how much he regretted it, it was too late. The two were still held down by the six teenagers and beaten. In addition, the six were clearly stimulated, the strength of their hands and feet becoming more and more uncontrollable. Gradually, Zhou Lai and Lu Xiao Pang felt their consciousness become fuzzy. Just when Zhou Lai closed his eyes, he heard another roar, and this time, he felt that he might be saved.

“The teacher is coming.” He whispered to Lu Xiao Pang, whose face was full of tears.

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Lu Xiao Pang abruptly opened his eyes wide, and then saw the heroic figure of their class teacher.

Pa! 3jRTPJ


[You triggered the skill: the class teacher’s chalk or other objects (brick). Student Dong Hou -350 physical strength, -50 intelligence. Because student Dong Hou’s total physical strength is now less than half, this directly triggers a fainting effect.]

This sudden change caused the bear teenagers, who were blocking the way, to become collectively dumbstruck. They abruptly turned their heads and saw a certain young man standing not far away, with his sleeves already rolled high and a brick in his hand.

“Heh. These bear children are asking for a beating.” g1vQEH

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

Monetary gift in Asian societies.
Red envelope

Translator's Note

Chinese yuan. Equivalent to about $420 to $700 USD.

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