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BOSS's Guide To Seeking DeathCh43 - Giving Flowers


After Nie Yi asked for Guan Jiayu’s address, he didn’t plan to entangle with her any further. “I still have something to do so let’s not chat anymore. I’ll go look for you next time.”

Guan Jiayu’s face brightened as her eyes followed Nie Yi back to the neighbourhood, then she left cheerfully. 29Sxyb

She was so miserable today, yet Qi Yaoyao and Qi Jingchen had turned a blind eye towards her. Now, Nie Yi will definitely feel that they’re heartless and have criticism towards them, and probably pity her as well…

Previously, all the girls in class besides Qi Yaoyao had disliked her, but didn’t all the boys in class like her?

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Guan Jiayu headed back with a smile on her face, deciding that once she returned, she had to take a shower and apply body lotion all over herself.

Before the apocalypse, she had never looked into makeup and such, but she has learnt many things now. xpHwc1

When she left, two young men came to the neighbourhood and brushed past her.

Yu Shuo glanced at Guan Jiayu and smiled faintly. “Nie Yi actually came out just to talk to this young lady.”

“There’s probably another reason ba,” Li Bi said, then went to the entrance first and showed his identity card to the gatekeeper.

He was holding the highest status, a gold identity card, so he definitely could enter such a small neighbourhood. Yu Shuo was the same.


After they entered, they subconsciously looked at the floor Nie Yi lived in. Then from afar, they saw the seventh-floor window.

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The seventh floor wasn’t low, but it wasn’t high either. At least, people standing on the ground floor could see the things on the balcony, especially if the resident had opened the window.

Pots of flowers filled the sill of the bay window. These flowers were all different and looked extremely beautiful.

And in the middle of those flowers, someone had stretched out half their body… ML5akW

That person sat on the window sill and looked down as if they didn’t know what fear was. Even though they couldn’t see very clearly due to the distance as well as the concealment of the flowers, both Li Bi and Yu Shuo knew that it was Qi Jingchen.

At this time, Qi Jingchen had also seen Li Bi and Yu Shuo. He looked for a moment, then the door to the bedroom opened.

When Nie Yi returned, there was still fury in his heart.

That Guan Jiayu could be considered Qi Jingchen’s worst enemy in Qi Jingchen’s last life, but when that enemy was in front of him, Qi Jingchen could actually remain indifferent! If Qi Yaoyao hadn’t mentioned it, would Qi Jingchen have considered letting Guan Jiayu off? IASJud

He was actually… able to let off the person who had caused him to become like that?

Nie Yi’s heart was extremely upset, and even had a sort of urge to scold Qi Jingchen. However, when he saw the open window and Qi Jingchen looking out while sitting on the window sill, this urge instantly disappeared without a trace.

“Jingchen…” Nie Yi called.

Qi Jingchen turned his head and looked at Nie Yi, then got off the window sill. In the next second, he was embraced by Nie Yi. RdWJGp

Nie Yi held him very tightly for a long time, then said, “Don’t be like this.”

“Okay,” Qi Jingchen suddenly promised.

From the start, Nie Yi hadn’t hoped for Qi Jingchen to promise him, but Qi Jingchen did so.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The smile on his face couldn’t be hidden and he couldn’t help kissing Qi Jingchen. Seeing that Qi Jingchen didn’t respond, he wanted to continue… neT PU

Qi Jingchen reached out and blocked Nie Yi’s lips. “Yu Shuo is here, and Li Bi too.”

Nie Yi’s expression shifted, then he directly locked the bedroom door. After he returned to Qi Jingchen, he hugged him again. “I’m really happy…”

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Even though it wasn’t big, Qi Jingchen had obviously shown some changes, however… “Why didn’t you tell me that person was Guan Jiayu? That was Guan Jiayu!”

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“Tjbsjb klii rjs la,” Hl Alcumtfc rjlv. Ktf gfjrbc kts tf vlvc’a mjii bea Xejc Aljse’r cjwf ja atja alwf kjr jirb ab rff Hl Tjbsjb’r yftjnlbeg.

“Qts vb sbe xffq yflcu mbcmfgcfv jybea tfg?” Rlf Tl ibbxfv ja Hl Alcumtfc lc vlrrjalrojmalbc yea vlvc’a mbcalcef. Ca atlr alwf, wbnfwfca gfrbecvfv ogbw atf bearlvf; Te Vteb jcv Ol Dl tjv qgbyjyis jgglnfv.

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Ping Shengchao had opened the door, still with those small pigtails. Most people would do a double-take, but Li Bi and Yu Shuo didn’t reveal any peculiarity at all.

“Hello, may I ask if Nie Yi’s home? I’m Li Bi, he saved me before. I’m here to give my thanks,” Li Bi said with a smile. L4yEKQ

Yu Shuo also said, “I’m Yu Shuo, you’ve probably heard of me.”

Nowadays, Yu Shuo’s reputation was really widespread in the secure base, far more than Nie Yi’s. Speaking of which, if Nie Yi and the others hadn’t gone to Base Two, where the people didn’t follow celebrities, he feared that they might have met a lot of Yu Shuo’s fans.

“I’ve heard.” Ping Shengchao’s reaction was very plain, then knocked on the master bedroom door. “Boss, someone’s here for you.”

“En… I’m occupied right now… You take care of them for a moment.” Nie Yi’s voice wasn’t loud, yet induced people into thinking absurdly. 5BoQV0

They were occupied in the bedroom, and his voice was so ambiguous… Tsk tsk!

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Ping Shengchao and the others had lived with Nie Yi for a long time, and gradually realised that Nie Yi might not have succeeded yet… Naturally, they knew that they couldn’t be ‘occupied’ in broad daylight, but Yu Shuo and Li Bi’s expressions couldn’t help changing.

They sat on the sofa for a while, but Nie Yi still had no intention of coming out. In the end, they couldn’t sit around anymore and took their leave.

Once they left, Nie Yi opened the door and came out. Mtjw6E

“Boss, you’re done so quickly?” Ping Shengchao asked with a smile.

“What do you think?” Nie Yi looked over with a smile that was not quite a smile.

Ping Shengchao immediately didn’t dare to continue joking.

That night, after Qi Jingchen fell asleep, Nie Yi stealthily got up and left the house. WmVjpS

Once he left, Qi Jingchen opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling.

It had already been two hours when Nie Yi returned, and Qi Jingchen, who was on the bed, had his eyes shut and looked like he was sleeping very heavily.

Nie Yi quietly laid by Qi Jingchen’s side.

Early in the next day, Yu Shuo held two photographs, puzzled. “Nie Yi, he went there… for what?” Xbqa8i

These two photographs, one was of him departing his neighbourhood and returning, climbing over the wall. The other was Nie Yi quietly climbing into the floor Guan Jiayu lived in under the night sky.

Yu Shuo had been keeping an eye on Nie Yi, so naturally, he had installed something in Nie Yi’s neighbourhood. As for Guan Jiayu… he felt that Nie Yi’s behaviour towards Guan Jiayu yesterday was odd, so he had someone follow Guan Jiayu and install something there as well.

That time, he had even thought that Nie Yi might have taken a fancy to Guan Jiayu. After all, even though Guan Jiayu wasn’t remarkably stunning, some men still liked girls of this young age… As a result… Nie Yi actually did go look for Guan Jiayu in the middle of the night.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Shuo looked at the things in his hands and felt somewhat complicated. And at this time, his phone rang. HN61zM

All the signals were getting messier and messier, and everyone had lost contact with most of the satellites. Some base stations and such couldn’t send out signals and handphones couldn’t be used, but other forms of communication could still be used. For example, after B City secure base had fixed the telephone lines, they could make calls within the base.

“You said… that girl has disappeared?” Yu Shuo furrowed his brows. “How could she have disappeared?”

“Fire ability…” Yu Shuo hung up the phone and quickly dialled another number, requesting for someone to investigate Guan Jiayu’s past.

Nie Yi had killed Guan Jiayu. NUVYoO

That night, he had quietly climbed the window into Guan Jiayu’s room, woke Guan Jiayu up, and killed her while she was still in the midst of being pleasantly surprised. After that, he had even used his fire ability to burn Guan Jiayu into ashes, then used the toilet and his water ability to flush the ashes away.

In order to make it more convenient to ‘conduct business’, Guan Jiayu had spent a good amount of money to monopolize the master bedroom with an attached bathroom in this apartment, but instead made it more convenient for Nie Yi to destroy the body.

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Nie Yi had done things very cleanly, but he definitely wouldn’t have guessed that someone would have put a probe outside which had taken a few pictures of him.

However, photos taken at night were very blurry, and Guan Jiayu had disappeared without a trace. Even if there was a photo, it wouldn’t even make much of an impact on him, so other people definitely couldn’t use this as evidence that he had committed murder or something. egJ9Y5

If he really had someone do this, it was more likely that other people would think he was being framed.

To Nie Yi, killing off an enemy was simply a matter that couldn’t be any more minor. Tonight, he had even slept just as well as before. However, when he heard the newly broadcasted news the next day, he frowned.

The secure base had a TV station, as well as a broadcasting station. They would broadcast many things, and today, there was a piece of news being released about people disappearing in the secure base.

And among the missing people who had been mentioned a few times in this broadcasted news was Guan Jiayu. 914Uh6

Presently, it was the apocalypse. People going missing really couldn’t be considered serious, especially for someone who didn’t have family or friends like Guan Jiayu. Even if she disappeared, no one would remember her, but now, Guan Jiayu had appeared in the news…

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The situation outside was now extremely arduous, so everyone in the base was especially attentive towards the news. Now that they heard that someone had disappeared in the base, they couldn’t help being concerned, fearing that they themselves will also encounter a mishap.

Some had even thought too much and stated that this happened because there might be zombies who had infiltrated the base… Didn’t they say before that the zombies had evolved? Could it be like those novels where the zombies evolved and gained intelligence?

All sorts of rumours spread around the secure base, and everyone immediately began to feel alarmed. cj3yib

“Yu Shuo?” Nie Yi smiled. This type of method looked to be Yu Shuo’s.

At the same time, in the office of the secure base chief, Nie Boyuan looked at Yu Shuo and sighed, “Yu Shuo, I handed over the TV station to you because I want you to broadcast some inspiring news. Why would you release this sort of news?”

“Dad, I didn’t release this.” Yu Shuo frowned. “I looked into it. It seems that someone wants to sabotage us.” 

“Releasing this news will sabotage us?” Nie Boyuan was completely unable to understand. ZSOzwv

“That’s right… This news is mainly caused by a young girl. And before this girl disappeared, she had appeared before Nie Yi.”

“So what?” Nie Boyuan was puzzled.

“Dad, when I investigated them, I found two sets of photographs from them.” Yu Shuo took out the photos of Nie Yi leaving in the middle of the night. With what he had, if he wanted to take it out to prove that Nie Yi had killed someone, it was impossible, but it would definitely worsen Nie Boyuan’s impression of Nie Yi.

Even if other people had seen these photos, they probably wouldn’t have instantly recognized the person inside as Nie Yi. But it was Nie Boyuan’s son, how could Nie Boyuan not recognize him? 2quZR5

Nie Yi ran off to a girl’s room in the depths of the night, then that girl disappeared…

“Go out first ba; deal with this matter properly and pacify the masses’ mood,” Nie Boyuan said. When Yu Shuo left, he had someone investigate Guan Jiayu.

Even though the ability user Guan Jiayu was following at that time had died, there were still survivors from that team, so it wasn’t hard to ask about her information. Very soon, some collated data was placed before Nie Boyuan.

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Guan Jiayu had originally been together with Qi Jingchen and Qi Yaoyao, then when the apocalypse began, she had rushed off in order to survive… Guan Jiayu’s conduct truly was wrong, but it wasn’t to the degree of excessiveness. It was merely a little selfishness, and yet she had disappeared. Du9F6L

A good number of people lived there, and there were people also living in the living room. As for the ‘disappearance’ of Guan Jiayu, who had been shut inside her room, it was probably caused by someone.

Whether it was a coincidence or not, she had looked for Qi Yaoyao and had bumped into Nie Yi before she was harmed… Could it be that Nie Yi killed her just because of this?

Nie Boyuan was unwilling to believe that his own son had become such a monster, and naturally ended up thinking of Qi Jingchen. It was probably because this person hated Guan Jiayu, so he had his son murder her?

To be so enchanted by a man… p5AHDC

In the end, Nie Boyuan had still been concerned over his son, and even thought of bringing Nie Yi back. But looking at the information before him, he hesitated again, and even felt increasingly disappointed with Nie Yi.

The apocalypse had changed many things, and Nie Yi… Could he have been one of those changed?

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It wasn’t long before the matter of someone disappearing in the base had been pressed down, but Nie Yi knew that Yu Shuo would likely continue his movements.

He had originally wanted to recruit the manpower of Base Two so that he wouldn’t have to contend with Yu Shuo. But with Yu Xuguang here, this matter naturally couldn’t go so smoothly. Besides that, he had also discovered a problem. 18fSvn

The people in the military weren’t the regular ability users he had recruited in the past. Even though they had submitted to him and even worshipped him, it was impossible for them to completely become his subordinates.

If he wholeheartedly mixed in with the military, then began to work for them, he could control these forces, but…

Even though the ‘past him’ might have been able to do this, the ‘current him’ couldn’t.

The apocalypse had persisted for over nine years and changed the entire world, as well as many people. He was included among them, and the current him… was accustomed to being a tyrant in the apocalypse, and he already couldn’t conform to the norms of society. fe7SK

As it happened, B City secure base was presently the place with the most rules and regulations and the strictest management. In those small-scale bases, it didn’t matter if those in power brought their lover to work, but this wouldn’t work in B City secure base.

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In Base Two, he could still bring Qi Jingchen, but if he wanted to continue upwards and fight for greater power… It would be impossible.

Currently, he didn’t have enough strength to change all of this… He needed to re-examine his future path.

But no matter what, Qi Jingchen was someone he needed to bring along. dhry2q

After his rebirth, no matter what he did, at the heart of the matter, it was all for Qi Jingchen. He wanted power because he wished to be able to protect Qi Jingchen. If there wasn’t Qi Jingchen, this would be completely meaningless.

Nie Yi did push-ups while thinking about it. Right at this time, Yu Xuguang suddenly ran over. “Nie Yi! Yu Shuo came to Base Two and gave Qi Jingchen a large bouquet of flowers.”

When he said this, Yu Xuguang’s face was filled with anxiety. Yu Shuo had brought a lot of people with him, and Yu Xuguang couldn’t stop them, so he could only inform Nie Yi.

Nie Yi’s face instantly chilled as he walked towards Qi Jingchen’s location, then spotted the small bouquet of roses in Yu Shuo’s hands while he was speaking to Qi Jingchen. ZPpotY

“I heard you really like flowers? The secure base has recently cleaned up a flower base nearby. These are for you,” Yu Shuo said. When the people by his side saw his actions, they looked at Qi Jingchen in jealousy.

Qi Jingchen frowned at Yu Shuo.

“Fresh flowers should be given to those who like flowers,” Yu Shuo said, then placed the bouquet of blooming roses before Qi Jingchen.

Qi Jingchen really did like plants, and really, really liked their various, bright colours, but he didn’t favour plucked ones. qz8tKr

Qi Jingchen didn’t reach out to accept them at all. “Stay further away from me, won’t you? Disgusting.”

“You don’t like these flowers?” Yu Shuo asked. He had long guessed that Qi Jingchen would reject them, but he never expected Qi Jingchen to be so impolite about it.

“I like flowers, not the corpses of one,” Qi Jingchen said. He hated people who hurt plants the most, excluding eating them, of course.

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