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Class Teacher SystemCh8 - Save the psychopathic killer (8)


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Ren Zhu stood there, his figure ramrod straight and with a serious expression. Under his rolled up sleeves were what appeared to be considerably pale arms. However, contrary to what people expected, these arms didn’t look at all thin or weak. Instead, they carried a sense of masculine strength. Clearly, he regularly exercised.

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At this moment, Teacher Ren appeared very oppressive. Particularly, the brick in his hand further elevated his terrifying atmosphere. When the remaining five bear children led by Dong Hou saw such a man, they all unconsciously conjured some fear in their hearts.

“Who asked you to meddle in other people’s business?! We are -” Appearing fierce but inwardly scared, a teenager with purple highlights shouted, seeming to want to scare Ren Zhu away. However, before he could finish talking, Ren Zhu was already holding a brick and rushing up. His speed was very fast, and soon the brick put down the second bear child with incredible accuracy. Immediately after turning around, he kicked flying another teenager who was rushing up with waving fists. In less than five minutes, Lu Xiao Pang saw his class teacher, comparable to a big demon, knock down five of the six people. He felt that at this moment, his heart was practically about to jump up to his throat. He suddenly thought that his class teacher was really handsome, and was even more powerful than his Education Bureau Director father! NiTDQS

“Teacher, careful!” Zhou Lai anxiously watched the entire series of events. He then keenly noticed that there was a teenager already hiding at the side, unsure when he had managed to grab a steel rod in his hand and wanted to attack Ren Zhu from behind. However, the second he spoke, another tall figure quickly appeared from the other side and knocked out that bear child in one punch to the ground.

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Zhou Lai’s eyes widened. This person’s strength who suddenly appeared was really strong. After looking carefully, he realised that this person was their specialised psychology class teacher. Zhou Lai couldn’t help but think about the previous events. Could it be that teachers were now all so powerful? They were all the kind of existences who could fight against so many people alone?!

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“Why don’t you beat them to death yourself? You’re still looking for your father?” FeusnN

Lu Ban Ban replied with anger: “My father is very powerful! I can’t defeat them, so of course I want to find help! Teacher, didn’t you say that we shouldn’t do something without knowing our own strengths?”

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Ren Zhu first nodded with gratification, and then became serious again: “Then why do you think they would want to rob Zhou Lai instead of being like you? Taking their fellow brothers to wonder around nonchalantly, or having the money to go to various stores?”

Lu Ban Ban snorted: “Their fathers are not as powerful as mine.”

Ren Zhu continued to nod: “So, they don’t have parents to take care of them, to provide them with sufficient materialistic needs, or even to love them. Hence, they can only head down the wrong path and mingle as a student, then come over to rob the small and weak schoolmates. Compared to them, who do you think is more pitiful?” pWoghM

Lu Ban Ban laid on the ground and couldn’t seem to be able to change his mind, but he quickly nodded his head: “…… They are more miserable than me. Forget it, they don’t have parents to care for them. I am much happier than them, so I won’t ask my father to kill them. But…… my body is very painful, I am still really angry!”

Now Ren Zhu really smiled: “It doesn’t matter. Wait until school tomorrow, I will put forth this resentment for you both.”

Lu Ban Ban seemed to really believe in his class teacher’s capabilities. After hearing these words, he happily laughed with Zhou Lai a few times, and then they both directly fainted. Ren Zhu looked at these two children who were injured all over and felt a little helpless. After a long time, he clucked his tongue. “Unlucky children.”

Ning Xun held his shoulder beside him and laughed: “This evaluation is very accurate. However, I completely couldn’t tell ah~ Teacher Ren. I thought you were a weak young man who didn’t even have the strength to truss up a chicken. The outcome was truly eye opening. Your method of using bricks really doesn’t seem like that of a beginners.” NtdALX

When Ren Zhu heard this, he raised his eyebrows. Don’t know which muscle on this well educated psychology hooligan was pulled wrong. Since the day he hit Lu Ban Ban’s hand, as long as this guy had nothing to do, he would go find him in the office to chat under the pretence of needing to discuss the Grade 6 Class 8 children’s psychological problems. Others thought that these two were having a serious discussion on the children’s mentality, but in fact their conversations were very unsuitable for children and were simply asking for trouble.

On several occasions, Ren Zhu felt that if it weren’t for the fact that this person was so handsome that everyone wouldn’t believe he was a hooligan, he would definitely beat him directly out of the office without holding back.

“That said, exactly which muscle did you pull? Can you go change it? There are so many beautiful sisters in the school waiting for you to top. Why are you so blind that you come here and bother me? Don’t tell me that you fancy me. I only love my work and my students.” Ren Zhu’s tone carried some ridicule and indifference. After saying this, he took out his phone, ready to call a taxi to take these two children to the hospital.

However, halfway through his actions, his phone was taken away. Ren Zhu turned his head and frowned: “What are you doing?” i4Qzey

Ning Xun shrugged. “I feel that if I try to talk to you normally, you would definitely not pay attention to me, so I can only use this method to attract your attention. Also, you misunderstood, I didn’t pull any muscle. It’s just I feel that Teacher Ren’s current appearance is far different from the previous rumours, so that I am very curious as to which one is the real Teacher Ren.”

Ren Zhu narrowed his eyes. As a literature teacher, he had a natural sensitivity to written and spoken words. Hence he felt that the words said by this smiling young man in front of him were very dangerous. Although his big change in character could be excused as due to being beaten up and resulting in him making a firm resolution to properly teach the children, but in fact this kind of change was still somewhat far-fetched. For those keen-eyed people, they would definitely notice the huge difference between his current and former self. After all, a person’s temperament and character were hard to disguise. It was clear that this psychology professor in front of him was definitely an observant person, and also had his professional knowledge. He must have discovered something such that he would say ‘curious as to which one is the real Teacher Ren’ instead of ‘which temperament is the true temperament of Teacher Ren’.

In conclusion, Ren Zhu felt that this despicable person may have found out that he wasn’t himself, or at least already suspected him.

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But, what could he do about it? Ren Zhu showed Ning Xun a mocking smile: “Oh. Those who study psychology all think too much. However, I heard that a lot of those in this field have mental illnesses themselves. I don’t know whether Professor Ning will be affected?” 7AdPjc

Ning Xun naturally understood the meaning of this ridicule. On one hand, he felt that he was provoked, but on the other hand, he felt that this person’s character was really damned that it would be able to provoke his desire to conquer. “Ze, Teacher Ren. You’re the type I like the most. Next time, you mustn’t show this kind of expression in front of me. Otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do.”

After he finished speaking, Professor Ning moved to carry the heavier Lu Xiao Pang. “My car is just up ahead. Let’s go.”

Teacher Ren, who was taken liberties of, felt that he really wanted to used the brick in his hand to smack this despicable person in the back of the head. When Teacher Ren was still alive, he was also a talented elegant flower with people going crazy for him. However, what made all the female teachers and even a few male teachers who secretly liked him feel heartbroken was that Teacher Ren didn’t have anyone in his eyes. For almost thirty years, he didn’t fancy a single person.

There were rumours saying that Teacher Ren was probably asexual, or had sexual dysfunction. U4bSni

Regarding this matter, Teacher Ren scoffed. His little brother was very good. It’s just that he still hadn’t met anyone who was pleasing to the eye for him to fancy. It was that simple.

Now, Teacher Ren was carrying Zhou Lai, staring in front at the tall man who was carrying Lu Xiao Pang in a very relaxed manner. He felt that there had never been anyone who was So. Unpleasant. To. Look. At… From head to toe, from face to figure, from temperament to his motor nerves, he was completely unpleasing to the eye.

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Teacher Ren’s breathing became rushed and his eyes became a little dangerous. He really wanted to beat up this big bear child.

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  2. Well at least we’re getting a clear vision of who the ML might be, I’m probably not the only one who thought it was Zhou Lai but later changed their minds to it being Professor Ning. 😂

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    • You’re not alone! I’m with you. The ML has done absolutely nothing than be a jerk to MC. The MC said it himself plenty, and the guy is pretty annoying!

      I actually didn’t want to believe he was the ML. Sure he fought a bit (so far), bt his way of ‘attracting’ the MC is so childish and not suitable for his supposedly smart and cunning attitude.

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      Ever had someone who’s actually NOT interested in you? 🙂 Amazing that those people exist right?

      (Just a personal opinion agreeing with ML being a bother from what I’ve currently read so far. Sorry for getting heated. I was actually bothered X’D

      Not hating on anyone but the ML in the book. 😀 The story and translations are superb! Never read a teacher system before. X3)