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Blooming RomanceChapter 64

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Chu Xun was woken up on time by the alarm on his phone in the morning. He reached for his phone and looked at it in a daze. It was already 7 o’clock. He felt limp and painful from head to toe, but he had to get up and go to work. Wz3Lse

He had just sat up when he was pulled back by arms around his waist. Lin Yanchen held him in his arms with his head buried in the arch of Chu Xun’s neck, absentmindedly kissing his shoulder. “What time is it?”

Chu Xun pinched his face. “It’s seven o’clock in the morning. Director Xiao Lin, let me go. I have to go to work.”

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Lin Yanchen kissed him. “Might as well just take sick leave and go to the company later.”

Chu Xun was half angry, half amused. “I should record your words and give the recording to your company’s employees to listen to. Their boss is setting a good example by not working properly. See if your company can still operate then.” B1cvaP

Finally, Chu Xun pushed Lin Yanchen’s hands away and got out of his embrace. Before he could escape from the bed, he was hugged around  the waist again. Lin Yanchen turned over and pressed Chu Xun under his body, placing kisses as he spoke. “Yes, yes, I’ll get a banner and write ‘I’m addicted to Chu Xun, and I don’t do my work properly.’”

Chu Xun was kissed until he laughed.

It was all jokes.

At first, when both of them didn’t work, yet had money to spend leisurely, they could run around the world and play unbridledly. Now, they first had to be proper members of society.


Chu Xun went to work in last night’s clothes and was noticed.

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Chu Xun was a model gentleman in the company, never wearing the same outfit twice. He would not allow the tiniest stain on his collar and used cologne like a gentleman.

The female colleagues liked to discuss the brand and make of Chu Xun’s outfit for the day. It could be called the dress guide for a modern gentleman. Meanwhile, they would also look down on their unsophisticated male colleagues that both acted and dressed sloppily, wanting them to learn from Chu Xun.

So, although Chu Xun’s clothes were not untidy today, he hadn’t changed them, so they discovered it immediately and were stupefied. H 9Ale

“Secretary Chu didn’t go home last night?”

“He got a girlfriend?”

“Actually… I heard from an employee at Secretary Chu’s former company that he is gay.”

“Wahh!” H7xhFt

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Another round of gossip.

Jte Wec kfca ab ajix klat atf Lewjc Efrbegmfr wjcjufg jybea kbgx jcv obecv atja jr tf rqbxf, atf batfg xfqa rajglcu ja tlr cfmx.

Ktf wjcjufg kjr j wlvvif-jufv wjc lc tlr obgalfr ktb tjv j klof jcv mtlivgfc, rb Jte Wec atbeuta atja atf batfg rtbeiv cba tjnf atbrf qfgnfgafv tbyylfr. Lf vlgfmais defralbcfv, “Pr atfgf rbwfatlcu kgbcu klat ws cfmx?”

The uncle smiled at him and patted his shoulder. “Your girlfriend is very wild.” 3gMOdR

Chu Xun frowned., but after a moment, realized what the manager meant. His face immediately turned red and he forced himself to calm down, laughing awkwardly. “Ha ha… Let’s focus on work.”

After finishing the discussion, Chu Xun rushed to the men’s toilet and checked the back of his neck in the mirror. There was a bruise on it, and because his skin was pale, the kiss mark was particularly obvious.

Chu Xun was enraged and embarrassed.

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He entered a stall, locked the door, took out his cell phone, and  prepared to scold Lin Yanchen via message. He typed, “How could you leave a kiss mark on my neck? It was seen by people! Do I still want face?” ESBpzg

He was about to press the send button——

But first, Chu Xun received a message. It was a selfie.

Lin Yanchen took a picture of himself, only his shoulders, neck and the lower half of his face. Lin Yanchen’s head was slightly tilted, showing the bend of his neck and there was a ring of teeth marks next to his clavicle. Lin Yanchen’s long fingers were pointing at it.

The caption: Your bite mark. My secretary discovered it. cHofbJ

Chu Xun: “…”

He remembered, last night Lin Yanchen had insisted on releasing inside. He not only took a bite, but also scratched Lin Yanchen’s back.

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Chu Xun silently deleted the message he was going to send.

Lin Yanchen: I was afraid his imagination would run amok, so I told him it was my fiance who bit me, I didn’t go out and mess around. 8EOyDh

Chu Xun: When was I engaged to you?

Lin Yanchen: When our baby was born.

The message was accompanied by a smirking emoji.

Chu Xun was amused by him. Sometimes, you really just couldn’t beat this clown. oiMHdy

He felt he really had no choice but to take Lin Yanchen in. This grown up little boy was too charming.

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Chu Xun was going to go out and continue with work when he heard people coming in, talking about him.

“Fuck, I just heard a huge gossip about Secretary Chu.”

“What? What?” d8DJyQ

“I heard he’s gay!”

“Is that true…? But I really don’t think he’s like us men. His clothes and the way he dresses, when have we bothered that much? I heard he even uses anti-aging products like women, so even though he is clearly in his thirties, he still looks like he’s twenty-five or six.”

“Do you think President Lin knows?”

“Hasn’t President Lin known him for a long time? He’s even his master! Could he really not know?” Uu7d4J

“They couldn’t be…”

“Doesn’t President Lin already have a wife and kids?”

“Why does it matter if he’s married with kids? I heard Chu Xun also has a kid, but he’s not married and not seeing anyone. Whether a man has children or not has nothing to do with his sexual orientation…”

“What a rotten person.” j6YX3N

“I heard that President Liu is going to promote him to manager next week. Will he take advantage of the situation to implement unspoken rules with us?”

“Ha ha ha, you want to sell your asshole to get a raise?”

In his previous company, there were also such discussions. When Chu Xun heard them then, he simply pretended he hadn’t.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But now, it was different. nqR5X

Chu Xun directly pushed open the door while they were having the most fun with their mockery, wearing a slight smile.

These people instantly became mute.

Chu Xun smiled. “Why don’t you go on talking? I want to hear what other disgusting things you can make up.”

The gossiping people: “…” Ycn2j0

Chu Xun said clearly, “You don’t have to speculate so much. President Lin doesn’t have a hobby in this area. I’m gay, that’s true, but I have a boyfriend.”

“Take a good look in the mirror, calmly look at your face that wasn’t washed properly this morning, pockmarked everywhere with a slipshod shave job. Wake up, why don’t you?”

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After Chu Xun openly and publicly clarified his orientation, the gossip unexpectedly quietened down a lot.

He just hadn’t told his master yet. He didn’t know what would happen after his master found out. 8RFyfO

There was a meeting in the afternoon, President Liu finished his work and added: “Recently, I’ve heard some rumors. No matter what someone’s sexual orientation is, it has nothing to do with work. I hope that everyone will pay more attention to work when you are at the company and not just spread gossip all day.”

Chu Xun was surprised and rather touched.

Thinking about it, the reason why he now dared to confidently admit it aloud had something to do with Lin Yanchen.

Before, he didn’t even have a boyfriend in the first place, so how could he have had the nerves to reveal that? DYCuPA

His master was also good to him. He knew he liked men, but was not appalled, instead even taking his side.

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His master pulled him aside privately and said, “Xiao Chu, you’re not being proper again. You didn’t even tell me about your boyfriend? Bring him over for master to look at. But don’t you have a child? What is the situation? Is the child actually adopted?”

In fact, when President Lin took Chu Xun as an apprentice, he was more or less aware that Chu Xun’s sexual orientation was not quite straight, but after all, this was a personal matter. Chu Xun didn’t take the initiative to say it, and never inquired about it. As long as there was no trouble with work, it was fine. When he heard that Chu Xun had a child now, he was quite surprised. He thought that Chu Xun, like many homosexuals in China, gave in to societal pressure and had no choice but to get a wife and have a child. However he did not marry, so it was possible he had gotten a surrogate or adopted instead.

Chu Xun was still too embarrassed to confess he had personally given birth, and vaguely answered, “En”. M58v n

His master said, “Last time I told you to bring your child over to my house for dinner and you still haven’t. Why don’t you bring your boyfriend with you? I can read people very well. I’ll see if he’s a good man or not.”

Chu Xun thought for a moment and said tactfully, “I’m afraid he’ll frighten you…”

His master was surprised and laughed. “Ha ha ha, is he that ugly? Does your boyfriend look scary?”


Translator's Note

Basically sex for favorable treatment

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