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Class Teacher SystemCh6 - Save the psychopathic killer (6)


After Lu Xiao Pang ran out, sure enough he didn’t fail everyone’s unanimous expectations. He angrily took out his newest model phone from his pocket and promptly dialled his dear father.

The moment the phone connected, Lu Xu heard his son’s ghost-like wails that had been brewing for a long time. This sound caused him to uncontrollably shake. Then, he heard his wailing son crying that he was beaten. TP1sNw

Director Lu frowned immediately, not in the least bit concealing his anger: “Someone hit you? Who hit you? Are all the Junrui school teachers incompetent? They actually watched you get beaten?”

As a result, in the next second, Lu Ban Ban’s wails became even louder: “It’s precisely the teacher who beat me! Dad! Dad! Hurry and come here! My hand was beaten swollen by him! He also hit me with the blackboard duster! Right now I’m really hurt! If you don’t come, I will be bullied by him to death!”

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Director Lu’s rage immediately sky-rocketed. He even had a very absurd feeling. Did he not wake up today? His son was safe and sound in school for six years. How come when he’s almost about to enter junior high, he was actually beaten by a teacher?! This must be the school’s and teacher’s wrongdoing. It’s truly unlawful, they really didn’t have him in their eyes.

Therefore, Director Lu directly left his office and drove his luxury car to Jinrui Private College with the fastest speed. jfzgdI

When Director Lu was driving to school, Peng Fei, the principal of Jinrui Private College, had already heard from his students and Ning Xun the story of ‘the class teacher domineeringly beating up a bear child’. If not for the fact that he himself was once a bear child and had gone through a lot of painful experiences together with Ning Xun, then Principal Peng estimated that he would want to kill that class teacher. However, probably from some kind of natural instinct of a bear child, he felt that he must first wait and see for this matter.

Therefore, Principal Peng called Teacher Ren to his office in one phone call. At the same time, psychology Professor Ning also tagged along. Anyway, watching the excitement wasn’t a bother. He still really wanted to see how this class teacher would deal with the director of the Education Bureau.

Director Lu first went to the Grade 6 Class 8 classroom. In the face of the maths teacher and all the students in the class, he directly called out Lu Xiao Pang. He didn’t even take a glance at the maths teacher standing on the podium. At that moment, maths Teacher Meng felt very embarrassed. However, after the students started excitedly whispering to each other, then that really made Teacher Meng upset. She couldn’t help but secretly pray in her heart. Whatever the case, it was necessary for Teacher Ren to obtain victory in this battle. Otherwise, Grade 6 Class 8 would really be abandoned.

Director Lu led his dear son and rushed towards the principal’s office. Lu Ban Ban held out his own swollen bear paw, snivelling and crying, accusing Ren Zhu of being a hateful waste who should go to hell. Director Lu listened to the foul language coming from his son’s mouth, his face becoming gloomy. His son was so young, but his cursing ability was already quite proficient. The extremely daring male teacher really should be sacked. YHKWFC

Bam! Director Lu practically kicked down the door to the principal’s office.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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At this moment, the three people already waiting in the office all turned their heads, staring blankly at Director Lu. His expression became even darker– the three people standing in the room were no older than 35 years old. These three people’s expressions didn’t have the panic or fear that he had anticipated. Instead, they were all calm, as though they weren’t currently waiting for criticism, but rather drinking tea and chatting with each other about their life. In addition, no matter from which aspect he observed, they looked like fine-looking men. One was taller than the other and one was more handsome. This caused Director Lu, who considered himself a talent, to be very displeased. People should rely on talent. He most hated those who relied on looks to get ahead.


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Hence, Ren Zhu faced Director Lu and slightly nodded: “Hello Director Lu. I am Lu Ban Ban’s literature teacher, and also the class teacher for Grade 6 Class 8. It was me who hit his hand as punishment in today’s class. You look like you have a lot of complaints.”

When Director Lu heard Ren Zhu’s reply, he immediately found his target for venting. He abruptly reached out a hand and slapped the table, his other hand poking at Ren Zhu’s nose: “You actually still have the face to call yourself a teacher?! Has your knowledge and sense of responsibility been swallowed into a dog’s stomach?! As a teacher, you not only do not care for your students, but also openly insult, hit and punish them during class. Like this, do you still have the qualifications to be a teacher?! Truly the scum and shame of the academic world!!”

Lu Ban Ban nodded at his side. Those little eyes were unwavering as they stared at Ren Zhu, hoping to see panic or regret from his face. Unfortunately, Lu Xiao Pang shockingly discovered that even after his class teacher was scolded by his father, he still didn’t have any expression on his face. YRkcvZ

Lu Ban Ban: “…..” This wasn’t right! When other people saw father, they would all be in reverence and acknowledge their mistakes! How come his class teacher wasn’t like this?!

Director Lu: “……” This wasn’t right! When other teachers saw him, they would all try to curry favour and then immediately admit their mistakes. How come his child’s class teacher actually didn’t bother with him? Director Lu thought this and wanted to say something further, but he suddenly saw this young man, who should have been very easy to resolve, simply skip over him and look at his son, expressionlessly asking:

“It’s currently the second period class time, not the end of school. So, why are you not in class and running here wasting your life?”

Lu Ban Ban glanced up at Ren Zhu, feeling his scalp about to blow up: “M-m-m-m-my! My father let me come!” IvLqk6

Ren Zhu said coldly: “It’s now already none of your business. Go back to class.”

Lu Ban Ban really wanted to arrogantly reply with a “No”, but feeling his still red and swollen hand, he was too terrified to utter a sound. He could only look up at his dear father and count on what he says. Directly Lu was just about to say something when Ren Zhu took out his mobile phone: “Director Lu, I feel that some things are unsuitable for children to continue to listen, otherwise it may cause a bad influence. What do you think?”

Director Lu has engaged in education for many years. Concerning parents, he was absolutely familiar with teachers reporting something to them. After seeing the phone, he realised that things may be a little bad, so he shut his mouth with great difficulty. After clearing his throat, he said to his son: “…… You should first go to the infirmary. Let the doctor there take care of your hand.”

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Although his dear father did not make him go back to class, Lu Ban Ban was keenly aware that his father was prompted by the class teacher! His face struck with an unbelievable expression, he held his paw and left the principal’s office in a muddleheaded fashion. rdJpf2

Director Lu completely didn’t realise that because of this incident, from now on his status in his son’s heart could no longer compare to a certain teacher’s.

After Lu Ban Ban left, Ren Zhu opened the recording with an indifferent smile.

Director Lu listened to his own son openly insulting the teacher and refusing to hand in homework. The stream of filthy speech caused him to have never felt so humiliated. But if it were only these words, which were not enough for him to let off the language teacher, then what abruptly made him change his mind was that under Ren Zhu’s lead, Lu Ban Ban revealed the fact that their family was very rich and received gifts and benefits from others.

At this moment, Director Lu looked at Ren Zhu with eyes like a pair of poisoned knives. lNVK14

That gloomy appearance made both the spectating Peng Fei and Ning Xun feel uncomfortable. Professor Ning very accurately grasped this Director Lu’s mentality and immediately sidestepped in front of Ren Zhu. Using a more easing tone, he said: “Director Lu, this is simply a child’s harmless words. Since we are dealing with this matter in the principal’s office, it is natural to want to properly solve this issue. Please do not think too much, so as to avoid causing more trouble for all of us.”

When Lu Xu heard Ning Xun’s words, he stared blankly and then let out an ‘ah’, seeming like he woke up from a dream. Revealing a somewhat hollow laugh, he said: “Yes yes yes, what the teacher said is right. It’s just a child’s harmless words. No big deal, no big deal.”

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Ren Zhu was quite dissatisfied as he glared at the broad back in front of him. What was wrong with this person? Why did he suddenly stand up and smooth things over? He could totally play another round and directly break Director Lu’s courage, making him no longer able to be smug and cocky in front of him. However, this person insisted on using this gentle method to solve things…… really…… forget it.

Ren Zhu glanced to the side at Peng Fei’s twitching eyelids, then snorted and pushed aside Ning Xun with disapproval. Facing the still vigilant Director Lu, he nodded his head: “My recording doesn’t mean anything. It is just to prevent some parents, when they see their child being punished by the teacher, from carelessly and blindly shielding their child. It is the child who first committed the wrongdoing. So we as teachers, for the good of the child, will naturally correct their mistakes and tell them what is right. This is the responsibility towards a child. I believe that you should already know the real situation of Lu Ban Ban in the school. In my honest opinion, his position is more like a young master than that of a student. Perhaps you feel that in the future you can give him everything he needs, but……” yWmRUN

Director Lu frowned and his face became dark: “But what? Don’t tell me that I can’t even let my son live a good life?”

Ren Zhu looked at Director Lu, first gently nodding and then shaking his head: “Something unexpected can always happen. Regarding this point, I believe you know clearer than I do. So, if you don’t want to let me take care of your child, then you can transfer him to another class. As long as he is not in front of my eyes, I will absolutely not care a single bit about him. But as long as this child is my student, then even if he were the emperor’s son, I will still take care of him and teach him. I’ll let him understand what is right and wrong, and know what kind of person he should be in the future.”

This clear voice wasn’t loud, but that resolute and decisive tone made the other three people in the principal’s office feel that without a doubt, he could accomplish what he said.

Director Lu looked, frowning and relaxing, then frowned and relaxed again. After a long time, he sighed and said: “Recording.” 74F px

Ren Zhu deleted the recording in front of him.

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Director Lu let out a long sigh of relief in his heart. Regardless of whether he had a backup or not, from this action he could see that this person had no intention to fight to the death with him. Moreover, Director Lu’s IQ and EQ were gradually returning to their initial states. Thinking, he realised that his son was indeed very tyrannical, already reaching the point where he almost couldn’t manage it. Although the teacher in front of him made him quite annoyed, but…… but……

Director Lu’s thoughts looped round and round in his heart a thousand times, and finally said nothing. He snorted and then turned, leaving the principal’s office. Principal Peng Fei had a very baffled expression. The situation actually ended like this? A lot of talk but no action. He was originally still waiting for a big war!

As a result, right after saying this, Ning Xun gave Ren Zhu a punch. Principal Peng Fei then saw him and the handsome male teacher, who even dared to stand up against the education bureau director, both reveal a mysterious smile. It was like they won some glorious battle. Rt5fap

Peng Fei: “……” At this point, he felt a little stupid.

The next day, when Teacher Ren sat on the podium and saw Lu Xiao Pang with his head bowed and terrified expression, wishing to shrink his size and sneak into the classroom, he couldn’t help but reveal a benevolent smile.

All the Grade 6 Class 8 bear children: “!!!!” Oh! God! Fortunately I earnestly wrote homework yesterday! Even Boss Lu and his dad were settled by the class teacher! This class teacher is too scary!!


Translator's Note

鬼哭狼嚎 – Idiom. To wail like a ghost and howl like a wolf.

Translator's Note

腥风血雨 – Idiom. Literally means ‘foul wind and bloody rain’.

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  1. I have read many memes about that “lawyer punishing a teacher to do lines as for his offense ” and all…but this just says to the world. Teachers always prevail.

  2. The problem with bullying is you end up with a lot of people hating you and that leads to grudges and this kid was on his way to making a psychopath that would most likely end up killing him in the future. Bulling is the worst and should never be tolerated but A bully shouldn’t get away with bulling when their victim fights back nor should they be surprised. I always was confused when the kid getting bullied and never received help from teachers or students and was quiet always got in trouble instead of the bully sometimes not even bothering to ask other students what actually happen or look at the 20 different cameras they put around schools
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    Teacher : “Protugis—”

    Class :” It’s Portugis!” (Irritated)

    Teacher :”Oh”

    Teacher : “—Open History book, page—”

    Class : “Teacher, we don’t have it. The library told us it’s run out.”

    Teacher : “Oh, okay. Open student worksheet page **” (continues to explain the history)

    After about 20 minutes…

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