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Blooming RomanceChapter 65

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When Chu Xun woke up that morning, he hurried to work, all four cylinders fired up, completely concentrating on his work. It continued all the way until noon when he remembered that… he had forgotten to take the pill. Td7dzA

He could only go buy it himself. He was afraid of running into someone he knew in the drugstore next to the company and actually had to go rather far to buy it.

For the sake of temporary pleasure, things became truly troublesome. Chu Xun was also a bit regretful, but sometimes one just couldn’t help it.

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His willpower was not strong enough to resist the temptation.

It was all because of that rascal Xiao Lin, always seducing him!  j3eXLH

Chu Xun urgently contacted Director Chen to ask whether the contraceptives in the market were effective for him.

Director Chen was uncertain. He said, “It may be effective… Maybe not. Try it. I think it should work.”

Saying this was equivalent to saying nothing making Chu Xun’s mood heavier: “What if there is no effect?”

Director Chen lectured him, “If you’re afraid, then make sure to take good precautionary measures.”


Wasn’t it that fool that deliberately refused to take good protective measures? Chu Xun was exasperated.

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“Anyway, it’s better to take the medicine than to not. I can also test if it’s effective or not.” Director Chen said mercilessly, “Come over for a check-up in two or three weeks. If it is fatal for you to carry it or if you don’t want any more children, then we will take advantage of that time to abort it.”

Chu Xun: “…”

What could he do? VuExGm

He felt that if the pill didn’t work and he really got pregnant, should he… He still wasn’t willing to have an abortion, but the success rate shouldn’t be that high, right? He really hoped it was so.  

By the time Chu Xun came home, Jiu Jiu hadn’t seen his father for an entire day. When he discovered that he had come back, he was so excited that he almost wasn’t able to stand up and laughed like he was screaming.

Chu Xun felt too guilty. How could his mind have become so lecherous? Was it that his baby was not cute enough or his work too idle that he had to go roll in some bed sheets?!

And the two of them rolling around on the bed sheets… It was clearly a serious relationship between two men, but the way they went about it, it seemed like they were carrying out a clandestine love affair. hS5yXz

Teacher Chu asked him, “That… Is that Lin Yanchen not coming? I have also not seen you call him. Did you break it off? You even have this child already… “

Chu Xun was slightly surprised: “It’s not that. I saw that you weren’t very happy so I temporarily had him stay away for a while.”

Mr. Chu gawked with big eyes: “I just don’t trust him very much, I’m not totally against you two. You will have to let me interact with him more to see if he is a good man.”

Chu Xun thought about it and candidly revealed, “In a few months, he will come to work in Y City. There will be many opportunities then.” nAgeuc

Teacher Chu said, “Ah? He’s coming to Y City? That’s very good ah. I was actually quite worried about your relationship being long-distance. If he was deceiving you or was having an affair, you wouldn’t even be able to find out. This way… It’s quite coincidental ah, that you’re dating now and he transferred over here to work.”

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Chu Xun replied, “It’s not a coincidence, he transferred himself. He said he wanted to be able to get off work and see me…and Jiu Jiu.”

Kfjmtfg Jte tfrlajafv: “Pr atja jmaejiis agef?”

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Jte Wec jcrkfgfv gjatfg uibbwlis: “Pa’r agef.” dDCxRE

“Ktfc lo la’r agef,” rjlv Zg. Jte, “tf’r vblcu tlr yfra obg sbe.”

Jte Wec’r wbatfg kjamtfv atf ojatfg jcv rbc qjlg’r kbggslcu mbcnfgrjalbc. Ktf ylu tjgv-tfjv tjv wfa atf rwjii tjgv-tfjv jcv cbk atfs kfgf yflcu tjgv-tfjvfv abufatfg.  

Chu Xun’s mother’s maiden name was Lin, named Lin Qiaoli. She was the young daughter of a rich family, the complete opposite of the peasant farmer family Teacher Chu was from. She was a classmate of his at the same university at that time. She married down the social ladder without a single glance back.

Teacher Chu hadn’t ever made big bucks in this life, but this husband and wife pair respected each other and had never had huge disputes. Chu Xun used to think that his parents didn’t love each other very much as the two weren’t intimate enough. He also didn’t know how his father was able to abduct his mother. IKimwz

His mother was an artist and did traditional Chinese brush painting. After graduating, she did not look for a job either; she just grew flowers and painted at home. She was very patient and could spend months or even years on a single painting.

Chu Xun thought his mother’s paintings were very good, but up till now it had not gotten much fame. WDsB1x

In his memories, most of the interactions between his parents were in the study. His mother painted, his father prepared lessons; both performed their respective duties without disturbing each other or saying a word.

Mom came over to find Chu Xun: “Do you really like Xiao Lin?”

Chu Xun blushed, holding Jiu Jiu who was eating his fingers and looking at his father.

His mother said: “I feel like Xiao Lin has done quite a lot for you. Whether you like it or not, to love each other, is to love each other. It is a mutual thing, there is no sense in only having one party invest energy and time. You have the same temper as your father. Don’t feel embarrassed about this situation.” hSowQ6

“I roughly understand what you and your father are worried about. Xiao Lin’s family situation is much better than ours. What’s there to be afraid of? At worst, you will just break up.”

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“When your father chased me at that time, there were also several other male students pursuing me, all of whom were richer than him. He didn’t dare to confess to me. Later, he said that he didn’t think he was worthy of me because we weren’t well-matched in that aspect.”

Chu Xun’s face became even redder. Isn’t that what he said to Lin Yanchen?

Chu Xun asked, “Mom, how did you notice Dad at that time?” ykKUuC

“When your father was young, he was especially good-looking,” she answered matter-of-factly.

Chu Xun: “…”

His mother looked at him and wistfully sighed, “I was rather disappointed when you were born. You didn’t really inherit your father’s face.”

Chu Xun: “……” Where should he start? He never understood the reason he was so weak to good looks was because he had inherited it from his mother! DSWJBY

Chu Xun thought about it and asked, “Well, dad has become like this now. Do you regret it?”

Mother said, “Regret what? If you compare your father to himself back then of course he’s worse, but if you pulled him out to compare with old men his age he’s still the most handsome, alright?”

Chu Xun was baffled. He thought about his father’s appearance. Was his father handsome? Really? Really??

“I digress, but in short, you should try your best. At the beginning, your father was brave that one time, otherwise your father and I would not be here. Won’t you take a chance? What’s the worst that could happen?” w0tjCs

“Xiao Lin is very rich, but let’s not talk about money, it’s not polite.”

“He is young and handsome… Jiu Jiu is also this beautiful, what are you losing?”

Chu Xun suddenly recalled his original intention when he met Lin Yanchen – to be able to sleep with such a young and handsome man, was indeed a real profit.

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Mom was right. What could he lose? bUACH1

Chu Xun thought about it. Lin Yanchen being angry with him was not without reason. It was always Lin Yanchen investing time and energy for him.

Therefore Chu Xun decided to take the initiative to visit Lin Yanchen in B City over the weekend.

However, he did not have Lin Yanchen’s personality which liked to pleasantly surprise others. He informed Lin Yanchen in advance that he would go to see him, and had Lin Yanchen tell him the address.

Lin Yanchen was very happy, and immediately decided: “You’re coming to see me, how could I feel at ease waiting for you to lug a suitcase across half the city to see me? Of course I’ll pick you up at the airport!” Tbnlvj

Over the phone, Chu Xun could hear Lin Yanchen was wild with joy, and his cheeks couldn’t help become burning hot: “I’ll only stay one day, I’ll have to come back to work on Monday. Do you want to take me out somewhere to play?”

Lin Yanchen’s sweet words that didn’t want anything back burst out: “Nowhere, I just want the two of us to be together; every minute, every second, as long as you are beside me I will be satisfied.”

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Chu Xun: “You are too easy to coax, you idiot.”

Lin Yanchen: “What’s wrong with being an idiot? Unless you’re discriminating against idiots? I am Chu Xun’s glorious and exclusive idiot! I am very proud!” kG bXc

Chu Xun: “Ha ha ha ha.”

Chu Xun abided by his promise and arrived at B City’s Airport at around 8pm on Friday.

Lin Yanchen had a playful nature. This time, he didn’t hire a driver. He drove a luxury car over himself and had deliberately changed into a uniform. When he saw Chu Xun, he pretended by saying, “Mr. Chu, this way, please.”

Chu Xun saw him, paused, suppressed his smile, and cooperated with him in the performance: “Who sent you?” h7FQGX

Lin Yanchen: “I was sent by Mr. Lin. The boss had me pick you up and take you to his house.”  

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When the car was parked in the garage, Chu Xun deliberately teased, “Young man, I think you are rather handsome. Let’s take advantage of the time before your boss comes back and have some fun?”

Lin Yanchen looked at him innocently: “Have what fun? I don’t understand.”

Chu Xun leaned over to kiss him and asked with a smile, “What do you think?” 6h Ywz

Lin Yanchen couldn’t bear it anymore. He hugged the person into his arms and kissed him all over his face, which made Chu Xun laugh. Lin Yanchen said as he planted kisses, “Ah Xun, are you trying to get me to wear a green hat?”

After making some noise together, Lin Yanchen stopped when he heard Chu Xun’s stomach rumbling and said, “Are you hungry? Let me cook for you!”

Chu Xun looked at him with a new level of admiration: “You can even cook?!”

Lin Yanchen said: “I had nothing to do when you weren’t here… They say that after not seeing someone for three days, you should look at them in a new light as they might have changed for the better. I’ve already had a year, three months and fourteen days to change.” 7FmN1g

Chu Xun: “…”

Lin Yanchen pulled at him: “Go, go, I’ll take you to see Da Tou. Da Tou was fattened up by me. Actually, I think Da Tou is our eldest son, and Jiu Jiu is our second.”

Chu Xun was not angry when he lumped Jiu Jiu and the cat together to discuss seniority. “Not bad. In my mother’s hometown, it was also popular to identify random things as relatives for children and disrupt the ranking, this way children have support and are easy to raise.”

Chu Xun still thought about whether he should help or not. GIqMn3

Lin Yanchen didn’t allow him to enter the kitchen: “No, I don’t want you to help me. I want you to see my strength now.”

Chu Xun went to the living room and met Da Tou. The last time he saw Da Tou, he was still in the breastfeeding stage. He heard that the memory of a cat was only five seconds long. Da Tou stared at him warily.

The doorbell rang.

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Chu Xun went to check and connected to the video intercom. There was a familiar and handsome face on the screen. The voice of the visiting guest was also quite pleasant: “Lin Yanchen, I wrote a new song, listen to it for me.” 62ktfI

Chu Xun suddenly realised. Isn’t this Zhan Hongyu, the currently popular young student in the entertainment circle?

This was his first time seeing a performing artist! In the flesh! Chu Xun was a little excited and said, “Lin Yanchen is cooking right now. I’ll tell him. Just a moment.”  

Chu Xun ran to Lin Yanchen and asked, “Do you know Zhan Hongyu? He’s out there saying he’s looking for you.”

Lin Yanchen valued his lover more than his friends and said without the slightest hesitation, “Tell him I’m not at home!” YO0GRK

This was his and Ah Xun’s time together.

Chu Xun: “I… I already told him you’re at home. That’s not too polite right?”

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Lin Yanchen could only let Zhan Hongyu in with a dark face.

This big third wheel! dxanDF

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Translator's Note


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Some examples of Chinese painting~ Most subjects are things found in nature like plants, animals or scenery w/ water/mountains. It’s done on really thin rice paper that’s super absorbent, I took a semester of classes before and it’s so hard to control! >-<

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